Is it possible to combine Ryzen APU for streaming while using a GPU for gaming?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/25 11:04 ID: pb8yny

My current system:

Ryzen 5 2600X
RX 6700XT

I want to stream but I don't want to sacrifice graphics quality. Currently, my system stream fine if I lower game settings to medium or high but I cannot stream on Ultra or VR especially my favorite games. I started looking around for new CPU's and I found something the Ryzen 7 5700G.

Could I get an integrated GPU and use it specifically for streaming encoding? Let the 5700G APU handle OBS (streaming software) while my 6700XT GPU handles the games? Is that even possible? or is this a dumb idea? Opinions? Better alternatives?


Is it a good idea/worth to combine Ryzen APU for streaming while using a GPU for gaming?

Thank you!

2 : Anonymous2021/08/25 11:06 ID: haa0ya5

The hardware encoder on your 6700XT is a completely separate piece of hardware that's not used by games in any way. Using it will not affect your performance.

ID: haan18k

I have a question: but since the instructions to render the image and encode the video are both sent over PCIe, couldn't there be a bottleneck?

ID: haan43j

Theoretically yes, but realistically no.

ID: haaovha

It may actually be more efficient to encode video on the gpu - as the final frame is generated there, it can be encoded on card and only the compressed video stream pulled over pcie to system memory to be send on the network or stored on disk or whatever.

Encoding on a different device to that which generated the frame requires every uncompressed final frame to be pulled from the gpu over pcie, and they are much larger so take longer and more bandwidth.

ID: haapgfz

However, the hardware encoder results in very poor quality for streaming.

ID: habxdhb

Maybe to Twitch. Probably not a big deal for a lot of game types still or for streamers that are starting out

ID: haby3qf

Whenever I try to stream no man's sky on VR I get a performance hit

ID: habyb5e

What encoding settings are you using?

3 : Anonymous2021/08/25 12:44 ID: haaat56

OP you can use your 6700XT for streaming since it has dedicated sillicon for it, so it won't use the 3d engine to tank your fps

4 : Anonymous2021/08/25 12:02 ID: haa662n

This is completely possible, its how i'm using my system. Using the 2400g (now 5700g) igpu for as the main Windows graphic driver that can be used for streaming/capture etc, while purely using my 2070s for gaming/VR.

Using the built-in GPU-pass-through mode, the dedicated GPUs output is passed to the monitor through the iGPU.

ID: haa7aq7

You meant 2070S right? Nevertheless it would work on windows just fine still no? Similar to how one can use quicksync to encode their recordings despite using a different gpu to render the graphics.

ID: haaks0p

lol yes 2070s, i've easily recorded VR game play (using the 2070s 100% for the VR) with OBS, encoding on the iGPU

ID: hab3271

This will work but you are losing a significant amount of performance about 10-15% vs using the display port on your dgpu

ID: habdi88

does that add some extra latency?

5 : Anonymous2021/08/25 11:36 ID: haa3opk

Depending on the game and ob's settings, you could also just use the CPU

6 : Anonymous2021/08/25 14:29 ID: haaolg8

in obs streaming/encoding settings if you switch to master view mode it should allow to select which gpu to use as encoder.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/25 15:20 ID: haavy6p

Short answer: no.

Long answer: your gpu already does it without any performance hit. I would argue that using the iGPU to capture will cost more performance since it will cause an increase in CPU temperature.

ID: haby1xb

I feel like it does not though whenever I try to stream no man's sky VR I got a performance hit

ID: hacszy5

You need to select the right options. I don't know the option for and but for Nvidia select the NVENC encoder in OBS


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