Photograph your consoles for Wikipedia and help preserve game history.

1 : Anonymous2020/11/19 01:14 ID: jwsyne


I'm someone who edits Wikipedia on occasion, and while I in no way represent the project, was wondering if I could ask your community for help.

There are a lot of obscure game consoles on Wikipedia that lack a quality, or any photograph. If you are have any of the following consoles in your collection, you'd be super cool for submitting some photos of them to Wikimedia Commons, the media repository used by Wikipedia and sister projects.

I have made a list of consoles with missing or suboptimal photos on Wikipedia.

Tips for taking photos The photo has to be your own, it can’t be a photo found online or taken by someone else. Wikimedia Commons has a great upload wizard that is easy to use, and allows you to submit multiple photos at once. Submitted photos have to be under a creative commons license (CCBY, Share Alike, or CC0). The upload wizard helps you select a license. Submit multiple photos with different angles of a console if possible, as well as any controllers or accessories. If possible, have good lighting, take photos against a neutral background, ideally on a table against a monochrome backdrop, etc. Avoid including copyrighted artwork (IE: Box art, Amiibo), other elements that would cause a picture to be removed. Use descriptive names and tag photos when uploading so they can be found by contributors. Use Category:Video game hardware as a general category. Photos exist, but are poor quality or otherwise not optimal PlayStation 5 Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X PC Engine LT Sega Pico Vii (Clone of the Wii) Grandstand Light Games No Photos exist / Currently low res fair use photos are used. Recent consoles Game Gadget Pixter One of the two Alienware home theater PCs that have a DISCover BIOS Mi2 DIFRNCE MGC01 Pocket Dream Console V.Flash Analogue Mega Sg Analogue Nt, Nt mini, and Super Nt Coleco Sonic/PlayPal Leapster Explorer Leap TV Microconsoles GameStick Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Fuze Basically any small or internationally focused microconsole is missing. Photos of clone consoles are helpful, particularly if there's something weird or interesting about that clone. Older Consoles Palladium Tele-Cassetten Game Leisure Vision Vtech Proscreen Vtech Precomputer 1000 Bandai Super Vision 8000 SHG Black Point Pyūta Jr Digi Casse Romtec Colorvision VTech Variety VTech 3D Gamate Videoway set top box LJN Video Art (Not sure if this counts as a console, but hey) Video Challenger Zemmix MSX consoles Hartung Game Master Konami Picno Tandy Video Information System Design Master Senshi Mangajuku APF Imagination Machine A number of Second Generation international variants of the platform Arcadia 2001 used No Photos exist (Long shot) RDI Halcyon Hasbro Toaster VR Control Vision / Hasbro NEMO prototypes ApeXtreme prototypes, really anything canceled. Other items of interest (Not necessarily limited to the above consoles) Controllers (Including third party) Accessories (Including third party) Power adapters, cables, etc if unique to that console. Special or limited edition consoles. Developer Hardware, Dev kits, official flashing tools, etc. Photos of console internals, particularly of the PCB. Versions of consoles developed for international markets. Pictures of modchips, etc. Historic events related to gaming (IE: Conferences, Offices of now defunct companies) Footnote

If you are unfamiliar with Wikimedia commons, and want to know how a console is represented there, just ask and I'll take a look.

Feel free to ask me any questions, and thank you for your time! 😀

2 : Anonymous2020/11/19 02:20 ID: gcsdoow

Hey everyone!

reached out to us in modmail to ask if it was okay if they make this post. We really thought this was a cool think to do, so we are going to sticky this post for a bit to help spread the word. If you know anyone else that could help out, directed them here. I am sure Newmillstream will be happy to help clarify anything or give more help on the best ways to photograph.

I have some weird random stuff I may be able to photograph, I just need to borrow a camera from someone...

3 : Anonymous2020/11/19 02:41 ID: gcsfz5u

Cool I'll spread this around to other collectors I know.

Also the fact that there is something called a hasbro toaster VR made my day,

ID: gcsqefv

Thanks! It's quite the name isn't it?

4 : Anonymous2020/11/19 03:16 ID: gcsjtkk

VIS controllers in original packaging.

