Free Talk Friday – March 05, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:00 ID: ly4ha5

Welcome to the Free Talk Friday post. This is a place where you can talk about dumb off-topic (or on-topic) bullshit with other Zaibatsu fans.

There's going to be a new post every week, and the newest one will be pinned in the announcement bar for quick access. So feel free to visit these posts during the rest of the week.

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2 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:39 ID: gpqsmbd

I've finally got an interview and a job description for this company I really wanted to work at. And boy, am I glad it didn't come sooner - like half the items on this "Desired Skills" list I only picked up as a direct result of this contract I've been working in the meantime. So... whew.

This position is a jump up in responsibility and power from anything I've done, but I also feel more prepared for it than any interview before. Send me your energy, shitlords, as I have sent you mine.

This is a bright light of optimism in a month that's overwhelmingly felt like... like the pendulum is coming down. Time running out.

ID: gpqw8o0

Take my energy!

ID: gpr1hhe

Take it!

3 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:19 ID: gpqqu3e

Woh, I've never been so early to one of these.

I'm just starting to realize how much I've been affected by being in school so long.

I barely think about playing video games anymore. Between getting off work, finishing assignments, going back to work, I don't even know what it's like to have a day off to just get lost in a piece of media.

I've actually gotten so accustomed to this "no time, gotta get shit done" mindset that I don't even know if I'm capable of shutting it off. Of really relaxing.

And if that's the case, I'd like to devote that energy to something worthwhile. I think I've got a decent job lined up after college, but it's not something I'm close to being passionate about.

Ive been watching interviews with Marty O'Donnel, and I reall think I want to work in video games. But damn have I heard that industry sucks.

I like to think that I could just fall back on that boring job and work on a game in my free time. But I don't know if I would every really do that.

Not to mention I've always wanted to move out of the midwest and to somewhere with a beach, and a music / art scene, and exponentially less radical conservative nutjobs.

But anyways, I'm still grateful for what I have. All in all my time in school has been extremely rewarding, and no matter what I think I'll be OK.

ID: gpr3rsg

Its a hard call, and its really something that theres no definitive answer for. I've been in the workforce for about 4-5 and due to my career choice im basically guaranteed to never have a job I enjoy or have any sort of passion for. But that kinda lifestyle somehow works well for me. It really varies from person to person, but a healthy work/life balance goes a long way regardless which direction you take.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:00 ID: gpqp52l

Since a certain gateway drug to furryism is trending right now, I'm gonna take this oppurtunity to plant a flag on a hill so that I might die on it.

Maid Marian > Lola Bunny

Now that thats outta the way, I admit it was a pretty slow week this time so I aint got much to say. So I guess I can just show some art(?) I did this week. One I did because it was Chun-Lis birthday, and one because back and watched some early episodes of Spongebob and had a dumb idea from it.

ID: gpqp8y3

Vixey > Nala

ID: gpqr2w6

are you ojou over tomboy or it's only if they have fur?

ID: gpqsrsz

Yooo Maid Marian all day. Lola a sexy ass thot but Maid Marian a beautiful lady.

ID: gpqx89z

What a coincidence, I just finished rewatching Robin Hood.

Good artwork btw!

ID: gprorsr

Date Lola, wife up Maid Marian.

ID: gpspr2t

I'd like Marian more if Disney weren't cowards and made her a lion like the rest of her family. There's a real dearth of anthro big cat girls

ID: gpu3d84

I will join you on that hill, comrade.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:00 ID: gpqp4sn

Chipped a tooth this week. So now I get to go to the dentist... and I just lost dental insurance a few months ago! So that's great. Going to cost a pretty penny...

Finally finished the main story in the the FGO SERAPH event. I really like the story, but this event's grind was just not fun to me. Grinding out some of these missions sucked, especially considering the difficulty and that the CEs spawn more strong enemies. Still need to get BB maxed out and do the high difficulty dungeon.

Didn't get Kingprotea. Now to grind as much SQ as I can for Kama...

Finished 13 Sentinels. That end was pretty great. Those final fights are so much fun and so hectic. I never really had difficulty with any of the battles, but those at least made them a resource challenge. So many enemies... The frames... where did they go?! Missile rain! Missile rain! Deploy all the sentries!

As far as who my favorite character storylines were, I really liked Megumi(best girl) and Juro, Ogata, and Yuki. Almost everyone was good though but I didn't care for Iori, Sekigahara, and Gouto's stories.

Really great game though. Wish it would come out on Switch or PC just so more people could play it. Now I feel like I should go back and play Odinsphere on my Vita...

Lastly, I continued The Last of Us 2. I'm sure most people are tired of even talking about it, but its new to me and I wanted to see for myself and form my own opinion instead of just shitting on it without having experienced it myself, like I have been.

About 8 or so hours in, right after you meet up with Jesse and flee in the truck. Overall, I'm mixed on it.

The combat is fun and it feels real good to kill people. Dont like how often you have the high ground, theres nothing below, but the second you drop down it spawns a bunch of enemies and you get ambushed. At one point it did it multiple times in a row in short succession and that irritated me a bit.

Story wise, I like Dina and Jesse the most and wish this game was about them instead. I like the flashbacks with Joel. But other than that, nothings really hooked me yet. Like I'm 8 hours in, know Im not even halfway, very little has happened, and I already feel it is dragging. Even if I end up liking the game more than I thought I would, the length is my main issue atm.

So yeah... Going to keep playing that.

ID: gpqq56e

Awesome! Now that you’ve finished a mere nominee for Best Narrative of the 2020 Game Awards, you can fully immerse yourself in the true, undisputed Best Narrative / Game / Performance... vomits

All snide joking aside, super glad you enjoyed 13 Sentinels (even if you have made the grievous typo of marking Megumi as best girl over Natsuno). I loved the shit out of it, easily my favorite game of last year and one of my favorites period.

And TLOU2... has some good parts here and there. Eventually.

ID: gpqs6ku

Any opinion on the weed room in last of us 2? Somehow it felt Young adult type of story which wouldn't be so bad if the game wasn't supposed to be 17+ for me. It's a weird nitpick but I think that part of the problem with the story is it doesn't match the ruthless gameplay and urban jungle environment by being somewhat coming of age story and the weed room for me is where it stands out

ID: gpr1bt5

Yessssss definitely go back and play Odin Sphere, its really good. Actually now that I think about it, thats not really saying much because every modern Vanillaware game is really good. I actually tried to go back and play my copy of Muramasa Rebirth, but my save data got corrupted so I lost my complete save file... I kinda lost some motivation after that.

Also if you end up needing it, a bit of advice for the final battle of the detour dungeon. Plugsuit + Jeanne, Mash, Merlin + your strongest ST buster servant should do it. If you get 2 sets of Merlin buffs on your damage dealer you should be able to kill the boss with an NP on turn 34 or 41

ID: gpu319r

Yea, the grind was not great, especially eater x.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:13 ID: gpqqbb9

It's my birthday today!


Don't let it set in.

ID: gpqqnv4

Happy Birthday!

ID: gpqricp

Happy birthday! Try not to think about the inevitable march if your mortality.

ID: gpqsoe9

That's wonderful!

ID: gpr35wu

ID: gpsjbjp

Happy Birthday!

7 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:17 ID: gpqqn13

So yeah, I'm just going to keep promoting Curious Ventures for Curious Folk here because my viewership is stagnating. For the people who keep up, there won't be an update next week because the next page will be a lot longer.

Also my visual novel friend managed to snag a composer to do a theme for her game. It's actually really high-quality stuff even without the arranging she plans to apply to it when it's put in.

ID: gpqrv78

At least know that you have regular readers for your comic whenever you post it, like me.

ID: gpu5ghl

Yea, I haven't had the energy to read anything the last few weeks. Between work and insomnia flaring up I have no energy.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:19 ID: gpqqsrj

After finishing Naruto and Bleach I decided to read a series I’ve never actually read from start to finish: Dragon Ball. I’ve finished the 1st few arcs and it’s a lot of fun. The 1st like 23 chapters are very comedic and more of just a silly adventure before we get to the fighting the series is known for and it was good. It’s actually pretty funny and I enjoy the character interactions quite a bit.

The only humor I’m not too fond of is Roshi and Oolong being pervs which Oolong stops being a creeper fairly quickly after his introduction but Roshi not so much. He comes off a lot creepier than I remember and some of it is just kinda uncomfortable. I don’t mind pervy characters too much as I like Sanji or Jiraiya but I feel like they are still mostly likable and usually never went too far.

Roshi though is like, I’ll help you out on Ox Mountain if I can get some Bulma titties. Other than that though it’s pretty comedic and one of my favorite parts is a door is locked so Goku punches a hole in it and moves it out of the way.

And I love Goku so far as a character. He’s so dumb but earnest and I find him very endearing. A lot of the best moments are just him being innocent to a fault and it’s fun to see others play off of that. And it’s interesting to see Goku nowadays as I’m a lot more familiar with characters inspired by him such as Luffy or Gon so it’s cool to see the original inspiration and appreciate the differences in each of them that make me like them all so much.

