It’s official. Cod MW patches are now bigger than most games.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/14 18:30 ID: mqwstq
It's official. Cod MW patches are now bigger than most games.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/14 18:34 ID: guimbie

They have been this way for a while

ID: guinakq

The last update I downloaded, a month ago, was "only" 50GB...

ID: gujj40o

That's still bigger than most games. The entire batman arkham series is only 50gb. Idk why batman is always my frame of reference but most games aren't 100gb

Edit: just checked and cyberpunk 2077 is only 60gb

3 : Anonymous2021/04/14 18:35 ID: guimccn

and yet with all these updates I still lag hard.

ID: guitic3

Yeah man I have a pretty decent connection and I get the "red circle" about every other game where it just bounces me around the map and doesn't register my shots for ~30 seconds or so. I'm pretty sure they moved MW to shitty servers when CW came out.

ID: gujc999

Any idea what's in it? What's taking up that much space if it's not fixing things like lag?

4 : Anonymous2021/04/14 19:34 ID: guiugpt

Red dead a game 2000 people worked on it smaller than this and it's a full game why is war zone so big what is the pount

ID: guj618g

Native 8k graphic. Instead of upscaling to higher resolution, they downscale from huge-ass asset. They also have little to no compression on other things. Even simple "gunshot" probably cost few MB instead of few KB

ID: gujlmvq

Who downvoted this guy? This is exactly why COD is so ridiculously bloated.

ID: guk7g0w

And as far as patches are concerned the data is poorly, uh, arranged? So whenever they change somethind you need to re download huge chunks of it even if they just change a few smaller things.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:24 ID: guj1f0x

all those gigs for a 2 minute mission...

6 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:31 ID: gujonot

My theory is that COD is this big so it forces you to remove other games off your hard drive to make space.

ID: guk59gl

For sure that’s the plan on console

7 : Anonymous2021/04/14 19:20 ID: guisgoc

I dont play cod anymore so am out the loop. From what little I've seen of the game it ain't that big?? Like what is even in these files that is taking up so much space? The game ain't pretty enough to justify it entirely with textures and the like. Or am I wrong?

ID: guit2eg

I have no idea. There are 20-50Gb updates that add seemingly nothing. And it sucks that I have to install Warzone just to play Modern Warfare, which isn't updated anymore. The updates are exclusively for the crappy BR Warzone.

ID: guiwd9b

Yea it's that kinda thing that would turn me off the franchise all over again.

ID: guixck6

Warzone is making it that big.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/14 18:31 ID: guilvw5

Be arsed with that

9 : Anonymous2021/04/14 18:36 ID: guimjmi

How big is the game now

ID: guindhv

It is competing with wikipedia

ID: guinhgv

150GB + whatever this update would add to the size.

ID: guios7r

I haven't played the game, but my educated guess is that it doesn't add those 150GB to the file, but it downloads it and overwrites the required files. So the total size of the game isn't the original size + 150GB, but the original size + a bit.

At least, that's how most games/software do it.

ID: guj1n84

I think they suppress some old files as well. So its will not be exactly 150+update.

ID: guitalw

I don't have the campaign installed and my fully patched COD:MW is 160GB.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:30 ID: guja9bz

I uninstalled MW from my PC SSD last week so around 260+GB maybe?, I've been a long-time player since near release and love the game, especially Warzone & Plunder, but I just can't keep up (or justify) the insanely large updates, even when only selecting the Warzone choice!

ID: gujfw3y

I just want to play MW, which I paid for, but I have to install 100GB of Warzone to play it, and install constant 20-100GB updates that do nothing for me.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/15 00:48 ID: gujxklo

I dont play COD Warzone but can anyone tell me. Why these updates are literally in huge sizes?

12 : Anonymous2021/04/15 00:55 ID: gujyc3m

There should be a class action lawsuit against Activision and IW for forcing us to have installed a separate game that's not necessary for MP, constantly shoving shitty CW in our faces (I'm fine with small advertisement boxes but not whole fucking splash screens), the large trash updates that constantly fuck things up for MP, among other things. All the issues with MW feels like it's intentional in hopes that people will get fed up with all the problems and buy CW. I paid for MW, not WZ or CW and shouldn't have that shit forced on me in hopes that I'll buy a game I'll never buy or play.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:40 ID: guk3m2o

I honestly have no clue what is taking up the data. My install is just warzone and multiplayer. It’s a huge install and there is actually zero reason for it.


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