I don’t know what I expected..

1 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:53 ID: rfn0xc
I don't know what I expected..
2 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:58 ID: hoev3rk

Don't poke the slime, I'm worth only 1 exp!

ID: hoewbxe

But if you split when you die, wouldnt that make 2 more slimes worth 1xp?

ID: hofpvv2

Traditionally, with 'splitting' type slimes, the 'mother slime' is the only one worth XP, since the whole group counts as 1 monster technically.

EDIT: Something like a Fester's Quest Slime

ID: hof8frf

Aight time to pull out the venison and mutton to see just how hungry slimes are.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:55 ID: hoeun54

Grind till you have all greens for gear, then grind harder content for all blues, then harder content for all purples, then harder content for all yellows. then complain theres no content and "game dead rip".

ID: hoewbyh


ID: hoez7e0

That was last week's topic.

ID: hof8d77

But remember, do not grind at the way you like at your own pace, search a guide for the most efficient way and repeat the process for the next 72 hours

4 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:54 ID: hoeui8n

Don't forget to chop a tree for 8762 hours

ID: hoev5ll


ID: hoev8b8


ID: hoevbrn

This feels like those idle games that have "acension" to restart your entire progress to do things 0.00001% faster

ID: hoeuw8p

Still better than runecrafting

ID: hof0cat

Anything but RC!

ID: hof7qhg

"Hey I just programmed a neat exercise that counts how many times you've clicked on things! Look it says I clicked on brown rocks 3,820 times, and regular trees 1,289 times."

"Great add some more rocks and trees and let's release it as a full game."

"What? That's ridiculous, nobody would- anddd there's millions of players."

(Just realized this could describe like at least 3 very popular games lmao)

5 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:24 ID: hoeywwu

I mean yea sure you get to kill green enemies but until you defeat purplezor, god of destruction 150 times to get his legendary sword of green slaying that increase green damage by +5% are you really killing green enemies? Disgustingly suboptimal.

Oh it gets outclassed by the common drop "rock on a stick" 5 levels later but it's like totally worth it dude, if you buy enough cosmetics crates you might be able to transfer over the skin by spending a billion dark crystals at the shrine of aesthetics that the "extra bullshit noone asked for" DLC adds.

ID: hof5ff8

This hit REALLY hard. Ouch

6 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:17 ID: hoexyln

Hours of "content" for free to play players, but you can pay a subscription so you can play the game less.

As a premium member you only have to chop trees for 4381 hours and you can cut lightish red, simply sage, royal purple trees! And you get a hat!

ID: hofj7ti

The reason the subscription leads to playing the game less is all mounts and local/ global chat being paywalled. Gonna have more playtime when you can’t get the sprinting or flying behemoth premium players get. F2P, my ass, with some of these MMOs.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:59 ID: hoev9o8

Remember the skins For $19.99 $9.99 you can get sexy grafo

ID: hoey36q


ID: hoeza8y

This better not awaken anything in me

ID: hoezam2

I feel... urges

8 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:55 ID: hoeum29

Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up, Go to town, collect all quests, complete generic quests, return quests, level up,

ID: hoevtj4


ID: hof0a39

Dear god that face is terrifying

ID: hof59co

If you are making The Number Grow you must be having fun, right? Right?

9 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:22 ID: hoeykwk

DO you really play with Grafo on ur nickname?

Was playing on Lol Brazilian server once and i ended as supp for a cait ADC named Grafo, who seemed to speak Spanish... i wandered if it was you but didn't have the guts to ask...

after all it was either the real you or someone impersonating you so the answer would logically be yes.

ID: hoezg1y

EDIT (now I play in u.s server)

ID: hof4gy0

Two questions.

How did you find the time to play in all those servers?

Exactly how many is a brazillian?

ID: hof8vqd

Brazilians speak Portuguese

ID: hofasnb

Grafo is Argentinian though.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:10 ID: hoewt9k

SPECIAL BONUS!!!!!1! Buy boost now and go right to killing GREEN things! Never mind that you skipped all the training that would familiarize you with your skills and youll suck at pretty much everything! Dont worry about it just open up your wallet!

11 : Anonymous2021/12/13 18:55 ID: hoeunzo

Yeah but now horses have rainbow tails and there are cool cosmetics

ID: hoexbju

EDIT you can not solve everything with cool cosmetics >:/

ID: hoexrp9

If you shit comes out with cool cosmetics, you should really seek a doctor. Or at least a job at EA

12 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:06 ID: hoewbx1

This is why I don't play games like that. Then again, I do play other games where "make one of these things, in order to make one of these other things, in order to make one of these other other things"

Definitely not modded minecraft

ID: hof3p29

Definitely not modded minecraft

as someone playing a Medieval MC mod pack I feel attacked 😀

ID: hof4uzx

Sounds like Factorio.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:14 ID: hoexgdt

Thought it would go green>blue>purple>red.

Oh the innovation!

14 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:14 ID: hoexgeo

What about the people wearing costumes in the beginning areas to make you feel bad and inadequate?

15 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:11 ID: hoewy5h

...Get mobbed by people asking "Are you really that SrGrafo?" because of your username.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:57 ID: hof3vjs

The edge of the next speech bubble on the right is a really nice touch that shows how ongoing and neverending it is

17 : Anonymous2021/12/13 20:51 ID: hofboe3

Don't forget that you can only kill 5 purple things a week because they're artificially gatekept behind timewalls. So your treadmill is stretched out f o r e v e r

18 : Anonymous2021/12/13 19:30 ID: hoezw6d

And then theres Guild Wars 2 🙂

Quest: Entertain the cows

ID: hof8q6m

Yeah honestly GW2 obviously isn’t perfect, but you don’t have this problem, and the obnoxious flow of going to town, get quests, complete boring quests, go back to town, repeat.

ID: hof9ous

I'll prolly give that another go after Endwalker patches are done. Haven't played GW2 since first xpac. Lots of content to gobble up.

ID: hofbd0b

In addition to that heart involving entertaining cows, here are a couple map events from Diessa Plateau:

Defend Mad Mardine's cows from harpies while he tests his invention (a Cattlepult which you can use to "launch" yourself to a nearby tower) Put on a cow disguise and demonstrate techniques to the cows
ID: hofc6ex

And then there's FF14. 80% cutscenes, 20% gameplay. Not that I'd complain lol

ID: hoffsa6

Man, Guild Wars 2 does a lot right.

And yet I can't help still feeling disgruntled after all those years, because it is a very poor sequel to Guild Wars 1.


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