The 1st couple of arcs are just comedy and then the training and action starts with the 1st tournament and the action is good. Easy to follow art and good paneling to give a good pace and flow to the fights. It’s solid stuff and the fights will probably only get better from here now that I’ve started the Red Ribbon Army Arc.

But yeah so far Dragon Ball is pretty fun and I’m looking forward to more. I’m also looking forward to going through the Z portion with this new knowledge of the previous characters and story.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:00 ID: gpqp4j6

Almost a year to the day after my old reliable ‘03 MacBook Pro crapped out, I’ve finally ordered my replacement laptop: a 2020 MacBook Air. Wish I could have afforded the new Pro, but I’m sure this will suffice for writing, browsing, and the occasional indie game or visual novel. It’ll arrive on the 12th, so here’s hoping it comes through okay and was the right choice.

Fate/Grand Order Report

I really wish the story of this event wasn’t so good and the reward at the end so tantalizing, because playing it continues to be like pulling teeth. Summer 3 was brutal, but at least that was a reliable grind and had some mid-pandemic vacation escapism.

Considering how little time there is left, I sure hope the scene of Emiya Alter murdering the scientists and then being confronted by Kiara means I’m nearing the end of the story. That was grim shit and I really wish I could see what was next without spending my entire last session grinding money for the next plot key.

Also, I played with Kingprotea in a guest support and now I’m even more upset that I didn’t roll her. She’s awesome! And she’s so BIGG!


Everybody on the One Piece train, WE GETTIN’ A ROBIN SOLO FIGHT NEXT TIME! Oh man, oh man. I’ve been waiting since Skypiea and I read Skypiea in like April of last year, I can’t imagine how people who’ve been with the series for years or decades feel.

Otherwise, notable manga reading’s been all Claymore this week, as I went out of my way to blast through the rest of the 61 chapter stretch covered by the anime. Now I have 94 chapters of completely new content to go through, and all I really know regarding spoilers is that the final boss is Priscilla (duh), she kills off a lot of characters, and people generally hate how long the fight goes on for.

Luckily, these last three animated arcs were mostly still as good as I remembered, so reading wasn’t a chore. The Ophelia stuff was actually a lot better than I recalled, as I didn’t remember (or wasn’t paying attention to) how consequential it is for Clare’s character. It’s a fairly stock “fight and fail against strong villain, train under a mentor, go back and beat the villain” arc, but seeing Clare emotionally vulnerable and completely detached from Raki’s awestruck POV does a lot for her as the main protagonist. And the fact that the mentor is the sole survivor of the team sent to kill Teresa is very fun.

Witch’s Maw arc was always my favorite non-flashback arc and that held true; Riful and Dauf are just such a fun, fascinating, loathsome couple, and I can’t wait to see if they’ll actually be relevant again and get closure. I’m less hot on the Northern invasion, which unfortunately also held true from the anime: it did have great highlights (in particular, revisiting and fleshing out the team dynamic of Clare, Helen, Deneve and Miria made me care way more about these ladies hopefully becoming “the party”), but it being a cast massacre arc that wastes interesting ladies like Undine and Rigaldo being such a dull villain to enable that always boiled my blood. At least the stuff with Isley training Raki is compelling.

Onward and upward, to new content! I hope it’s worth it!

Other Shit

Well I’m dropping Mushoku Tensei, due to learning some really disgusting plot shit. I was already teetering despite the great production values and interesting ideas, but Rudy’s an actively reprehensible protagonist who’s been a black mark from the start, and knowing where that goes, I have no interest in watching further. Wish Ghislaine was in a better series, she’s awesome.

You know what’s a good anime, though? Deca-Dence! Deca-Dence is really good anime! I finished it today, and all I can say is that it feels like a Trigger anime but is better than pretty much anything Trigger have worked on since Luluco (no surprise that the director also worked on Kill la Kill). The animation, the character writing and vibrant designs, the blend of serious and silly tones, it’s all what I want from a good Trigger show and yet it came from a much smaller studio. Kaburagi and Natsume are easily the best parts and some of my favorite protagonists in any recent anime; Natsume in particular has such an infectious charm and beautiful arc that she carried much of the show for me.

Certain things have less payoff than I was hoping for and the ending isn’t exactly everything I wanted it to be, but it was emotionally satisfying and the letdowns aren’t serious enough bummers to stop me from highly recommending the show. One of the best anime of last year and it deserves a lot more buzz than it got. Natsume best girl.

Lastly, I finished reading Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi and have gotten almost halfway through its sequel. I shared my thoughts on Rise here, but I just wanted to shill them once again because they’re really good reads. If you like ATLA or Korra, you owe it to yourself to check out Kyoshi’s story.

ID: gpqpzik

This FGO event really has been a lot. I don't usually get burnt out, even on the heavy grinding events, but I have really dragged ass on this one.

And its okay, you aren't alone in the No Kingprotea gang 🙁

But hey Deca-Dence! Woo! I think a bunch of people didn't like the way it went and the turns it took, but I think that stuff made it a much more unique and memorable experience. The contrast of the cyborgs cartoony art and the more realistic human art was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Definitely has me looking forward to what that studio does in the future.

And the MC of Mushoku Tensei is the main reason I haven't bothered with it. Heard some rumblings before it aired, and then watched the Glass Reflection video on it, and yeah no thank you.

ID: gpqukwq

I find that using a walkthrough guide from gamepress to be really useful and it helpful, especially when farming for the story progressions items.

One thing I can say, having finished the event myself, they are trying really hard to sell you on Meltrillyis... and it worked, for me at least. And theres some banger music in the event too.

I hope you the best in finishing and maxing out your welfare BB before the even ends. Also if you needs a lvl 100 10/10/10 Lucha-libre Onee-chan Ruler to bully a certain devilish kouhai, just look at my All

ID: gpr00p7

I was thinking of taking a peak at the Mushoku Tensei manga, what kind of disgusting plot stuff are we talking about?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:19 ID: gpqqvjw

Hey do you guys mind adding me on steam? We'll probably just stare at each other's achievements and activity but I can talk about some cool stuff like boomer shooters.

I don't actually play anything online but it would be cool knowing people to talk to sometimes. I've tried FB pages and Discord servers but everyone seemed very little friendly.

I've been feeling really anxious that my gamepass sub is almost expiring so I'm trying to finish DQXI as soon as I can, unfortunately there won't be any time left to get into FFVIII, IX or Disgaea 4, so I'll tackle other games I have available.

ID: gpqwbva

Sent you a Steam friend invite on a lark. Fortunately, I also like boomer shooters, so we're in good company.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:01 ID: gpqp5nq

Week Hospice Care of quarantine. One of my uncles is staying at my house, since he needs someone to look out for him after getting a foot surgery at a VA hospital. Things are certainly busier with him around, since he can barely move around. Not that it’s a bad time, but definitely busier. Although the one thing I wish I didn’t have to do was drive around town to buy specific cigarettes for him. I would point out the irony of him smoking a lot having just gotten out of a hospital, but I don’t think I’ll be changing a nearly 70 year old’s mind about smoking. Oh well, at least he heads outside to do it.

Anyway, for games I’ve been playing this week, I’ve been getting back into more FPS. So, I decided to get Doom on the Switch, since it was on sale. Did you know that it supports downloading WADs? I didn’t, but I really like that feature. Now I can download Sigil and The Plutonia Experiment and have John Romero make me his bitch/get gang-tackled by a bunch of Revenants courtesy of the Casali Brothers. Well, once I finish the OG Doom episodes, at least. What kind of fucking maniac would walk into The Plutonia Experiment without warming up first?

Also for FPS games I bought on sale for my Switch, I also got Crysis. Yep, it’s still good in terms of gameplay, even after all these years. Although man, it’s rough running it on the Switch. It can chug quite a bit whenever a building blows up, and I’ve had the game crash on my multiple times when in heavy firefights. Although given how demanding that game is, I suppose it’s a miracle that it even runs on a Switch at all. And one other thing that occurred to me while playing it, I wish that we would’ve gotten more games with this kind of structure, with huge open levels to allow you to tackle objectives in whatever ways you want, while still having clearly defined level ends. It’s a nice change of pace to have after seeing a lot of stuff like Far Cry games. Not that those are entirely bad, but sometimes dealing with a fully open world can get annoying/boring at times.

Anyway, as for my regular shilling corner here, my Fire Emblem: Three Houses fanfic updated as it normally does. I’m pretty happy with the latest chapter, even if it was a shorter one due to a lot of it being dialogue. I’ve had a chapter like this in mind for a while, so it’s nice to finally put it out there.

And finally, in my normal mecha talk section here, the Aura Battler Dunbine rewatch over at /

has ended! I had a blast rewatching it. But man, seeing it all in order again really does emphasize how much the last third of that series is pretty botched with the sudden teleportation of all Aura Machines to Upper Earth. What is otherwise a great plot point turns into a slog for nearly an entire cour, with only the ending still redeeming the show. Still though, despite Aura Battler Dunbine’s flaws, I’d still recommend watching it. It still has a lot of cool stuff in it to make up for the messy last part. And besides, who can deny that banger of an OP? Those horns are top tier.

