Gentlemen, it’s done. I present to you my water cooled Xbox One S.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/13 21:37 ID: nbs3et
Gentlemen, it’s done. I present to you my water cooled Xbox One S.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:24 ID: gy16wss

Now you just gotta put it in a new case to support that radiator and it's golden

ID: gy1952g

I mounted the rad with screws. I cut two holes roughly the size of a 120mm fan and mounted the radiator over that. I might post more pics.

ID: gy19n0s

Fair play, I meant it as in replacing the Xbox case with an mATX case, would need a bit of modification but would be dope mounting it all like a PC. Hell, you could liquid cool the entire thing that way. Or just fish tank it in min oil lol. Good work though!

3 : Anonymous2021/05/13 21:53 ID: gy137m7

Getting ready for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga early, huh?

ID: gy1oi16

Going to be an epic binge that.

ID: gy21jmx

Might even get a silky smooth 30 fps on quality mode

ID: gy2d772

ROCK solid. like so fuckin solid. ya know what im sayin?

you're thinking series s(2020). yea its a one s (2016). I did a triple take because they look identical lol.

ID: gy1yb87


4 : Anonymous2021/05/14 00:18 ID: gy1kcgy

I love how...Beautifully pointless this is. Its why I love the modding culture. Doing it for doings sake sometimes.

ID: gy28q3v

"My PC has a Ryzen 9 CPU and a 3080 GPU. And I fit it into an ammo can, for portability."
"Bruh. You literally never move your computer."
"Yeah dog. But now I can. In fact, now I ammo can."

My take on mods, with no hate because I love it and do it too.

ID: gy1kkrr

Yep! I love the modding community as well!

ID: gy20st0

It might actually be quieter right?

5 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:51 ID: gy1a4w1

This is rad. Unnecessary but rad. Most rad things are unnecessary

ID: gy1d1a6

I agree

ID: gy27a0u

How rad are you saying? On a scale of 120 - 360

ID: gy27i2f

I’d give it maybe 234-235.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:22 ID: gy16ncu

That's shits cool as fuck! Pointless yes but cool too

ID: gy177n7

Water cool*ed

7 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:29 ID: gy17i3e

How are you mounting the rad? There is zero airflow with it like that.

ID: gy18u5l

I there’s plenty of airflow. I cut two holes roughly the size of a 120mm fan and mounted the aio over that.

ID: gy197vk

The missing pieces to the puzzle. I guess that the warm ambient air pulled from inside the case isn't a problem for the cooling capacity, then again, that's how towers do it.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:40 ID: gy20g0w

That’s going void the warranty

Edit :: guess I needed the /s

9 : Anonymous2021/05/13 21:39 ID: gy11gk8


ID: gy11jyo


ID: gy11n63

What games are you playing that require water cooling

10 : Anonymous2021/05/14 00:31 ID: gy1ls6q

I'm a total noob but, does this work better than the defualt fans? Or is just for show?

ID: gy1lvwp

It does cool better, but it’s mainly just for show.

ID: gy1moll

Thanks, I thought was gonna get flamed for this question. I love the project by the way, so pointless, yet so neat.

ID: gy1qmgk

To give just a bit more detail. The main enemy of CPUs is heat. Modern CPUs have a clock speed. Let’s say it’s 5ghz (it’s not) and a boost speed we will say is 5.5ghz (it’s not). When the load is high, when the CPU is working hard, it can boost up to work faster. But that pulls more power and generates more heat. More effective cooling allows for either longer boost periods or higher boost speeds. The Xbox almost certain to does not take advantage of boost speeds because the content is standardized. You are locked at a frame rate and the devs worked within the parameters that the console establishes. Adding cooling could increase the life of components by keeping them cooler but it’s unlikely to add much performance.

I could also be totally wrong

ID: gy1vrj2

Xbox and Ps4 do have a variable clock speeds, but it's more about trying to keep the system from being too loud when it's not needed. So the clock speed will likely stay higher and help with frame times a bit. But nothing of importance. The series X/S and ps5 will likely both see some practical improvements with better cooling though, as they have actual boost speeds.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:22 ID: gy16mbx

Curious, what did you do for the bracket, were you able to modify the existing bracket, or did you create one?

ID: gy18ft9

It’s kinda hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. I installed a NZXT Kraken G12 on my RTX 2080, basically the G12 allows you to put a water cooler on your graphics card with slight difficulty. Long story short when I installed the aio on my gpu I had a spare Nvidia mounting bracket. I found that the bracket fit perfectly in the Xbox one air cooler mounting holes. I then had to put an AMD mounting bracket on the AIO(all in one liquid cooler), with light modifications everything fit together.

ID: gy2hk6w

How did you power the radiator fans and the pump? Are there spots on the Xbox mobo?

12 : Anonymous2021/05/13 23:58 ID: gy1hyyz

Why though?

ID: gy1igcm

Just a thing I wanted to do

ID: gy1wesq

experience 🙂

13 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:07 ID: gy1ws0k

Well that could fix a few of my hard crashes on RedDead I guess?

14 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:54 ID: gy21ypd

What are people playing on the Xbox that requires this? I have an Xbox One and I've never had a problem with overheating. Hell, I've never had an overheating problem with any of my Xboxes over the years, going back to the 360.

This does look very well done, kudos.

ID: gy225su

You're right, it isn't necessary. This seems like just a fun project.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/14 01:12 ID: gy1qfue

Do you plan on making a cover for the circular hole? With two holes for the pipes would look real class.

ID: gy1vo94

I might some time in the future, i wonder if plexiglass would look good.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:20 ID: gy1y592

Now water cool the cooler

17 : Anonymous2021/05/14 00:11 ID: gy1ji8t

That looks cool

18 : Anonymous2021/05/14 00:14 ID: gy1jts4

You turned ur Xbox into Frankenstein's console

19 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:17 ID: gy1xvet

Oooooh he thursty.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/14 02:57 ID: gy229h1

This should be on

21 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:05 ID: gy234j2

Are you getting better fps ? You should do some benchmarks

22 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:42 ID: gy26uin
Now you took stay hydrated to the next level
23 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:48 ID: gy27fn9

Sir, your tactics confuse and frighten me

24 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:53 ID: gy27z5l

Is there proper flow with this configuration? Shouldn't the inlet and outlet of the Radiator be facing downwards to improve fluid flow? Or does this AIO have such little air within it that that is not an issue?


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