VEGA 56 vs RX 5700XT vs RX 6600XT | 1080P, 1440P and 4K Benchmarks

1 : Anonymous2021/08/18 02:05 ID: p6htra
VEGA 56 vs RX 5700XT vs RX 6600XT | 1080P, 1440P and 4K Benchmarks
2 : Anonymous2021/08/18 07:35 ID: h9dwant

What a bad time to be a pc enthusiast, the 6600xt cost 50% more than the 5700xt did 2 years ago in my country cuz tariffs lol

ID: h9e1qqq

spoiler: it's not cuz tariffs

ID: h9e8cwe

Really? So it's just AIBs massively upselling then

ID: h9evgwn

Or you can see it the other way. I just bought a 6600XT for 420€ (incl. shipment) but I expect to get ~450€ for my Vega56 and basically get a free upgrade + extended warranty.

You could do the same with the 5700XT in case the availability for the 6600XT is good in your country, just that you get a very minor update but maybe make more profit.

ID: h9ggjrk

Yeah. The card is at the right price for the current market. YouTube is screwing people's perception.

ID: h9ebq6s

That's a bummer. It's msrp in the uk and available. RTX 3060 are £600-£500

3 : Anonymous2021/08/18 05:46 ID: h9dopwz

A little offtopic, but is it still not possible to play 4K on Netflix with a vega56?

ID: h9dvydo

Correct, Vega 56/64/7 don't have PlayReady 3.0 DRM, not even today.

ID: h9dt3fc

Why do you say that?

4 : Anonymous2021/08/18 05:43 ID: h9doihz

Great comparison!

ID: h9e1o68


5 : Anonymous2021/08/18 02:19 ID: h9d4rqi

I see a lot of comparisons featuring the Vega 56. How come nobody compares the Vega 64?

ID: h9d4wfh

In my case, i dont have one

ID: h9edjst

They're comparing the $399 card from three different generations. Yes technically the 6600XT is $379, but close enough. Vega 64 was $499 MSRP.

ID: h9eh4j1

Forget the msrp, by now you shuld know that msrp does not exist... vega was very expensive here in Northern Eu at first, as those stores which had vega cards available at the launch got kickbacks from AMD themselves to be able to sell at or close at the msrp. When the batch with the kickbacks were sold off, the pricing was basically on the same pricing as close to 1080ti for the v64 and not v56 at 1080 pricing and even higher.

But in late 2018 and to summer of 2019 you could buy v56 for 250-300€ depending on the cooling solution of the card. Really makes you think how cheap the cards really are when they can sell big dies with hbm2 memory for 250€....

ID: h9dbr3t

TBH Vega 64 is not that big an upgrade over 56. Many flashed to 64 VBIOS in order to get the same performance out of the VRAM as clock speeds didn't really add much to 64 anyhow. The HBM VRAM had more of an impact.

ID: h9e992s

Once you unlock the power limit via registry mod and OC the memory a bit, there's really not much difference between those two GPUs.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/18 10:23 ID: h9e71fi

Are you testing with hbcc on ? . It's a great feature that needs to be used. Vega 64 here to a 6800xt its day and night in performance but the Vegas are good for the price they were.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/18 15:24 ID: h9f2afo

Wonder what a modded Vega 56 with a Vega 64 bios mod, OC/Undervolted and aftermarket cooler slapped on it, where it would fair?

I know in standard Firestrike my Vega 56 nails a GPU score of 25,200-25,500. Completely stock with a blower untouched was only about 18-19k. Stock blower with a OC/UV, about 21k.

Only logical upgrade for myself seems like it would be a 6700xt, 6800/xt.

ID: h9g2qgl

6800xt for me as well. And I still sport a 480.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/18 08:02 ID: h9dxz8o

This card is a great upgrade opportunity, even in the current high price market, for anyone with an older card that has mining resale value.

Vega 56/64, RX 580, etc.

People are complaining that there is not yet a budget successor to the RX-580, are not looking at the whole picture.

The complaint: $500 is too much!

The reality: Then sell the 8gb 480 or 580 for $400 and buy one of these for $500. Massive upgrade, only $100! (yeah, these prices will vary a lot in different places in the world, so it won't apply everywhere).

If the mining bubble pops and everyone who complains about current prices has their wish granted and this card becomes $250, then a used RX 580 will only be worth $125 if sold used, or less.

