Games that require an internet connection for single player mode are bullshit.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/13 02:28 ID: qsr7a6
Games that require an internet connection for single player mode are bullshit.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/13 12:24 ID: hkg7xmc

It's funny because all the "anit-piracy" stuff just hurts actual customers and makes piracy look more appealing.

I don't want a secondary launcher, anti-cheats, social media links, DRM and what ever else using up my CPU, just to play a single player story mode.

Pirated copies don't use any of those so their versions actually run smoother. Plus pirated copies never have to worry about server attacks or malfunctions.

ID: hkhg6p7

"Piracy is almost always a service problem." - GabeN

ID: hkhwage

The legend himself, the man knows what he's talking about.

I'd say "it blows my mind how out of touch all these massive game development companies are with their customers", but I don't even think it's that anymore - I think they know it's bullshit to require internet connection for single player games, and they just think their customer base is a mob of idiots that will gobble up whatever fucking narrative they feed them. Ffs I've bought games off steam that come with a cd key - if you refund the game on steam before playing for two hours and then later buy the same game it still uses/ requires the same God damn cd key which steam re-provides in case you forgot it, and if you tried to use that cd key with a digital copy of the game on another service like Origin or use a pirated copy it WON'T WORK, and after redownloadinf the game - it doesn't require an internet connection. I'm sure at this point the cd key method isnt fool proof from piracy, but either is the "require internet connection whenever you play the game" approach either. I'm convinced those games are collecting your data, or it really is just marginally better at preventing piracy. At this point these companies need to understand that's a cost of doing business, same as product getting broken in shipping or retail stores dealing with shoplifting, sure look for ways to prevent piracy that makes sense, but don't use a method that harms performance and puts the God damn burden on your customer base and expect them to not have a problem with it!!

ID: hkhjwwj

It always has, not just with games either. I’ve never had to sit though un-skippable anti-piracy warnings or ads when watching a pirate movie.

ID: hkhqtkz

Idk I thought Pirates of the Caribbean had both /s

ID: hki3om6

This. My sons brand new gaming laptop is already filled with bloat. My eye patched versions of far cry run beautifully on a 3 yr old.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/13 08:37 ID: hkfs1kl

This smells like rockstar shade lol Fuck them for that dogshit release for PC. How do you drop the ball on not letting people with the best tech play your game. Fucking joke

ID: hkg6j35

EA too. Don't forget the last main line Simcity game launched with DRM and it essentially killed the series over the backlash.

ID: hkg8100

Remember how they tried to explain it by saying there was no way the agent system could work without the "power of the cloud"? And then modders proved them wrong by modding out the online requirement in like three days? And the game not only worked but worked better than the official version?

ID: hkgjuzw

I was a Sim City guy, that was a turning point. Now a Cities Skylines guy, haven’t played Sim City since.

ID: hkgl0kf

But out of that we got cities skylines which is possibly the greatest sim game of the last decade.

ID: hkgbuof

So, I can't speak to the reason for the design decision, but I can speak a bit to why this was such a clusterfuck.

A number of years ago, I was interning with what was at the time called EA's Digital Platform - Internet Ops division. Worked with a lot of engineers who were basically responsible for global infrastructure for EA's common services, used by most of the studios. Servers, storage, networking, some codebases. A centralized one stop shop for most things you could need or want for backend infrastructure.

From a business and technical perspective, it's a decent strategy. Make a shared, common platform meeting 90% of the usual ask from studios, scale it up, and standardize it. And all of DPIO had brilliant engineers designing and supporting it.

Maxis decided they didn't want any of that for SimCity and tried doing it all themselves. All of the netcode, they secured dedicated 3rd party hosting for their resources, and basically threw out the middle finger to sensible work that EA had already done. Didn't involve DPIO at all.

And the results speak for themselves.

ID: hkgjr35

I mean yeah, fuck Rockstar for doing this shit. But also, fuck everyone who keeps giving them money and encouraging this.

“Fuck Rockstar, but please take my money”

(I’m not referring to you, just making a general statement)

4 : Anonymous2021/11/13 11:09 ID: hkg2b1q

And the worst part is that this is only a requirement if you bought the game. Pirate the game and you can play offline all you want. Shit like this feels like a kick in the balls.

ID: hkg92cv

Exactly my thought. People that will pirate the game will do so no matter what. Now, possibly, you have people that want to play the game offline just going to pirate it instead of buying.

ID: hkg9c0v

This reminds me of those unskippable notifications about piracy on DVDs. If you pirated it, you didn't have to waste your time with that crap, but you bought or rented it, you were stuck with that bullshit. Such backward thinking of those people.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/13 04:28 ID: hkf7chy

Me trying to play single player RDR2 while the rockstar launcher is down. So irritating. The game starts and just says you’re not allowed to play it cause you’re profile can’t connect

ID: hkfx7gy

Arr matey, have you tried sailing the high seas?

ID: hkgh9db

Not only that the seas version has way better performance than the current build.