ID: gct7cfz

I am gunna be that guy. I think you can take better photos. especially the second one.

taking care to get the entire object in frame with extra around all sides is key so you can crop it to look perfect. waiting till daytime to use natural light also helps a whole lot.

think about it. this is going to be something that people could be seeing for YEARS to come as the picture for the controllers.

not saying you have to. but anything worth doing.....

I don't want this so sound like an ungrateful jackass, more like an older brother pushing you a little.


imma go to sleeps....

ID: gcsq2ix

Those are nice! If you took those photos, I can walk you though the process of uploading them to commons if you like.

5 : Anonymous2020/11/19 02:40 ID: gcsfxnf

Dang I wonder if my parents still have my Pixter

6 : Anonymous2020/11/19 04:42 ID: gcssdkz

I’ve got 2 special ps2 controllers. One is a SEGA Saturn pad wired up to ps2 and the other is one that has a headphone jack

Do you have a pc-fx?

ID: gcv9ok6

Those sound cool! If you'd be interested in submitting them, there is a category for both Category:PlayStation 2 controllers as well as Category:Sega Saturn controllers.

I don't have a PC-FX personally, but there is a rather nice gallery on Wikimedia Commons. If you have any photos of things missing, they might be useful!

7 : Anonymous2020/11/19 06:55 ID: gct2rgd

I have a binatone tv master mk IV. I have previously looked on Wikipedia and there is no information on it at all would you be interested in this.

8 : Anonymous2020/11/19 03:55 ID: gcsns8i

I have a Sega Pico, but i don't remember if its in great condition.

If I were to take some pictures, is there anything to keep in mind regarding lighting, resolution, or format? Is a transparent PNG desirable?

ID: gcspmyx


Thank you for your interest! Those are some good questions.

Based on the Wikimedia Commons Image guidelines, as long as the image is at least 2 megapixels, isn't over or under exposed, and is in the highest quality JPG you can manage, that's fine! A transparent PNG is great in addition to the original photo file if you're up for it.

In general the work of Evan-Amos is the gold standard of quality game console photographs on Wikimedia Commons, but it isn't necessary to be a professional photographer like him to contribute. To put things in perspective, the Sega Pico is in the category of having existing photos, but not one that's up to current quality standards, this is currently the best/only photo of a opened Sega Pico on Commons right now, which is a 400 x 300 pixel slightly overexposed photo from 2004. Nearly any photo, even one taken with a smartphone of a scuffed up Pico, would be an improvement over the existing photos of Picos, which are mostly salvaged from incidental inclusions in photos of other things.

Thank you again for your interest!

9 : Anonymous2020/11/23 20:33 ID: gdd7vzo

Uh im not sure if your interested but i have a Nintendo ultra machine deluxe boxed, wikipedia only has the Nintendo ultra machine not the deluxe model (i guess its related to gaming because its nintendo).

ID: gddbkz6

Certainly! I think that would be a great addition!

If you can set up the device without the box in frame (The box art is problematic for commons use, which is common), that would be great for a picture on commons. There is an upload wizard

For preserving the box art, I know the Internet Archive has a few collections of such work, which users can view and submit here.

10 : Anonymous2020/11/19 03:32 ID: gcsliu2

Very few people on this sub will even know anything about most of those systems, let alone have them for photos. You're better off on Atari Age and RF Gen. If Digital Press wasn't a shell of itself, it'd be your best bet.

For a RDI Halcyon, look up 98PaceCar. He's a nice dude and had one.

ID: gcsptqc

Thank you for the tip! I'll look up 98PaceCar soon.

11 : Anonymous2020/11/19 04:59 ID: gcstt3c

I have a boxed set pico if that helps

12 : Anonymous2021/01/25 08:21 ID: gkosog4

I’ve got two different Atari Jaguar Pro Controllers, one reproduction and one newer third party one with a joystick. Both aren’t official but it might be interesting since not many exist.

ID: gpjg1km

Sorry for the delay! Those would certainly be of interest!

You can use the Upload Wizard with the category Category:Atari Jaguar to submit your photos. Note that they are reproduction/Third party in the description and it should be good!

Thank you for your interest!

13 : Anonymous2021/02/16 19:39 ID: gnoijs2

This is kind of cool. Now and then I hunt thriftstores. And find that obscure, x or y. Then I say to myself.. nah. Next I should realize. maybe this piece of garbage, is really the missing link in Game culture?! sometimes you never knew before.

