Dogs in games.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:05 ID: pq319x
Dogs in games.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:07 ID: hd802ix

Then you got Call of Duty Vangaurd.

COD Devs: I want to add more dogs to the game.

Players have started shooting them on sight due to the fact the kill streak dogs will kill them if they don't.

ID: hd8103k

What I found amusing about this, is that these two are basically the same situation. Postapocalyptia, a lone dog waiting outside a ruined building in the middle of nowhere and trying to befriend you. One playerbase thinks, Aww, how adorable, the other one shoots anything that moves on sight.

ID: hd8syon

In "The Division" I shot every wild animal in the game until I found out there was literally no vectors of infection for the Dollar Flu.

I was 100% doing a Cleaner playthough without knowing it.

ID: hd8sgvk

Me playing Modern Warfare and shotgunning the first civvy in the hospital mission because I completely forgot we walked into a hospital. Kicked the door in, BAM, game over

ID: hd81c7b

In a everything can kill me game I kill everything you have no idea how many NPC I destroyed thinking they were enemies (stares at darksouls).

ID: hd9cm2i

It has a LOT to do with the tone the game sets leading up to that. In Fallout the dog is established as friendly early on. In Metro this bandit camp would be after several hours of having to shoot basically anything that moves. So if a dog moves after several hours of the player shooting anything that moves how would you expect the player to react?

ID: hd8nmlp

Meanwhile walking dead game fans try to befriend and feed the only dog in the game for it to attack us and we have no choice but to kill it -_-

ID: hd8sviw

Meanwhile in that one favela level in the MW2 campaign.

Skidaddle skedoogle doggie necc is now a noodle

ID: hd9a2a6

The dogs always killed me if they got on me. For some reason, I just couldn’t click the stick right. Ended up having to stay far enough away to gun them down.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/17 17:50 ID: hd8ettm

To be fair, Dogs in Metro are already hostile enemies, so it wouldn't be surprising for players to shoot them:

ID: hd8z5bk

Exactly. If it's walking on 4 legs, shoot first. If it's walking on 2 legs... Keep your finger on the trigger.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/17 17:00 ID: hd87qbo

in games like metro/stalker you see an animal that isnt in a safe zone chances are you’re approaching it with a shotgun in hand. example.. stalker call of pripyat, theres a dog with some dude in a busted shelter. the dog is not friendly.. it will EFF youu uppp.

ID: hd891fq

Do you mean Noah? His dog is perfectly chill. Never attacked me in all my playthroughs.

ID: hd89v4d


sorry i should clarify.. i saw a door, peaked in.. saw a dude.. saw a dog.. insert so i just started blasting devito pic..

stalker is good games.

in my defense the first two stalkers you encounter in the beginning of the game did not survive either. so i clearly am not playing as a good guy.

ID: hd9dfao

This is my entire point about how the devs have trained the player to react to a situation. In metro exodus there was almost no problem I couldn't blast my way out of (in disappointing contrast to the previous games). So when the player comes up on sonething moving after several hours of shooting anything that moves how would we expect that player to react? How would the player be able to discern that this one moving object should NOT be shot? "When all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail."

ID: hd9dmf9

well you could just sneak around and check. but metro is basically all npcs out of safe zones are potential attackers. in stalker theres towns with social folks and random camp areas with friendlyish folks.

ID: hd9d5ir

Umm no, it's Noah who you should look out for(shotgun through the door is his way of saying "hello")

ID: hd9m56q

Well, no fucking shit - Noah's dog doesn't outright attack you first, but yeah, if you shoot it first you have zero right to claim "damn dude that dog ain't friendly" like you didn't just try and pump it full of brass and/or lead

5 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:03 ID: hd8gov2

Given the whole point was to trick the player into walking into a trap, it doesn't seem fair to blame them for having that instinct.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:11 ID: hd8q96t

The Metro series is just like that, literally everything is your enemy. By the time you beat the game you have the potential to be betrayed or tricked by multiple people.

If I saw a dog I'd assume it's going to attack me or that it's some kind of trap, the game is a survival-horror FPS after all.

ID: hd8s9o6

On the other hand, I had the audacity to return fire when fired upon, and followed the tutorial instructions on using throwing knives. Apparently, that leads to the bad ending and teammate deaths... Gotta be careful with your shots.

ID: hd9gvpz

Ye first time I played I got the bad ending. It was so sad I had to go back and play it again lol

7 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:26 ID: hd82rx5

To be fair you have to be this cautious in metro or else your dead faster then you can say: "look a dog"

8 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:10 ID: hd80ll7

I love dog-meat!!! he has been there for me since fallout 1…

ID: hd8kuej

Canonically Dogmeat died in the first game. Fried himself in a forcefield in Mariposa.

ID: hd8mmxd

Just know, you have ruined many people's day.

ID: hd949m7

Yeah but that happened only after and because the game devs saw that happening a lot on the forum boards. They 100% expected players to meta the dog as "useful until he isn't" and let the dog die, not "work tirelessly to make the dog survive an encounter designed to eliminate excess end game player resources, spending them on the dog instead." It's a Canon but honestly heartfelt appreciation for what wholesome players did that the devs did not expect.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:14 ID: hd8z815

Bethesda's Fallout is more predictable and has an atmosphere that has hope in it. Metro quickly demonstrates that the world is not your friend. Something as inviting as a cute dog immediately awakens suspicions.

ID: hd9bd53

Especially a dog wearing a fucking vest lol. Im not falling for no slav trap there, i know someones hiding around ym corner trying to take my Adidas track suit and semechki if I go to pet the dog.

