AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT review: solid 1080p performance, but falls away fast at higher resolutions

1 : Anonymous2021/08/17 10:30 ID: p6147z
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT review: solid 1080p performance, but falls away fast at higher resolutions
2 : Anonymous2021/08/17 15:15 ID: h9as0a4

Keeping my 580 8GB still!

ID: h9bpocm

Same. Wish the market wasn't this absolutely mad right now

ID: h9c0kkg

There are people selling their RX580s for 300+ nowadays. Getting a 6600XT (at least on day one) could have cost less than $100.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/17 15:20 ID: h9asojz

Will we ever again get a 1080P gpu at 250$ mark? These prices will kill me!

ID: h9ayq76

Its over

ID: h9dirz8

The MSRP of the RX 5500XT was $169 without taxes, around $199 with taxes. $250 is actually overpriced.

ID: h9baxl0

Intel’s upcoming card maybe

ID: h9atmhw


ID: h9axrjk

Once crypto inevitably crashes again. Then they'll have to compete again on price.

ID: h9bo35m

Other than a few corrective dips, crypto won't crash much. That's like waiting on the housing market to crash so you can afford a house. You'll end up in the grave never having bought a house.

ID: h9bnuq9

The "crypto crash" is happening because of China's crackdown on illegal miners who are using illegal electricity supply to mine crypto. Several reports suggest that China is working on transforming Yuan into a digital currency and they might use blockchain tech for it. If they really do this, we are eternally fucked!

4 : Anonymous2021/08/17 12:24 ID: h9a5ajm

Thats 128bit for you. Hurts at high res/qualy modes. Rdna2 is sure great speedy arch for high refresh gaming at moderate/low resolutions, but stalls a bit when going gets tough.

That said, at current prices, its complete robbery.

ID: h9ax7xl

Honestly i think it's amazing what AMD's been able to do with a 128bit bus and 'just' 32mb of cache. I mean it keeps up very well with the 5700xt at 1080p and 1440p, which is a GPU with twice the bus width, and almost twice the bandwidth.

That said, at current prices, its complete robbery.

Yes, but it is the mildest robbery available at the moment. if you absolutely need a new GPU now, you can do a lot worse then this one.

ID: h9b28ba

Yeah. Infinity cache scales poorly.

At 1080p 32mb is roughly equal to an additional 128 bit bus making it equal to a 256 bit bus total, or what the old 5700xt had, but with faster 16gbps memory.

At 1440p it's more like 64 bit and, or 192 bit total which is still somewhat acceptable, and usable.

At 4k it's only acts like an additional 32-42 bit if you do the math, or like 160 bit total, which is why it chocks so hard.

At least that seems to be roughly what the AMD cache hit rate chart implies.

ID: h9chozq

Its worse than that because the 32MB is a lot slower in bandwidth so each cache hit is worth less +perf. Its actually surprising how well it performs despite this limitations.

ID: h9d2uf4

128bit and x8 pcie

5 : Anonymous2021/08/17 11:47 ID: h9a1esc

Yeah looks like a great card for $280 but paying more than $400 for this is absolutely ridiculous.

ID: h9a7nom

Yeah if it was at least less than 350 I'd go for it and upgrade my whole system. And when i eventually get a 1440p (or UHD) monitor i can get a new GPU down the line.

But paying close to 4900 SEK (550 USD) is just not reasonable for a 1080p GPU i don't intend to use for myself very long.

ID: h9ab21c

How much is a second-hand 5700xt or a 1080ti - I am assuming more than $ 380?

This seems to beat it in pretty much all tests, it sucks that the graphics card market is ridiculous but are people going to be able to get better performance at that price point in the real world?

ID: h9acvfp

In europe you can find them for 800€ right now in the 2º hand market. Not worth it.

ID: h9b1493

How much is a second-hand 5700xt or a 1080ti - I am assuming more than $ 380?

5700xts are actually pretty expensive because they are so good at mining. in fact miners would easily trade you a 6700xt for a 5700xt.

ID: h9ae8uj

Thats why you wait. Paying $450+ for this crap isnt the way to go

ID: h9bed0z

This should be a sub-$200 card.

