Close enough…

1 : Anonymous2021/11/23 21:07 ID: r0narv
Close enough...
2 : Anonymous2021/11/23 22:00 ID: hltn44r

Pretty sure they just bought the first AI up-scaling program they found and batch fed all the original textures into it, added some polygons, and then slapped them in game.

ID: hlu51iq

I believe it based on Digital Foundries findings

ID: hlu8ipt

Yeah, I'm so glad I watched that a few days ago before I decided to buy it or not. Hard pass.

ID: hlubmbq

The biggest shock in that video to me is that the PS4 Pro version runs at 864p. How could they do this series so dirty?

ID: hlv2ht3

This really doesn't seem to be true for all of the textures. For some, definitely, but many of the textures are definitely not upscaled through AI yet exhibit nonsensical misspelled words that were not present in the original version. The cause of these is almost surely the work of people who hardly spoke English and understood none of the jokes.

ID: hlucy8x

I think an AI took care of the geometry too by the looks of it

ID: hlup3p7

I straight up didn’t believe it until I saw the topology of some of the characters models. Straight of hundreds of polygons on flat surfaces that don’t need it. I don’t know if anything was actually hand done lol

ID: hluk2gi

Man when I was a kid I didn’t even see the corners on the donut

ID: hlueprl

Oh man, that’s rough lol.

ID: hlue753

It's pretty much exactly what they did. I don't know where I saw it but there's this one store in the game that has a large donut on top as well as a nut (as in, a hexagonal nut that screws onto a screw).In the remaster, BOTH of them are round. They simply increased the polycount and smoothed it out, turning the nut into a donut shape as well. It's literally the exact thing that happens when you hit turbosmooth in Blender and call it a day. The simple fact that they overlooked something as obvious as this shows you how low-effort and lazy this "remaster" is. If this was school, it wouldn't even get an E for effort because there fucking is none.

To me it's much worse than, for example, the cyberpunk fiasco because clearly CDPR wanted to make a good game and tried hard, but ultimately choked on their ambitions (and stupid managers forcing their hand). But in this case, nobody gave a fuck from the beginning. It's just a slapped together shitfest, you can FEEL the cheap attitude in every corner. That's what pisses people off so much, it's so insulting to customers that they even dare to serve us this crap because you know that they know that it's crap. It's the epitome of "fuck it, it's good enough so idiots will buy it". The worst thing is that they're right...

ID: hluj0i5

Yeah I saw that as well, was a top post here the other day.

“Sometimes increasing polygon count doesn’t make sense” was the title iirc lol

ID: hluh8il

It just has a lot to do with a bunch of yes peeps working for (insert major game dev company) now and upper mgmt does not have a clue how to delegate their expectations. They look at how crappy looking mobile games are making bazillions of $$$ and they don't know how to proceed with their brand

ID: hluethy

Meanwhile The Master Chief Collection brought next gen graphics to several of their classic Halo games. Rockstar cheaped out hard, so hard on this "remaster". At least when Nintendo did their Mario trilogy release they kept the games true to their original gameplay.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/24 00:14 ID: hlu5jyy

There's such a thing as different art styles but the GTA Trilogy was supposed to be a remaster but ended up looking like background NPCs in Simpson's Hit & Run.

ID: hlubfll

Halo 2 was a real remaster.

Mafia definitive addition was a real remaster.

This is fucking trash. They had all the tools. Euphoria. Sound bytes. Original Textures. You name it. Billion dollar company. No massive script to write it’s all there. All the time in the world to make something modern out of old gold. And they diarrhea this fuckin shit out. Money grab crony capitalism shit. Modders that get paid 0$hr have done a better job than cockstar. They absolutely should of rebuilt this game from the ground up instead of wii avatarizing it. They would have made way more money and respect than what they did. But it would have required an ounce of effort. There’s people who were making gta San Andreas in gta 4 engine that were sued and stopped. It’s not impossible. Nothing is impossible. Lawyers and capitalists going to scumbag life up as per the usual.

ID: hluf2ks

Mafia was a remake. Complete rebuild from bottom to top. Sure they re-used some stuff like the actor's audio, etc. But the original game as it was programmed: isn't there.