It is likely CHEAPER to upgrade now than to wait!

(The same is true for anyone with a 10-series NVidia card -- sell that 1080ti now and use the funds to buy something else! Don't think in terms of the cost of a new card, think in terms of the cost _AFTER_ you sell your old card!)

What truly sucks is those of us that don't have old cards to sell. Building a new system with nothing of value to sell makes the current market situation awful. But those who are looking to upgrade their gaming rig? Its not that bad, especially if you have an older card that does OK at mining but is not great at gaming in comparison, like any 6GB or higher RDNA1 / Polaris AMD part or various NVidia 10 series cards.

The 6600XT beats a 1080ti and a 5700XT at basically everything, other than a few situations above 1440p, sometimes significantly, trashes anything slowe

than that, and yet you can sell a 5700XT used for more than the cost of the 6600XT (In many places around the world, at least).

ID: h9dzidy

"The reality: Then sell the 8gb 480 or 580 for $400 and buy one of these for $500. Massive upgrade, only $100! (yeah, these prices will vary a lot in different places in the world, so it won't apply everywhere)."

This is only the reality for A: people who have valuable, resellable cards and B: Anyone who also happens to get their hands on a card for or close to msrp. It's a reality for some people, but not a lot of people.

ID: h9ebjg7

I did something similar: at the start of the year I sold my Vega 56 for 480€ and bought a TitanXp for 500€. Not a massive upgrade, but I think it was worth it.

ID: h9ej59i

Yeah, glad I bought my 5700xt in 2019, sold it yesterday and bought 6700xt for $150 more, could've been 100$ but had difficulties finding a trustworthy buyer.
Overall pretty usual upgrade price/performance for me, which is great considering the times.
Did not even really need to upgrade, 5700xt is great, but the time is right, so why not.

ID: h9e1989

I'm so glad that I bought my 5700xt in april '20 for 400 euros. I know the market is shit right now, but 500usd for a card that's a little bit faster than 400 euro 5700xt is wild.

Goes to show that we all should ignore FOMO, got shit on with my buy because of the launch of the new cards few months later. But I'm happy with my 5700xt, it's an awesome card.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/18 07:47 ID: h9dx1ct

Just go back in time with your money, get a 1080 ti, enjoy the same fps for 4 years before anybody.

ID: h9fvz34

1080 Ti was released for $700 4 years ago.

ID: h9ebzwx

Yeah. Wish I had bought a 1080ti back when it released. Well at least I got a 1070...

10 : Anonymous2021/08/18 03:21 ID: h9dbqmq

What is the most stable driver for vega 56?

ID: h9do38c

I use the latest and it’s stable.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/18 07:46 ID: h9dwz4g

Interesting results in RDR2 with SAM. is really sam give drastically boost to 1% fps in RDR2?

12 : Anonymous2021/08/18 16:44 ID: h9fd39o

I don't see any reason someone would look at the 6600 XT to replace a 5700 XT, unless your goal is to take advantage of the market and upsell your 5700 XT to a schmuck on eBay. As a 5700 XT owner myself, I don't see any other excuse.

If you're looking at a 6600 XT, you're hopefully a Vega owner, maybe a 5600 XT owner. The 5700 XT is better at 1440p/4K stock and somewhere between the same or BARELY worse if you tune the 6600 XT. For the added hassle of fighting bots/scalpers to buy the thing and the back-end work of reselling/shipping the 5700 XT (which will cost $30-50 through eBay), the gains don't seem worth the investment.

That said, this market is ass. The Vega will be fine for most, especially at 1080p (where the 6600 XT looks its best). Yeah, I'm jumpy about upgrading myself, but I wouldn't do it now. If not for how awful the rest of the market looks, people would justifiably spit on the 6600 XT for being a poor-value card. Now, it gets mild-to-moderate praise because the higher-end stuff is impossible to find and overpriced as hell. I'm gonna stick with my 5700 XT, and I'd do the same if I were still on my Vega 64. The 6600 XT should be $100 cheaper than it is to be a real winner, if not $150 less.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/18 19:31 ID: h9fzoqh

Is anyone else claiming these huge improvements in 1% lows when enabling SAM?

ID: h9g00zn

That is mostly on rdr2

ID: h9g2uxx

True, FH4 as well. Just goes to show every game is different behaviour. What we don't see here is whether it is just regular ReBAR or specifically SAM that is causing the increase.


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