Dark souls fans- What do you miss most about Dark souls back in its prime<>?

1 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:48 ID: rflhvi
Dark souls fans- What do you miss most about Dark souls back in its prime?
2 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:03 ID: hoemtgc

Getting lag ganked in online

3 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:44 ID: hoesxud

I miss not knowing anything about how from software games works....

4 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:55 ID: hoeum51

Didn't some guy beat the game with the Rock Band drums or something similarly ridiculous?

He won.

ID: hoez509

I've seen someone beat the entire trilogy without dying. Can't remember if they were using a guitar, drumset, or dance pad.

ID: hofr7tq

The Happy Hob beat Dark Souls 1/2/3, Demon Souls, Bloodbourne, and Sekiro consecutively without getting hit once. Search The God Run 2.

ID: hof1uxh

Oh my, sounds like they did a LOT better!

ID: hof8yve

There's a series out there of someone beating it with a bunch of bananas hooked up to electrical connectors. They got... pretty hilarious with the unconventional controls.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:23 ID: hoeppox

I might be in the minority on this but I miss not being able to teleport at bonfires during the first half of the game. You actually had to travel through the world which made it feel like more of an adventure and finding shortcuts felt more rewarding.

ID: hoer805

Out if all the comments this is the one i agree with. However, i won't miss the long treks back to bossfights.

ID: hoezqmi

Eh. There really aren't many long run backs if you unlock the shortcuts. Except maybe Izalith

ID: hoes6iw

That and being able to do everything at the bonfire. Leveling up, stashing items, repairing/upgrading gear... It felt like finding a place to prepare, not just a reason to teleport back to the Nexus/Majula/the Dream/Firelink 2 and interrupt what you were doing.

ID: hof0tb2

I agree, having to traverse the map and do some backtracking was one of the games strong points.

ID: hof2fo5

This makes sense for ds1, but since the world in ds3 is mostly a straight path i can see why they would give us fast travel right away.

ID: hof92sr

I came here to say this. In DS3, having to repeatedly travel to the hub via loading screen really destroys a lot of the immersion of "exploring a treacherous land". Actually, in DS1, having to run all the way to a blacksmith made the danger of dying all the more rewarding when you did finally upgrade the weapon.

ID: hof2cjl

I like both.

ID: hof6ji2

The Ring of Exalted challenge incentivized exactly this in DS2. No resting, only lighting. Makes spellcasters sad but its an adventurous treat!

ID: hoffugf

That and being able to do everything at the bonfire. Leveling up, stashing items, repairing/upgrading gear.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:07 ID: hoencwv

Thank you, Stanley Hudson

7 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:36 ID: hof0qpj

I miss the first playthrough and the experience of having no clue at all what was coming next. It was the most magical feeling for me trying to get through it and piece it all together with item descriptions and placement.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:56 ID: hoelmwm

I liked that DS1 was about reading your enemy, not pure reaction time. As the games progressed it became more about reaction speed than reading your enemy. (Looking at you Sekiro).

ID: hoeru2s

I think you're right, but it's funny, I kinda feel that more with DS3 than Sekiro.

What I mean is that by the later half of DS3, you largely haven't changed your play style from the start of the game, but the bosses have become wicked fast. And like you're saying, you have to move all the quicker to react to that.

But with Sekiro, you do still have to have quick reaction time, but the game seems to encourage you to be more and more bold with techniques and prosthetics as the game goes on.

The moment of life, death, or victory in Sekiro was less about being able to parry, and more about if you could tell which situation to use a mikiri counter, a head stomp, or a well-timed firecracker.

ID: hoeqlzk

what? you had to read a ton of stuff with Sekiro enemies. Almost all enemies had different combos you would need to learn. Lady Butterfly, Owl, Genchiro, Issin, Shamasen lady to name a few all needed you to learn the differences between similar combos.

ID: hoepxty

This is one of the reasons i don't like ds3 that much. Its too much about speed, its kinda losing its uniqueness.

ID: hoev73q

Same here, Dark Souls 3 is my least favorite out of the trilogy. I actually prefer Dark Souls 2 a lot more, just because it has so much variety when it comes to playing different styles, DS3 felt like a step backwards in some aspects, a sort of Bloodborne forced into Dark Souls.

That and the whole fan service of going back to the lore of the first game never managed to sit right with me. The land looked so different that it was hard to imagine that it's the same world even if they put the actual areas from the first game into it. I much prefer DS2 and it's idea if a totally different land with only slight throwbacks here and there, but having it's own story.

ID: hof7xcd

I disagree, a lot of DS1 was dodge when the enemy so much as twitches. DS3 is full of enemies with rollcatching attacks and forces you to dodge on correct timing.

ID: hoev0cc

This is just blatantly false. If anything reading your enemy is more important in later games because enemies are more aggressive.

