1 : Anonymous2021/12/16 23:34 ID: ri3cdt
2 : Anonymous2021/12/17 03:26 ID: hovcjzq

yeah good news but, that dear stalker is very funny to me

ID: hovy5cp

Can't imagine why

ID: howb3o6

Ooh, I need one of those for... stalking deer.

I know what I'll be wishing for birthday...

ID: hoy60qm

I had no idea what this was about, I legit thought it was addressing actual stalkers.

ID: howld2s

Wtf is an nft and why if is this popping up in games? Is this another bullshit monetization scheme????????

ID: hox7x1a

The NFT application in games is much different. Think of an NFT as a micro transaction but only one. It makes them unique. So if they sell and NFT skin it would be a one of a kind.

The appeal of companies to do this is that there are whales out there who will pay $$$$$$ to have a boss skin and it be the only one. Why make bundles you need 100 people to buy for the same cost of one skin one person needs to buy.

Tl;dr: NFTs in games are singular unique items only one person can buy (theoretically)

3 : Anonymous2021/12/17 00:24 ID: houob72

Perhaps it's just me reading into it but "we're making this game for you - whatever the cost" sounds like "somehow we'll afford to make this game without nfts" a completely unheard of practice

ID: hov5asf

I got that at first too, I think their intent was more like "we're okay with scrapping a teams multiple-month project"

ID: how9vs8

I really didn't. I got that there was a promise of huge profit here for them, and they are more committed to the fans than money, so put us first.

I'm not buying that after it came out that NFT's are banned on steam and thus they couldn't fucking release their game at all on the platform if they chose to keep them....

But you know, that's the message I got from their post, for sure.

ID: how4p7m

"we're making this game for you - whatever the cost"

It sounded VERY passive-aggresive.

Like - "we are doing it, but it is your fault."

ID: hoxetex


ID: hovgxrh

I’d buy comments like that a hell of a lot more if there weren’t amazing indie studios putting out amazing games for $20 full price.

ID: how3275

I’d buy comments

Soon you will be able to, with Reddit nfts!

ID: hovh867

The indie market is where all the quality titles are these days. Best money spent is on games nobody else has heard of lol

ID: hovcoe0

Oh that statement is full of salt that they dont get to exploit people

4 : Anonymous2021/12/17 00:08 ID: houm55k

I think it's more likely they realised they couldn't release their game on steam if they they kept them. They didn't want to lose their market and spun it for positive publicity.

Edit: Thank you for the silver kind soul!

ID: hov1v5i

Why did this stop them from releasing on Steam?

ID: hov39jf

Steam banned the use of any cryptocurrencies and NFTs on its platform.

ID: how7m79

spun it for positive publicity

It really is sad how much positive publicity within the gaming sphere is just "hey, there was this really shitty thing we could have done, but we didn't do it". Screwing over customers is so common, it's more headline worthy for it to not happen

ID: hovm9lw

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this announcement.

ID: hovn1z5

Idk how to feel about this. Cause on one hand, what are they going to do at this point? They cancelled them, and they aren't going to release a statement saying

"We realized we couldn't get away with it, so no NFTs"

So this is really the best case scenario, and we should be happy about it. But also... this shouldn't have been a problem in the first place. But if we don't reward fixing mistakes, we take away the incentive to fix them. But if we just forgive and forget, we encourage companies just pushing the envelope knowing they can walk backwards and be fine.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/17 02:26 ID: hov4mgy

I feel like every company is testing the waters with implementing NFTs and just observing how the public reacts, but what if a company like Rockstar implements this in GTA6, seeing how people spent a ton of cash in their online game, would people's reaction still be the same or would they accept it blindly?

If one company finds success in this, everyone will soon follow.

Don't ever forget the horse armor in Oblivion, micro transactions spread wildly because of Bethesda.

ID: hov9vea

Horse armour was truly the catalyst for where we are today. I never thought it would get this bad

ID: hovzh41

Can you elaborate?

ID: hovsnue

People don't vote with their wallets. When a game by a popular studio releases with NFT, sure, a few people are going to boycott it, but we'll also have a ton of people claim it's bad, but still buy the game, and just like with regular mtx, well have a group that buys the game and claims they ignore the NFTs

ID: hovy05z

Bigger than all of the groups, probably combined, are people that don’t know what NFTs (or even the concept of MTX) are, but the base game because they want it, play the base game, and then forget about it. People arguing about NFT’s on Reddit is a pretty small portion of the market

6 : Anonymous2021/12/17 12:08 ID: howpmoo

How I read:

Dear loud and opinionated idiots,

Based on the Steam ban and latest community out lash, we analysed the situation and we came to the conclusion that even with the added revenue from NFT-s, we would have overall lower projected income if we added it, so we decided against them, because we always listen to money. But don't be afraid, we will try again later when the community is more desensitized towards NFT-s.

