Housemarque working “very actively” to release Returnal’s save system soon as possible

1 : Anonymous2021/05/13 18:59 ID: nbodhz
Housemarque working "very actively" to release Returnal's save system soon as possible
2 : Anonymous2021/05/13 20:03 ID: gy0ohed

Yeah a simple save and quit option is definitely needed instead of having to leave your PS5 in rest mode

ID: gy0tmjc

My qualm isn't with the rest mode, it's that you can't play any other games in between.

ID: gy1gj13

Yeah, my wife likes to play everyday too. So I'm definitely waiting for this patch, and probably a few patches after that before buying the game. I really want to play it, but there is no way I'd be able to set aside time for it given the current save system.

ID: gy1sfh5

This. I got a toddler who likes to “play” BugSnaxx!

ID: gy0xef6

That's a really good point too. Sony needs to add a Quick Resume feature already. I don't understand why they haven't already

ID: gy1yv65

I saw a comment in another thread about this that suggested the ability to save, but the save is self-deleting upon loading. So you can't cheese it. All you can do is save your current run, and then load that run. If you die, you try to continue and it's greyed out because it's gone.

I can't see it being cheesed without having direct access to the file structure and being able to copy it. And if someone is willing to go through all that trouble just to cheese a video game, I don't think that person's actions should be to the detriment of everyone else

3 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:34 ID: gy0k3sg

Finished it as is. Glad that this will make it more accessible for all. While it wasn't a deal breaker for me I def had a few runs toasted to glitches and crashes. Glad they are listening to fans.

ID: gy18qpx

Any tips to get past the 3rd boss?

ID: gy1c383

Personally, a Hollowseeker with Serrated Projectiles and Retarget worked best for me. Not to say that's the only option obviously.

Nemesis isn't too bad. Strafe left to right (and vice versa) at the start to avoid the projectiles. Jump and dash the lasers and then the onslaught of projectiles towards the end of the first health bar, after the weird eye things have lasered some of the platform and created a fire, actually requires small movement to reposition and avoid rather than continuous running and dashing.

The second stage works like the first but you have to make your way towards him at certain points. The first part is like the first stage with strafing left and right but as you get towards the edge of the platform you may have to dash in the opposite direction if projectiles are still coming to you. The weird eyes will shoot into the platform creating red circles - two at a time; just do small jumps to avoid each individual circle as they come towards you. They will also do a vertical laser which you can dash through.

The third stage is, surprisingly, not too bad as there's a fair allowance of invincibility with grappling. Use that to your advantage. Nemesis will blow up the platform and you'll be pushed a fair distance from him. Shoot from afar to damage and make your way closer to him via grappling. I find my main annoyance are the weird eye things. If you see one of them doing a yellow X laser attack then jump and dash when you see them doing it. They will also do a red laser attack which blows up the platform you are on. Nemesis has a couple attacks here: swirly blue balls which you can dash forward to avoid by going through them and another one where he shoots purple projectiles, again, easy to avoid by dashing. Alternatively, a well timed fall off a platform will avoid them OR use the invincibility of grappling and grapple to another platform as they come towards you.

As with any Returnal boss, confidence is key. You will get there. Watch some YouTube videos as well for some help. Have an astronaut if you can, get as much integrity as you can, some decent artefacts are good, and the parasite that allows you to survive a hit will be beneficial.

Also remember, since you've got the bridge sorted then you can get to the temple but with all the eyes and then go across the bridge instead of having to get to the top of the temple to create the path.

Good luck.

ID: gy1jbf2

rot lobber

was stuck on it for days. first time i took a rot lobber into the fight i cleared it without issue

ID: gy19g7m

Shoot it

ID: gy1elk7

If you find a Carbine with Leeching Rounds it’s a cakewalk

ID: gy1i7mi

Strafe left to right for the first two phases, taking care to jump the yellow laser beams. For the third phase, you really do just need to keep falling off the platforms and grappling to new ones once and projectiles come your way, taking advantage of invincibility whilst grappling.

