Every. Single. Time.

1 : Anonymous2021/12/26 23:16 ID: rp8hti
Every. Single. Time.
2 : Anonymous2021/12/26 23:41 ID: hq2z5t0

Fuck Blackreach, I lost Lydia there.

She didn't die, I just lost her.

ID: hq3ep71

I had to use cheat codes to get my braindead companions back sometimes. How hard is it to follow me?

ID: hq4rnk2

The amount of times I had to reload saves because serana would just vanish, one time I lost her "permanently" because I went too far and autosaves lost her, the only save where she was present was hours old and not worth all that effort to get her back. I didn't retrieve her until years later when I put my xbox saves on pc and used the console.

ID: hq4nq9h

I used to lose Lydia all the time. I still do, but I used to too.

ID: hq5a9oi

Lydia randomly dropped the weapon i gave her sometimes, so i went back to helgen and executed her

ID: hq43dh2


ID: hq42g35

Honestly I've lost count of how many times I had to bring back Lydia through console just because I lost her.

ID: hq432v2

It's painful which is why I hate companions except modded ones. The AI and retrieval is painful to mess with but most modded ones has a spell to summon or have a book to do stuff with. Which is extremely nice to have that option.

ID: hq3lqx8

This made me giggle

ID: hq3qw04


ID: hq3ulsw


ID: hq43mz3

I've lost some living companions to the body clean up room. Couldn't find where they went so I teleported to them to find a green and purple lit room with dead bodies and my companion looking at me like what's up. Then spent too long trying to get them out without spawning a new one.

ID: hq2zbqx

Lmao aw that sucks. Serena was my fav companion.

ID: hq3eqwt

I was fighting Karstaag with Serena and he slammed her into orbit and no matter how long I waited she wouldn't appear and I couldn't get a new Companion cause I already had one and couldn't dismiss her.

ID: hq3ntr9

Serana was the first companion in the game that had special AI. it was more advanced and they Mode her feel more alive by making her interact with stuff in her reich. Alchemy, cooking station, sitting down etc.

ID: hq3rpkf

Was she your Entwife?

3 : Anonymous2021/12/27 04:58 ID: hq41vkt

It's amazing this meme is still relevant after 10 years. This meme is as old as "not bad" Obama, this meme is as old as Rebecca Black"Friday"

4 : Anonymous2021/12/26 23:48 ID: hq300lb

9 irl days later you find the quest attached to the elaborate dungeon you accidentally solo’d and just whip out whatever objective-mcguffin it is the NPC is going on about and they don’t even bat an eye.

ID: hq34vwo

You must travel to an ancient and deadly city, not one traveler has returned.

“Here’s your helmet that’s just an iron helmet with a custom name and a mediocre enchantment”

Good for you, next on the list…

ID: hq3ssai

Man can you imagine the next truly game changing RPG, whenever it comes? I remember when Skyrim felt endless and innovative... 11 years ago.

ID: hq39kf0

There's a video about that.

ID: hq4buoa

Thanks, this gave me a good chuckle … I love how he did the live action equivalent of hitting the mouse button or space bar rapidly to advance the dialogue

ID: hq3evsg

Now if you go back there, it'll only take 1 hour irl, you'll see a book you totally ignored the first time. Grab it.

ID: hq3qsh5

You kill the fucking world eater and nobody gives shit #1.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/27 00:15 ID: hq33l8j

I remember the first time I found Blackreach. I was like... I don’t think I’m supposed to be here yet. Mind you, there was no other way for me to go since I think that Falmer area I went down didn’t have a way up.

ID: hq37iew

I was convinced I would never find my way back to the surface and that I'd have to reload.

ID: hq3f115

Yah, I started skipping things that looked important because I assumed a quest would send me there anyway. If I went early I'd have to repeat the whole thing.

ID: hq394yu

I could have sworn you can only reach Blackreach after you got this sphere thing? for which you need to be quite far into the main quest. and also I thought you can only acces Blackreach thruogh the major Dwemer ruins, so you can't really chance upon it.

ID: hq3aabu

There’s a little wooden ice cliff walkway. I think that’s where I chanced upon it. I think it’s the main entrance short of those gated dwemer towers you come across every now and then. Either there or through some falmer occupied dwemer ruins. I know there was a very vertical room with large curving ramps. I jumped down to somewhere and I couldn’t find the way back up so, as cheesy movies go, the only way out, is down.

ID: hq3v9yu

There are 7 different ways to enter Blackreach. The one you're suggesting is only one of them

6 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:32 ID: hq45dvv

Currently 100 hours into my first playthrough in years, still haven't ended up in Blackreach yet. I think I'm subconsciously avoiding it somehow.

ID: hq4ktwc

Or you haven’t learned the symbol for the main quest

ID: hq4qiu1

Funnily enough, since I posted that comment, I finally continued the main quest (did all of the other major faction quests and random exploration) and just got the quest to go to Blackreach. The only reason I'm even continuing the main quest at all is so I can get the last Dragon Priest mask and more Daedric Artifacts.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:42 ID: hq46e3w

In my run of Skyrim, I was doing some small sidequest and I thought I found the cave I was looking to do it.

Ended up leaving an ancient dwarven facility with 2 tons of golden crap.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/27 01:04 ID: hq39qv9

Me in Blackreach yelling at the Falmer "HOLY SHIT I JUST WANT TO FIND A DAMN EXIT"

ID: hq3ql55

Fus Ro Dah? No.

Ecks It Whair?!

ID: hq3rfti

If you shout at the ball in the pic a dragon appears. And no I didn’t make that up.

ID: hq4h9f5

For how many caves seem to go IN to Blackreach, it sure is damn hard to find one that goes OUT of Blackreach

9 : Anonymous2021/12/26 23:34 ID: hq2y62k


ID: hq338k0

This is probably another dead end post with some memes...

Aaaand we're in the Blackreach repost.

ID: hq3cnvr

Ancient is pretty generous in this case. Prehistoric is more apt.

ID: hq4hjw5

How does this have 7K upvotes as of now?

10 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:24 ID: hq44l80

Do you get to Blackreach very often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you do.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/27 00:01 ID: hq31sq7

But in reality, it probably is just a cave with bandits

12 : Anonymous2021/12/27 02:38 ID: hq3lece

The upper box should be me browsing /

, and the lower box a picture of this post. This has to be the most reposted image here.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:21 ID: hq44c06

*Goes into a huge castle, discovers very little*

*Goes into a tiny cave, ends up basically in Moria*

14 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:53 ID: hq47ftc

Set an quest outside of Blackreach and cast Clairvoyance in order to find an exit.

Ik I don’t purchase that shitty ass spell either lol

15 : Anonymous2021/12/27 01:43 ID: hq3em3c

4 hours and 50 tons of dwemer metal later...

16 : Anonymous2021/12/27 02:36 ID: hq3l73b


17 : Anonymous2021/12/27 05:44 ID: hq46jn0

Jesus. Skyrim must be at what, 50 million sales now?

What a grab by Microsoft


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