Radon VII – Finally got around to doing the washer mod and lapping the copper cooler. Temps have droped dramatically. Should’ve done this sooner. It’s been 2 years now of less than optimal cooling.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 10:00 ID: p45b59

Finally got around to doing the washer mod and lapping the copper cooler. Temps have drooped dramatically. Should've done this sooner. It's been 2 years of non-optimal cooling.


After 200 Grit

After 400 Grit

After 600 Grit and kyronaut applied to the die

All assembled with the washer mod

Temps before were 95C edge and 103 junction

After, temps where 84C edge and 95 junction.

I coulnd't source the proper hitachi thermal pad, and the carbonaut pads were too thin. Kyronaut seems to do the trick.

Seems right, according to der8auer finding that the various imperfections on the die and the HBM module will cause lower edge temps however higher junction temps.

Overall I'm very happy. AMD should have lapped the cooler from the factory IMO.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 10:58 ID: h8wbqvd

Kyronaut seems to do the trick.

Kryonaut has a really awful lifespan. In a few months, you'll probably see worse temps than before and will have to replace it

EDIT: since you did the washer mod, it probably won't be worse now that I think of it, but the difference won't be as large

ID: h8wf2k2

I use antec nano diamond formula 7. Lasts practically forever. Thermal Grizzly is vastly overrated for normal use.

ID: h8wmvvq

Huh, not looking forward to changing thermal paste that often.. I may look into what you suggestest .I remember when I put arctic silve

for everywhere in the past when they were the paste of choice for many. Thought kyronaut was an upgrade but I suppose not! Appreciate the insight.

ID: h8ww5rb

Used kryonaut for up to two years at a time without any worsening of temps. I'd also advise people to not use kryonaut, but for different reasons from what you stated.

Kryonaut is difficult to spread in an even and thin manner. Most times with kryonaut too much is applied in order to get an even spread to cover all the GPU die or CPU heat spreader. While excess thermal paste typically gets squeezed out by the cooler, I've found on cooler that have very flat cold plates, they struggle to completely squeeze out excess kryonaut. Optimus Watercooling made the claim that Kingpin KPx thermal paste outperforms Kryonaut on their water coolers. I tested kryonaut vs Kingpin KPx on my Optimus 3090 waterblock and Optimus AM4 CPU block. On the GPU block, Kryonaut and KPx had the same temps. On the CPU block, Kryonaut and KPx had the same temperature on CCD1, but CCD2 was 7-8 degrees cooler with the KPx (with kryonaut, I had a 10 degree difference between CCD1 and CCD2. With KPx, that difference was 2-3 degrees between CCDs). This is likely due to the bette even mounts I was getting due to how much thinner KPx is to work with and apply. Kryonaut is beyond diminishing returns. You can get other thermal paste with near identical performance. Kryonaut may be fractions of a degree better than another paste, but other pastes like Kingpin KPx are easier to apply and work with.
ID: h8wq7fz

I've used Kryonaut for the last 3 years, I haven't seen any degradation.

I even pulled apart a GPU after using it for a bit over 2 years and it wasn't dried out by much at all.

ID: h8wccdo

Idk what Kryonaut u use but mine on my R9 390 is already a year old and the temps are still the same as ones when applied

ID: h8wjwv9

what's the max temp on it?

ID: h8xxieo

This isn't correct at all - I've used it on gpus with duration of 2-3 years and the temps stayed the same.

Please don't spread misinformation...

ID: h8yxxf6

Meh. I've been using the stuff for years and never had these issues.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:59 ID: h8x0rze

When I did that process on my VII, I used thermalrite tfx. Thick paste with great heat transfer..still performs exceptionally well today. I haven't repasted since application 2, 3 years or so.. basically a month after release..

4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 13:08 ID: h8wnfl1

Everything in this threads is ok up-to the point where washers were used. Please note I'm still investigating this.

I'm still looking into this so, DO NOT TRY THIS, as I don't want user(s) coming back with cracked die, but if it works on the Fury cards, then it should work on all cards that have HBM.

Read very carefully what I'm saying at post #34, post #47 & compare photo (link) in post #50.

ID: h8wsof4

Nobody try it until this guy gives us the green light

ID: h8xb8y7

Early indication shows these newer x brackets are for GPU that have smaller overall package/die size than Vega/Fury series. I only notice the difference when I put the Vega Nano card back together & notice it was too easy to put the second screw in when compared to R9 Nano. This is where I notice the difference in mounting pressure which is huge. Anyone that owns both type of brackets can will feel the difference, it's clear cut difference. I really have to fight to get the second screw in on the R9 Nano, truly hard due to mounting pressure.

But on the Vega Nano little to no effort at all, it's way too easy to get all four screws in.

As per usual no-one should swap the x bracket over as it's not a clear cut swap-over. I will conduct finish the test soon & bring all this to a close.

ID: h8yda06

The washers do help with mounting pressure and there are a few posts and videos that prove it BUT, they should be using 0.5mm nylon washers that will more likely break before the die does. I too would be a bit nervous about cracking the die using these metal ones and having a dead card in the middle of this current market.

ID: h8ypxod

If you google there are horror stories of users breaking they card with washer mods including stripping the thread so the screw no longer fit.

If you look at post #50 in the link you can see Vega Nano had the same bracket as the R9 Nano card but was changed on my card.

Now do a search on Vega cards in general most have the new bracket, but I have seen the odd one or two with the older bracket.

Question is why the switch. Perhaps they stopped making the older bracket as it's not required on the latest cards, so maybe they were force to use the newer brackets on Vega cards because they were no longer manufactured. I'm just guessing here & I don't know the truth behind it. Does the mounting pressure really matter? I don't know at this time, have to await test to see if it has any real world effect.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:23 ID: h8xt02k

sOrRy tHaT cArD iS nOt FoR gAmInG

ID: h8xtrwl

This funny, you comeedian!

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 10:59 ID: h8wbtdt

Dang, you got a sexy red one aswell. Did you notice any improvement in audible terms?

ID: h8wlwsa

Every so slightly, if you didn't tell me I wouldn't have noticed. Would need a dB meter for that. Maybe the less amount of dust, the cooler muct work more efficenrly. This card is insanely loud out of the box, so any difference may be negligible.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:51 ID: h8wzop1

Good job. I've also done it with my Vega56 (64BIOS). Hot spot is now only 3C above gpu temp, before it was like 10-15.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:08 ID: h8wu8ne

is 103C junction normal?

ID: h8wv9u7

Yep, amd themselves said 100-110C is the safe range of operating temperatures, albeit with reduced perfornance.

Vega runs notoriously hot and power hungry. Perhaps a reason they switched back to GDDR6 for the Navi gen.

ID: h8wxie3

isn't the washer mod dangerous? Too much force could crack the die. The radeon VII is very expensive right now due to crypto. You could sell it and get a 6900 xt/ 3090.


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