Next-generation AMD Radeon RX 7600/RX 7500 series could be using refreshed 6nm Navi 2X GPUs –

1 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:40 ID: p6qcr8
Next-generation AMD Radeon RX 7600/RX 7500 series could be using refreshed 6nm Navi 2X GPUs -
2 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:52 ID: h9ejoe7

We didn't even get a 6500 Series yet ._.

ID: h9ev4e4

Do you even want it at this point? Its gonna cost 300$ MSRP and 400$ retail and give you 5600xt-5700 performance lmao.

ID: h9fguz1

I mean I wouldn't shit on a 5700 right now...

ID: h9ftv2e

Yes, demand will be satiated at some point and I don't want these unusual times to hold back the progression of technology.

ID: h9gmsqr

I paid 290$ for my 5700 2 years ago. . .

Flashed, ocd, and undervolted, it scores in the bottom 20ish % of 5700xts.

Only upgrade id consider is a 6800xt or in theory a 3080ti in a universe where they cost the same.

ID: h9fwcgt

and probably use way less power

while bringing more gpus because chip pass rate grows with smaller die sizes

this gpu class can be in shit look with pricing,but it is only gpu class which would probably exert pressure on demand and shit on 1060's to the point market looks okay

you definitely want to satisfy massive crowds with something and this is that something

ID: h9evu3l

MSRP is meaningless currently. What matters is retail price and how it compares to the market

ID: h9fswso

Id be very interested tbh...

I play esports and free games,older games,and i would like to play warzone and my rx570 4gb really isnt that good for it.And a 6500xt would be great right would prob be 360 inflated something like that,i would buy it..

ID: h9gsyqh

We got three chips. The only thing missing are the “XL” versions of Navi 22 and 23. I don’t give a rat’s ass what they call them, but it would be nice if they released them. I suspect that they’re stockpiled to be released at a significantly lower price when the market drops, but who knows.

ID: h9gtc4o

What about Navi 24 on the Linux Drivers?

3 : Anonymous2021/08/18 14:15 ID: h9etddl

I can't even take a 6000 series gpu, or worse, 5000 series and guys talking about 7000 series lul. Sounds like im gonna wait for ever for update my gpu.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/18 12:46 ID: h9ej2my

It could also be using intel 7nm.

More on my website, click the adds while you are there.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/18 13:01 ID: h9ekn5y

An entry level card with improved performance over a 6600 XT would be great. They probably sell it for $500 though.

ID: h9fwt9k

6500xt with 5600xt performance for cheaper would be great because only gpu class right now which can fix this BS is one which is powerful enough yet efficient enough that you don't need chonker PSU's and that you can copy paste the shit out of it

if i were NVIDIA/AMD/Intel this is hottest market right now and i would compete in it because pepole would buy literally pile of shit able to run some games and display just so they have something



and whatever intel brings

those are probably only ones who can save market and fix fucked up prices

ID: h9g13w0

You're right. There's nothing in the market right now close to $200 that could be worth it for gamers. Both AMD and Nvidia are focusing on the big-margin products and leaving most consumers in the lurch.

The question is if they and AIB partners can produce anything in that price range and still make money with the increased costs of materials and transportation. AMD at least are dedicating a lot of wafers to consoles already, so I don't even know if they have enough silicon to produce a product like that right now.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/18 19:02 ID: h9fvrst

Good to be alerted

7 : Anonymous2021/08/18 22:31 ID: h9gnfup

I can't even get a current gen card, still checking the stocks. Rocking my rx580 and struggling to get some decent fps in certain vr games


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