Found Leon’s Jacket at Target

1 : Anonymous2021/12/16 11:33 ID: rhoxai
Found Leon’s Jacket at Target
2 : Anonymous2021/12/16 15:20 ID: hosf0os

Ahhh. I’ll buy it at a high price.

ID: hosmrrs

Hehehehehya…. Thank you!

ID: hotnq5q

Come back anytime

3 : Anonymous2021/12/16 15:40 ID: hoshtuz

I guess this one will not cost 900 bucks compared to when Capcom is releasing Leons jacket 😀

ID: hovb5c2

That's the first-party product but you can find tons of presumably licensed replicas from other coat companies for under $200 like this one

ID: hovbkyj


4 : Anonymous2021/12/16 17:10 ID: hosvrxm

"What are ya buyin?"

ID: hot1etk

The comment that you can hear.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/16 16:08 ID: hosm3f0

Brand name and description?

ID: hosyy8u
6 : Anonymous2021/12/16 17:06 ID: hosv1h4

I wish Leon got to keep his jacket for the entire game. It's stylish as fuck.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/16 14:34 ID: hos8fam

Did you buy it?

ID: hosct2h

Target Clerk: Not enough cash, stranga.

ID: hou8c69

Stranga, stranga, now THATS a jacket.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/16 19:02 ID: hotd1fl

Hey, it's that jacket...

9 : Anonymous2021/12/16 17:31 ID: hosz2cl

Seems really cheap...

10 : Anonymous2021/12/16 20:21 ID: hotp7sh

I love that it was at Target.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/16 19:03 ID: hotd79t

Looks like it will fall apart on you in a year

12 : Anonymous2021/12/16 16:55 ID: hostgd4

I've got Leon's jacket too but the 3.5 one. Perfect for winter

13 : Anonymous2021/12/16 17:43 ID: hot0w76

How much was that bad boy?

14 : Anonymous2021/12/16 17:46 ID: hot1gfo

For a second there, I thought that the darker patch on the jeans was a weapons holster because of the jacket....

15 : Anonymous2021/12/16 18:18 ID: hot699u

I love bomber jackets

16 : Anonymous2021/12/16 18:44 ID: hota8pt

Shut up and take my money

17 : Anonymous2021/12/16 19:27 ID: hotgu4s

Marketing strategy by Capcom.

We’re getting that remake!

18 : Anonymous2021/12/16 20:12 ID: hotnrx7

Too bad there is no target in Germany. Would love to have this. You really should buy it!

19 : Anonymous2021/12/16 21:07 ID: hotw8ar

Decapitated, just like in the game.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/16 21:57 ID: hou3tob

Very interesting things on sale Stranger.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/16 22:31 ID: hou8ux8

I want this type of jacket. Does it have a name/catagory?

ID: hou9p9j

Its a based off the B-3 Bomber jacket. There are hundreds of copies out there.

ID: hou9ttd

I figured there were tons of copies. I just dont think searching up Leon Jacked will get me many reasonable results.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/17 01:59 ID: hov0wa5

Don't know why, but this reminded me of when you play Ada's campaign and you find a random guy wearing Leon's jacket in the town.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/17 07:10 ID: how1b06

OP failed us. We need the details to buy such a fine piece of outerwear.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/16 18:05 ID: hot4akn

Well I know what I am doing on my lunch break

25 : Anonymous2021/12/16 19:34 ID: hothvkz

That's pretty good.

I would buy it in a heart-beat if I find the right size ... and it is not $4000 expensive

26 : Anonymous2021/12/16 20:53 ID: hottzpr

Bruh were lol I work there an never seen it XD

27 : Anonymous2021/12/16 22:14 ID: hou6edb


28 : Anonymous2021/12/17 13:59 ID: hox2am7

I'd buy that 😀


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