Replaying Hades on PS5 awakened my inner fishing god

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 03:10 ID: p408ql
Replaying Hades on PS5 awakened my inner fishing god
2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 16:49 ID: h8xfy27

I’ve played a few roguelites and could never really get into them. The ones that hooked me the most were enter the gungeon and dead cells, but even with those games I grew tired fairly quickly. It’s not the same in hades for me. I love this game on PS5, the gameplay is just so fun to me, I love the dialogue and the music. Just all around a great game.

ID: h8y2ew0

I’m the same I’ve never been a roguelites but tried hades on pc and was hooked. My favorite game last year besides Tsushima. Gameplay & story are just so fun and addictive. Also the music is incredible

3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 08:27 ID: h8w1azx

Heads up, I don't know if it's truly a spoiler, but this article might contain a pretty big spoiler near the end of it. As someone who is currently partway through Hades, damn, I'm pissed.

ID: h8w3h0y

Thats a joke, don't worry lol

ID: h8wth8b

i haven’t even played the game, but that is very clearly a joke lol

ID: h8wyjw0

It was a joke, no reason to take it seriously

ID: h8y80z7


4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 09:08 ID: h8w46cz

Ive been playing it on xbox via gamepass, handful of hours in. I played it a bit on steam back when everyone was raving about it and giving it goty last year, but i really couldnt get into it. Im enjoying it heaps more on console, but i gotta be honest i still find this game to be a bit over rated. Its good for what it is, but its pretty simple, it doesnt feel so much better than the other similar roguelikes in the field that it should be at the level of being considered for goty in my opinion. Especially in a year with the likes of tlou2, ff7r, tsushima etc. I dont hate it or anything, it does do some cool stuff, but just not close to S tier, goty contender for me.

ID: h8xa1s5

People love it because it is a rougelike but so much more. It has amazing characters, next level soundtrack, nearly infinite amount of dialogue, great story, approachable difficulty curve, and build diversity with satisfying game play.

From a rougelite perspective it's combat is above average but not the best. But when i compare it to my other favorites like risk of rain 2, dead cells, or curse of dead God's. They all have great game play, but can't compete in other departments.

ID: h8xafp1

I guess im just not a fan of the genre, all those games are 8/10 at best, none or them i would say are absolutely amazing.

ID: h8whjtb

What sets it apart from other roguelikes is simply that there's a story, which will probably become a bit more interesting once you get further into the game. I'm not even sure that the story gets interesting until you've beaten the "final boss", since it's been a long time since I played it. You'll also unlock plenty of new weapons and weapon variants that'll alter your playstyle, something that you might not realize early on in the game.

Aside from that though I agree, there isn't a lot of variety in the rooms that you'll encounter and it seems that for every weapon variant there's also an optimal build path to take, which is a shame.

ID: h8xb4id

I’d keep playing, if you’re up for it. The combat and story both start pretty simple, but there’s a whole world of complexity underneath the surface. Once you can start experimenting with builds and really flexing your muscles, it’s one of the most addicting experiences in gaming.

I love TLOU (probably my favorite game ever) and I thought Part II was a near-perfect follow up. But I think Hades is a worthy goty. It’s really that good.

ID: h8xc7r6

Yeah ill keep chipping away at it, i just dont see how its even close to being goty tbh. There are just 1000 other games that play pretty much exactly like it. It might be a bit better than the general effort of these games, but calling it game of the year honestly seems ridiculous up against tlou2

ID: h8xsnuy

That's fine and fair.

But from someone who plays a ton of roguelikes and also story focused games, Hades shits on them all.

The amount of detail, lore, story and the VA is just incredible for a game of this size. Like I love GoT and GoW, but Hades is just a rare beast of a game that we see once or twice a generation.

ID: h8xwfy2

If hades is the cream of the crop then maybe i just dislike this genre. Its a decent game, but nothing close to being goty for me.

ID: h8wfi1j

Picked it up yesterday, agree entirely. It's fine, nothing wrong with it, but the plaudits it's received make me wonder am I playing the same game.

Definition of a 7/10 experience.

ID: h8xbshk

Idk, I definitely felt it deserved the high praise. Gameplay is tight, story is interesting, art is beautiful, music is fantastic. I can't think of a single aspect I dislike about it. You can pick it up and put it down in no time or spend a dozen hours playing it in one sitting, it really adjusts well to how much time you dedicate to it.

I would at least recommend beating one run (if you haven't already), by then you should get a good grasp of what all the game offers.

Of course, if you don't like it you don't like it. Hey I hate all the borderlands games, I get it.

ID: h8wfowu

Id go a little higher and say 8, but i think calling it a 10/10 goty contender is just too high

ID: h8x6qz1

I honestly don't think it even comes close to Returnal.

ID: h8wlmu6

I've found every game I've played from this dev to be like that. Insane production values, overrated and very plain gameplay. I see why Hades is good but after two attempts (I played about five hours shortly after launch on EGS and another couple the other day after gamepass launch) I'm in the same boat and I probably won't be picking it up again.

ID: h8x511k

You said two attempts?

ID: h8x35vf

Two attempts? Ok dude.

ID: h8x9b4w

hopefully this sub doesnt get in the HADES circlejerk and the "IT IS JUST THAT GOOD" mantra

its a good game, but a small one, a PG-13 roguelite that came out at the perfect pandemic time

the biggest issue is that basically every encounter can be cleansed by spamming dash attack, regardless of the weapon and of the enemies

i find it incredible that people put it on such a pedestal when it isnt even the best roguelite of 2020 with SPELUNKY 2 out there

obviously very far from returnal as well (ironically even at ancient greek storytelling)

ID: h8xenng

I prefer it over Spelunky tho, people have different tastes lol

ID: h8y9dme

Totally forgot I owned Spelunky 2. Just got out of work and I'm going to go play that right now lol.

ID: h8xzsia

Especially in a year with the likes of [AAA game], [AAA game], [AAA game] etc.

ID: h8yx98e

Triple a games that are incredible, s tier experiences. Hades could be indie game of the year sure, but its nowhere closr to being a better game than tlou2

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:01 ID: h8wtfdo

I read it as “inner fisting god” at first. lol

ID: h8wynp0



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