Halo was a remaster, as evidenced between the ability to swap between the old and new (I'm forgetting the exact word, so I'll go with) assets on the fly in the same engine it was originally coded in.

ID: hluwqhq

It's as if it was a Grand Theft or something.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/23 22:06 ID: hlto3yz


post for the next 5 years

ID: hlu5anw

Yeah, sure the remasters of the old GTA games are full of shit.

But Red Dead Redemption 2 has really good looking graphics.

ID: hlucfm1

I think it's a shame that Red Dead Redemption 2 was such a passed over indie hit gem.

ID: hlu6gyg

I really want to play this game, but motion blur is nauseating.

ID: hlu3ep8

Prob as long as rockstar milks GTA 5

ID: hlu4iq0

So indefinitely?

ID: hlu7dip

See ya in 2035 when GTA 6 drops.

ID: hlu6x0t

Least it won't be for as long as Todd milks Skyrim

ID: hlueha2

About a nearly 20-year-old games.

ID: hlu7p3j

This gonna be reposted by many more and many more and gonna be more awards.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/24 00:07 ID: hlu4oov

I just realized how much the GTA characters look like Wii avatars, haha

ID: hluho95

I was gonna say early 2000s Sims characters

ID: hlukd64

Heh yeah I guess I mean the top left guy primarily

6 : Anonymous2021/11/23 22:48 ID: hltu0wh

how about we remove the word close and just go with "enough!"

7 : Anonymous2021/11/23 21:26 ID: hlthxyo

Yes, they look derpy as fuck and they indeed done fucked up but awful comparison, mmkay.

ID: hlu4mfi

Yeah they could have at least put it up against Arthur from Red Dead Redemption 2

ID: hlu8bph

Even that would still not be a fair comparison, considering the image from the left is just a tech demo for the engine. Having graphic fidelity like this in a game on actual characters, especially in in an open world game is a completely different beast from just having a tech demo of just a face. It will probably be many years before we will have characters with this type of faces from the tech demo in any game or open world game.

ID: hltyre6

literally no one expected the type of realism on the left. the point is how far from it they chose to decide was 'good enough'. the comparison is fair to show how low they set the bar for a $60 product.

(and before people come at me like 'derp derp it's 3 games' - it's not 3 games to them. it's one release they're charging $60 for. they didn't make 3 games from scratch for that $60- they ran some textures through an ai upscaler and smoother, improved the inputs and made some minor QoL changes).

ID: hlu93kj

I'm very firm on my opinion that all removed features far outweigh all the minimalistic improvements there may be. Those that I know of and would appreciate are ruined by being inconsistent. That also just happens to be the only thing R* / T2 are truly good at, introducing loads of inconsistency into various parts of the gameplay mechanics, story and side-missions.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/24 01:53 ID: hlui916

My 6 year old draws better faces.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/24 01:13 ID: hlud6p0

When they released GTA VI everyone's gonna sucks Rockstar's balls

ID: hlujd9y

Well it is more than likely still going to be a very good game, this situation isn't really relevant to it, it's more of a really shit side quest in the lead up to discovering a new area.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/23 23:20 ID: hltyezc

I know a guy that looks exactly like bottom right dude. It seems pretty realistic to me.

ID: hlv47h9

Dont call me out like that man 🙁

11 : Anonymous2021/11/23 23:27 ID: hltzgb5

Y’all are beating this dead horse into dust

ID: hlub9kt

That's the internet though man. A million people all lining up to tell their own hilarious version of the same joke.

ID: hlur47s

Hahaha good one

12 : Anonymous2021/11/24 01:29 ID: hluf61t

You guys are delusional if you expected 3 open world Red Dead redemption 2 quality remakes. I

ID: hlurrgp

It's almost like a lot of

doesn't understand how games are made and how long they take to make.

ID: hlvzz7z

And they hate unfinished games but still complain about games taking "too long" in development, this sub is a joke.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/23 23:17 ID: hlty279

I get there's reasons to hate the Definitive Edition, but are we really complaining that the graphics aren't photo-realistic?

I don't know a PC that could even run a GTA that looks that good.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/24 02:39 ID: hluo40c

What does this even mean, why do people upvote this crap

ID: hlv1zvj

Yeah it's weird. Is the left side really what people expected? Wtf kind of expectation is that?


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