ID: gpqx6cz

I dunno, I found myself a lot more invested in the last third of Dunbine more than the middle one. I guess the reverse-isekai twist had a lot a staying power with me.

That and I was relieved they gave up on trying to rescue Princess Emily, after failing over and over again.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:19 ID: gpqqvkd

I've been playing way too much Bravely Default 2. The gameplay is definitely king here, since the story has been fairly nothing. The Prologue was super rushed feeling and Chapter 1 wasted most of its time on an uninteresting attempt at political intrigue. Chapter 2 though? Pretty good in comparison. It was fairly dark - it centers around the grief-stricken family of a young girl who was killed, and also features another young girl who's a murderous pyschopath being left by the party to be buried in a cave-in so ya know good shit.

They hid a cool card game away in a casino in the desert city. It's necessary for a 100% optional job, but they don't really point you towards it at all. I still don't quite get it? It's about placing cards to take tiles, and you can steal your opponent's tiles by flanking them. Sometimes it feels like the tiles will be stolen without being flanked??? I might be missing something and need to reread the tutorial. Fun though. Glad if I lose a card in a match I can just go back to its original owner and win it back from them again tho.

Watched that Monster Hunter movie. Pretty bad. amazing how Paul W.S. Anderson has gotten worse with every movie he's put out. Also Ron Perlman's wig is insane. I wish he had been in the movie more. I wish Tony Jaa had mattered in this movie. Also why did Milla Jovovich give the palico chef a thirsty look does she want to fuck him is he Anderson's fursona

A week ago I made a shitpost that was a genuine opinion under a StruggleTweets post and I'm still getting salty white people in my mentions mad that I said Chik-Fil-A is at best mid.

ID: gpt9k7e

I'm really enjoying BD2, but I can't help but feel like the game needed a bit more time and polish. The performance is pretty rough at times, and there are so many weird UI/UX decisions. The fact that side quests are numbered but there's no quest log for completed quests is not great for my mind goblins

I just unlocked B&D and I'm already addicted. It's like card game Go and I love it

ID: gpqqwdv

It looks as though you may have spelled "Chick-fil-A" incorrectly. No worries, it happens to the best of us!

13 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:23 ID: gpqr6x2

Astolfo has been on my mind since someone showed me this video.

FGO news: seraph is over besides farming for the lore. Great event but grindy with great music. Good finish it now makes me upset that CCC is basically unplayable. I look forward to Fate Extra at least.

I beat Hades on extreme measures 4 and hit the epilogue. I still have not finished Thanatos's social link everything is done besides giving him the last of the ambrosia. This is a good game. Some spoilers now>! That epilogue was way too quick. I guess my only real complaint with the game is that I wish there was more game. Not a bad complaint to have honestly. I am sitting around 11 heat on the arthur sword I love that thing. I kicked it up to 16 heat for the second skelly statue. Dont feel that much desire to go for 32 heat even though I feel like I could do it with a good run.!<Pretty great game there definitely is a feeling of improvement as you go through it not just from some hidden number futzing they do in the background.

I have started Control. I am very surprised by the games tone. A lot of the people working at this place seem nice, reasonable, and instantly accept you as director. It makes me suspicious at how accepting they are. Jesse is a weirdo I like all the weird camera stuff they do to her but I cant help but imagine what the conversation must be like for the other side as she just clams up for long periods of time.

I finished book 2 of Malazan empire. The seven cities was a good time but it does lack the focus of the single city from the previous book. I loved Mappo and Icarium. Coltaine was a legend and I loved everything to do with the chain of dogs. My god what a legend. I really enjoy the dialogue they give to soldiers in this series. The big highlight was one of the characters describing their feet facing the sky on the ladder of promotion with their face in horseshit.

ID: gpqznpx

Well, now Astolfo's on my mind as well.

ID: gpqt5nd

Hades is fucking awesome. Fuck, you kicked it straight to Heat 16, did you? Shit, I've just been grinding out each Heat level, switching weapons at every run and I'm still at Heat 11 or 12 thanks to Zagreus Coronacht. Fuck you, Dad; I like my coward weapon. Also, Extreme Measures 4 is so fun. I never thought I would enjoy fighting the hardest boss in the game over and over again as much as I did.

Just curious, what's your favourite or winning build on your best runs? Recently, I've mostly been going hard with Artemis' Attack and Special Boons + Athena's Divine Dash + either Poseidon's or Ares' Aid + Summon Batty.

ID: gpqr6xk

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ID: gpr74ki

Oh hey, I remember commenting after you finished GotM!

Mappo is indeed best boy, he is too pure for this world. The Chain of Dogs is just the best. It's brutal, but I love how we see some moments of levity mixed in - all of the scenes with the sappers are hilarious. Also, obligatory fuck Mallick Rel

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:07 ID: gq4j0vx

I can't believe that Granblue Fantasy is having a bobobo collab in the year of our lord 2021

ID: gq5lme4

Holy shit.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:30 ID: gpqrs7j

Week 94 of job hunt

Friday- boss pays for the week we did get to work so I'm on mega budget mode.

Saturday fuck late fees drained half thr paycheck I don't have enough for rent and car loan. I beg my cheapskate father and he only gives 200 bucks just enough to have 20 to live on for two weeks. I got a friend to spot me a hundred he got 8x his money back on gamestop so he is generous. I owe him some help painting his house though (which I was going to do anyway)

Sunday more late fees fuck me have to use hundred dollars to pay it off. Mega budget mode go.

Monday get checks cleared in time for re- wait what! More late fees!? But I payed on time! Heads are gonna roll.

Apartments decided to extract payment for the rent...on Saturday the 27th at 11.59 pm instead of the agreed upon 1st at 9am. Which results in an overdraft fee for me and the apartments charge me as well. So more money gone.

Tuesday managed to scrounge up enough for the other payments but then the energy company snatches it up.

Wednesday final safety net drained completely I only have 50 bucks for the next two weeks.

Thursday and another fee is added to the pile. 0 dollars and no lifeline left as boss for this week's pay to help me out. He let's me because he heard my colorful conversation with them about the fees before work on Monday. Pays me for Friday too. Oh and internet decides to charge me 8 days earlier this month for no goddamed reason. So another overdraft fee plus bill. At least this company waved the fee after I called in and explained.

Money money money. Dad tells me to get rid of my weight and join the army if I can't function. I am trying to lose weight but stress makes me want to eat and I've been in a Neverending money stress conga for the last two months

16 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:31 ID: gpqrv6i

Anybody know any good 'Modern Day Girl In Middle Earth' Stories? I've only found two that aren't schlock so far and I'm kinda hooked on the concept.

I don't think I'll be finishing the current FGO event, but I'm not too worried because I 100% it on the first time it ran. Also, I got Kingprotea and Trsitain this year and Emiya Alter, Passionlip, and the fox girl saber last year, so I'm good. Gotta save up for Kama after all.

Medical coding exams continue to suck studying for.


In preparation for Godzilla Vs. Kong spoilers getting out in the wild, what is the YouTube extension that blocks video's with certain keywords?

Shout-out to my uncle reprising his role in Coming To America 2.

The Date A Live: Spirit Pledge/Certain Scientific Railgun collab event is about to end, and I am very upset I won't be able to unlock Misaka. Boo.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:20 ID: gpqqw48

finally got scheduled for more eye surgery. yey.

not much to talk about this week other than the FGO grind is sloooow going. Oh, and they showed off another rune factory 5 trailer. it's looking good. succubus wife will be romanced.

also, spring is here. you know how I know? ALLERGIIIIIIIIIIES.

ID: gpqz1hh

Oh shit, I had no idea we got a new RF5 trailer today until I read this. I think the big takeaway was that it seems like we can have children this time and they actually grow up? Is that new to RF?

ID: gprz93g

I need to get back to rune factory 4 some stuff came up right after the first arc finished and I havent been back in awhile. I had been grinding up my seed levels

18 : Anonymous2021/03/05 07:25 ID: gpr0mk9

I watched Promare. Yup, that was Trigger alright.

The unique art style made for a nice change from the usual Trigger animation. My only complaint was the very first fight scene where I had a hard time telling what was going because the backgrounds were so busy. The characters were fun as usual. I like how there's both a waifu and a husbando so you can take your pick. That's the future right there.

In other news don't sleep on Wonder Egg Priority.

I might or might not be addicted to Junna's Abayo Yesterday. I'm shocked it hasn't been used as an anime opening yet.

ID: gpt334w

Yeah Promare is pretty solid. I watched it for the second time about a week ago and it really does feel like a whole season of an anime condensed into a single movie.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:19 ID: gpqqua1

A pretty slow week, I'm finally back at uni so I had to make sure that everything was ready for when that happened. Still wasn't, y'know, fun or enjoyable at all but at least it's my last year until I can go and do my masters of teaching.