If you're really struggling, take your time through biomes 1-3 to up your max integrity and buy am astronaut if you can. Save up any healing items as often as possible.

Carbine and hollowseeker are your best bets. If you have a homing perk, all the better.

ID: gy1e7ki

Same. Glad this update is coming, and hopefully it helps more people enjoy this fantastic game. I finished everything except the 100% collectibles for the platinum, and while I did lose a handful of runs to crashes or lack of saving, it was still a very complete and rewarding experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Returnal to everyone, even in its launch state, but if adding save functionality makes it more accessible to more people, that's a positive in my book.

ID: gy1goqy

Can I ask you how replayable Returnal is?

4 : Anonymous2021/05/14 01:41 ID: gy1tt0s

I can't find any dead corpses from other players. Is that bugged?

ID: gy2p4uf

I didn't even know that was a thing until after I finished the game and watched a review. Wtf

ID: gy28b01

I have the same issue

ID: gy3hwli

The whole online portion of the game seems to work or not work completely randomly. It's really fun when it works.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:12 ID: gy0gxd5

I am happy to say I already finished the game thoroughly and I loved it, but this is something I think the game needs. A save and quit feature is essential and you wouldn't lose the sting of those punishing deaths just because you decide to play a game with a friend or when there is a software update. This game really is amazing and I think such a feature would only benefit everyone who is a fan or on the fence.

ID: gy0tdnp

Yeah same here. I just beat biome 6's boss on my first attempt last night. But I wholly welcome a save feature. The fact that Returnal is a roguelike and has permadeath is already challenging enough. Not being able to put the game down and continue your run at a later time is really excessive and not necessary.

ID: gy0tqax

Nice job, the boss is so cool. I completed the additional things after that as well, really cool and I recommend you do so also.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:10 ID: gy0gma1

Big W

ID: gy1jphg

yea for both players and housemarque. We look at games like godfall where it launched without matchmaking and people have to use discord or reddit to find people to do runs with it's pretty sad. Players asked the developer for a matchmaking and they're like "we'll have news soon" and it's been over a month in silence because they're waiting to announce the expansion before even implementing something that the game should have launched with. It's pretty pathetic. Idk how outrides is right now either, but the players asked them to stop nerfing builds so they can have fun playing the game? what did they do? nerfed everything and in the process had a lot of inventory wipes. Again, stubborn developer decisions that kills playerbase.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/13 21:11 ID: gy0y1dr

Oh thank God finally

8 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:24 ID: gy16y8i

Glad to hear it, this was the only reason I didn’t get it. Wasn’t a fan of losing hours of progress due to a new update / stupid death

9 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:11 ID: gy23ras

Good. Once they implement a save and quit they’ll get a sale from me.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:08 ID: gy0gb8q

When it happens I'll be buying the game.

ID: gy0l67w

Unless you're like a god at beating video games you could buy the game now and probably not actually need the save feature for the first week (or two) you play cuz you'll be dying so quickly. At least that's the case with my sad Returnal existence. Sigh.

ID: gy0qojc

I'm with you! I want the save feature at some point, but right now, It's more like:

Alright, I only have 30 minutes, let's see what I can do.
17 minutes in: DIE
Now what? I have 13 minutes left. Should i start another? 😀


ID: gy1l3fl

Haha ya. What are these long runs people are talking about.

ID: gy1os44

Ehhh bought it a week ago, beat it today. Granted I put in hours.

That being said, after I beat it I started a new run and worked SUPER hard on staying 5x and full health, made it to biome 3 with about 220% health and artifacts maxed out. 3 hours of play and it crashed on me. I’m glad I beat it beforehand bc now I have 0 desire to ever touch it until a save system happens.

ID: gy0loiq

Same here. By all accounts this seems like a great game, but lack of mid-run save is a total deal breaker as I share my PS5 with my wife.