ID: h9dbggh

Unless you've been living under a rock, there is no way to believe this card, being 10% slower than Nvidia's $400 card, would be selling for "sub-$200".

ID: h9b0uej

Really before the NV Turing price hike and the shortage happened this should be a $200 card at max in 2021. This thing is a bit more than double the performance of the age old AMD 290x and right now also cost a bit more than double 290x price back around 2015. So essentially 0 performance/$ increase in about 6 years.

That's why I'm not buying now. God bless intel to either deliver something excellent for mining so that miners buy intel (best case scenario) or that they actually are usable for gaming including older!!! games that aren't in modern benchmark suites anymore.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/17 11:40 ID: h9a0ob9

Yeah, falls away at ultra details... I used RX580 to play @ 1440p and this will be muuuch better.

ID: h9adeap

Yeah double the performance! *just bought earlier and replaced my RX580

What the reviewers though havent tested or shown and now i am just finding out, is that lowering the setting to just medium with some high makes 1440P at high frame rates possible.

I really want to compare it to a 3060 and 3060 Ti but the tests are at 1440P at med settings

ID: h9afvnv

In their defense, are those the compromises we should be making when we're paying $400 or more? Especially if we can't secure it at MSRP? I say that desperate to replace my reference RX 480. It runs hot and loud and I'm starting to come to terms with the possibility that if I want anything in the next year remotely approaching some pretense of value, this might be it.

My "new" 5600X has been hampered by my ancient GPU for almost a year now. I don't know that I have the patience for another. If I wait, I'm facing the real possibility that the majority of my current computer's life will have been spent underutilized.

ID: h9bbp6p

Yeah double the performance!

Double the price too.

ID: h9bihgz

I use a RX580 at 1440p/144hz... I was highly anticipating being able to get a 6700xt at MSRP or lower, you know, like how the 5700xt prices dropped quite a bit a while after launch...

ID: h9bm5i6

I only got my 6800XT like three weeks ago. RX580 does wonders and 8GB of VRAM was a great move from AMD

ID: h9dbs02

Now that a lot of people got their GPU fill on this, it might actually be easier to get an RX 6700xt from AMD's site directly at MSRP.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/17 13:25 ID: h9acn6s

There are news about stock shortage in europe? This is getting ridiculous.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/17 16:31 ID: h9b3jd3


touched on it, but this review and every other comment missed the mark. The "pop-in" is a result of textures not being loaded in VRAM, nothing to do with memory bus width or L3 cache. It's a combination of 8 pcie lanes and only 8GB of VRAM requiring frequent swapping of VRAM data. Pcie 4.0 or more VRAM (impossible) would quickly help this "issue". As would turning down texture details.

ID: h9brbif

Bold of AMD to assume most folks are using PCIe 4.0. Lol. Most are using B450 or X470 and older, as well as intel z170 to z470

9 : Anonymous2021/08/17 14:49 ID: h9aob4b

The 6600XT is basically the same performance as a 5700XT -IF you have it running in a PCI-e 4.0 slot. If you stick it in a 3.0 slot it’s slower than a 5700XT, so it’s actually less-desirable for the crowd that it should be aimed at (people holding on to their older cards and hardware as long as possible).

Plus you’re paying the same price or more than a 5700XT cost right before the launch of RDNA2. I got my XFX THICC II 5700XT for $336 a couple months before RDNA2 launched for example. I reckon if the market weren’t compromised by crypto and the pandemic that the 6600XT would have been a sub-$300 card, and for under $300 it would have been a great buy. $380 for essentially a more flawed version of a 5700xt though? Years later? Yeah not so sure about that.

ID: h9aw7c4

The 5700xt currently sells for 800 dollars. (839 average on ebay last month according to toms hardware with almost 1500 units sold)

Compared to that $380 is a bargain. If you absolutely need a new (capable) GPU, then you can do a lot worse then this one.

ID: h9bbyoi

The 5700xt currently sells for 800 dollars.