FFXIV: Finished the main story of Heavensward. Fuck man, that story is so good. I was pretty much completely absorbed by it the entire time, and I appreciate the lack of interruptions from dungeons and trials since while they are fun, they do also get in the way of the flow of the story. Now that my general thoughts are out of the way, BIG SPOILERS FOR HEAVENSWARD: HUARCHEFANT WHYYYYYYYYYYYY! I cannot believe that they would take my favourite fucking character away from me like that. It is so heart-wrenching a scene and it feels like it's the first actual death that really fucks up the WoL. Like, Moenbryda dying is really upsetting, but more in a "fuck the Ascians" kind of way, since you didn't really know her before. Haurchefant felt like a fucking gut punch. Ysayle sacrificing herself is also really sad, and I really liked her as well, so it's been a rough expansion for my WoL's favourite characters. The final Thordan fight is really visually spectacular, even though it feels like a interactive cutscene more than a "fight" but it really sells just how terrifying the WoL is, even at this point in the grand scheme of things. The Alexander raids have been good too, I appreciate their relative shortness and fighting through a giant robot is a really cool backdrop for a dungeon. That music too, ugh, so good. Just have to finish the Dragonsong war stuff and it's on to Stormblood. Hopefully I can at least get to the end of main story Shadowbringers before Endwalker comes out so I can feel less behind than my FC.

FGO: Finished all the missions and got my NP5 BB. Fuck missions events. That's all really, the White Day event sounds cool but with Kama coming up I really can't afford to spend SQ on gramps. Bummer.

Other Stuff: I've been playing a bunch of Renegade Platinum in preparation for the Gen 4 remakes later this year. I figured they'd be good since they were made by the same guy who made Volt White and Blaze Black but I am still blown away at just by how making the games encounters, movesets and trainers more varied the whole thing spikes in quality by like a hundred percent.

ID: gpqtmon

In terms of Pure Aesthetic, nothing can top the Alexander Raids for me. Especially the music.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:33 ID: gpqs3ri

Got a couple job interview/applications this week! Riding that high, hoping I don't fuck up.

Also I recently revisited /

for nostalgia's sake. I saw people making comments in-character without using emotes. Wow nuReddit really fucked things over on the emote front, but I'm holding out hope that it can be reinstated again somehow.

In the meantime, still churning out emote sheets even though I'll be the only person seeing the funny faces next to my reddit comments.

Also started drawing after a month-long hiatus. I'm committing a lot of patreon-level sins with my art.

ID: gpqxar9

Good luck on the interviews!

21 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:15 ID: gpqqgzh

Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth discussing things with people on the internet. You meet tons of people who probably assume the worst in you and your words for no reason and it gets so annoying sometimes. You see that so much on youtube comments and such. So many times you see people getting worked up over what they think the other person may have said in the YouTube comments section.

Other than that I have discovered the anime the disastrous life of saiki k. It's one of the funniest animes I have seen recently. The humor kind of reminds me of Gintama, with it have a crazy ensemble cast of weird and funny characters.

ID: gpqsyy7

Aw, hell. I'm real sorry that happens, and that it happened to you in specific. I don't exactly know what it is either. But it makes it pretty nice when someone argues in good faith and gives you the benefit of the doubt re: intentions, worldview, stuff like that.

We'd rather that be the default than just a silver lining though, of course.

I'll have to look into Saiki K. Ever read Sket Dance?

ID: gpqyzb1

Your first paragraph is honestly one of the biggest reasons I was scared to indulge myself on this subreddit about K-pop shit. I like K-pop but it's difficult to talk about in circles outside of its niches like K-pop Twitter. People always assume the worst of us and our interests on the internet and I really cannot fight their opinions given the collective negative reputation of stan twitter and sensationalized industry issues. At the same time, it feels really isolating for someone like me who's not sociable online and who isn't equipped to refute nor confirm every single claim about why K-pop is bad. It just sucks, as if I need more reasons to feel bad about liking it.

At least I can talk about video games here though so that's a plus.

ID: gps0a2k

It's a worry for me too. I had an incident years ago in a chatroom that basically got me banned from speaking in the room and a bunch of people came out to say how annoying I had been. I took a look at myself and realized I had been basically flooding the chatroom with crap and took the lesson from that to try and be a better person. Then when I came back and was more respectful and didnt constantly update the chat with what I was doing nothing changed. People still acted like I was putting out tons of messages a minute. It taught me another lesson that I cant change the way people in general think on the internet. You just have to kind of ignore the people that think the worst of you and cultivate relationships with people that are reasonable. You can swing back at these people but there will always be someone new reading a comment for the first time that goes I dont agree with that. I'm rambling now so I'll cut it here

22 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:16 ID: gpqqjlu

My parents went on a four-ish day soujourn. The vacation itself is not a weird thing, I find it strange they didn't take a whole week. The biggest challenge has been taking care of the dog, who might be the clingiest animal I've had. Maybe I'm just used to cats, but Zu (short for Zeus) just always wants to know where you are and where you're going. And of course, dog tax.

Heavyarms is complete! I vaguely remember having a Heavyarms model kit back in the olden times that was pretty garbage, as well as an SD Endless Waltz action figure that was actually pretty cool. This suit is much better, as you might expect. Still not super huge on the knife though, just the fact that unfolded it looks awkward to use. This is no Spiegel Gundam in terms of armblades. Also didn't know until reading the manual that the gatling gun is for beams? Kind of lamer than kinetic weapons, but at least the dakka is still intact everywhere else. Not a bad kit, especially if you're a fan of Wing.

I'm also halfway-ish through the Megami Device Asra Ninja and... Well, happy with most of it. Building hasn't been a nightmare as much as keeping it together when trying to pose for it. The shoulderblades on the back pop off like no one's business and once fell away far enough to leave me searching my floor for twenty minutes. If someone saw me, they might've thought I was on drugs, and maybe I'd cop to that rather than admit I'm looking for a piece of plastic for an anime girl figure that I built myself. But! The suit looks really good, I'd almost even argue they might be better than FA Girls. At least in the expressions. They look okay in real life but suddenly on a photo look really weird and creepy, but the Ninja looks fine to me. I've yet to complete the armor, and then I guess I might mix and match after some photos. It was also warm enough to spray paint the Jinrai weaons that I've been holding onto for a while and only now afterwards realized they are actually the same size as the regular Jinrai. I could've sworn in my lizard brain they were slightly smaller, but nope. There are more of them, a bunch of different knives and I'll get to them at some point.

Melee DPS classes are all up to 70. Rangers are about 67, and the rest kind of linger. I think I'm going to just go with my roulettes for the DPS classes and for now go with my tanks because unsurprisingly, the DPS queue is so long. Tank isn't actually much better, but still. Don't know how many more times I can play Bardam's Mettle, though. Even if the second "boss" isn't hard, it is kind of an annoyance. I definitely don't look forward to have to follow an all-gas tank into some of those tough spots. But otherwise, fun!

Jumped on the Valheim bandwagon. I did see Northernlion and his crew play it and was interested to an extent, but seeing more people latch on I was curious. It's fun enough on single-player, though I would be interested in seeing how the dynamic changes in a group setting. Plus the fact your "characters" are different across the board means I get to come up with dumb fake names. Usually I go with Holland Oates, but since this all European I went with Guy Persson. I could always use more that aren't just Bart prank call names! That's about as far as my creativity goes, I'm not like Pat freaking out that I won't be as good as everybody else (although I did see some structures that made me know I won't) but really I feel like the tools themselves are still primitive. I was hoping to build a platform over a patch of water, but couldn't find a way to place the objects while on dry land. But I've only done the first boss and gotten some bronze so I most likely have some ways to go.

Despite being fairly harsh on the SERAPH event... I'm still kind of meh on it. I did go through all the missions I could to get the debuffs on the epilogue stuff and still had to use my seals but hey. It's done. Moon Cancer get. I even got three BB's for the NP. It's definitely a personal issue, but my brain correlates the difficulty just as much with my enjoyment of the story, so I feel like I end up being soured by otherwise fine characters and plots just because I hated that person's boss fight. Might just be my own mind goblins. Looking forward to LB4, amirite? Ugh, it's just gonna be a bunch of 800k HP multiple breaks NP charged every two turns bosses, ain't it? My mind is telling me to save for Extra classes, but my heart is saying wait for Summer Musashi and Saber Inferno. Thankfully both of those are very far apart. But there's still a chance to get Summer Medb later if there's a rerun... I'm looking forward to looking forward to events than actually playing the events in front of me. Destination addiction, I guess.

ID: gpqsso8

What a lovely dog tax. Hello Zu.

