Benefit of Tank Controls I don’t see mentioned.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/03 03:50 ID: mj0rq1

So, I'm reading Itchy, Tasty and I got to the part about Tank Controls. Obviously, with much of this book being based on interviews and conversations with devopers- it's about as canon as anything when it comes to the story behind developing RE and it's franchise. After reading what they said- and doing a few quick Google searches to see what others say about the topic, there's one aspect to tank controls that I don't see talked about - which is my #1 reason for preferring them. Any given room in classic RE games are made of multiple still images- all with their own perspective/angle. As you walk through the room, the direction you'd have to press to go in the direction you're facing can change drastically. If you're in a confined space and dealing with monsters- having to figure out what direction to press every time the camera changed could be really annoying. Anyway, to me, that seems like a huge advantage to the control scheme and I don't see it talked about. Anyway, it very well could be why the chose to test the control scheme but it's other effects became why they chose to stay with it. Or maybe I'm the only one who feels this way? (Not trying to be like "well ACTUALLY" to what the developers themselves said.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/03 05:07 ID: gt7utqd

yup this was very apparent in the hd remasters of remake 1 & 0. with the new modern controls you'll push the stick up to walk forward and suddenly on the next screen holding forward will direct the character in the opposite direction. Something I've always noticed but not everyone truly appreciates simply because of how odd tank controls feel at first especially in the earlier entries. Funnily enough the series stuck with tank controls all the way up until re5!

ID: gt7v0ir

Yeah- it takes 10 min to get used to- but once you do it works great. It is a little surprising how long they used tbem- after leaving behind the prerendered backgrounds

3 : Anonymous2021/04/03 08:27 ID: gt87op0

This has been bothering me since the original Devil May Cry. You push and hold the stick, the camera angle changes, your character still moves into the direction you were heading, but the stick is not in line with the image on the screen. You change direction and Dante performs a little twist first. This is more elegant than not having the "cruise control", because, say, a 180° change in perspective would trap you there for all eternity, but it made me long for better controls.

The remaster of RE1R had a great solution: Tank controls on d-pad, modern controls on the stick.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/03 04:17 ID: gt7qrs2

You’re talking about classic controls in comparison to the modern controls in REmake, right?

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Well... Basically comparing those two, yes. I'm more pointing out why classic/tank controls were even used to begin with in the original games. It seems they solve the issue of players controlling their character in expected ways while having constantly changing camera angles than they have no control over. It seems like it would have been a deliberate decision resulting from all the camera angles.

ID: gt7s0h9

I play on classic controls myself and it looks quite disorienting whenever the camera switches. I agree with you on that. The modern controls also break the balance of the game from what I’ve seen/heard. They give you more mobility and enemies are not able to keep up with it. You can quick turn with modern controls without stopping to turn around. Classic controls are best for the old games.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/03 06:18 ID: gt7zvtm

I see this statement whenever someone lets a new player know that the HD REmake has alternate controls. I don't think it's impossible to make a fixed camera game with more free movement, but it'd naturally have to done with that extra mobility in mind. I think Dino Crisis was a solid step in this direction since it often utilizes a moving camera, and wide shots.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/03 04:05 ID: gt7pqvd

Can you please put a bullet in my head?

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I can't follow this, sorry, can you summarize?


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