ID: hd941eg

If it moves, put bullet in it.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:54 ID: hd8nvri

It just sound like a problem with build up. The dog needs to be established as nice to people dont assume its hostile. Like have a cutscene or forced to lower your gun so it cant be shot on sight.

ID: hd8o7r6

According to the dev notes(scattered in NG+), the playtesters consistently sniped the dog. I mean, sure, you could get around it, but still.

ID: hd8vnad

I feel like there is context I am missing, that or all of they're playtesters shoot on sight or knew it was a trap

11 : Anonymous2021/09/17 16:35 ID: hd842eg

I think that's the reason they showed the dog in the trailer so people didn't kill it on sight

12 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:01 ID: hd8gh2g

The ultimate plot twist is that you can't actually pet dogs or cats in fallout 4

ID: hd9dpzq

If you never pet Cerberus in Hades enjoy the Final Boss fight first time you make it up there.

Why do fresh speedrunners do that? Isn't that pet dialogue waste of time?

Oh that's why.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:03 ID: hd8p609

I'm just waiting for some brave pioneers to give us a dog in a game at the same level RDR2 did horses.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/17 17:19 ID: hd8ah88
Rest in Peace River (Dogmeat canine actor)

She was the best companion and combat ally.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:29 ID: hd8kc7k

The cats and dogs of postal 2.

ID: hd8yzl0

You means gun silencer and target practice

ID: hd9081c

Indeed I do

16 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:57 ID: hd8o8p8

Dogs in modern Wolfenstein games are... scary

17 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:05 ID: hd8pfjo

Dogs In Games

Wasn't that a Duran Duran song?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:57 ID: hd958vs

In metro you shoot everything on sight, because well shit kills you, and fast especially in the desert fucking ghouls creep up on you most of the time

19 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:59 ID: hd95ef3

Then you have games like the Last of Us ll, who force you to brutally kill them and sit through the overly realistic whimpering and suffering animations that drag on for 20+ seconds.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:51 ID: hd9ci2m

Technically, Dogmeat is part of old Fallout before Bethesda took over. He is a callback to the film "A Boy and His Dog," (decent flick, for 1975. It's about an 18 year old boy wandering a post-apocalyptic desert with his telepathic dog) cuteness doesn't have much to do with it.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:54 ID: hd8ny27

are play testers the same as players though?

22 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:49 ID: hd94459

Hades creator Supergiant clearly loves their doggies. All the Cerberus interactions are so cute and hilarious. Like when you give him the Satyr sack and he gets "vanquished" the game gives you silly messages shaming you. Love it.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:56 ID: hd951m0

game industry cant decide when are animals good or bad to be killed. RDR2 - shoot any goddamn animal = food/hide

shoot a dog/horse = bad karma, you're the bad guy now, here's the bad ending.


24 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:41 ID: hd9ixgt

Ngl i can see why as in metro everythings trying to kill you and if theres an animal that is commonly used for alerting people to your presence its makes the most sense to shoot it before it barks

26 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:50 ID: hd8vre2

when it comes to games, i shoot dogs on sight, as a general rule. friend or foe.

27 : Anonymous2021/09/17 19:15 ID: hd8qtqb

I love dogs very much, but I know when I play Division I shoot them on sight and they cause no harm and are jus there for aesthetic And I don't know why I do it.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:03 ID: hd9lnkx

WTF is wrong with Metro players??

29 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:32 ID: hd91n31

Why do cops like playing Metro so much?

30 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:16 ID: hd8ijhm


31 : Anonymous2021/09/17 18:28 ID: hd8k6ov


32 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:12 ID: hd8yt1s

I couldn’t have Dog-Meat follow me after I got a new companion because I didn’t do well with him getting shot. Lots of scorched earth left in my wake to those who hurt my only friend on the wastelands

33 : Anonymous2021/09/17 20:55 ID: hd94u20

::Laughs in Wolfenstein::

34 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:38 ID: hd9ao6c

Bro its got a vest and a cigarette in its mouth. Of course I'd shoot it.

35 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:42 ID: hd9b7qm

Expect everything with a life bar to be killed, because it's a videogame after all

36 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:47 ID: hd9bv76

Metro is a whole different experience than Fallout

37 : Anonymous2021/09/17 21:51 ID: hd9cgw4

There is only metro nothing else...

38 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:04 ID: hd9e7pr

Then there is Nintendo. Put super cute dogs at every stable, make them look at you with hearts overhead. But you CANT PET THEM WTF!!!!!

39 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:10 ID: hd9ewkc

the difference is that dog meat is bullet proof

40 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:52 ID: hd9rwca

In Fallout 4, the game also forces you into an interaction where you pet him and basically adopt him without a choice in the matter.

41 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:14 ID: hd9fevv

There are two kinds of people, those that like dogs and Russians.

42 : Anonymous2021/09/17 22:38 ID: hd9ihdl

Meanwhile me reloading my save for the 12th time in tlou 2 because i accidentally killed Bear

43 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:32 ID: hd9pdh7

There are two types of wastelands

44 : Anonymous2021/09/17 23:37 ID: hd9q04t

Upon meeting Dogmeat: "Ohhh, my boy, there you are, how I missed ya!"
20 minutes later: excessive whining "... yeah, kinda remembering why I never kept you around for long."
When entering that corridor in Jamaica Plaines: "..... sit your ass right there you mutt and do not move a muscle or so Atom help me I'll feed you to Strong!"


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