ID: gpqrs32

Nice Heavyarms! Also, maybe that dinky knife is why it has a beam saber hidden in one of the arms. Granted, you have to blow open the arm to access it, but at least it’s there. Also, if you really want to get into more dakka, go for the Heavyarms EW version. Now that one has 4 normal miniguns. That’s the perfect level of dakka, alongside the fuckton of missiles it also has.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:20 ID: gpqqvqa

So I decided to get Kingprotea up to skill level 10/10/10, and I'm slowly working my way towards getting her to level 100 since I'm out of Golden Apples. It'll be a while before I get her to 2000/2000 stats though, but I'm like 1/4th of the way there. Hearing there's a Moriarty Event coming up, and I'm considering rolling for shits and giggles since it's the last time I'll probably be able to get him... But I don't use him a lot as is.

I'm struggling to write. I'm just doing some trashy fan fic to help flesh out the world of ANOTHER trashy fan fic, but... I honestly feel like I could do much better than I actually am. I just feel utterly disappointed in myself that I'm struggling to even get one single chapter out.

I fucking hate this week.

ID: gpqw7ev

I feel you dude, sometimes it's pretty damn hard to find motivation to write. Coming from someone else who writes fan fiction and other stuff, I think the best thing to accept is that sometimes you just can't force yourself to be good at writing. It has to come to you, you have to have that right vibe. And I'm sure it'll come to you in time. You just need to keep on having that writer's mind with you.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:28 ID: gpqrlhw

Current Mood

The finale for WandaVision comes in a few hours. If this sticks the landing, I might be fully back into the MCU. Again.

Well, took a second stab at trying for a PS5 when Walmart restocked today and failed spectacularly as always. Gonna keep at it and look at other stores than just them next time (and a relative has offered to keep an eye out for one for me too). I'm salty but not deterred.

In the meantime I've finally sunken a few hours into Digimon Cyber Sleuth. Definitely quenching that SMT thirst that I've been feeling since SMT5 is still a ways away. Also I really love how the capture/recruit mechanic is basically just "encounter the Mon ___ number of times", but also has a bonus if you scan them over 100%. No capture or dialog RNG here!

Chugging along in Axiom Verge. I gotta say, I'm kinda digging how much of it's abilities lean into the "Thought this was gonna be a Metroid Powerup, eh?" angle. Tiny spaces where you'd think that you'd need a Morph Ball-esque powerup? Nah, heres A wee drone armed with a drill that can also pick up powerups for you!. Its a neat twist on the formula. Not sure where I am progression-wise but I did just start the repair drones for the weird Giger lady robot(s?) that have been helping me and got a snazzy science coat that lets me glitch through walls, so I think I'm making good progress?

Speaking of progress, I finally finished SERAPH in Fate Grand Order! Took a bit to sweep up the KP needed to fully nerf Beast III-R but I wasn't taking any chances since I'm pretty much lacking in any Alter Egos outside the Mecha Eli-chans. Gotta say, even being spoiled didn't take away from the impact of the finale. Melt, Passionlip, Tristan and Emiya Alter basically doing several Big Brain strats at once to defeat Beast III-R for good was still incredibly hype and BB dropping her shtick for once to have an honest heart to heart with Melt and Passionlip before they disappeared hit me right in the feels. All thats left is the last few Missions and the short-ish postgame addition that this rerun added. Already dealt with the original Nero, Tama and EMIYA that got yeeted by BB so it shouldn't take too long even with only 2-3 days left. After that its just a straight shot of saving and grind Interludes/Rank Ups until Tokugawa.

ID: gpsjj92

I feel you on the Wandavision drawing you back into the MCU thing. I thought I was done after Far From Home but oh man, that show is pulling me in.

ID: gps0y55

It definitely feels like the ps5s are starting to flood the market I managed to get one recently. I know a little bit about BB but this one definitely got me more interested in learning her deal maybe one day they'll port it to us gaijin heathens

25 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:32 ID: gpqs002


I’ve been sleeping a lot. Like, a hell of a lot. Like I’ve wasted entire days this week.

I’m tired. School is a lot. Not quite overwhelming yet, but soon.

I started Yakuza K2. It didn’t hook me as well as 0, Judgment, or K1. The latter of which, I knew the whole plot going in, but it still kept me going. Kiryu’s Dragon Engine moveset isn’t as fun either, but hopefully that all improves.

But yeah, I’m tired.

Have a nice week

EDIT: Oh yeah. The 4th ward of 13 Sentinels is really fun for mini-sessions. Got 15 min to burn, I can go play a level. With some adjustments, you could totally make a mobile game out of this

ID: gpqzxt3

Hi, you too have a nice week.

ID: gprn2ge

The one thing I didn't like with the Dragon Engine was how the combat, which has been iterated for more than 6 games, was completely reset. It also feels kinda sad that Kiryu lost his classic combo string that has been a staple since 1 and was made into a legend by 0.

Judging by later games, it looks like they're slowly getting there. I'm actually unsure, In the most positive way possible, for if I want more of what LAD did or a return to the traditional combat.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:39 ID: gpqsmg4

I finished up Persona 5 Strikers today. All-in-all, despite some issues here and there, that is a damn fine game, and is definitely now my favorite Persona spin-off in the series. And I was happy to see that the Switch port held up pretty damn well. Unless model pop-in and slow down during more chaotic moments are a deal breaker for you, it's a perfectly fine way to play the game. Tomorrow I'll likely finish up the post-game content which shouldn't take that long.

On the subject of the Switch port, I also checked out Pyra/Mythra in smash and didn't know that they also added a Sophia spirit if you had P5S save data, so that was a pleasant surprise. There's also an Arthur spirit if I had the new Ghosts & Goblin, but I'll wait for when that gets released to everyone. As for the characters themselves, they're pretty damn fun. Their whole stance system is pretty damn neat. Not much to add really, but happy to see them in.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/05 06:46 ID: gpqxvie

Yeah, still not over the ending of Little Nightmares 2 *external screaming*

I have a feeling if they ever did acknowledge that ending in possible DLC or third game it'd probably get way worse for all the characters involved, so again *eternally externally screaming* This is what fix-it fanfics and fan art are for, ha.

ID: gpr2fnb

When it comes to DLC, theres already speculation thanks to the Chapter Select having 8 channels but the base game only having 5 chapters (Which would coincide with the same Base-Game-Content-To-DLC-Levels ratio as the first game).

As for what they could entail, I have my theories...... given how you meet Six and how she's separated from Mono multiple times, I wouldn't be surprised if they would be from her perspective. How she wound up in The Hunter's cabin, her capture at the school by The Bullies and finally her (unsuccessful) escape attempt from The TV World/Signal Tower prior to her transformation......

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this and we'll get one of the kids from the comics/concept art but given that we don't really see any other Children/Survivors in this game save for the static echoes Mono can absorb/collect, I'm sticking with my theory for now.

ID: gps1ayv

Oh if youve beaten both little nightmares could you tell me why that world is so creepy. Got freaked out by a clip of long neck teacher

28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:55 ID: gq1zbp9

Genshin Impact gets a playable big titty frost nun. 2021 looking up, finally

ID: gq75bin

Granblue already had a big titty nun, but after years of only drinking and throwing up, she suddenly became an SSR kung-fu drunken master out of nowhere.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:00 ID: gpqp5bi

This week has been all right week for me. Not much has been going on, but I've been spending some time watching One Punch Man again (season 1 and 2).

On another note, I'd like to share a fight scene that I rediscovered a few days ago. It's from an animated film titled "Dofus – Book 1: Julith", and it features a fight between Julith and Kerub. I first saw a short GIF of it somewhere a few years ago, but I didn't know where it was from and I eventually forgot about it, so I'm quite glad to see it again.

It's quite good and the animation looks great too, so for anyone who are interested, I encourage you all to watch it.

That aside, to continue from last week’s post, I’ve been spending some time watching videos by Kienan Lafferty, who's an artist with a painterly art style that I like. His videos are fairly in-depth and he offers commentary throughout them, and at the same time, he has a easy-going personality that I find charming too.

So, throughout this week, I've also been trying to study how he approaches colour and shading so that I can apply them to my own drawings.

Sharing Art

Also, starting from 10 months ago, I'd like to share drawings of great artists whose works inspire me. Some that I follow and some that I don’t, and as usual, I'll share more from other artists in my future FTF posts.

Kienan Lafferty: Ashar the Dragon Girl

Kienan also posts on Twitter, Instagram, and he has a Patreon profile too. However, his Twitter profile is inactive for now.

Ta-Na: Creepy Susie

The artist also had a Twitter account, but based on the comments on their DeviantArt profile, it disappeared last month for an unknown reason. Unfortunately, they're also inactive on DA too.

Sanjima: AZKi - Vtuber

邦乔彦 - Kuniyoshi: Hi 2021

Colourful (Animation by Seryung Lee) (I’d like to share this here as a bonus. It’s a short animation that was recommended to me by Youtube some time ago, and personally, I think it’s charming. So, I’d like to share it here with you all)

Sharing Music

Starting from 9 months ago, I'd also like to start sharing music. Ones that I've listened to before or recently. I personally think they're pleasing to hear, and I’ll share more in my future FTF posts.

[ Dark Energy ] - “Lord Boros Theme” - (Intensified and Extended) - One Punch Man OST JAM Project - The Hero (One Punch Man's Opening Song) YeYe - ゆらゆら(Official Music Video) FKJ - Drops feat. Tom Bailey
ID: gpr207h

That is a cool fight scene.