ID: gpjf8z8

Right? There's a lot of obscure items with fascinating histories out there.

14 : Anonymous2020/11/19 08:23 ID: gct8c8p

I have a NES video shooter which is a wireless nes zapper CIB.

Quickshot Wireless Wizmaster. a wireless nes controller cib.

coleco sports mini CIB

Blaze Twin Shock 2 player ps1 arcade controller CIB

official sega saturn zapper CIB

ultra racer 64 n64 controller cib

performance ps1 multitap cib

naki universal programmable turbo controller for genesis/snes cib

official ps1 multitap cib

kraft system inc starmaster joystick for atari/commodore compatible cib

gba time machine cib (this is the one for sure I'll get photos of. pretty rare.)

blaze saturn avenger lightgun cib

a third party dk bongo. I forget what brand.
wii res evil umbrella chronicles "shot blaster". those plastic clip on accessory thing cib.

intex rechargable gamecube batter cib
I have other weird controllers, but that was my cib stuff. I probably missed something.

only random consoles I have are a cib socrotes and cib game.

dk and mario 64 electronic pinball games cib

I'll poke around more tomorrow and hopefully set up an area to take pictures soon.

ID: gcy7u96


I went over your list and the following items are not photographed on commons to my knowledge.

NES video shooter

Coleco sports mini

A photo of the Sega Saturn Zapper exists, but is obscured, so a better photo would be cool.

Ultra racer 64 n64 controller

Performance PS1 Multitap

Naki universal programmable turbo controller

Kraft system inc starmaster joystick

Gba time machine (You're right! Definitely no photos of this on commons)

Blaze saturn avenger lightgun

Third Party DK Bongo

Umbrella chronicles "shot blaster"

Rechargeable Gamecube Controller

DK and Mario 64 electronic pinball games

The following items have photos

PS1 Official Multitap

VTech Socrates

Thank you for your interest! When you upload your photos, you can use the upload wizard here. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you again! 😀

15 : Anonymous2020/11/19 17:57 ID: gcun7z7

Hey there, of the top of my head I have the following items, let me know if any of these still need some photos:

PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V Edition

GameCube in Spice Orange

Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition (PAL)

Xbox One I Made This Edition

Xbox One Super Bowl XLVIII Edition (numbered 1 out of 50)

As for the peripherals:

Gran Turismo Sport themed DualShock 4

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controllers for both the GameCube and PS2 (both complete)

Boxed and as good as new Dreamcast controllers

Oh, and what exactly do you guys document and what do you not? Do you have a separate section for demo pods for example?

ID: gcy2wgw


Sorry for the delay, was writing a response when my home internet cut out.

Basically anything that has educational value and can be freely licensed can be submitted following policies and guidelines.

Demo Pods currently do not have a separate category, but they should - There are actually a few on the Commons, but they're generally categorized only in relation to the thing they're demoing.

Right now the following consoles/accessories lack a photo

PlayStation 4 Metal Gear Solid V Edition

Xbox One I Made This Edition

Xbox One Super Bowl XLVIII Edition

Gran Turismo Sport themed DualShock 4

The following consoles have a photo that is obstructed. (New photos would be welcome!)

Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition (PAL) - A photo of this console exists, however it is a bit obscured.

Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controllers

The following consoles/Accessories have pictures hosted, but if there's an aspect to these devices missing that you would like to document, I'm sure it would be welcome!

GameCube in Spice Orange_1.jpg)

Dreamcast Controllers

Thank you for your interest!

16 : Anonymous2020/11/26 14:08 ID: gdnw3z9

I think i have a leapster explorer. I'll see if i do

17 : Anonymous2020/11/30 07:04 ID: ge4lv3d

I have a few thrird party motion controllers for the ps1/2 if they are any interest. I also have the resident evil 4 chainsaw controller and a ASCII resident evil 1 controller.

I think I should have a few other third party controllers for snes and cdi.

Would you like me to just upload photos of the controllers I have then you can use what you need?

ID: ge56a4k

Certainly! The upload wizard is here.

