Who was your favorite “stalker enemy” in recent resident evil games?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/20 19:15 ID: qyck2u
Who was your favorite "stalker enemy" in recent resident evil games?
2 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:08 ID: hlfhs71

Jack. He is funny but also scary as fuck especially on Madhouse.

ID: hlgn5en

getting to the first safe room on madhouse is one of the hardest parts in the game imo

ID: hli8956

His "may I talk to the manager" walk is so intimidating

ID: hlgoa7w

Yeah, and know I’m too scared to even try to get past him on easy

ID: hlh3tli

Madhouse was one of the best hardmodes there is. Made the first quarter just as scary as it was the first time.

ID: hlhntpi

I couldn’t even get past the first Mia fight. Always ended up using all my bullets through headshots and then dying when I tried to finish her off with the axe

ID: hlhx74n

Agree 100%. Just wish they changed more up later in the game but they still put more effort into madhouse than most devs with their respective games last difficulty.

ID: hlhlnrh

Yeah. I love Mr. X, but for me it's Jack. He is too expressive and often reacts to the player's actions, which makes him 100 times scarier. Jack Brand did an amazing job voicing him. Jack's only negative is that his chase sections are very short. He doesn't have as much presence as Mr. X.

I also recommend everyone watch this video about Jack's AI.
How Does Jack Baker Work Off Camera Resident Evil 7

3 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:34 ID: hlfd5vr


ID: hlfw0hc

Proceeds to throw Ethan out of the car he was trying to use

ID: hlg2jd7

“Nice car, Ethan! Hehe, mind if I take it for a spin?”

ID: hlg3l68


ID: hlgnj1w

“You know I’ll find you, and when I do……”

ID: hlhd0s2

Godddddammmnnn!!! Uggggh! How am I gonna replace this?

ID: hlhf6n2

Jack had the best AI and the best scripted moments of the four.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:11 ID: hlfi6mg

Jack was the scariest for me, not sure why, just how insane, and unstoppable he was, how he would gleefully taunt you and stuff. Mr X a close second tho, those footsteps...

ID: hlhbs48

I turn the game off and still hear the footsteps

5 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:31 ID: hlfctk2

Jack Baker was by far the most fun to deal with but never really surprised me except a couple times within the first run... Mr. X on the other hand has the superior chase mechanics and a better set of moves.

ID: hlg1k1s

On hardcore mr x was a pain in the ass

ID: hlg3b70

Yeah, he's huge, I imagine he's packing

ID: hlgentw

He’s also packing a huge ass

ID: hlgdyo9

Agree and also when being chased by jack he was talking with you and shit but Mr X was just quiet. Only thing you could hear was his footsteps in a distance..and then X gave it to you..

ID: hlh1m71

RE2’s level design lends itself best to the “stalker enemy” mechanic.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:18 ID: hlfb2c0

Definitely Big Daddy Baker. I found a lot of humor in Jacks voice lines, I adored kiting him just to hear his goofy/intimidating lines

ID: hlfmpkr

Jack is the only one who made me scream out loud out of these. There's one part Where he breaks through the wall from the kitchen into the hallway and it's MISSABLE, is the thing, I had never seen it on previous playthroughs and it scared the fucking shit out of me.

ID: hlgd9j4

Even rarer than that, he can cut your leg off and you reattach it with a healing item, which is pretty big in light of RE8

ID: hlfnqgy

Oh my god the first time it happened I almost shit.

ID: hlfsclx

Dude the way I thought that could only happen during the initial dinner encounter, so when I came out of the safe room later in the game and ran down the hallway (he wasn’t even there so I guess the game teleported him) and this man BUSTED through the wall like fuckin kool-aid man in this bitch, scared the fucking shit outta me

ID: hlfoupz

I think I got that on the first playthrough. I made a little poopy.

ID: hlgkj29

That is one of my favorite moments in recent RE games. Mr. X does something similar in RE2 where he can break through the wall from the Press Room into the hallway outside the Interrogation Room. I’ve played/seen about 15ish runs of the game between my fiancée and my platinums of it and I’ve only seen it happen twice so I really wasn’t expecting it. Absolutely terrified me.

ID: hlfl4i8

Ethan! Ethaaaaaan.....

ID: hlfmgf8


ID: hlgnrz7

“That’s not groovy!”

ID: hlgoy88

I love during the last fight with him when he just randomly says "fuck you." I don't know why, it just cracks me up.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/20 22:53 ID: hlfvoc4

Mr X because he scares the shit out of me. That thud sound as he gets closer and closer. Daddy Baker a close second but Resi Evil 7 is creepy as hell 24/7.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:42 ID: hlfecdd

As how awesome Mr. X, The Nemesis, and Alcina are in Resident Evil's 2 and 3 remake and 8 I have to go for Jack Baker.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:37 ID: hlfllwp

Big mummy milkers was only on screen for about 5 minutes

ID: hlgsp3s

Well- she was fun to look at, even though I was usually running away and could not see her…

10 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:33 ID: hlfd1wy

Probably X.

I forget Jack even stalks you.

ID: hlffsfr

Yea he should've had more moments of stalking in the game.

ID: hlfnzdy

It’s more of a madhouse feature than the normal game.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/20 23:39 ID: hlg1mit

They are all good but there is something about Jack that was really terrifying. Just makes your skin crawl

12 : Anonymous2021/11/20 23:03 ID: hlfwz2j

Jack and X both made me scream like a girl

Both times I ran into the save room to avoid them saved and then went back out. Jack got me worse as he shouted “Did you miss me?” and rounded the corner as I did

13 : Anonymous2021/11/20 23:14 ID: hlfyd9x

Easily between Jack or Mr X, neither Nemesis or Lady D had enough room in their respective environments to truly be menacing. What do I mean by this? Jack or Mr. X caught me up multiple times (snuck up on me), forcing me to think on the fly and replan my routes. That never happened with Nemesis or Lady D, I was always 1 step ahead of them, which completely undermines their role as a stalker. It's not necessarily the fault of their AIs persay, more the result of the environments in which they were deployed in. Where the Baker estate and the RPD have multiple pathways in and out of most rooms, RE3s streets and RE8s Castle are more linear in their designs with less options to take (and less ways for you to be caught off guard or snuck up on).

14 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:30 ID: hlfkorx

Baker with ease.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/20 21:40 ID: hlfm0tu

I think Mr. X was the best executed stalker. Nemesis was only there to push you to the next segment. Lady D didn't have balance, you couldn't stop her you could only run. Jack is my second favorite because he could be stopped but didn't have the balance X had.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/20 23:55 ID: hlg3ohn

I dunno about ‘favorite’ because anxiety is real, but Jack definitely got the biggest response out of me.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/21 00:16 ID: hlg6gjm

Jack Baker was a pain in the ass because of how slow Ethan moves in 7. Seriously, it's like that man's never had a leg day.

Remake Nemesis is a little terrifying but only appearing in scripted sequences was a let down. Felt less like Mr X with a grapplehook like I expected and more like a way to keep players moving forward.

Lady D barely appeared for me outside of one or two scripted parts. She do be thiccer than a Snickers tho..

Mr X is the best. He's fashionable, he's surprising, he's terrifying, he's great.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/20 20:18 ID: hlfb4jh

Jack was too limited, nemmy was a flat out dissapointment, and alcina was too slow in big open spaces. But mr x...he was awesome

19 : Anonymous2021/11/20 22:05 ID: hlfpe3m

Nemesis definitely


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