30 : Anonymous2021/03/05 07:19 ID: gpr08d9

Spent the last month chipping away at the 650 or so single-frame attack sprites I need to make for Draug's Resurrection. Last time, I tried showing off what they looking like in (choppy) motion, so this time, I thought it better to just show them as simply as possible. I've finished more than this (about 15% total, all told), but as a lot tend to run together, so I kinda hand-picked the better ones.

Largest current concerns are figuring out how to effectively show biting attacks for monsters, having archers' arrows appearing near them and not their target, magic frames generally being less impressive-looking than physicals, and the disorientation involved with sprite-flipping when attacking the opposite direction of 'normal', especially with human foes swapping weapon-holding hands.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:26 ID: gpqrgn6

Alright, week 2 of K-pop idol pics. Let's go.

So on last week's FTF, I picked assorted pics I liked of my fave K-pop groups; those being TWICE, fromis_9 and Dreamcatcher. (I'm likely to rep these three more than once this year on this sub so look forward to that)

For this week, I opted for three big girl groups with smaller member counts because I'm making this list at 2 in the morning and I have uni classes at 9. They're not my personal faaaaaaavourites but I gotta lotta respect for them as artists; as I should for three of the big name girl groups.






(I picked this one cuz cat. I love cat. I actually don't know which cat of Lisa's this is, I assume they're new cuz baby.)

Red Velvet






(as of writing, it's Yeri's birthday! What a coincidence!)








If you have the guts to make suggestions for next week or submissions for this week, please do so in the replies, you cowards. I see at least 10 of you here on this subreddit. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. REPLY TO ME. GIVE ME VALIDATION. I'M NOT CRAZY, RIGHT? (this is a joke, just want to be clear)

ID: gpqt8f2

How about Sistar? I only really know about them from that gif of Korra dancing their "Ma Boy" choreo, but that seems like a good reason to explore further.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/05 08:13 ID: gpr3x7p

Red Hat OpenShift certification looks pretty involved and requires installing a bunch of monitoring software on my computer to take the exam.

Hades is still good. Had 10 runs so far and got tantalisingly close to winning the last one.

KhalidSMShahin made a decent Zelda parody, TimbahOnToast uploaded an excellent video on the history of dubstep and YouTube auto-flagged my time stamps.

My mum got her COVID jab and my dad is booked in for his.

ID: gps2jo7

Dang you are making much faster progress than me took way more than 10 before I reached the final boss once. Area 3 boss was a big stumbling block for awhile

33 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:01 ID: gprewkj

Korone's and Marine's old Cho Aniki archives are back! And today is the new challenge.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:13 ID: gprfp1n

Had my 31st birthday last Sunday, and my first injection of the Covid vaccine the day before. No side effects other than a numb arm.

I've kinda dropped off on gaming other than nightly Warzone with the boys and a little bit of GTA Online. Did my first heist! Went really well and made nearly $500,000! Spent it all on a new car (a Cheetah) but the car is dope so I don't care haha.

Also still plugging away at BOTW. Man this game is massive. Just got to the Goron City.

Other than that I've been watching a tonne of MK11 tournaments on YouTube.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/05 11:43 ID: gprhsql

I made Japanese curry for the first time last night. Kinda bungled it a bit, but I didn’t completely fuck up, so hooray me. I need to learn more recipes, I’m beginning to really enjoy cooking.

PStrikers is turning out to be really good.

Been having a slight tightness in my right jaw for a while now, I’m guessing from the awkwardness of wearing a mask all the time. I can’t remember having these issues before hand.

36 : Anonymous2021/03/05 12:12 ID: gprjzun

Guess who just turned 18 Tuesday!

ID: gpt1efb

Happy Birthday!

37 : Anonymous2021/03/05 12:17 ID: gprkeez

Oh fuck it's already friday... Hello today! I'll fill this out later.

Sonic Tabletop IS BACK! Woot! Super excited. We're starting a Sonic Colors inspired game about a group of Wisp Rangers and I'm excited. Great group, strong start and I have awesome plans. Very happy about this.

Red vs Blue S10 back to this, since we finished Carmen. It's pretty good so far.

I'm finally making progress in my citizenship! I sent out my papers in Feb of 2020 and only NOW they received all of them and are reviewing them. So in a couple of months I'll need to do a history test, which will be interesting. And then I can finally travel, and meet my family and GF after 12 years in Canada for the first time. Finally.

ID: gpt1a4v

Congrats! I know you said its still a ways away, but good luck on the history test!

38 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:14 ID: gprpfd0

This sub, this community, the endless SBFP content. All of it’s gotten me through a SUPER rough time right now.

Sorry if I’m over sharing, but My mental health has declined to the point of an attempted suicide.

I haven’t written a fan film script in a while, or picked my Dead by Daylight fan series back up.

But, I’m now working on something I’ve always wanted do, a Silent Hill fan series.

ID: gpsyzo8

Hey, I'm glad you're still with us, and I'm glad you're doing better. Stay strong, we're rooting for you.

39 : Anonymous2021/03/05 16:30 ID: gpsdxyj

Nothing crazy happened in my week. I just been chipping away at 13 sentinels: Aegis Rim. So I am going to talk about that this week.

Rememberance: I am about 40% through the remembrance phase of 13 sentinels. The way I have been playing it is just picking a person and carrying their storyline as far as it can go before I get locked.

I definitely feel I have enough info to get a pretty strong guess as to what is going on. It's actually pretty clever in how it delivers pertinent information. Definitely a fan of that.

My method of choosing characters to complete first based on how little I like them and saving my favorites for last is really biting me in the ass cause I am finding I like a LOT of the characters, and the ones I like, I REALLY liked. Megumi is still relatively weak and uninteresting though. I am at 80% ish I think with her. Just not really jiving with me.

Last night I finally bit the bullet and played Ogata's plot so far and man oh man I am glad I saved him near the back of the line. Dude, he is so compelling, and I just like everything about this character. Granted, my favorite still has to be Yuki, and Miura, but funnily enough I haven't played their storylines yet (but when they pop up in other storylines it's always good stuff.

Ryoko is pretty cool too. Definitely a pretty obvious Rei from Eva vibe. It's pretty transparent in that regard. It's a fantastic game.

But yeah, I have enough info now to get a pretty strong grasp at what the actual situation is, and I am excited to see if I am on the money or not.

destruction: I have only played up to mission 5 on the first set after the tutorial and the combat works really well for the game. Pretty happy with that. I purposefully haven't been playing this mode because there was flavor text going on and I didn't want to get spoiled before at least maxing out everyone's plot percentages as high as I can go.

I highly recommend when you play this mode to just throw it on intense and forget about it. It feels like it was meant to be experienced on intense mode.

40 : Anonymous2021/03/05 17:08 ID: gpsj7ew

I started up a game of Civilization 5 last night. I'm surprised I managed to make it to bed. Poland is still the strongest civ in that game which, as a person of Polish descent, I appreciate. That being said I still love playing the Shoshone, aggressively taking huge swaths of land and launching hard to counter late-mid game land wars. I can never manage AI alliances correctly though.

Started writing a Pathfinder campaign and have made some good progress. I'm going to work on base level world building this weekend and try to finish up the outline for the first 4 to 5 level, so I can start hashing out the specifics of those levels.

Who else is excited for Wandavision? I'm going to order spicy wings tonight and watch with my roommate (and dog)

41 : Anonymous2021/03/05 17:32 ID: gpsmmf6

I want to ask you guys a question. How do you get to know people online? Do you just start talking to people on games, go to a discord server or something like that? Whenever i see people saying that they found great friends online i just think "Fucking how?", i have a hard time keeping a friendship if i don't speak to people in person often. Doesn't help that i am really introverted. But really, how do you guys do it?

ID: gpt109s

It all kinda depends, but I feel like its all about casting your line out and seeing what bites. Like around here Ive just kinda found people were interested in similar things and started just talking to them reguarly over time in these kind of threads. Sometimes you make the connection, sometimes not. Another time I joined a weekly DOA lobby on a whim one time and just kept showing up reguarly over the weeks and eventually made friends from that group. So consitency might be the key?

42 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:09 ID: gq0yrr9

So this semester I moved on campus for college, everyone's tested weekly and we've had zero cases in the month we've been here.

Thankfully it's one of those weird little old ones with only a few hundred people. I mostly have my shit together, but I'm worn down enough that I can only really scroll twitter mindlessly instead of even watching a movie or putting on some music.

I'm at least getting better at that, though, since I've mostly quit putting so much energy and attention into doom scrolling; Individual instances of awfulness I'm powerless to stop don't really change the big picture, and I might as well do something for myself while I have the chance.

The state may have more or less failed, but it hasn't fallen apart yet: we probably have one or two more general elections to go before that happens in earnest.

I have three weeks left to write the Freshman essay, and ten pages to fill; I can never convince myself that I'm "off the clock" but I have no idea what I actually should be doing.

