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1 : Anonymous2021/11/24 14:33 ID: r16jgd

Saw the movie last night and I’m happy and disappointed. The castings of Claire, Chris, Chief Irons, and Albert Wesker work great. Leon and Jill were immensely wasted or cast in the complete wrong fashion.

Avan Jogia as Leon Kennedy was fine, but, his naivety and “rookie” tone just doesn’t sit well with me. I want RE2 Leon but its like they removed his gutsy ‘I’ll show ‘em’ attitude but kept a level of slacker that…well…never existed, and isn’t Leon.

Hannah John-Kamen as Jill Valentine was a wasted talent on an amazing character. How they let a quality actress play an amazing character but just capture absolutely nothing Interesting about either the actress or character is mind boggling.

Neal McDonough cast as William Birkin was a great choice. He’s a phenomenal actor and can play an egotistical scientist with ease. But his character is handled so poorly that he barely gets the opportunity to do anything and when he does its the 3rd act and rushed to shit

If you’re a massive Resident Evil fan like myself you’ll have fun for what its worth. If you’re oblivious to the video games then its going to look like a high budget scyfy movie that actually tried its hardest but failed to explain your curiosities.

They would have benefited from focusing on an adventure horror, with a focus on a backstory of Umbrella, the Mansion being a gory, maze, like adventure, and by giving the handful of characters the fans have been invested in for over 20 years a great buildup and importance.

Instead we got a cocktail of both 1 and 2 and neither were enough.

I mean I was begging for this scene to occur at some point (Tyrant reveal sigh I just feel a movie focused on the exploration and uncovering of the whole Mansion would have been more Interesting.

I still cannot believe I had absolutely no care, or thought, to Jill Valentine, at all. Not once in the movie did i stop to consider her well being.

Had fun but could have been much better. ✅6/10, Fun and honest homage to the games. ❌ Characters lack depth, weak script.

Edit: This is a copy/paste of my tweet thread here

2 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:16 ID: hlwq3wf

I think if they’d just focused on RE1 and saved RE2/RE3 for a sequel, the story would’ve been much tighter. (I didn’t know if it was Richard or Barry on the STARS squad until the guy died.)

Also, totally agree that if you don’t know the video games, you won’t catch the references and Easter eggs.

Did the many flaws keep me from enjoying the movie? No. If I can get another $5 ticket, I’ll consider watching it again. (Or I’ll just wait for it to stream.)

ID: hlwwo6x

Your first paragraph is exactly where I’m at with it. If we could think of that, why couldn’t those making the movie? From just a financial standpoint they could’ve made much more money doing it that way and possibly had a lesser budget for the first flick with less actors, cgi, and locations/stages and set pieces. Not to mention a possible second flick to bring even more money.

ID: hlwxiuy

The only reason I knew it was Richard Aiken was the very obvious name drop from Chris as if to be like “Okay, this is this guy, no need for anything else aaaand scene”

3 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:59 ID: hlwwd98

Without seeing it yet, I’ve had the thought in my mind that there’s plenty of source material in the first game to fill an entire hour and a half to two hour movie. Not to mention the events of the first game and second game do not happen simultaneously, they can’t. The whole point of Leon and Claire coming to raccoon city (for differing reasons) is contingent on the events of the first game having occurred months prior. The stars end up suspended, chris and Barry go overseas, with Jill planning to follow them eventually leads the need for additional rpd officers which brings Leon in, and claire looking for Chris. Having the two events occur at the same time just doesn’t work lore wise, and to me it seems everything in the flick will seem rushed and halfassed. In the modern day of greed is good, wouldn’t it have been smarter to split it into 2 movies? Hell if they did that the second flick could’ve combined the events of 2 and 3 because that just about does happen simultaneously or very close to it. Just probably petty gripes on my part but I feel like (again without seeing it yet) it’s going to end up leaving me feeling disappointed to an extent.

ID: hlxsjd8

I guess they assumed cause you can beat the game in under 2 hours there wouldn't be enough Content based off the first game. They could have used SD Perrys book as a ref it did good job balancing the first game

ID: hly22ji

they could focus on RE1 and do some flasback or something like

Jill/Chriss finding and reading goerge or lisa trevor memo showing how tragic Lisa Character is

old RE games had lot of lore in memos scaattered through game

instead every character is shallow cuz too any characters

4 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:41 ID: hlx2ptb

I’m right there with you bro. It makes me mad the more I think about it lol. If I had to sum up the essence of this movie with its own dialogue it would be this. Leon: “You’re probably wondering how I became a cop. Me too”

ID: hlx7781

You’re probably wondering how I became a cop. Me too

Lol, I'm so glad I decided not to watch this crap. What a horrible line. It really does sum up the entire thing well--it's a bad joke at the expense of RE fans.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:36 ID: hlwswza

Agreed. Maybe telling the stories of two games in one movie could have worked if they made perfectly efficient use of the run time, but there was quite a bit of it where i thought "They only got about 90 minutes and this is what they are using it on?".

Flawed movie. i enjoyed it (a movie has to be really bad for me to actually have a bad time) but if it had been done better it would have probably been one of those movies i rewatch a few times each year because of my fondness for RE. Instead its another movie where i'm like "ok, that was fine" and then only rewatch if i happen to catch it on cable or just want something on in the background while i'm doing something else.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/24 18:48 ID: hlxm9um

I thinks Leon in the movie is def a flanderization, but it’s a flanderization that’s been around within the fandom for ages (dumb stupid puppy/himbo).

That being said, the OG 2 Leon is probably closer to the movie Leon than the badass Leon people remember him as. (No clue what’s happening, trying his best to survive, can’t get Claire/Ada to listen to him and saying “why does no one ever listen to me”)

In the end, the movie was about the Redfield siblings and the other two were there just because they’re the most popular characters of the franchise

7 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:53 ID: hlxw7g8

The writing was bad, the cgi was sucked and characters were nothing like the characters.

Seeing that RE fans liked the movie its no wonder we never get a good movie.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/24 22:21 ID: hlyig6u

Im surprised my favorite character was Chief Irons, he was hilarious and kept me interested in every scene. Then they kill him for no reason, despite the fact he made no noise what so ever, all for a reference to a random dead body from Re2. This movie is all just references with little substance to them.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:27 ID: hlwrmbg

How is the casting for wesker great? Its bad....

ID: hlwxog4

Its an opinion, wind it in fella.

ID: hlwvbed

You speak like what you said is a fact, do you know what an opinion is?


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