ID: hofj9jc

You have more dodge i-frames in Dark Souls 3 than any other Souls game (13, up from Bloodborne's 11) and most enemies, especially bosses, can close almost any gap. Dark Souls 1 (which I just replayed) is partially about dodging correctly, but far more about environmental awareness and positioning, weighing stagger opportunities, and also just figuring out when to go somewhere since the world was open and let you figure it all out. Whereas Dark Souls 3 was faaar more about hitting the dodge button at the right generous moment on a far more linear path.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:50 ID: hoekonq

Is the series not in its prime right now?

ID: hoezzqf

Just started two new characters on Switch from the Black Friday sale. Online is hopping.

ID: hoel9ao

I guess that is up to you

10 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:50 ID: hoektlz

Invasions when no one knew what they were doing were hilarious. I like high level pvp because i too got better over time, but that silliness of fooling around when you were a noob is something i miss

ID: hoel7pq

true i really miss playing it for the first time!

11 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:44 ID: hof1wex

Wait, you guys are getting better?

12 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:46 ID: hof2ap9

Well I actually believe the last dark souls was it’s prime

13 : Anonymous2021/12/13 20:26 ID: hof86q9

I believe that in the coming month we shall enter the true prime of From Software games

14 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:34 ID: hoerdjh

I feel like the most recent titles are better than the old ones. Don't know what you mean by back it's prime

ID: hof0qpx

For many, "prime" means when it was more niche and less polished. There's a lovely charm to the jank of Demon's-Dark Souls 2. I don't think any of the games have ever decreased in quality, but Dark Souls 3 seemed to be built for wider appeal and lost a lot of its uniqueness in the process.

Elden Ring looks like another attempt at roping in elements from every Souls game, but this time with more polish (hopefully) and a new IP.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:55 ID: hoellj2

that does sound... not so fun If I'm being honest... I'd like to complete, not just chip away on a game for too many weeks and maybe win

ID: hoezrnk

Well if you're interested in the games, you're in luck: OP is just not correct. The whole appeal of Dark Souls is winning after a great struggle. Few things are as satisfying as seeing "Victory" or "Prey Slaughtered" after hours learning the ins and outs of a boss and the area leading up to it.

ID: hof3obd

A lot of people make playing dark souls sound like CBT, but it just has a steepish learning curve. Once you get past that, the rest of the game is figuring out attack patterns, enemy placements, etc. A lot of stuff like "i keep getting hit by this attack, so now i need to figure out how to not get hit by it anymore"

Its still a hard game and dont let people say its actually easy. But coming from someone who always plays games on easy and normal, its not that hard.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:02 ID: hoemmbo

I feel like DS:PTDE and R are always going to be in its prime. Online is still pretty poppin on pc… granted that’s sure to change when Elden Ring releases.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:06 ID: hoen9ss

Which family guy episode is this from again?

And what game was Cleveland playing?

18 : Anonymous2021/12/13 20:04 ID: hof4ydj


19 : Anonymous2021/12/13 20:09 ID: hof5nnv

Watching low quality walkthroughs on YouTube back in the 10s.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/13 21:07 ID: hofdz0n

If you wanna get in shape, play dark souls and do 30 sit ups every time you die

21 : Anonymous2021/12/13 21:15 ID: hoff7y4

Early on, blindly trusting random peoples messages was always fun. Before everyone kinda figured the game out and some players trolled, messages were generally useful, 'watch out for ambush' or something like that.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/13 21:29 ID: hofh9jh

Gravity always wins...

24 : Anonymous2021/12/13 21:54 ID: hofkvgf

I miss the first time seeing anor londo

25 : Anonymous2021/12/13 22:13 ID: hofnldz

The early days of experimentation on both sides.

Dark souls was never meant to be the blueprint for the entire genre. Fromsoft didn't even think they were making an entire genre. Dark souls was supposed to be a tweak to demon souls. Fromsoft didnt realize they hit gold till DS3 (which is why they kept trying to fix what wasn't broken in DS2).

This left dark souls very unpolished. Now some stuff like OG Iron skin or the snipers in anorlondo obviously needs fixing. But there's plenty of jank like min maxxing w/ giant dad, poise abuse, the wall. And all this experimentation with what works, finding some goofy ass shit in the process (the fucking wall, or parry switching, or invis trolling in the forest)

Bloodborne, ds2, ds3, and most of the soulsborne genre miss that jank aspect. It's all very polished. Like, there's jank, but it's all isolated. There's no subculture of jank strats and jank strat hunting all co-mingling like the OG darksouls community. It all feels more... organized on both sides.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/13 22:38 ID: hofr4z7

Good to know when I give it a shot

27 : Anonymous2021/12/13 23:12 ID: hofw2ji

Escape from Tarkov is this too

28 : Anonymous2021/12/13 23:45 ID: hog0lnt

“In its prime”

This game has only gotten better with each installation. I feel I’ve yet to see anything outside this franchise’s prime.


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