With love,
Any AAA publisher ever.

ID: hox15pk

I hate how accurate this is

ID: hoxi6wq

Did you try and combine outcry and backlash there?

7 : Anonymous2021/12/16 23:56 ID: houki8j

Honestly, it feels so weird that we, the consumer, have to plea, beg, and scream to get a product that we actually want

ID: hout7ch

Feels like the people making decisions have never gone on social media in their life, it was just sooo obvious that this was going to flop

ID: howuzm9

Feels like the people making decisions have never gone on social media in their life, it was just sooo obvious that this was going to flop

Pretty sure at least a few people internally mentioned that it would play out exactly that way it did. But *someone* knew it better. Or thought they do.

ID: hovxf4e

We didn’t need to do anything, this is just a PR move, steams the one that changed their minds. Lose out on pc sales or effectively make two different games making you look even more like an arsehole dev. It was either lose money or lose even more face, both were bad ideas.

I really hope steam sticks to their guns because this confirms to me that steams influence is so big it will even protect consoles from this shit.

ID: hovt36g

There was a time in the not too distant past where the exact opposite happened. Where developers and publishers would do their damnedest to earn the loyalty and money from the consumers. Now if you don’t like and buy the game, you’re liable to get told you’re an awful person (which seems to be dying down a bit).

8 : Anonymous2021/12/17 05:22 ID: hovqvd5

I’ll believe it when I see it.

“We leave the greed to others” -CD Projekt Red

ID: hovwfu0

“Do no evil” -Google

ID: howxv5z

Do More Evil — Google

9 : Anonymous2021/12/17 01:42 ID: houym22

“We got our ass handed to us by the internet and decided we like money”

10 : Anonymous2021/12/17 00:39 ID: houq7ls

Wtf is an nft and why tf is this popping up in games? Is this another bullshit monetization scheme?

ID: houqumj

yes basically, think of an nft like a famous painting that takes 5 minutes to make and is expected to sell for the same amount. at least from what I've seen

ID: houwdt7

It's beyond stupid. Jack Dorsey, yes that jack Dorsey, sold his first ever tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million at auction.

ID: how4es9

You're not actually selling the painting though - You're selling a link to the painting.

The actual painting, though, anyone is able to clone a perfect copy of and own it - Except the person who bought the link to it.

ID: hovj64x

It is bullshit. But it's a buzzword, which can make money. That's the value. It adds absolutely nothing new to gaming that hasn't been done before, but the name.

Games have already, for decades, let players trade items. They've let players buy and sell for real money. They've let you buy land, weapons, entire characters.

They've already tracked every transaction. They know when the item was first created, and its entire history, and who is belongs to now. NFTs aren't required for any of that.

Items have already let you list who first made them, or who owns them currently.

So yeah, it's bullshit, and people ascribe more power to it than it has, which is how they are willing to spend more money on them than they should.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/17 08:06 ID: how64mf

What is NFT?

12 : Anonymous2021/12/17 07:26 ID: how2qh8

Usual tactic for brownie points:

1) announce something nasty you have no real intention of doing.

2) wait for the backlash.

3) go back and say you're not doing it anymore.

4) get positive karma and be hailed as a pillar of the community for having done nothing at all.

No thank you, you'll have to actually do something nice to impress me.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/17 04:22 ID: hovjvuk

I swear most game companies do not realize how much their fanbase hates NFTs and cryptobros

14 : Anonymous2021/12/17 08:22 ID: how7bhu

"the backlash was worse than we expected so we're now going back on something we ABSOLUTELY KNEW YOU WOULD HATE, but were going to do anyway because we love money. Also, we might not have been allowed on steam"

15 : Anonymous2021/12/17 05:32 ID: hovrwdw

Don’t worry GameStop will let them do it in the near future

16 : Anonymous2021/12/17 06:21 ID: hovwrrg

Did I miss something? There were going to be NFTs in STALKER 2? Of what, photos of sad Russians?

17 : Anonymous2021/12/17 07:49 ID: how4q9c

Such bullshit your interests are making money but you cant if everyone hates your shitty NFT scam game


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