ID: hkg58jc

I hear the sea shanties are amazing

6 : Anonymous2021/11/13 06:21 ID: hkfhxjh

See: the death of Sim City and Maxis

7 : Anonymous2021/11/13 02:36 ID: hkeuich


8 : Anonymous2021/11/13 04:51 ID: hkf9n3b


ID: hkfa0bg

This is one of the games I had in mind.

ID: hkh2vu6

I still play it offline? It’s just doesn’t upload your leaderboard scores. I could care less about that though so it doesn’t bother me. I just enjoy the game.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/13 12:17 ID: hkg7doe

yes, yes they are

know how it stops?

not buying them. at all. (not gonna happen)

so it will stay. maybe legislation could be made, but even that would be hard

10 : Anonymous2021/11/13 02:32 ID: hkeu1rb

Agree wtf

11 : Anonymous2021/11/13 03:46 ID: hkf2pxs

Agreed! I work away on ships for months at a time with no Internet connection. The amount of times I've downloaded a bunch of single player games for something to do, only to get out there, launch the game and find out I need Internet.

ID: hkg878i

You work on ships. You should know how to, uh, sail the high seas.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/13 02:36 ID: hkeui20

It’s not bad when you live in big city. But those who live in the middle of nowhere or rural areas with limited broadband options it’s difficult. Especially if your phone data plan is limited or expensive.

ID: hkewbi2

The fact that there are areas of the US without access to real high speed internet is also bullshit. 10 mbps via cell towers that is throttled to 1-3 after 100GB of data is used do not count.

ID: hkg1txf

The crazy thing is that the American public has paid for fibre infrastructure many times over and the companies pocketed it, and used the money to pay lawyers to lobby against using it for the intended purpose

ID: hkfnzqb

hah, i wish i got 10, i'm lucky to get 2 mbps any day

ID: hkg6uyk

To be fair I'd get very good speeds with my Hotspot, we are looking more then 100 mbps, I'd be downloading at max 16MBps. Too bad the data cap was 15GB with Verizon throttled to 600kbps. I had to pirate all my PC games because there's no options to download games legally on my phone and move them to my PC. So imagine how useless that throttling is when I'm using my phone to download 50GB games and end the month with over 250GB used between games and streaming (plus most online games work with 600kps speeds). Verizon could have charged me more to remove the Hotspot throttle and I'd still have used a similar amount of data. Keep in my this is a rural area, my speeds rarely ever dipped due to the low traffic and population.

ID: hkhv2r3

To be fair, people rural areas keep voting for federal representatives that deprioritize infrastructure and services for their part of the country.

You get what you vote for. And those parts of the US get culture war legislation and tax breaks for the rich, not much needed investments in schools, infrastructure, and technology.

ID: hkftelu

My Internet is fine. The Publishers internet is the problem.

ID: hkffw08

Few years back I gave up on trying to download Gears of War 4.

I'd start the download, let it go all day, wake up, check the progress, Microsoft app would DC somehow after some hours. Several attempts.

ID: hkfz9ox

How about when the game is 15 yo and the auth servers have shut down.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/13 12:33 ID: hkg8lsa

Everything from EA sucks

14 : Anonymous2021/11/13 11:27 ID: hkg3js5

Any new call of duty

15 : Anonymous2021/11/13 14:18 ID: hkgj0jr

We went against this back then when they first appeared but people said "relax, dOnT yoU hAvE inTErnT ?" and acted like this isn't a problem.

And now we all suffer...

16 : Anonymous2021/11/13 17:20 ID: hkh6myk

Wait until you can only play them through a streaming service...

17 : Anonymous2021/11/13 08:58 ID: hkfti70

How else they gonna get us ready for a full DRM generation

18 : Anonymous2021/11/13 18:29 ID: hkhgdet

Hitman 3 did this so dirty. You could still play offline but couldn't save or unlock new weapons or starting points etc. Bunch of greedy pricks.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/13 11:07 ID: hkg24d4

Non MMO games without LAN are bullshit too.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/13 12:25 ID: hkg7z7e

On top of that, pirateded games seem to run better...

ID: hkhd7rt

I think AC Unity was a good example in which the anti-piracy thing was written into the game so a dude kinda rewrote the code and it run noticeably better

21 : Anonymous2021/11/13 15:44 ID: hkgtgvp

Just another thing to thank microtransactions for. Not exclusively... there are certainly other factors for why single player needs to be played online for some games, but microtransactions can be one of them. Like the NBA 2K games. I only give a shit about MyCareer and nothing else. I don't play multiplayer with anybody. But I have to be online at all times even for that. Why? Because I'm sure they're monitoring me closely so I don't cheat somehow and get mountains of fake currency because they want to sell me that shit instead.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/13 16:00 ID: hkgvhq5

I still have the cd for angry birds pc version, and it requires internet to enter the game, why

23 : Anonymous2021/11/13 05:10 ID: hkfbjez

I have been saying that for over a decade. But people are seeing this similar to micro transactions saying it's just skins. It's BS


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