Code Veronica X help?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/16 14:54 ID: q9dkb7

I’m stuck around the part where you have to open the music box and take the disc, but I’m using way too many healing items and ammo just trying to get back to the spot. How many healing Items should I have stocked up at this point or should I just start over?

2 : Anonymous2021/10/16 15:37 ID: hgvc34u

I'll say take 1 healing item or 2 if the area is full of enemies.

ID: hgvci3n

Completely full. Two banders on narrow bridge, two banders going into private resident, 16 zombies in total, 7 in Alexia’s and Alfreds rooms. Bats, twice. I have 0 handgun ammo after killing the Dr.

ID: hgvldn0

If you have zero ammo at that point then I think you'll probably have to load an old save or restart. You're about to come up on a resource check that is really difficult to get through without ammo.

ID: hgvt2ez

You probably know this already but just in case, the bats will ignore you if you carry the lighter out

ID: hgvckil

I’m just worried I won’t have enough Heals for the rest of the game.

ID: hgw5l7c

Start using the knife.


It sounds crazy but the knife is ridiculously broken in this game. Practice using it and you can still salvage your run.

For zombies, slash downwards at the knees. They'll fall to the ground and you can run behind them and finish them off. For Bandersnatches slash them on their weak side (The side without the arm.)

Save the BOW rounds for the plane. No spoilers but make sure you save those and you can save yourself a ton of headache and ammo.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/16 19:06 ID: hgw5241

With a little practice you can kill every zombie in the game with the knife. Just wait until they get real close and slash aiming up or down and they’ll collapse on the ground and you can finish them in a few more swings.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/16 17:35 ID: hgvsdqc

You could reset and do the herb glitch for the first run, storing the glitched one in the item box for emergency use (but don’t mix it as you’ll lose it!).

ID: hgwk6nv


ID: hgwo6mc

Not cool, pal. Reported for breaking

rules and separately as harassment. #bekind #dinnaebeadick

5 : Anonymous2021/10/16 17:37 ID: hgvsrcb

Equip the lighter and bats will leave you alone! You generally have enough ammo to take out enemies, if you can down them walk into them to stomp the head if you have extra herbs. Also, the knife is very helpful. Swipe at zombie legs to down them, and sidestep to avoid a grab.

ID: hgvytti

Wait the bats leave you alone if you have a lighter equipped? Wow

ID: hgvt8ci

I have the lockpick already. That’s why they’re a problem for me now. I don’t feel like beating that worm to get it back 🙁

ID: hgvtfg4

Its always a good idea to have multiple save slots to back up. You don't need to give Rodrigo the medicine so early. Unless you enjoy the loot from lockpicking.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/16 18:24 ID: hgvz501

I’d use the 6% and dodge enemies. Obviously I don’t know your situation but when your traveling from and to the castle, you mostly avoid the banders and deal with the zombies around the area since it’s backtracking

ID: hgvz7p6

They keep smacking the FUCK out of me hahah, I have to use the healing items 🙁

ID: hgvznme

Yea idk what to tell you it’s skill for sure. Bob and weave. But also RE Is about balancing the risk reward. Maybe you do want to eliminate them because you lose to much health. Problem is I think they respawn after story events. Hope you keep playing and save your explosive bow ammo for the final boss and the airplane if you want

7 : Anonymous2021/10/16 19:09 ID: hgw5hfl

Yeah practice with the knife and use the knife only in the beginning and when needed. Always helps with ammo. Save those damn fire arrows.


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