There’s nothing like a supportive parent! (OC)

1 : Anonymous2021/10/16 12:27 ID: q9b0gz
There's nothing like a supportive parent! (OC)
2 : Anonymous2021/10/16 12:34 ID: hguqtoc

Don't forget ur head and shoulders while gaming

ID: hgurwsi

dandruff is a tool of the enemy team!

ID: hguuqsp

Dandruff leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. Hatred is a tool of the Sith... yep checks out!

ID: hgus1e5

Nothing can slow down ur reaction time like an itchy scalp.

ID: hgvd8li

Honestly, why is the shampoo bottle there?

ID: hgvowlo

Probably because travelling. So many scenarios where things end up "not where you expect them" are just due to travelling, and it got put down the first chance they had.

ID: hgvdeul

Menthol lube

3 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:16 ID: hgv1xkb

I know if my son is winning because I have to carry his ass in shooters.

ID: hgv212n

In his defense he is 11. And by shooters I mean Roblox.

ID: hgvei7w

My son just left for college last month and one of fondest memories is him talking his mom and sister into playing little big planet with us and me letting him use his 1st obscenity (afaik) to proclaim “I carried y’all’s ass” when he’s be the obvious reason for our success as I seceded the position of best video game player in my family.

ID: hgvrvax

Man, my oldest is 9 and (1) I can't usually get him to play the Roblox shooters with me and (2) the other fucking 9 year olds obliterate me when I do. So I'm stuck with pick up dog shit or whatever tycoon all the time.

Son, I was there when Duke nukem came out. Half life. Counterstrike. EverQuest (well before WoW). In my fucking day I had to... Nevermind let's just step on a red circle till we have enough change to step on a blue circle.

Edit: Duke Nukem 3D. I didn’t storm Normandy with

ID: hgvt0de

One of my friends has a kid who is 14–he now carries us in shooters.

Get your 11 year-old playing whatever shooters you play and in a few years, he can carry you!

ID: hgvagp7


4 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:43 ID: hgv56in

No dad,I can't go to Worlds.

ID: hgv9p2t

Banger Reply

ID: hgvyhvc

At least he makes an appearance in the music video though.

ID: hgvs443

Still hurts

5 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:56 ID: hgv6t6x

Wow that player sure looks happy. He's probably on a team thats doing really well. A super team by how it looks, damn a team like that is probably guaranteed to qualify for worlds. Hell probs be on this team for a while

ID: hgvcwt9

Haha, yes, of course. Hahaha...

ID: hgw09xl

This player definitely isn’t going to be sold to the highest bidder or anything close to the sort!

ID: hgw9k6c

Haha yeah he looks really happy to be there. I hope his toplaner doesn't get hard gapped by an off-meta pick.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:00 ID: hgv03qk

I’ll never forget the time I was playing halo in the game room and my dad came up, watched me for a little bit and then i asked him if he wanted to join and we played halo reach for 2 hours. Also played halo 3 a few months later with him

ID: hgv4mxz

One of the best memories I have of my dad is when he and I played Halo on the original Xbox for 12 hours straight. I had to interrupt the game because I realized we hadn’t eaten anything.

ID: hgv4vpb

I had to interrupt the game because I realized we hadn’t eaten anything.

certified gamer

ID: hgw4b74

Damn. I didn’t play video games until I was an adult, so I never got to experience that. Now I feel guilty for telling my 10 year old I couldn’t play PvZ with him earlier. I’m gonna go play it with him now.

ID: hgv90vk

You're really lucky to have had such a supportive dad. I once tried to show my dad Starcraft, he watched for about 5 minutes and then left to get drunk. I'm not saying that to put him down, and I know you can't choose your parents, but it's always a bittersweet feeling for me to read stories from people whose dads really made an effort.

ID: hgvgdjh

tbf starcraft is a pretty intense first game to get into

7 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:42 ID: hgv52eb

Playing Warzone one night. Dad walks up and watches for a bit. Hit a snipe (nothing crazy, literally a bot standing still).

“Smoked his ass.”

One of the best feelings I’ve had while gaming.

ID: hgvavz4

A nice snipe shot is universally amazing

ID: hgw80hq

I was visiting my parents and playing Dragonball fighterZ with my dad watching late one night. We were having a conversation so I was looking at him while doing a combo online without looking. He looked stunned that I wasnt even looking at the screen and told me he was impressed. Same feeling

8 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:54 ID: hgv6nlm

Has this happened to anyone? It literally never happened to me. Just scoffing and sighing and telling me I should stop wasting my time, if my parents ever saw me play a computer game (which of course ended up being pretty rare since I learned to alt-tab to avoid derogatory remarks).

Man if I ever get children I'm gonna at least feign interest in hobbies they have, whatever they are.

ID: hgvrd22

My kid is 8 and just being in the room, reading a book or something, is a big deal. She’ll turn around and want to show me something on Roblox and that big smile when I say “that’s so cool honey, you must have worked really hard on it” is fucking golden.

ID: hgvaqv5

Happened to a lot of us. That video game hobby translated into a 6 figure career and a very healthy relationship with my own son now. Take heart!

9 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:02 ID: hgv0bhn

Why is there a schampoo bottle there? And why is the guy turning it? Does he suffer from that symmetry-PTSD thing? So many questions...

ID: hgv4b1h

I assume it has something to do with Sponsors this is G2's League of Legends team from last year and they're partnered with Head and shoulders, probably about to do a video and he's making sure the logo is facing the camera

ID: hgv5sh5

Was wondering, thanks

ID: hgv4k8g


ID: hgv5j3f


10 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:28 ID: hgv3dvn

Rekkles kinda cute tho

ID: hgvc8us

Rekkles not winning this year tho

ID: hgvcaki


11 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:38 ID: hgv4kul

I never had a dad. But my son sure does, I ain't no quitter.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:43 ID: hguy51y

Don’t you find this gif a bit Rekkles to the guys without fathers?

ID: hgv5ild

It may be, but it's not without its Perkz

13 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:12 ID: hgv1h9w

I encourage my daughter to discover games. Now she's in love with simulators. Her excitement during iracing is awesome. Imagine if the people who were racing with her knew she's only twelve. She drifts better than I do in real life.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/16 15:00 ID: hgv7d2f

I can't believe my parents are selling me to a European organization

15 : Anonymous2021/10/16 13:03 ID: hguttzn

Would have been nice for my dad to show interest in me or any of my hobbies.

ID: hgv0o5l

Same here. All my hobbies were either a “waste of time,” “weird,” or both. Writing was a “waste of time” because I’d never be a writer. Programming was “weird.” The music I wrote all “sounded like crap” so it was a “waste of time.” All those friends of mine that I played that “weird” game D&D with were also “weird” and the whole thing was a “waste of time.” It’s amazing I had any creative force left in me after moving out from under my parents.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/16 15:09 ID: hgv8g58

My dad used to sit down and play Tekken with me. Hell. He used to be in my room at like 9am playing video games while I was still asleep. I'd wake up to him grabbing my big toe and telling me how I was a good kid. I miss those times. Dementia sucks.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/16 15:33 ID: hgvbjx1

There's a VR game called Blood Trail on steam. Really graphic with mutilation and accurate gun physics. My dad walked into my room and saw me blowing peoples heads up in sandbox mode. He made a comment about it and I asked if he wanted to try since he'd never used VR before.

After spending a good amount of time teaching him how the controls work, I navigated him into sandbox mode. He proceeded to have the time of his life shooting and punching the enemies in the dick. Thats all he did for like 20 minutes and didn't stop laughing the whole time while saying "Am I winning? Cause it feels like I'm winning". Yes Dad, yes you were.


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