F to pay respect to our fallen brethren

1 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:16 ID: rngtaw
F to pay respect to our fallen brethren
2 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:44 ID: hpsat4m

My Step-Dad solved the issue, he got my brother and I into games and would set time aside to play with us - and then he'd have to play the games we wanted but he wasn't too sure on the age rating just to make sure they're okay xD

ID: hpsrmcc

Even of you watch your Kids play those games. Thats a great wayto "lets play" through a game

ID: hpsyekv

Yep. My husband and I play with our 4 year old son. They're playing Mario Party right now, and my son's gift to his papa was the newest Hot Wheels racing game for the PS5. Then husband and I play our less child-friendly or more attention intensive games during naps or after bedtime.

ID: hpsysla

I’d highly recommend him playing GOW

ID: hpszv6m

Did this with BOTW and my son. He would play and I’d help guide him through tough spots and the occasional controller hand off.

ID: hpt3f6h

I play through all the halo games with my kids when they hit the age of 5. Its good bonding time and its fun. So now my 3 kids love halo and are all better players then me.

ID: hpt3njg

This is me, my 8 year old daughter and Smash. She's got so good so quick that I actually have to play serious.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:17 ID: hps8qwm

We can buy games now, but don’t have time to play them anymore.

ID: hps9bxr

Gets a job to buy games

Can't play them because of the job

ID: hpsgh6j

That's why I had to drop Zelda BOTW, i forgot what i was doing after days without playing. I can't play complicated games anymore, my memory is too bad.

ID: hpsaqve

This! Add kids and it gets complicated

ID: hpt1flf

My kid is 7 now and we play together all the time. We recently beat all the Halo games and we play online together. We are working on It Takes Two and due to dad being a gamer, we have access to well over 400 games to play together from PS2, PC, Xbox and PC!

Just get em into gaming and you can still play. The obly tough ones are the really adult games, because those have to wait until he is in bed and I can only play 2 or 3 hours at a time.

However, he can throw on the PS5 and I can play whatever I want for a few hours if I just want to experience my own game.

It works out great! I know he'll be super fond of those memories when he grows up.

ID: hpt2mvd

My 3yo daughter already loves games but it’s mobile/tablet games, I’m thinking of getting a mini retro machine next year and introduce her to the games I had at her age

ID: hpsc3g3

Time, money, motivation. You only get to pick 2.

ID: hpseduz

You guys are getting two?

4 : Anonymous2021/12/24 08:30 ID: hpsea9x

This meme is so old his kid can vote

ID: hpt58t2

Plus it's way better without the description.

ID: hpt61x2

This meme is so old he's looking at physical games.

Though I see control in the corner there, it'd be pretty weird if his 2 year old was voting.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/24 12:19 ID: hpsuq64

I’m a dad. Have played and finished lots of great games last year.

Buy a switch, get a remote play device. Have a beer.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:24 ID: hps99ao

That's why Nintendo Switch exists. Also toilets.

ID: hpsqods

Hiding from the kids and the wife in the bathroom. This guy dads.

ID: hpt9r8b

my move is just always volunteering to run errands like dropping packages off at the UPS store. those 20 quiet minutes in the car are my version of transcendental meditation

ID: hpt4xa7

Yeah pretty much what i was going to say. I have a switch and can game as much as I want when the kiddos go to sleep. During the day I have work.. but hell i even game during that on the slow days lol.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/24 10:27 ID: hpsmknp

Parenting IS the game. No saves, no easy difficulty, walkthrough guides are written by crazy people.

ID: hpsyp0b

Parenting by FromSoftware

ID: hpt6h28

Literally Bloodborne

8 : Anonymous2021/12/24 09:41 ID: hpsjcoi

That's a myth. I never stopped playing or buying new games. If it's important for you, you will find a way.

ID: hpt1f76

Yep, even played the entirety of Death Stranding with the lil guy in a carrier on me. Really helped the immersion.