I should probably not be too worried that I can't form fully coherent paragraphs in my head and only can think of the gist of it, but hopefully just getting started will give me a sense of direction.

I suppose I mean that in the sense of everything else going on in my life.

Though maybe I should apply whatever meager energy I'm using writing and formatting this to writing about the Peloponnesian War instead, I really do want to figure out how to just enjoy and accomplish things without meticulously planning exactly how or when I'm going to do them, because things never go the way they're planned to, anyway.

I really just wrote all that to wonder how much it should bother me that the only actual TV show I watched this entire year was Schitt's Creek.

That's a year of my fucking life, gone.

I was halfway through Ozark, Watchmen, and Ken Burns' The Civil War, but I just stopped and didn't start again. Maybe it would've been a better year if I'd binged all 333 hours of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but who the fuck knows for sure? I need to go pick up dinner.

43 : Anonymous2021/03/05 19:42 ID: gpt49t5

If I was a streamer that was starting out, would it be all right if I told you guys over here or is that a faux pas? (Not a streamer btw but thinking about it.)

44 : Anonymous2021/03/05 19:51 ID: gpt5h9b

The Team DaiZaiBatsu discord group is hosting a bragging rights tournament!



[I will personally gift the winner like 5 dogecoin. That's not a prize. It's a gift to the eventual winner.]

In December 2018, several of us in the community made a Discord server to mourn our favorite best boys breaking up—and to continue traditions like Friday Night Fisticuffs. Since then, we've expanded, supported one another, and grown into an identity that's a little bit more "our own." We now host regular events: TV and film watch parties, tabletop sessions, and even an art club!

We've gotten permission from the mods to invite you—our brothers, sisters, and inbetweeners—to join us in our community's server: Team DaiZaiBatsu

Some events are throughout the week, but most of them fall on Friday-Saturday. Tonight's game at 9:30 PM EST is Melty Blood. Tomorrow at 9:30 PM EST is Superfight! If you'd like to join us and participate, we'd love to have you—and then you can vote on what we'll play next week!

45 : Anonymous2021/03/05 20:41 ID: gptbxfn

I started streaming Asura's wrath on my channel, my only context for that game was the demo that had the moon boss fight, little did I know that was only the halfway point in this crazy roller coaster of hype and dumb anime moments. I just have the last two dlc episodes to go and the super boss fights but overall I am enjoying my time with it

46 : Anonymous2021/03/05 22:36 ID: gptq9nv

I started Final Fantasy 7 remake because of PS Plus and it’s great. I didn’t do my homework and finish FF7, but remake is great even though I’m missing stuff

47 : Anonymous2021/03/05 23:55 ID: gptz8u6


CCC done ages ago, I rushed it like every other event. Had time to start Honkai for the 1st time but even after 1st multi'ing HoS I'm just not interested anymore because of how demanding FGO is unfortunately.


That £93 on commissions I recently spent now is £114 thanks to some cool commission idea that I thought of, god I'm a mess.

First 2 things were NSFW stuff, 3rd thing was something relating to my VA-11 HALL-A Fanfiction Image Adaptation, and this 4th thing was just some VA-11 HALL-A + Fate crossover image.

I did have another commission idea before I thought of the one I most recently paid for, but obviously that'll have to wait till the future to be done since I want to not spend much money anymore on anything for a while given obvious reasons.

48 : Anonymous2021/03/06 00:59 ID: gpu8f1w

Azur Lane's latest event is going on and it's actually really good. They're finally doing some world building which provides not only some explanation about how ships girls came to be but also how the wisdom cubes used to summon them work. They've introduced the first legit male character who has only been hinted at for a few events and it was easy to miss if you weren't paying attention as well as dropped some details about the Sirens which is all really nice. What I hope they do now is focus on building on this lore and perhaps adds story to the beginning of the game which they stopped because it was a retelling of the Pacific theater which they stopped due to Japanese complaints. On top of the story of the event they have also added more Russian ships and they are all really well balanced, which is always nice to see.

Game wise, nothing major here. I got about 120 hours into Nioh 2 before I stopped. I don't think I have enough energy in me to 100% it like I kind of wanted to at the start. The harder difficulties aren't quite as fun as I was hoping they're be and some of the missions infuriate me, especially the ones where you need to fights tons of enemies then face multiple bosses/mini-bosses in a row. Started playing Dying Light and enjoying it a lot, much more then Dead Island. My only real complaint so far, aside from a meh story, is it seems to have some weird issues where the game just decides to slow down for no real reason, especially in the park or other places near the edge of the map. I'm also thinking about returning to FF-14 but I kind of want to wait for 5.5. Still deciding on that one.

Learned some more fun stuff about taxes... at 36 years old. Turns out I've been fucking myself out of a good return for the past few years by not reporting what I put into my retirement so this year I'm getting a nice amount back. Normally I'd put this towards some PC upgrades but everything is so expensive now that this is not even the cards. Normally when I upgrade I get a top of the line CPU and motherboard and move components over to give myself the most room for growth. This year I want to include a SSD and it would run me $1600 for just those three and nothing else and it's crazy 'cause normally it'd cost me about $600 to do the same (sans the SSD so maybe about $800 since I want a 2 TB one).

Work wise... still hate it but I am getting a, relatively, small raise so that's nice. Not enough of one to make me stick around if something else comes around but since no one is hiring unless I want to get paid even less I'll take what I can get.

49 : Anonymous2021/03/06 01:19 ID: gpubqcp

You ever have one of those weeks where you just kinda get tired despite actually in theory doing fine.

I feel like I'm caught up on old crap that's bogging me down. How do i get some metaphorical coffee to pump me up?

ID: gq5vrrh

Literal coffee helps. Other than that exercise and reading technical stuff helps sometimes for me.

50 : Anonymous2021/03/06 03:12 ID: gpuuxad

I've tried playing Persona 5 Strikers but it keeps crashing randomly on loading screens and so far there's been no word on a patch. (A ton of people are having the same problem too.) I like the game, I just hate gambling on progress being lost in a game where you can't save whenever you want. I've had to redo long boss battles twice now, so I'm just putting the game on hold until they fix it. Hopefully they do. If not, I hope people make more of a fuss about this, because apart from the crashing, it's a fine port, but that really kills it.

ID: gq439g6

Are you playing on PC?

51 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:15 ID: gq2npgk

I've been mainly playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The annoying thing is that my OCD keeps making me feel compelled to go play the older games first (MHFU, MH3U, and MH4U).

Normally that's not too much of an issue for other series since the longest JRPGs tend to still be less than 200 hours.

The issue with Monster Hunter is that getting through all of G Rank from the start of the game can take way more than 200 hours.

MHGU alone can take 400+ hours assuming you're using multiple weapons and making multiple sets.

52 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:15 ID: gq43bem

Is there a general Persona 5 Strikers spoiler post for those who have completed the game? I was just curious.

53 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:53 ID: gpqtrgr

So this is intensely random but because I have the memory of a donkey I really can't remember the name of the classical song Mega64 uses in their evangelion video here, can anyone help me

54 : Anonymous2021/03/05 07:25 ID: gpr0o70

Videos in this thread: Watch Playlist ▶

VIDEO COMMENT +5 - Thanks to denial, I'm immortal. +3 - Week Hospice Care of quarantine. One of my uncles is staying at my house, since he needs someone to look out for him after getting a foot surgery at a VA hospital. Things are certainly busier with him around, since he can barely move around. Not that... +3 - Astolfo has been on my mind since someone showed me this video. FGO news: seraph is over besides farming for the lore. Great event but grindy with great music. Good finish it now makes me upset that CCC is basically unplayable. I look forward to Fat... (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) +2 - This week has been all right week for me. Not much has been going on, but I've been spending some time watching One Punch Man again (season 1 and 2). On another note, I'd like to share a fight scene that I rediscovered a few days ago. It's from an a... +2 - Current Mood The finale for WandaVision comes in a few hours. If this sticks the landing, I might be fully back into the MCU. Again. Well, took a second stab at trying for a PS5 when Walmart restocked today and failed spectacularly as always. Gonna... +1 - +1 - So this is intensely random but because I have the memory of a donkey I really can't remember the name of the classical song Mega64 uses in their evangelion video here, can anyone help me +1 - I watched Promare. Yup, that was Trigger alright. The unique art style made for a nice change from the usual Trigger animation. My only complaint was the very first fight scene where I had a hard time telling what was going because the backgrounds w... (1) (2) +1 - Red Hat OpenShift certification looks pretty involved and requires installing a bunch of monitoring software on my computer to take the exam. Hades is still good. Had 10 runs so far and got tantalisingly close to winning the last one. KhalidSMShahi...

I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. I'll keep this updated as long as I can.

Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox

55 : Anonymous2021/03/05 08:23 ID: gpr4lym

I got confirmation this week that I'm probably gonna be staying on my current project at work for a while, which is nice. The project can be pretty boring, but it's nice to know what I'm doing next week. Still, not looking forward to the OT that comes with the project. Hopefully it won't be too often.

