Are the Revelations games now the most polarizing of the series?

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:47 ID: pgjcsi

Forever IMO it was Resident Evil 5. From people saying they hated it to people saying it’s the best co-op game ever made. It just seemed the opinions on it constantly changed.

But I find the Revelations games seem now to be either completely love or hate. If I look at tier lists for them, they are either at the bottom or sit somewhere in A/B section. Even when people ask when Res game to play next the comments seem all over the place.

I’m not listen 6 so much, because I find that people I know who like it still don’t put it near the top.

Do you think the Revelation games are the most polarizing currently, or something else?

2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:39 ID: hbckaj8

I enjoyed both games greatly. I actually had taken a break from the franchise after how bad the games had been getting, before finally the Rev games brought me back.

I think it's easy to nitpick at them now, but when you consider that Rev 1 came out in the same year as RE6 and ORC, and Rev 2 came out just before Umbrella Corps, it helps put into perspective how much worse it really could have been.

ID: hbdc2sb

If nothing else you can credit it with bringing the series back to more of its roots, along with RE6 being largely panned by players and critics

ID: hbdicig

You have a point there. I feel pretty neutral about Rev 1 (haven’t played rev 2 or umbrella corps) but I disliked RE6 and ORC a hell of a lot more than I disliked Rev 1.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:20 ID: hbbqdmx

Neither game is bad, necessarily, just kinda uninspired and a little bland.

REV1 has a dull plot with spy thriller shit and double agents, mind numbing scanner grinding for items, weird supporting characters and some really silly designs.

There's some backtracking and puzzle solving but not enough to scratch that old school itch and combat is weaker than 4 and 5, so it ends up not totally appealing to one camp or the other.

Raid mode is fun though.

REV2 cribs from stuff like the last of us, tries to have a bit more of a serious plot and horror vibes but the story is cartoonish, Claire is barely a character and it looks and plays fairly average. It's pretty pedestrian in all regards but it's not bad, and there's an attempt to create an engaging horror experience in there.

They both feel like RE lite, or budget price Resident Evil. Going into these games with that mind set is a good idea, because they lack the polish and scope of the main series.

Again, Raid is fun though, some might argue it alone is worth the price of admission

ID: hbceihe

Also the like "previously on" shit in Rev 1. What was up with that? Cause 2 was episodic so it made sense, but 1 wasn't at all

ID: hbcv3mi

They hired anime writer Dai Satou to help on the script. The story’s designed to be like a TV show you’re binge watching, with most levels focusing on two sets of characters to advance their own subplots.

ID: hbdfhl2

It made a lot more sense when it was on the 3ds like when i first played it. It was more conducive to shorter play sessions. It definitely seems kinda pointless outside of that context.

ID: hbdbqw1

I think that shit just pads the runtime with bringing nothing new to the table. I wouldn’t mind a refresher if I’m playing from a save file I haven’t used for awhile but doing this every 20 minutes of game time gets old fast

4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:41 ID: hbctkd5

Idk and personally I don't care. Fans change their minds constantly and are never consistent.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:49 ID: hbccqvl

I still don't know why I played all of Rev 1. It was a lot of whatever - not bad but couldn't call it good.

Rev 2 was better, though the search mechanic got on my nerves towards the end.

By contrast, I hate 5 lmao.

ID: hbdbxlo

Yeah I felt like it was good enough to keep you interested but not good enough to want to play through multiple times. It’s like an addict who gets the fix but isn’t really satisfied

ID: hbdc8l5

I played the whole thing (Rev 1) in a single day and at the end of every chapter I was like "why am I doing this"

This was in like... 2018 as well so there was other stuff available. Maybe it felt better in [INSERT DATE HERE] when it came out, idk.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 21:46 ID: hbdbg5k

Do you think the Revelation games are the most polarizing currently, or something else?

Let me introduce you to four threads from last 7 days about RE3make:

thread 1 (538 comments)

thread 2 (322 comments)

thread 3 (150 comments)

thread 4 (18 comments)

As I said: its just a selection of discussions from one week, and every single week on this sub you have the same discussions about RE3make. Im pretty sure that it is THE most polarizing title in RE franchise.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:14 ID: hbbpjft

Yeah they definitely are especially two as rev 1 I think is either loved or at least somewhat enjoyed but most people I personally haven’t seen many people that outright hate it but 2 is a game like you have said that is either one of the worst or best re games for most people, for me it’s probably my third or fourth favourite and the main reason I’ve heard people disliking it is for the co op and the first player being the one to do everything and the second player being rather useless in combat making them unfun to play and the whole episode structure the game went with rather than releasing the whole game at once. But I’ve always enjoyed the game and its story my only problem is I wish they never killed alex and made her the new main villain of the series which is something the series has lacked with the death of Albert

ID: hbbqaca

Well, technically she shares a consciousness with Natalia so we have that plot point to still resolve. I wonder if RE 9 would have Rose go up against Alex/Natalia or give us a revelations 3 to wrap up that plot point?

8 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:55 ID: hbc4oln

I love both games for two reasons

We get to play as Barry We also get introduced to the hottest female character in the series
ID: hbdb8rh

Moira is pretty hot, that's true.

ID: hbdbeii

I like Moira too but I was taking about Jessica

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:05 ID: hbc659n

I liked that rev2 brought back horror to the franchise. It was a blast.

Rev 1 had a dope last boss.

I loved them both

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:51 ID: hbc3yqm

I liked rev 1 a lot but hated rev 2. I never liked game where you switch playing characters in the middle of the game. That’s why i hate with a passion RE6.

ID: hbc8aj1

What’s funny is that my feelings re the exact opposite

LOVED 2, was bored to tears with 1


ID: hbchxyn

Felt the same way! Been a die hard fan since I was a kid, yet I loved Rev 2 and HATED Rev 1.

ID: hbd8enh

Wait what am i forgetting, where do you change characters mid game in RE6?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:29 ID: hbc9txx

i enjoyed Rev 1 a lot more, rev 2 was ok imo. but when it comes to raid mode, 2 wins

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:02 ID: hbcen5t

I dunno, are they? I don't really hate or love them, they're just kind of whatever to me. I don't particularly care for the gameplay in either, and the dialogue/writing/characte

/enemy design in the first is kind of grating to me. But it was never so bad that it could keep me from the end.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:33 ID: hbcsbn2

Deadass i think rev 1's one of the better games,I also enjoyed seeing barry again in 2

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 22:39 ID: hbdieia

I liked them both but my brother, who's played RE games for as long as I have, hates Rev2 and likes Rev1. I do agree that none of them are particularly inspired in execution, but both also have some interesting elements that make them stand out from the series, like the whole Extra Parts system. While I do prefer the Story of Rev2 for being more isolated and how Barry's side completes Claire's side, its also the one of the two that feels most unbalanced at times, sometimes creating meaty challenges and sometimes just feeling unfair. So I Guess you're right, they are the most polarizing, even to someone like me who did like them overall sorta lol

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 22:53 ID: hbdk7vr

I think CV was most polarizing. Some design choices were like wtf are they thinking?

16 : Anonymous2021/09/02 23:31 ID: hbdp3ds

I thought they both were very good but nothing as remarkable as say RE1 Remake, the first one had a great setting and Mayday Mayday is the only super great part, the second one is good throughout but nothing super memorable, I loved the visuals of the final boss though it looked like a monster straight out of Blame.


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