No gamer is buying that card new. Only miners.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/17 11:19 ID: h99yrbn

Looks like a great 1080p 144fps buy. It beats the shit out of 3060 and comes close to 3060ti at 1080p.

ID: h9a29oj

if you can find it at ~3060 prices, its a no brainer

ID: h9a8c3m

Here in aus rtx 3060 are $1100+ and rx 6600xt is around $700 in stock. (this is based on pccasegear prices for context)

tbh 3060ti seems to be a similar price to 3060 so the 3060 is a particularly bad deal, but the 6600xt is the best of the all the bad deals right now.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/17 15:37 ID: h9avaby

This market's been great for my wallet. I've been wanting to upgrade, but I really don't need to (3900X/5700XT). GPU prices are so awful that it's easy to skip this generation and see if the next one gets better--which is also great for those who aren't in NEED of an upgrade because buying into first-gen ray tracing is likely going to end with buyer's remorse anyway.

I do hope that we see the shortages get better before the next release cycle, as this one has just been terrible. It's made AMD look bad (increased MSRP on GPUs, but also the MRSP hike and cooler removal for most Ryzen 5000 CPUs) and left most consumers in a bad place for new builds (high prices and bad availability).

I'd like to see these at $250-300, ideally with a smaller card I can put in a travel PC. Doesn't seem at all likely in the next year, sadly. Selling 1080p at $400+ is just gross. It's hard to tell people PC gaming is a good route when the hardware costs start to double (or more) vs. a comparable console.

ID: h9batox

The 5700XT is a good GPU and will serve you just fine for years to come

ID: h9brg9p

I know. I give it a good night kiss every day to make sure it runs smoothly

12 : Anonymous2021/08/17 17:02 ID: h9b7ocg

So these guys keep hammering the RT argument despite reviewing a (MASSIVE AIR QUOTES) budget 1080p card. Anyone with half a brain has noticed that with the market at the current inflated prices aiming for a tech that barely changes the visuals of most games where it's implemented and is EXTREMELY RESOURCE INTENSIVE should not be advocated by any respectable reviewer. Were I buying a 1080p constrained budget card today, RT would be the least of my worries. Looking at the 100 most played games on Steam, it appears it's the least of everyone's worries. Nevertheless, DF continue to choose to use 6 NVIDIA sponsored games, give too much emphasis to RT, ignore that upscaling/reconstruction below 4K is REALLY sub par and more egregious of all, being called EUROgamer, ignore that the 6600XT is the only fucking card you can buy since launch throughout Europe without selling a kidney. Would I advise anyone buying it? Fuck yes, if you need a card and have the money and don't want to pay 150% MSRP, otherwise sit this, the 3060 and 3060ti out, they are absolutely garbage tier value historically, a fact which apparently does not merge well with the very NVIDIA friendly (heavily sponsored) DF editorial direction.

edit: this should be, at best, a 200€ card. Fuck the current market!

ID: h9e2p5l

At launch, It's (relativly) great value here in Norway, when considered vs 3060 and 3060 ti

Dunno if prices changed since launch day, but it was close 200€ price difference on release vs in-store 3060. The 3060 is now (allegedly) in-store, for 100€ more

13 : Anonymous2021/08/17 19:00 ID: h9bk4jk

Should've been a $100 lower

14 : Anonymous2021/08/17 20:23 ID: h9bw2am

Honest question, I just got a 6700 XT 12GB but I never see any discussion. Any ideas why?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/17 17:11 ID: h9b8hrs

Its perfectly fine for 1080 ultra wide, or 1440p. Its WAY faster than yesterday's '1080p' cards.

Its a 1080p/144Hz card, or a 1440p/60. or 1080p wide screen at 100fps.

Its funny, nobody called the 2070 or the 5700XT a '1080p' card. But suddenly this level of performance is 1080p only?

Yeah, its worst than those at 4k or ultra-wide 1440p, but don't buy this for more than 1440p then?

16 : Anonymous2021/08/17 13:14 ID: h9ab90e

If you find the card for $500, but think it is only $250, then let it pay for itself I guess. Let it work off that $250. 😛


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