I’d nominate Cordyceps just by this picture alone!

1 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:18 ID: qh6vbl
I'd nominate Cordyceps just by this picture alone!
2 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:53 ID: hiax54j

How about the entire dead space trilogy. Mainly "method of infection" which is basically getting mutiltlated by your best friends corpse

ID: hibj8gz

What really blew my mind when I played DS when it first came out was that it wasn't some space zombie disease - it was a psychic signal that was basically puppeteering dead bodies, explaining why blowing away the heads did nothing.

It was such a novel concept to younger me.

ID: hibktbs

Yeah it is pretty genius it's not another copy and paste zombie game it's got pretty damn good lore.

And the fact they make so much known about the markers and what they do yet keep It a complete mystery is part of why I loved it so much.

I love the whole cycle

Markers seed themselves on a life bearing planet millions of years in advance, intelligent species begin to evolve

Marker is discovered and thus begins sending of signals slowly

Marker uses the guise of limitless power to position itself in a way it's always near dense populations of what it deems as a usable biomass

Some people show signs of psychotic behavior, self harm, attempted suicide etc it's swept under the rug as just coincidence

People slowly start disappearing, bodies found here and there no major concern but maybe a watch it put in place

Sightings of human-like entities becoming more and more common place

Perhaps some escapees are able to get away and warn others though they most likely won't be seen as much concern and just paranoid, if someone goes to investigate they may perish

Enough bodies get accumulated and the marker sends the hive mind signal to initiate the first few brazen attacks to gather corpses quickly.

Nobody has any idea what to do to permanently kill the now abundant and quickly forming necromorph horde

Most human resistance dead or dying within a few days of the full scale outbreak.

Populated planets infected would quickly fall leading to immense biomass to then be converted into a brethren moon

Other planets are targeted by the marker collective hive mind

Species experiences an extinction level outbreak

Markers go dormant as well as the moons until another sizable source of biomass is found

ID: hibkwik

Excuse me WHAT? Imma buy the damn game again

3 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:25 ID: hib1rg9

Literally anything made in plague inc.
EDIT (again): What madman (plural) gave this thing a "wholesome".

ID: hib65v6

Ligma is set to eradicate the world's population.

ID: hibff5a

Mine was always MEGA AIDS

4 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:13 ID: hib03mj

Fun fact: Cordyceps is a real fungus. Thankfully, it only infects insects.

ID: hib282q

And thankfully it doesn’t turn them into ruthless zombies, but rather makes them feel like just laying in one spot and letting the fungus grow out of them, release it’s spores, and die.

ID: hib3tdq

some extreme cases have shown ants killing or infecting their entire colony

5 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:46 ID: hib4q22

Where my fellow old folks saying “Rakghoul disease”!?

ID: hib97x8

I’ve scrolled too far

ID: hibqe5s

All the way to the Undercity you have

6 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:19 ID: hias6ou


ID: hiasi96

Truly horrifying what it does to a man

ID: hibi9z8

"This is a fatal condition I got!"

"And I'll give you another fatal condition."

ID: hib312v

Not just lumbago, but TERMINAL Lumbago

ID: hibuha1

Building a house ain’t a job for a man with terminal lumbago

ID: hibmgh1


7 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:37 ID: hiauvcg

Corprus from the Elder Scrolls. Remember Morrowind? Yeah, that’s some really scary stuff

ID: hib5y5n

I was thinking Vampirism from TES not because it's bad but because it's so fucking complicated. There are half a dozen variations of the virus and they range from almost nothing changes to if you don't eat for a few days entire towns attack you on sight to you can become a manifestation of a Daedric Lord and literally have lycanthropy purged from your system.

It's highly region specific but good fucking luck getting one that does what you want it to do.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:45 ID: hiaw40m

Green Flu from L4D. Chances are even if you got lucky and survived long enough any immune people are extremely dangerous carriers that can transmit that shit to you within seconds.

ID: hiba4w4

Is that why all their transports kept crashing/dying in the 2 series? They just infected them by proximity?

ID: hiblwqu

Luckily it shouldn't last long. Iirc, Zombies with the green flu, aren't actually dead and they see the survivors as monsters, and they can't eat or drink water.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:52 ID: hib5jcc

The one you can create from Plague Inc.

Worldwide infection without symptoms. No one even knows they have it.

Then boom, a billion dead. No hope.

ID: hibmieh

Honestly, is there any other way to legitimately win the game other than the sneaky zero symptoms strat? I don’t think I’ve managed to any other way, as there’s always just enough pushback to wipe me out before it’s too late for humanity.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:53 ID: hiax7um


ID: hib92wb

Subnautica good game

11 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:30 ID: hiatrnf

The flood from halo, that is the scariest shit ever created in my opinion

ID: hib8eo5

There are even instances where a combat form (if weak enough) will keep you partially alive. You will now share the thoughts and augmented memories of those within the hive as well as painfully suffering and attacking anything that isn’t a parasite.

Imagine being turned and violently killing the person you were next to and watching them die by your hand and you can’t do anything about it. You have no control.

ID: hibfpf6

It's like being in the sunken place.

ID: hiawroq

The fact that the only thing that you can do to truly neutralize them is a galactic reset button (and that didn’t really work) is not a good sign.

ID: hibk8dv

In one of the books based on the original game, there is a scene describing one of the marines that was infected. The flood made him break off his own hand and use the sharp bone stub of his arm as a melee weapon. It describes how he could still feel everything that was happening to him but was powerless to do anything about it. Scary stuff man…

ID: hibnohp

It’s even more horrifying to know that they took over more than 1 galaxy in the halo universe

ID: hibd3vv

I was waiting for someone to say it

Being conscious while your body is broken to bits and extended in the most horrifying ways, and you can’t control your actions. Fucking horrifying.

ID: hiaypxg

Definitely. The fact they can completely alter your memories to get information out of you for the gravemind/keymind is horrifying to me.

ID: hiboen6

That shit acts like a over efficient virus

Viruses arent ment to kill people usually and they're basically ment to feed off them

The flood legit just takes over things and feeds off them, they're so efficient with taking over things that you have to take some extremely drastic measures to get them away and you have to do them fast

The forerunners tried to starve them to death by literally killing everything and earth almost got glassed for the flood being there for possibly just a few hours

12 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:25 ID: hib1r2l

The Flood parasite.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:21 ID: hiasdkv


ID: hib3t1i

Oregon Trail?

ID: hibk2m1

“If we beat the whole game, we get to print a special certificate! Toshi has one; keeps it in his wallet instead of a condom. He’s been drowning in muff. Well, he’s straightedge, so he just makes out a lot.”

14 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:34 ID: hiauewu

TB in the 1800’s when you just trying to do your job.

ID: hibyo9l

Dammit Arthur, Have some faith.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/28 00:13 ID: hibgao6

The Mercer Virus from Prototype. Even if you survive and get the superhuman abilities, it always seemed like the user had to deal with some negative side effect that made it more of a curse.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/27 22:52 ID: hib5i9k


17 : Anonymous2021/10/28 00:13 ID: hibgaml

The hollow, imagine your immortal (you can still die you just get resurrected) but everytime you die you lose a bit of your humanity and memory of who you were and what you love until you eventually become nothing else but a empty vessel of flesh hell bent on stealing the humanity from others

ID: hicrfdm

isnt the name undead curse

18 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:31 ID: hiatwom

dark souls when you get infected with that egg thing

19 : Anonymous2021/10/27 21:29 ID: hiatonn


ID: hiay8uo

it’s too late, $19.99 down the drain


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