When it asks for categories, the relevant ones would be

Category:PlayStation controllers

Category:PlayStation 2 controllers

Category:Super Famicom and SNES accessories

Category:CD-i gamepads

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your help! 😀

18 : Anonymous2020/12/08 03:14 ID: gf0lzcf

Do you still need Sega Pico pictures? I have the special edition Pikachu version as well as a JPN Sega Pico (Yellow one) lmk! I have a iphone 11 so I can prob mess around to get some good pictures

ID: gf86xt0

Sorry for the delay!

If you could get a photo of the console in different positions, especially in an open position or of the bottom of the unit, that would really help! Here is a link to the upload wizard.

Thank you for your interest! 😀

19 : Anonymous2020/12/14 21:40 ID: gfurzzh

Hey, I got one thing in my small collection that might be interesting as a photo. Its a Vic Tokai Nintendo licensed Light Boy accessory, with the box. Do you want a photo of that? I also have a rarer console called the Arcadia 2001, the original Emerson model. Its in pretty crappy condition, but do you think these are interesting?

ID: gfxa9jx

Certainly! Sorry for the delay!

The Vic Tokai Wikipedia page currently has no photos of any of their products, so I'm sure that would be welcome! You can upload photos using the upload wizard. When it asks for a category, use Category:Nintendo accessories.

There is already some photos of the Emerson Arcadia 2001 However it can still be useful to have photos of poor condition units, especially if the degradation is common. As an example, photos of SNES yellowing or a red ring of death are still useful for showing common faults with those consoles.

Thank you for your assistance!

20 : Anonymous2020/12/15 14:52 ID: gfxbolx

Oddly enough I have a collection of Xbox 360 controllers… Maybe I’ve got one or two that aren’t on there! I can also provide a series S, but I imagine that will be solved in time lol

ID: gfxib2d

Surprisingly there's not many photos of non-standard Xbox 360 controllers. There's also no photo of the Series S yet. If you want, you could be the first to post a photo of one!

The Upload Wizard can walk you through the photo submission process. Use the Category:Xbox Series X and Series S and Category:Xbox 360 Controller when posting.

Thank you for your interest! 😀

21 : Anonymous2020/12/17 01:54 ID: gg3ho5y

So I got a routine now. Once a week I am going to my dads and we are taking some photos. I am learning a little more about photographs (and post processing). Plus my dad is a cool dude so we get to hang out.

Anyways. I will get to all of the things I am supposed to take photos of in time. These are pictures of one of them (plus other angles).

Made a flickr to share, and a youtube for when I get to the 4k video.

ID: gg8sv7m

Nice! I'm glad you get to spend some time with family and learn about photography! 😀

Just a side note, your Flickr link brings up a 403 page, but it recommends other photos by (I think) the same user? If that's the case you're doing really good on lighting and such!

22 : Anonymous2020/12/18 08:56 ID: gg8gvec

What is a Hasbro Toaster VR may I ask?

ID: gg8s8x3

It was an early VR focused console that was canceled shortly before launch in 1995. It apparently had some issues with head tracking, but would have been a closer experience to contemporary VR in the 1990's than the Virtual Boy provided, with full color, polygonal 3D graphics. Granted, those would have been 1990's quality 3D graphics, but still. Unseen 64 writes about it better and more in depth, and includes pictures and gameplay screenshots.

While the product never launched, some headsets were sent to development studios, so there's a chance some of those still exist. (Although without the base unit, which was never sent, they're just interesting paperweights.)

23 : Anonymous2020/12/20 20:49 ID: ggilfnu

Hey, I don't have anything on your list. However, I'll add a couple of things that may be of use to you. I also have a capture card and can take screenshots of any of these.

Ubisoft: Drawsome tablet. CIB

Walking Dead Survival Instincts (plug in play game shaped like a shotgun/crossbow I'd need to find the crossbow attachment)

Duck Commander (a Duck Dynasty plug and play game using the same mold as the first one)

A bunch of other plug and play games, Super Sonic Gold, Whac a Mole, Pirates of the Caribbean (shaped like the compass), Designer's world (no idea what this is, it's made by Hasbro), Wheel of Fortune, and Mrs. Pac Man Namco collection

Jungle Book Rhythm & Groove (I'm at least 90% sure this is complete in box with dancepad. Although the box is worn and I'd need to find a couple of items)

Popstar Guitar controller shells (these would be attached to the wii remote so you can play the game)

Thrustmaster Flight Stick for the PS4 (I'm pretty sure it's the T-flight Hotas 4 Joystick)

Your Shape Camera for the Wii

I've also included in the picture my Yoshi Wiimote, My Zero Suit Samus Wii U Pro controller, DK Bongos, Mario Party Microphone, Wii Speak, and a couple of CIB games incase you want/need better pictures.

