Which outfit for Sherry do you like better? Original or remake?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:09 ID: qw1bfo
Which outfit for Sherry do you like better? Original or remake?
2 : Anonymous2021/11/17 16:31 ID: hl05xh1

Remake looks more like an American school uniform, IMO.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:29 ID: hkzwry7


ID: hl0sir5

Remake outfit but Original hair. I thought her hairstyle was too complicated for a little girl her age to do herself, and it doesn't fall into the neglected child trope, suggesting either one of her parents did it, or an unseen babysitter. But given the interaction in the remake between her mom and Sherry, when she was told that she should have stayed home.... Yeah, didn't get the feeling anyone was home, prompting her to look for mom and dad.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/17 17:44 ID: hl0h70q

Remake. The original looks like she’s dressed up for some kind of costume party

5 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:20 ID: hl0ms39

OG was a japanese sailor school uniform which looks out of place in an american town and reminded me of Sailor Moon.

Remake resembled something you could see as a fancy boarding school uniform.

So I like remake more but the OG is memorable.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:29 ID: hkzwoi6

Both are good

7 : Anonymous2021/11/17 17:38 ID: hl0gca1

Remake. She’s looks like a sailor girl in the original

8 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:20 ID: hl0vxl0


9 : Anonymous2021/11/17 16:20 ID: hl049ad

Remake makes more sense.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:31 ID: hl0og3b

Remake free

11 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:50 ID: hl0rh2g


12 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:54 ID: hl00gxy


13 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:30 ID: hl0xd39


14 : Anonymous2021/11/17 16:24 ID: hl04xg9


15 : Anonymous2021/11/17 17:54 ID: hl0it15


16 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:04 ID: hl0kacr


17 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:52 ID: hl10orf

Remake. Original is a bit weird.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:29 ID: hl0x80j

In her case remake because better graphics and the slightly tasseled hair is way more realistic

19 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:56 ID: hl11eh3

Looking like a sims character on the left hahah

20 : Anonymous2021/11/17 21:06 ID: hl1bsq7

The sweater vest from remake makes the school uniform look less weird for a girl going to a school in America.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/17 22:03 ID: hl1k2zp

Remake by far. The original has the Japanese sailor schoolgirl uniform, which doesn't make sense considering the setting.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/17 22:54 ID: hl1rd85

Original looks like she’s a boat captain or something

23 : Anonymous2021/11/17 23:11 ID: hl1toni

I prefer the OG game in general, but the remake outfit here. The OG looks like she’s about to set sail for war in 1942

24 : Anonymous2021/11/17 23:14 ID: hl1u4je

Remake, i have no problem with her outfit in the original but it’s clearly heavily based on a Japanese school sailor outfit which is out of place in an American private school, the remake outfit is more suited.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:32 ID: hkzx6cd

I like OG outfit better, but I question why is she still wearing her school uniform...

ID: hl016x5

School uniform in a small town in the US midwest in the 90's?

ID: hl0uio8

To be fair, even though the original games referred to Raccoon as a “small midwestern town” it has always been represented more as a proper City with complex subway systems, rail cars, a zoo, SWAT teams etc. Most of which you typically wouldn’t see in a small town.

ID: hl0zafi

small town

Racoon CITY

ID: hl0cdd5

You can check these phone calls from Darkside Chronicles archives, it explain how Sherry got the pendant and why she is in the police station alone.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tldw: Annette called Sherry when she is still in class and tells her to go home immediately to retrieve the pendant, then head to the police station right away to meet her there.

26 : Anonymous2021/11/17 16:00 ID: hl01bsr

Original, RE6 version

27 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:24 ID: hkzvyqn

Original over remake all day. Not saying remake was bad - just nostalgia factor

ID: hl0kvzg

I'm saying it's bad. That plaid is stupid as a vest.

28 : Anonymous2021/11/17 19:30 ID: hl0xfqo

Original is too dated imo

29 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:40 ID: hkzyb34


30 : Anonymous2021/11/17 20:47 ID: hl191hu

Which outfit do I prefer for a little girl? Wow.

ID: hl1t8ju

He's just saying which one looks better. The one in the original or the one in the remake.

31 : Anonymous2021/11/17 20:22 ID: hl158gn


32 : Anonymous2021/11/17 21:05 ID: hl1bo1l

Remake honestly. I see it as an improvement of the old design.

33 : Anonymous2021/11/17 21:11 ID: hl1chiy

The schoolgirl outfit from Resident Evil 6

34 : Anonymous2021/11/17 21:51 ID: hl1iby4

I prefer everything about the remake over the original

35 : Anonymous2021/11/17 22:04 ID: hl1k9j9

The Original looks way cooler but the remake looks more-- grounded?

Overall I prefer the original trilogies costumes even if they weren't realistic. It made it feel like it's own world instead of just in ours. I like games that do that.

36 : Anonymous2021/11/17 22:35 ID: hl1on9a

Remake's outfit looks better as an american school outfit while the original's wanted to copy more of a japanese school uniform. I favor the remake for it best fits the universe they set it in, and also makes Sherry look like she's actually been running away from the monsterous zombies of Raccoon City. A genuine survivor of hell.

Now, if this were a comparison of gameplay, RE2 original has a better segment for Sherry where she actively avoids the zombie threats. I felt her segments of being 100% helpless to the threats around her struck a deeper threat and fear. Something that RE4 improved with Ashley having very minimal means to stop her pursuers. While Remake's felt too short alongside Ada's segments.

37 : Anonymous2021/11/17 22:37 ID: hl1oyyo

OG jacket with new pants, socks. No perv.

38 : Anonymous2021/11/17 23:06 ID: hl1t2e6

I prefer the outfit in the remake.

39 : Anonymous2021/11/17 23:19 ID: hl1upo0

As everyone else said, the remake. The original outfits were always ridiculous and basically nobody would ever dress like that. Remake’s outfits made more sense for the time period, plus still kept the idea of the originals. Best of both worlds

40 : Anonymous2021/11/17 23:50 ID: hl1z0db

Preferred the one where shes it off in RE6 with jake

41 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:38 ID: hl0phb4

Odd question if you ask me

ID: hl0w1q7

Normal question if you ask me

ID: hl0ys30

A question if you ask me.

43 : Anonymous2021/11/17 20:23 ID: hl15gdb

Original, of course

44 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:32 ID: hkzx723


45 : Anonymous2021/11/17 15:36 ID: hkzxsye


46 : Anonymous2021/11/17 18:57 ID: hl0sgp7

Am I the only one wondering how her outfits are like freshly laundered throat the whole game while everyone else becomes noticeably dirtier?? That’s some black magic fuckery if I have ever seen it.

47 : Anonymous2021/11/17 21:02 ID: hl1b65q

Original makes more sense, it looks more like a uniform.


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