ID: gy0rvmk

Oh shit I didn’t even think about how much trouble this would cause anyone sharing a console with multiple profiles. Very happy to hear they are implementing a fix.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/14 08:09 ID: gy2rx3c

It's curious to me to see people rushing bosses on this game. Meanwhile, me, the scrub, found the whole game incredibly easy because I just went into every door at all times clearing everything before meeting bosses, which means when I got there I was massively OP, I could tank more than 4 or 5 hits before crapping out. The game is just so good I can't imagine forfeiting on any chance to engage with enemies outside of challenge runs. I fucking love this game, it's the first time since bloodborne I fell like I played half an our and it's been 3 already!

12 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:46 ID: gy0luh8

This headline is clickbait. The article itself, a screenshot of which is in the tweet, tells practically the exact opposite story.

A “solution”, not explicitly a save because they aren’t using that term themselves, is possibly happening if they figure out a way to do so, which they haven’t yet.

It sounds like any solution would be quite a while away, while the headline would make you believe they’ve already got a save system in place and are working to add it in ASAP.

ID: gy13jfb

Totally. I wonder if it was based on the "interview" that is coming "tomorrow." You are right, that title and tweet are contradictory.

ID: gy2wd7e

yeah wtf lol.

"we hear the feedback, but we have no idea what to do! we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas! we're actively working on thinking about listening to the community, but we're not quite there yet"

the solution seems obvious: implement a self-deleting save system like Enter the Gungeon, Hades, Undermine, and almost every other well-regarded roguelike/lite

13 : Anonymous2021/05/14 03:18 ID: gy24gk6

Now I might consider buying it

14 : Anonymous2021/05/14 08:11 ID: gy2s11h

About time. Until that's in I'm not buying. Probably still just going to rent it. 70 bucks is going to make me fucking picky.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/14 09:23 ID: gy2wly1

So the fix here is what? 1 save slot that is immediately overwritten upon death. That way you can still access it if you turn off the console but not save scum

16 : Anonymous2021/05/14 09:41 ID: gy2xr0l

I see the point of it, for people who don't have the free time i do. But i love the game as it is, the save feature won't take anything away from it and will probably get more people to buy it

17 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:46 ID: gy0lza2

It was completely silly to release with the system they have now.

I understand they wanted to promote a lean-forward, hardcore mindset. You can't walk away from a Pac-Man or Street Fighter machine in an arcade and expect to find your progress saved when you get back, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us. No second chances.

But what they inflicted on buyers goes beyond in-game difficulty. It goes to the babies who cry, the kids who want to play Minecraft, the friends who want to squad up — the other parts of our lives. Savegames aren't just for making games easier; they're for making lives easier.

ID: gy0v4rv

A game of Pacman also only takes like 10 minutes before you get bored or die lol. A game of Returnal can take 1 hour up to 4, depending on where you start and how good you are.

When all other rogue games, who's gameplay is based on 30 minute or less runs, have saves in it because they understand Life Happens... Not having saves in Returnal, it's just a very shitty idea they thought would be "neat".

ID: gy2f5xh

Yeah the fundamental problem is that runs can take over am hour. Imo, once you break the 30 minute mark, you really should have a save system.

ID: gy119xx

Last night i was finally hitting a groove then it crashed right before the boss that i was totally prepped for. Thought i'd give it one more quick exploratory run to see what kind of roll before bed, and would up looking super amazing. I paused and rest half-way through and then, of all days, my youngest really wanted to play astro this AM (the kids don't ask to play often). So I had to pass on my incredibly promising run so others could use the system. Simple save would have been great there.

ID: gy0zx5a

The funny thing is how so many returnal players in the games sub keep sharing "get good" or "that's not how the developers designed the game".

They are defending bad design practices.

ID: gy2ohi7

While completely ignoring the fact the game literally starts by saying "pause progress by putting your console into rest mode". So they actively knew this was going to be an issue, and still decided not to launch the game without a save feature.

ID: gy0s4cn

well said.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/14 07:50 ID: gy2qo5e

They don't need to change the game, they just need a way to suspend the game, to do a save and resume feature so you can play another game and go right back to where you were. It's a one-time save, not a save file, as in you save, play another game, hit continue, and you're right back in the game but that save is deleted. It's one-time.


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