ID: ggiov6x

It also just occured to me that I also have CIB Wappydog and uDraw

24 : Anonymous2020/12/21 12:28 ID: ggkwqyy

The Vii is one of the ugliest consoles I’ve ever seen

25 : Anonymous2020/12/21 14:26 ID: ggl6f8z

I don't see much of it, but I have a Bentley Copuvision, a Pong console.

ID: ggm0w9t

That would certainly help! Currently the photo used for that console is a 260 × 110 JPG, so some better photos of the unit would be greatly appreciated! You can use the upload wizard here. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your help! 😀

26 : Anonymous2020/12/24 08:17 ID: ggvsnba

I have one of those Grandstand Light Games projectors. I need to find it first but I will take some pictures if they are still needed. Also have 2 button overlays iirc, I can scan them if needed.

ID: ggxxqlm


Right now this is the only picture of the Grandstand Light Games projectors on Wikimedia Commons. It would be good to have a view of other parts of the system, like cartridges, the projector lens, and other features present.

Thank you for your time! 😀

27 : Anonymous2020/12/29 19:05 ID: ghf33si

I have the Hitman PS4 if you need a photo of it?

ID: gi1nmx5

Sorry for the delay! A photo of that would certainly be a good addition.

28 : Anonymous2021/01/02 20:46 ID: ghv0dfu

Omg the fucking chintendo vii.. forgot about that

29 : Anonymous2021/01/06 02:30 ID: gi9bd15

I will be dropping a breakdown of the Famicom Basic today. Opening it up.

ID: gi9bgzz

I also have the Seaman PS2 version with the strange controller.

30 : Anonymous2021/01/06 05:14 ID: gi9uj6y

I don't have anything on the list...unless you consider an American Test PS2 and WindyCity SuperGun. I can ask my bf, but idk think he does either. We have uncommon attachments like disk drive.

ID: gijdch9

A test PS2 would definitely be interesting, as would the WindyCity SuperGun.

You can use the upload wizard here. Thank you for your time! 😀

31 : Anonymous2021/01/07 06:50 ID: giegq1l

Haha... didn’t know GameStick even had a Wikipedia entry. I was about to throw mine out. I’ll take and post photos before I do.

ID: giiz6le

Indeed it does!

Since it's kind of an obscure console at this point, would you mind getting photos of the controller and stick from different angles? It helps a lot with some preservation aspects.

This is kind of an odd request, but if you're going to throw it out, would you mind opening it up and photographing both sides of the PCB for the stick and controller? While it's not used by most articles directly, it helps with things like verifying specs and such. You can see an example of dissasembly photos on the Wikipedia article for the Hyperscan as an example.

In any case thank you for your time and help! You can use the upload wizard to upload files to commons for use on Wikipedia. Message me if you need help! Again, thank you so much for this! 😀

32 : Anonymous2021/01/10 22:55 ID: git63ux

i have a gameboy color xbox360S 2 ds lites a dsi a leapster a new 3ds xl and a PSP and more

ID: giv4npr


There are already photos of the base models of the other consoles you listed, but If you could take photos of your Leapster that would really help!

You can upload the photos you take using the upload wizard, which walks you through the process. When it asks for a category use Category:LeapFrog Enterprises.

Thank you for your help! 😀

33 : Anonymous2021/01/28 23:43 ID: gl5y2by

I’m starting to check the Gamecube Controller Article and I saw that they did not add the ASCII Controller made for the Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Game. I’m thinking on adding it to the list but would also need a good photo for it. Will check if anyone at

can help. Also the portuguese version of the article is missing a lot of variations and the structure is kinda worse, maybe will work on fixing that too...

ID: gpjftfs

Hello! There is a photo of said controller already, but it's not the best since it's not a standalone shot. If you could submit a better quality one, I'm sure it would be much appreciated!

