Dark souls back in the old days

1 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:02 ID: m9yhka
Dark souls back in the old days
2 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:07 ID: grpgbl5

I hate that no matter how good you are at mine sweeper there are situations that are blind guesses

ID: grpgj37

So that makes it the game of life?

ID: grpjazn

Yeah just more depressing when you get it wrong

ID: grq9oap

There are solvable versions these days! It actually helped me get better because whenever I didn't immediately see what to do I knew it was because I was missing something and not because it's another 50/50 guess.

ID: grr970a

These are the right versions.

ID: grq92an

In the version of minesweeper pictured here, literally every game involved a blind guess: the first click could be fatal. Subsequent versions revised that, guaranteeing the first click isn't a mine.

ID: grqrhdf

I don't think the first turn blind guesses are really an issue though. You click a couple times and you either get a mine or an open space to work from. If you hit a mine you just click the reset and try again. If you hit a mine on the opening move 5 times in a row you've probably wasted about 7 seconds. That's not really a problem.

The part that sucks is when you're doing an Expert field and halfway through you get to a corner where's there's two squares touching a 1 and that's all the info you get. Then you have no choice but to just pick one and hope you don't lose. Having part of the puzzle unsolvable midway through really sucks.

ID: grqctuc

I don't think that's necessarily right. I never had that happen in the Win98 style minesweeper that looked like this, but there could be multiple versions that looked alike. The only time I can recall that happening started in the Vista style minesweeper where you could "retry" game that you had already generated (and it was easy to interpret that as "generate a new game on this same skill level" and get confused when you lose on the first click)

ID: grqi8vw

This one is guaranteed to be solvable without guessing.

ID: grpvg4r

I just presumed I was too dumb to understand something.

ID: grqn7js

Wait.... You were suppose to think? 5/8 yo me was just doing random guesses

ID: grqxs8x

The number indicates how many bombs are around a square. So you take and unknown and determine if it is a bomb or not by calculating possible bomb locations using the numbered squares.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:05 ID: grpg30o

Get down to the 50/50 on expert after 20 minutes and lose.

ID: grqroqk

Whenever you identify a 50/50 situation just guess immediately. No sense in saving it and having it cost you the game later.

Sometimes it does end up being the final spot though.

ID: grrcjdg

I do the opposite and save it till the very end. That way I know that I beat everything else and consider it a win no matter what happens.

ID: grr76sa

Maybe it goes without saying, but if you find one on a wall, or you've already revealed the back side, sure knock it out; But if it's 50/50 just at first visit, save it, you might be able to work your way around to the back side of it.

ID: grqolgz

Finished expert in under 100 seconds, I think 82 (?) was my best score? It took a LOT of time.

Edit: 92 seconds

4 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:11 ID: grpgtjw

minesweeper is fun

ID: grpux59

My man

ID: grr4p88

Slow down!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/21 17:48 ID: grq0k9r

Who doesn't know how to play...?

ID: grr8bl4

I constantly see posts like this and I don't understand either.

There's literally 1 rule to the game: the number represents how many bombs the square is touching.

ID: grq6qc6

Trying to learn actually

ID: grq817l

There's one rule. How difficult can it be to learn?

The number is equal to the amount of adjacent mines. The rest is not learning the game, but instead learning how to be good at it.

ID: grq79z4

It's pretty easy actually. The numbers refer to how many bombs are in adjoining squares. For every box there are a possible 8 bombs that could be right next to it. So if you have something like this:




You would know that rhe only bomb in the example would be the middle square.

ID: grqow1r

Learn the patterns. 121 and 1221 are your friends.

ID: grqyuon


6 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:04 ID: grpg0vl

It looks hard but it isn't really. Just watch the numbers and mines at the image and u can figure it out

ID: grpop2h

I was too lazy to learn the game or even search how it is played but one day I found a post on Minesweeper of a guy who speedrunned the game on hard difficulty. When I stared at the board that's when it clicked it my head.

ID: grqomhx

Once I got the luckiest game of minesweeper ever probably. I was doing an online math test, and this game was one of the game questions, and I was sucking at it. So I started a new one, and if I remember correctly, I blindly clicked once and won, because all the mines were isolated enough that there weren’t any blank spaces between them and the numbered spaces.

Idk if that’s how the game can generate, it might’ve been more than one click, but I remember something like that happening

ID: grqrj9r

This can happen, but usually only when the mine to tile ratio is very low (few mines, lots of tiles). It probably could happen theoretically, but for a normal game, it would certainly be a low possibility

7 : Anonymous2021/03/21 16:34 ID: grpr4qj

You mean YOUR kids will never know because YOU DON'T know.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/21 18:04 ID: grq2htt

How do people not know how to play Minesweeper. The rules are insanely simple.

ID: grq5xiv

Yeah most people, myself included when I was younger, just opened it up, saw all the numbers, got confused and intimidated, and never tried again. When I was in high school I searched up how to play and got pretty into it and it's really simple. They just didn't make the tutorials extremely visible back in the day

9 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:34 ID: grr64wy

It's really not that hard

10 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:46 ID: grr7jp1

am I the only one who knows how to play minesweeper?

really it's not that hard

ID: grr82hx

Not hard at all.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/21 16:52 ID: grptd5s

How to play Minesweeper:

Set the playing area size to max Set the number of mines to minimum Have fun!
ID: grq0h9i

Ahhh, the old one-click-win

12 : Anonymous2021/03/21 16:01 ID: grpmxc7

Pro-tip, click both buttons down at once to click all the available squares around it. This will clear all the squares if you've tagged enough or if there's only so many available. You can two-button push safely all over the place to help clear squares faster.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/21 19:43 ID: grqekrt

Yo if you can’t figure out minesweeper, you’re gonna need a lot of luck in life. Holy hell.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:22 ID: grpi5cb

I was more of a skifree kinda guy.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/21 17:03 ID: grpur3z

it's easy, you just click randomly and sometimes you get an easy win when you instantly clicks on one of those little black balls and the boss on top dies

16 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:22 ID: grpi61j

I used to just push random squares in the day not knowing what I'm doing. But I figured it out now lol.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:36 ID: grr6a8f

This game taught me life lesson: “take chances or get blown tf up”

18 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:36 ID: grr6asv

Neither did we? Aw, hell no. Just glancing at that for a few seconds, I see a dozen safe spaces on that board.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:47 ID: grr7pix

I thought I was the shit back when I was little kid because I would set the grid to the largest size and the mines to 10 so 1 click basically won the game.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/21 23:54 ID: grr8fl5

Anyone else abusing the shit out of the mouse scroll middle button like I do when playing minesweeper?

21 : Anonymous2021/03/22 00:16 ID: grraye0

Speak for yourself. Love that game.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/21 15:07 ID: grpgap3

You found the ancient texts


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