The Western as an Eastern RPG.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:21 ID: rlgv3n
The Western as an Eastern RPG.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/21 16:17 ID: hpft898

God sends you on an unending quest to pick up other people’s garbage.

Edit: yeah, it’s Katamari

ID: hpfvx90

Katamari Damacy

3 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:33 ID: hpg4o30

You become the boss after picking up a weird gun.

ID: hpg7v3o


ID: hpgd9eb


4 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:46 ID: hpfosiy

A mom in space with kids in suits

Edit: ninjas play free. Its indeed warframe

ID: hpfqkdj


5 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:23 ID: hpflko3

New guy to the neighborhood fucks everything up in the middle of a pandemic.

ID: hpfrpja

dying light

6 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:24 ID: hpflouo

An illegal immigrant screams at people and eats lizards

ID: hpga57e

"...and eats lizards." I'm sure they do, if Lusty Argonian has taught me anything. Love this description though <3

ID: hpfm48u

The Dragonborn

ID: hpfm8a0

Damn that was fast

7 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:38 ID: hpfnmwt

Disappointing son simulator

ID: hpg3pn0

God Of War

ID: hpge3j3

Or Hades

8 : Anonymous2021/12/21 16:47 ID: hpfxo2k

Your old relative fucked something up and you have to send waves of people with various degrees of mental problems to solve it

ID: hpg3ngs

Darkest Dungeon

9 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:29 ID: hpfmgbr

You’re on an Island and have no clue what to do…you can push a bunch of buttons

Edit: I was thinking Myst

ID: hpfz3qt


10 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:32 ID: hpfmvys

You play a guy who's late to work then fucks up everything for everybody before getting a new job.

ID: hpfnp0d

Half life?

ID: hpfoizm

Got it

11 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:23 ID: hpflk48

Alien sea world worker wants to leave.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:50 ID: hpggjas

A young girl finds a Bluetooth headset then trains to fight robots.

ID: hpgh7jm

Horizon: Zero Dawn

13 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:03 ID: hpg9cot

Sometimes I fist a pig and I'm new in town.

Edit: I put it the other way around for a better Mullaney reference.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:25 ID: hpfluhx

A Green Guy and a voice in his head decide to blow up a sacred relic

ID: hpfm89e


ID: hpgjr2y

Green man violently explains to space cult that their hula hoops are bad actually

15 : Anonymous2021/12/21 16:21 ID: hpftrup

Drug addled man-child hides from daddies

16 : Anonymous2021/12/21 16:18 ID: hpftgfo

Zombie rings two bells then a couple of giant worms try to convince you to save or destroy the world.

ID: hpg3akw

Dark Souls

17 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:47 ID: hpg6s7k

big orb gives you superpowers and you use them to commit multiple genocides

18 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:24 ID: hpflnew

Italian man commits homicide in his quest for drugs and intercourse

ID: hpflquh

Super Mario?

19 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:30 ID: hpfmikk

Commiting Genocide against the Russians while confused.

ID: hpfyrmq

Hotline Miami?

20 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:30 ID: hpgdhjz

Magic man needs to find his daughter but plays cards instead

21 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:29 ID: hpfmcho

Defeating foes with the power of music.

ID: hpfmt6n

Brutal legend

22 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:07 ID: hpg9x5z

Black man gets roasted by a other black man

ID: hpgak3j

Yee yee ass haircut

ID: hpgr7my

"All you had to do was follow the train, CJ!"

23 : Anonymous2021/12/21 15:30 ID: hpfmia1

That picture can only be Wild ARMS 3.

Spikey-haired steampunk amnesiac saves the world from an evil corporation and kicks the shit out of a long-haired prettyboy alien hybrid in the process.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/21 18:03 ID: hpg9cyi

Native man discovers religion is the only way to kill aliens.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/21 16:24 ID: hpfu8x4

anime wolf and perverted firefly must stop the apocalypse with the power of fan art

26 : Anonymous2021/12/21 17:27 ID: hpg3rkc

Old man sends ten year old on a quest to catalog mutant creatures (possibly so that old man can bang the kids mom).

ID: hpgdgld


ID: hpg62u0



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