Now he can mess around with the PS/Switch on the TV while I play stuff on my PC sometimes, it's pretty great. Tiring but great.

10/10 would completely turn my life upside down for my little bot again.

ID: hpt8ruz

Back in the day I found that the kindest thing I could do as a big brother is, over the summer, sit there with my youngest sister sleeping on my chest and let Mom go take a nap. I'd sit there, play on the NES, and she would sleep, and I would game, and Mom would rest, and it was just a pleasant way to pass a summer afternoon. At the time I was addicted to the NES RPG Destiny of an Emperor, an odd but fun little title about the Three Kingdoms Period, and that was pretty much my summer that year.

ID: hpt30sp

It's all about time management.

ID: hpt3cfp

Yeah exactly - Babies nap all the time and once they get on a schedule you have solid 2 hour stretches

And she goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7

Definitely have time

ID: hpt6wje

Same here,married 3 kids and a house still play most nights.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/24 13:28 ID: hpt0wnz

Well that's not true. The kid is asleep at 730.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:49 ID: hpsb8en

I've got kids and still game nearly everyday

ID: hpt1cf9

Usually the first year or two its tough to fit in the time but after that you are good.

ID: hpt5bq4

Had an only child up until 4.5 and had so much free time to play video games ... And then the new baby arrived. Back to zero. Looking forward to 2 years from now when things sort themselves out again and there's reliable bed times.

ID: hpt2x4l

Single player and games you can pause. This is the way

11 : Anonymous2021/12/24 10:07 ID: hpsl7pl

As a new dad I can say that this isn't true at all.

You just look at games a lot more selectively to pick out that perfect one which you'll be able to pick up and put down at a moment's notice and which you'll eventually be able to play with one hand while holding a baby in the other. It's a big decision.

ID: hpsydth

Yea this is why Valheim wasnt working great for me. No pause even in single player. I hear there's a mod that does that tho. Need to check it out.

ID: hpsywko

Kingdom Come deliverance was a godsend for me after our first. I was always a FPS multiplayer guy before our baby, that was never going to be able to continue.

ID: hpt13p6

As a slightly older dad, I now have built in co-op partners.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:28 ID: hps9mgy

Dont become a dad. Easy.

ID: hpt4g1r

Vasectomy at age 25. Enjoy your time, money and freedom. Children aren’t for everyone and people need to understand this.

ID: hpt7pht

God im turning 25 soon and am also getting one, cause where im at there is a min age of 25 for a vac

13 : Anonymous2021/12/24 12:12 ID: hpsu62d

Late nights and early mornings, bro. That's how you keep up the fix. Also, not as much time for it, but it's worth it. I promise.

ID: hpt85xd

Can't count the number of times I went to bed and saw the light still on in the living room with Dad playing some strategy game or another. He does love his strategy games. I inherited that from him but I prefer more actiony strategy games (Paradox titles or Total War) while Dad would be perfectly happy with a game that required you to make multiple spreadsheets and take 10 minutes planning for every 1 minute actually playing.

More than once I've seen dad match to the computer with a spring in his step and a glint in his eye, grab some scratch paper and a couple pens and set out to gameplan. He loves it.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/24 07:55 ID: hpsbpt9

As a dad who still plays games, this is a lie.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/24 13:10 ID: hpsz4so

Once upon a time, my game time (more or less) equaled my play time. I would start a game, play for 2 or 3 hours, then shut it down.

Now I start a game and play a few minutes. Pause to do this. Play a few more minutes. Pause to do that. Repeat. Game time: 30 minutes; play time: 3 hours.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/24 14:12 ID: hpt5ht5

If your kid is in the small diaper phase, you have game time. I never understood this concourse. I had plenty of time to raise my kid, go to work, and do my fun stuff. My wife and I split time and took turns. It's called a partnership.

Are you guys ok?

17 : Anonymous2021/12/24 12:11 ID: hpsu4u4

As a father, that's just poor time management.


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