Is this what qualifies as a positive review for MMOs these days?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/13 14:12 ID: q7c1jj
Is this what qualifies as a positive review for MMOs these days?
2 : Anonymous2021/10/13 14:23 ID: hghighi

Is there more to it? Looks like there's a button to read the rest

ID: hghlcje

Anyone else try to click that arrow to see if there was another pic that OP uploaded? God I feel stupid.

ID: hgimp9m

just did it now, so that makes at least two of us

ID: hghjtkr

Nope lol. That's literally the entire review.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/13 14:42 ID: hghl5u2

The game isn't bad, but if you want to do End-game PVP its grind like a dog or crack out the wallet.

ID: hgjajb1

As someone with like 15k hours in this game (allows for afk skill grinding) this game is an absolute love hate for me.

Pros: Best combat system for any MMO I have touched. Makes grinding so much fun comparable to the typical nap time hotbar MMOs (FF14, WoW). Graphics when first released were insane for an MMO; any MMO previous to this felt like graphics were 5 plus years out of date.

Cons: PVP combat blows. Because of the way their CC works it is a “pray my CC ticks before the opponents does.” Reason being no matter your defensive stats you will be zeroed out the instant you are CC’d and timing a defensive ability to block a CC is damn near impossible. Plus every class has like 15 abilities with different CCs attached, and every class can pump out oodles of damage which leads to my biggest gripe.

Every class does the same thing but in a different flashy way. Oh you want to play the Valkyrie who looks to be a tank, nah fam, she gets infinite dashes depending on your stamina. Witch and wizard dump AOE damage, but you catch them with a ninja? Nope, fuck that noise, let them have 2 teleports that cover about 3 football fields. Or let’s make this cute little support style character that when levelled can carry an entire city on their back, and with no gear equipped has twice the health pool a tanky class has while they are wearing full boss gear.

They did not set up PVP combat/balancing well, more focusing on making sure each class is balanced in the PVE grind sessions. So there is a lack of feeling unique depending on the classes.

ETA: This plus the lack of good team content like dungeons/raids/meaning team cooperation shit is why I no longer play, and guilds literally die overnight in this game. Just hard to keep concurrent players after some awful nerds to some of the few group/guild activities that paid off.

ID: hgjfvjy

The only reason I didn't care to play BDO is because I heard after a certain level, you become vulnerable to PvP griefers and that at endgame, it becomes more PvP focused. Absolutely nothing about that interests me at all. I like PvE and I want nothing to do with PvE in an MMO.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/13 14:53 ID: hghms0v

This is the old New World...

ID: hgig1ic

Did New World recently announce P2W features or is this just a cheap shot at a new MMO?

ID: hghnlo7

Probably kills less videocards than new New World though... so automatic positive review? lol

5 : Anonymous2021/10/13 15:38 ID: hghtcuo

I remember when BD came out and they said it wouldn’t be P2W but then a week later released a Camo skin that boosted your stats in PVP.

ID: hgirt32

Was this before it came out in U. S. cause I’ve been playing since start (in US) and the only advantage I recall of the tree armor was the hidden name?All the other stats were same as other outfits.

ID: hgj8l80

Yeah hidden name was huge though.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:30 ID: hgis6ok

Humor obviously plays a part, also, steam reviews are a joke since their inception

if you were actually looking for in depth reviews you will find them.

ID: hgiu6x7

Of course, I just found it hilarious that this was the review chosen to "advertise" and "recommend" the game on Steam's front page. Overall the game has a Mostly Positive review rating.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/13 18:43 ID: hgil8jg

Every MMO

ID: hgix7fn

Not FFXIV. You can't pay to win but you can pay to glamou

/mounts/skip content. You won't get any stronger though.

ID: hgizyga

Same for eso. + no daily grind and must-do tasts

8 : Anonymous2021/10/13 14:53 ID: hghmt19

While the western market is anti-P2W, the Asian market is more susceptible to P2W. So overall, why not give P2W games a positive review if you like spending your money to compete?

Edit: TIL con-P2W has a whole other meaning (or none at all)

ID: hgiimwa

because by design the games aren't 'whose better' rather who spent more money/got luckier

someone noticeably less skilled is going to win entirely because their paid numbers are higher than your free numbers. This isn't a fun mechanic in games and everyone knows it.

ID: hgiohni

I see where you were going with that, but the opposite of "pro-P2W" would be "anti-P2W", not "con-P2W". Where "anti" can be used as a noun, adjective, or preposition, "con" is specifically a noun; you can have a con, you can be a con, but you cannot be con.

ID: hgivdfq

Fml, my native language came through there. I meant anti-P2W, correct.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/13 19:04 ID: hgiocvj

Anyone notice how they updated there steam page to the woman above, a few weeks before New World released.

Cringe, and pandering.

ID: hgisfpu

I mean this is a new character they released, which is the reason for the change. They always do this when a new character comes out.

ID: hgixtmq

imagine being so stupid you don't even realize this is the standard procedure when they release a new character.. a character theme that's been planned for a long time.


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