Outside of work, I started writing again! Getting started on my next novel after spending most of last year editing the previous one, so it's been maybe a bit over a year since I just wrote something. And lemme tell ya...


The muscles are stiff. It's a slow start, not made any quicker by second-guessing pretty much everything I put to page. I know I'll loosen up and get back into the flow quick enough, but beginnings are always the hardest part. Also one of the most important parts. So I'll probably wind up throwing out or re-writing a lot of what I've written this week, but that's fine. I just need to limber up so I can stop worrying about every little thing, and remember that that's what the second draft is for.

56 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:05 ID: gpromat

Since last week i've managed to play through a bunch of "Meh" games that was in my video game backlog. Currently im finishing off FF10 with Styx: Master of Shadows waiting afterwards, which is the last game of the current bunch. Once im done with those two, i only got 35 games left to go!

Unfortunately playing through the current bunch was quite a chore, simply because the games didn't really do anything for me. Especially Kingdoms of Amalur gave me a bad taste afterwards. It played like a offline MMO with alot of padding via Sidequests that give minimal rewards and weren't necessary or tied to the main plot in any way. It's probably the blandest games i've played in a long time, and despite some neat ideas, i just wanted to get it over with, and decided to rush the main story. Fortunately FF10 is acting as an palette cleanser.

Also played some Curse of the Dead Gods whenever i didn't feel like going through my backlog, and man that game feels great to play with some tight controls and interesting risk/reward mechanics. Seen alot of people complain that its story doesn't compare to Hades, but that honestly feels unfair when it isn't the focus of the game.

Finally, im starting to siphon some money into my savings in the hopes that one day, i'll be able to move into a bigger apartment. But life keeps draining my savings with car and dentist bills, but then again its better to be mobile and not in crippling pain.....i guess.

57 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:08 ID: gprox62

Watching Woolies "quick"-look on Like a Dragon, boy that's a strong opening few hours. Maybe I should finally move on from 0 to catch up. If only the Quick-Change clothes were in Kiwami 1.

58 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:13 ID: gprpcyw

I felt like my sleeping schedule's been pretty screwed up since the weekend. Well, okay, even more screwed up than usual, in that I've been feeling wayyyyyy worse during the day. So been spending the rest of the week sleeping a bit more, trying to right it. Today, I feel pretty good, definitely better than last weekend.

59 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:57 ID: gpru1nw

[A good summary of my week]

DevLog 46


This is probably the least productive week I have had since starting this project. Not much to really say this week.

Final Thoughts

So my brother has been trying to get me in to FFXIV for years, and I think I might finally give it another shot. I bounced off it initially because I don't really like MMOs, but the story seems neat.

I probably won't start until I finish this semester because classes are kinda kicking my ass right now.

So I am getting my first round of the covid vaccine later today. It should be fine, but wish me luck!

So I know I am really late on this one, but Phineas and Ferb is a really great show!!

The show came out when I was a middle schooler, so I wasn't watching the Disney channel. For years I only knew them from ads for subway toys featuring the characters, so I thought they were subway mascots for years.

The best part of the show is just how nice everyone is to each other. It's impressive how they are able to make the main characters geniuses who never lose, are almost always in the right, and constantly make their sister look foolish, but are still really likeable.

I think it helps that unlike other cartoon butt monkeys, Candace get a personal victory quite often. Most of her loses come from her just being crazy and bringing it on herself rather than being antagonized by Phineas and Ferb. Plus in the episodes that she loses, the consequence is usually just that her mom gets mildly annoyed.

I also appreciate how Phineas and Ferb's friends are also just chill.

60 : Anonymous2021/03/05 13:59 ID: gpru7zz

Well, my week's been kinda shit. Got rejected on a job application to city hall, which is super close to me, and my grandpa passed away last night. He was super old, 90-something, and it wasn't COVID related, so right now I'm doing my best to help out the family.

On a less shitty note, I started that fanfic I promised that I'd submit to the next volume of the /m/ fan magazine, so I can pour some of the angst there.

61 : Anonymous2021/03/05 14:00 ID: gprudci

A buddy and I have been streaming two games over at EndsvilleArcade the past few weeks.

On one hand, we're still plugging away at Mass Effect 3, and it's been an experience seeing someone who's never played those games before go through all of them and get to the 75% mark of the third game. A lot of people would disagree with me on this, but I think whenever people would talk about "Oh man, that Legendary Edition needs to do some -serious work- on Mass Effect 1 to match up to the sequels", I kind of disagree.

I still hold fast to the opinion that 1 holds up really well. Tweak the combat, overhaul the inventory and maybe up-res it, and honestly, you're good to go. The art design and atmosphere and just overall -tone- of those first two games really holds up and stands alone. If anything, I think 3 needs a top-to-bottom remake, because it just deviates so hard from what I love about that series.

Turning it into a Gears of War in space in which this galaxy you adore is burning to the ground, with a rushed re-write of an ending, a ton of pivotal story content locked behind DLC (which you still have to regularly buy at full price in 2020), combined with a truly awful downgrade in overall ambiance, shot composition, and gross visuals? Man.
We've been playing it with -all- of the DLC, and with the ALOT texture mod to bring it up to a new level, visually, and still. I like it now a lot more than I did at launch, but even so, it's by far the weakest in the series and it's not even remotely a contest. 3 is definitely the one that needs the most work, because more than anything, what it lacks is charm and identity.

-THAT- rant over with, We've also been playing (of all things) Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. and I kind of feel like I'm going insane, because despite being a licensed cartoon video game from 2005, it's... surprisingly good? If nothing else, it's been bringing me a lot of joy to just see those visuals translate, and hear the cast doing their thing. It's not the best game win the world, and if I had one major complaint, it's that each level takes an awfully long time, (with Numbah 3's regularly taking 20 to 40 minutes) but god damn it, I can't help but have this huge grin on my face as I look at all the bonus concept art and unlockables, and I'm just like... dude, somebody really cared and tried. Licensed videogames are kind of fascinating, because there are some real diamonds in the rough.

Oh, shit, also! I'm super hyped for the new Pokemon games? Pokemon Legends: Arceus looks super rough and early, and I'm cautiously optimistic but very very interested to see exactly where that goes, because in a lot of ways, it's looking like exactly what I've wanted for the last four years. New Pokemon Snap coming back is also awesome, I just sincerely hope it has more content than the first game did, because if it's about as big as 1 was, I don't see that going over well for full price in the year 2020. I really, really want them to be good though.

If you're at all interested in checking out some late 90s to early 2000s era chillstreams, check us out on twitch or youtube!

62 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:01 ID: gps1tb5

I dropped my debut single, and despite a lot of bullshit on the technical side, its been going pretty well. This art shit is very hard and I was pretty down before and felt weirdly empty afterwards, now I'm on the come up emotionally & I'm gonna keep my head up for the remainder of the month.

My girl also nudged me to say yes to celebrating my birthday this month, seeing as last year was the beginning of the lockdown and I spent it alone in my apartment

This place always gives me a hardy chuckle throughout the day, so thanks to all you Shitlords for holdin it down

63 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:24 ID: gps4rfj

Not sure whole lot happening this week finally free from OT hell, and I get to start OJT sometime while unfortunately still working Saturdays.

Also finally bought myself a new gaming PC to replace my laptop the laptop still runs okay but I started noticing slight issues so I decided to take the plunge. Its going to be very weird having a desktop again ive been using laptops for over 10 years now.

Plus I may finally get around to watching death note I own the damn series for fucks sake but never got around to watching.

64 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:28 ID: gps59cu

speaking to no one in particular... and like a week late... but all this FF7 news from the last Sony State of Play or whatever has completely deflated any excitement for the series - which now is literally a sub-franchise of the actual franchise of Final Fantasy as a whole! mobile remakes in CHAPTER-FORM of the original game?? and the spin-off movies and anime and games, which are all equally trash?? a canon battle royale game, mobile only??? a party member being introduced... in DLC????? including some loser who will probably die or not matter?? PS5 exclusive???? WEISS???????? why...

i know the remake had it's issues. my friends and i played it, enjoyed it for what is was, had a good time, the whole works. i get that there were issues but we loved the experience regardless, and got hyped about the future installments. Square Enix finally put out something half-decent! hooray! hopefully they'd learn from their mistakes in some form and each game is marginally or moderately better than the last. but man all this new stuff has me agreeing with Dunkey. if this turns into Kingdom Hearts 0.85: Anime Groans Sublime, then i'm done, for what it's worth (which is nothing). i should've known that Square Enix wouldn't just magically turn over a new leaf after years of mediocre FF and KH games just because they did a couple things right in a new entry. unorganized rant over...

65 : Anonymous2021/03/05 15:51 ID: gps8fm1

Question: what's the difference between being a victim of verbal abuse vs just being a pussy about things people say to you?

66 : Anonymous2021/03/05 17:28 ID: gpslzic

I don't care how it is done. I don't care what technology magic is required.

Maki Itoh vs Sakura Miko has to happen somehow.


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