34 : Anonymous2021/02/12 21:06 ID: gn3o6em

I can put photos of my ps5 but that is the only console listed that I have

ID: gpjhhbp

Sorry for the delay!

Since posting this a few photos have been posted, but most are of the front of the blu ray edition. If you have the digital edition, or the ability to take photos of the side and back of either console, it would be much appreciated!

You can use the Upload Wizard with the category Category:PlayStation 5 to submit your photos.

Thank you for your interest! 😀

35 : Anonymous2020/12/14 21:29 ID: gfuqkr1

i know a collector on youtube
i'm going to tell them about this

36 : Anonymous2020/12/21 20:38 ID: ggmdolb

Is my personal trainer cooking DS lite worth taking a picture of?

ID: ggocha8


Special editions of consoles are a part of gaming history, and can be useful for illustrating described objects in articles. For example, the Personal Trainer: Cooking article describes the console, but has no picture.

You can upload your photo using the upload wizard. When it asks for a category, use Category:Nintendo DS. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your help! 😀

37 : Anonymous2021/01/06 05:32 ID: gi9wexm


38 : Anonymous2021/01/12 11:57 ID: gizpu8z

late to the party but i got a ps2 brazil controller (soccer editon) in yellow if you need a pic

39 : Anonymous2021/01/13 03:05 ID: gj2ob6h

I have a Pico in pretty much perfect shape. I just have to get it from my parents house this weekend.

40 : Anonymous2021/01/17 19:41 ID: gjn1yt1

My Craigslist has a miwi (knock off wii)

41 : Anonymous2021/01/18 14:13 ID: gjpyry4

I have an original model PlayStation (has av ports) I could send photos of the pcb

ID: gjzaia3

That might help! If you can confirm the model number is not identical to one of the currently existing photos, I'm sure it would be appreciated!

42 : Anonymous2021/01/20 13:42 ID: gjxye8v

all i really have is a mega drive honeybee controller, a ps2 controller that i dont remember the name of and a 1st gen console that doesnt have much info on wikipedia, ill take a look around a what i have in case there is anything else

ID: gjza7u7

That would all be potentially useful! Especially the first generation console would be useful, as there are wikipedians attempting to document each first generation console and major varient with a photo You can see their progress here.

Thank you for your interest! 😀

43 : Anonymous2021/01/21 10:19 ID: gk1qn73

Haven't been here in a while! I don't really think I have anything unique to offer but I can look this weekend. I'm guessing you already have pictures of R.O.B, Sega Nomad and Virtual Boy (I have all but 3 of the games CIB) I also have some superscopes (CIB) and a konami Laserscope lying around somewhere

EDIT: Just remembered I have a Gameboy Micro 20th Anniversary edition too

ID: gpjgn6t

Sorry for the delay! Those would be of interest!

There are a few photos of ROB, though none show his back.

There is good coverage of the Sega Nomad, but not of any Nomad accessories if you have them.

A photo of the Laserscope would be much appreciated

You can use the Upload Wizard with the categories


Category:Sega Nomad

Category:Game controllers depending on the item to submit your photos.

Thank you for your interest!

44 : Anonymous2021/02/01 04:14 ID: glk7uyj

I have a Xbox Series X if you need some photos of that.

ID: gpjfh27


Since I posted this there have been a few photos uploaded, however there are no photos of the ports on the console if you'd be up to take a photo of those.

You can use the Upload Wizard with the category Category:Xbox Series X to submit your photos.

Thank you for your interest!

45 : Anonymous2021/02/05 00:45 ID: gm24qxm

I have a collection of Nintendo prototype carts, pokemon, zelda and digimon. Any Use? my overview video

ID: gpjh1kd

Sorry for the delay!

Prototype hardware would certainly be of interest! It's an especially poorly preserved aspect of gaming history, so any bit helps.

You can use the Upload Wizard with the category Category:Prototype video game hardware to submit your photos.

Thank you for your interest! 😀

46 : Anonymous2021/03/01 15:07 ID: gpazues

I have a potentially one of a kind Xbox It has a metal plaque that read Microsoft mid west executive briefing 2002 June 3-4

ID: gpjf3ul


You can use the Upload Wizard with the categories Category:Special editions of video game platforms and Category:Xbox Console to submit your photos.

Thank you for your interest!


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