This guy made a working VR shoes. Allowing you to walk in the game but stay in the same spot in real life. He’s playing No Man’s Sky here.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:25 ID: nc5db5
This guy made a working VR shoes. Allowing you to walk in the game but stay in the same spot in real life. He's playing No Man's Sky here.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:31 ID: gy316rz

I can finally do the moonwalk.

Very cool invention.

ID: gy3bdmd

First thought: Annie are you ok?

Second thought: Now you too can be reposted over and over to /nextfuckinglevel

ID: gy3dn3t

I legitimately thought this was an

post until i realized it was

ID: gy3cz11

Should rename that sub to /

3 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:33 ID: gy31am4

I wanna see a jet pack vr invention

ID: gy3a95l

Or diving suit to play Subnautica.

ID: gy3bmx9

With real diving tanks, just think about the immersion when you run out of air..

ID: gy3bi9g

Mandatory Mesmer add on included.

C o m e

C l o s e r

4 : Anonymous2021/05/14 11:10 ID: gy34888

Seeing these VR systems brings to mind all those old videos/pictures of early attempts at air travel.

Eventually someone's going to knock this out of the park, but this looks hilarious.

ID: gy39vbt

Lol like planes with like 6 wings stacked on top of each other

ID: gy3bbjn

Those forefathers of yesteryear always pushing the aeronautical boundaries, great innovators like Xzibit Wright stacking airfoils in airfoils so you can fly while you fly!

ID: gy3pz3u

Try 9 wings

ID: gy3f20l

Wow. This is actually a great comparison!


5 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:32 ID: gy317in

That's awesome! All you need is a fkn cargo hook in your ceiling

ID: gy34t0c

I mean... we never use the sex swing in my bedroom anymore...

ID: gy362ym

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

ID: gy3763a

what if...all those how to diy hanging a a swing from the ceiling requests were actually gamers doing VR instead of sex swings?

ID: gy39xmr

Still way less space than other solutions

ID: gy3cn4t

1) Don't buy your fkn cargo hook from Harbor Freight

2) Be sure it's mounted to a ceiling joist.

ID: gy3aa2o

If you think about it seriously, any person who can buy an expensive VR set must be ready to spend a little extra just to install a cargo hook.

ID: gy3amsq

It's not exactly difficult or expensive...

6 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:43 ID: gy322pl

How are we doing for VR movement like this, will anything come to market at a reasonable price in the next 5-10 years?

ID: gy33ydd

From what I have seen, there are very few realistic options. The cheapest solution is slippery shoes in a dish. There is also the Infinadeck which I cant imagine will ever sell for regular gamer levels of "reasonable".

ID: gy39ce2

Infinideck needs a better promotional video.

ID: gy382qt

That looks like a lot of money to break my hand on those bars with my flailing.

I could break my hand for much cheaper, but it wouldn't be as immersive.

ID: gy39abu

I tried the slippery shoes in a dish setup, horribly awkward and uncomfortable, played for about 10 minutes on a setup in vegas and couldn't wait to get out

Best VR I've played had an entire gym wired up to match the game area so you could walk around the whole room, but that's obviously not useful for playing at home. I'm losing hope there will be any real solution for realistic feeling VR controls without direct brain interface

ID: gy39jsv

Dunno man, I'm afraid I'll have arthritis when these become good enough and not be able to enjoy them 🙁

7 : Anonymous2021/05/14 11:47 ID: gy37hah

"No mom I'm not just sitting here and playing video games! I'm also exercising! Come see for yourselves"

8 : Anonymous2021/05/14 11:09 ID: gy344q9

imagine how much exercise gamers will be gettin

ID: gy37rdt

Flexing budging muscles “why yes I do play VR games, how could you tell?”

ID: gy3f0xe

Wasn’t this literally a plot point of the Ready Player One novel?

ID: gy3bvi6

I actually have a friend who's lost a significant amount of weight since he got the steam VR and started playing beat saber

9 : Anonymous2021/05/14 13:28 ID: gy3igxd

Oh wow, thanks for showing my content. If anyone is interested in following me (source) -

YouTube -

TikTok -

Discord -

ID: gy3wf15

Also, this is open-source. Feel free to take my work and improve on it or do whatever you want with it.

ID: gy47mcy

I appreciate your willingness to share, but seriously, put an open license on it instead.

Free to improve and play with. You get paid if someone starts using it commercially. Cause this looks marketable with a few minor improvements.

ID: gy3oqph

Very imaginative! I'm curious when did you make this video? The UI in NMS is older

ID: gy3svcv

Thanks. It's this video from 2 months ago.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/14 12:18 ID: gy3akpz

Walks like a blursed RoboCop

11 : Anonymous2021/05/14 11:23 ID: gy35af6

And Jesus wept! For there were no more worlds to conquer.

ID: gy3bvt1

I was so hoping that someone would be saying this lol

ID: gy3bxyu

Worlds within worlds!

ID: gy3h16m

This is the future of scrolling!

12 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:53 ID: gy32ukm

Ready player one here we come.

ID: gy35u65

I thought the same thing, and ya know what fuck it let's do this

13 : Anonymous2021/05/14 12:42 ID: gy3d50r

his channel if anyone was wondering, he does great work.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:45 ID: gy326x2

Maybe this would help with motion sickness

ID: gy36aag

I found that walking in place helped with my motion sickness when I first got my index, so I imagine this would do the same (obviously it varies from person to person)

ID: gy397y1

I should try that. I can only manage an hour in Half-Life Alyx before I want to throw up.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/14 12:49 ID: gy3dvxt

Looks uncomfortable as hell

16 : Anonymous2021/05/14 10:58 ID: gy337ja

Talk about a fucking workout though, my lord. No man's sky is fucking colossal


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