Could someone tell me which movie or video game this scene belongs to? I really need to know the source of this video.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/06 14:12 ID: q2laaj
Could someone tell me which movie or video game this scene belongs to? I really need to know the source of this video.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/06 15:06 ID: hfm15uv

It's from the Operation Raccoon City trailer.

ID: hfmep5x

The lost potential of this game. It was fun... But it could have been great

ID: hfmf460

Why do people not like it?

ID: hfmlxak

The idea was certainly interesting. It actually reminds of the good old days of custom maps for Starcraft Broodwar. Someone made an RE custom game where where one side controls the BOWs, another the RPD and such, and then the UBCS/USS. The Raccoon City Incident will probably never be topped.

Capcom just needs to have their A team developing these games if they want them to be successful.

ID: hfmnpr5

I have two main complaints against it: no local coop and too many human enemies.

ID: hfm269o

Omg! thank you very much really!!! <3

ID: hfm7jvt

Yep he is correct that is the spec ops operative willow if you want further information just ask

3 : Anonymous2021/10/06 17:16 ID: hfmk3o9

Resident Evil operation raccoon city I played this game on ps3, it was a very fun multiplayer game !

4 : Anonymous2021/10/06 17:47 ID: hfmoi38

This is from the ORC trailer, as some have said. Mini rant here, because I miss this game. Heroes Mode was so fun in this, but goddamn was it broken. Just a few examples of broken shit in it:

Leon’s Super Soldier and Body Armor. Temporary immunity and made your guns ridiculously strong. With good aim and the over powered pistol (forgot what it was called), you could literally take another player out of the game in mere seconds once you activated Super Soldier, while also temporarily taking no damage because of the Body Armor.

Carlos’ Guns A Blazing: This one is quite possibly the worst offender of bullshit that I’ve ever seen in a game. ORC made it so that characters were knocked down from explosions, or big hits from enemies such as Mr. X or even getting tackled by an enemy player. What makes this OP as fuck is the fact that Carlos’ Guns A Blazin gave you infinite ammo to all guns; including the grenade launcher. Combine that with the stun lock system of getting knocked down for every explosion, and a player could stun lock you to death as Carlos and there’s nothing you could do about it. Simply use up all the grenade launcher shots, and then activate the ability. Literally spam players to death.

Ada’s First Aid efficiency: This one was more annoying than problematic, but basically, the villains were massively underpowered compared to the heroes. Despite that, Ada’s ability to carry more First Aid (and I think heal more from them) made her a total nuisance to finish off. I can’t even tell you how many times an Ada could literally just run circles around the map, waiting to First Aid to respawn, quickly pick it up, and then heal and keep running. It would quite literally stall the game to a draw. Yes, one could ideally split up into teams of two and just cut her off, but it was difficult to do when she has teammates backing her up that you have to contend with. Ada alone made the villains beyond annoying.

That’s just a few flaws. I though that this game was fun as fuck, but they did notttt think some of the gameplay choices through, at all.

ID: hfn7dux

Don't forget that Vector can easily one-shot people by cloaking and then performing a corner take down.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/06 16:15 ID: hfmb5g4

Too bad the game sucks.

Source: resident evil operation raccoon city triple threat trailer

ID: hfmf558

Why do people say the game sucks?

ID: hfmmzy6

because it wasn't good?

6 : Anonymous2021/10/06 15:58 ID: hfm8mdr

as I remember it is from Slipknot - My plague

7 : Anonymous2021/10/06 14:50 ID: hflyw38

from the animation it is impossible that it is a video game I would say damnation for the presence of the lickers but the figure is female so it is not even that movie (the video is low quality, apparently it looks like Jill) so it is a fan made

ID: hflzd7r

Thanks! 🙂

ID: hfm7o1s

No it isn't from any of that and that is not Jill Valentine


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