E3 gonna be lit this year

1 : Anonymous2021/06/10 06:06 ID: nwgi8w
E3 gonna be lit this year
2 : Anonymous2021/06/10 06:12 ID: h190yim

Each pokemon games seems worse than the last nowadays, I don't know why you guys keep getting your hopes up

ID: h19rpq2

No kidding. For me the bottom fell out with Sun and Moon. The entire game was basically on rails and I spent the entire play waiting for that moment where you get loose to explore the world. It never happened!

ID: h1a7l9g

I enjoyed Sun and Moon just for the change up on gym structure and the multiple islands thing, but yeah the hand holding is nuts. I totally get wanting to make your games more approachable but damn they should add some sort of Have You Played Pokemon Before mode when starting a new game so long time fans who have grown up with the series can get a real quick overview of any new gameplay mechanics and then be set loose. I've been playing these damn games since '99 I know what type matchups are and how to frickin navigate a menu to throw a pokeball or use an item!

ID: h19xqcj

As someone who (eventually) played Sun & Moon, it takes 4 hours of BS tutorials--basically the whole first island--before the game world opens up


I hated every bit of the tutorials, and no there's no way you can skip any of it, and some of them are such inane bullshit. "Hey, take a picture in-game!" "Hey, communicate with other players!" It's fingernail-pulling cringeworthy.

Sword & Shield feel much better in that regard.

ID: h1a9910

Except Ultra sun and moon were pretty good and are ranked pretty high in the community.

ID: h1aqc0m

When was Pokemon about exploring the world, without following any kind of story? You're pretty much always advancing from route to city and get dialogue while doing that. In between you can explore new areas and old areas whenever you want. The dialogue just is getting more + cutscenes to make the games more lively. Aside from maybe the second half of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you were never able to explore the region how you want.

ID: h1a45i1

That is my memory of Ruby/Sapphire... Like, until you're basically at the end you don't really get to go explore the cool areas... Then it's like "Ok here's the world, oh also go do the legendary then go to the elite 4. Game over!" ("Game over" in the most liberal terms.)

I quite then. I have been tempted to get a 3ds if I ever find one cheap just to play the "alternate art pokemon games" which I believe are sun and moon, and the latest digimon evolution game. (I loved the ps1 game to death as a kid.) this is dissapointing to hear, but expected I guess.

ID: h1aaqq5

I dropped sun and moon when I realized there weren’t any “gyms”

ID: h196dpu

They outperform themselves… having each one worse than the last

ID: h19k9tl

My older brother, who has 12 year old kids of his own, still keeps up with it and he has this to say when I asked him about how the game play is stale:

- The collection part actually somehow gets smoother with age, he says age, but I say google.

- Copywriting in the pokedex is something he genuinly looks forward too.

- The game is REAL good at playing on nostalgia, like, dragon quest levels of good.

ID: h19nhfa

I'm a hopeless pokemon fanboy... But even I didn't bother with sword&shield. Between the fact that they are clearly putting minimal efforts into their games (just look at the graphics, seriously), their insistance on removing liked mechanics to replace them with gimmicky crap, and the fact that they are fucking selling some pokemons as DLC, I've hit my bullshit tolerance limit.

ID: h1a0thb


ID: h19tf71

It feels like a giant tutorial on rails up to the point you finish the champion then you need dlcs to find more Pokémon and each new zone is free to explore

Nostalgia is there and the gameplay itself isn’t bad just alot of bad/greedy choice made

ID: h19xqql

You aren't missing much. I hadn't played a pokemon game since Crystal so when I got Shield I was so disappointed. There was more sidequests and things to do in the Gameboy games then there are in the switch games. The DLC is so boring I haven't even bothered with one of them.

ID: h19usos

Honestly, Just give me the OG Red and Blue games, updated to BoTW style and Im sold.

ID: h1b221n

We’re kind of getting that with Pokémon Legends, an open world Pokémon game with a more painted-aesthetic. Hopefully it’ll run better than it did in the trailer.

ID: h1al96f

Huh, I’ve only heard good things about sun and moon, was thinking about trying it out since I haven’t played a Pokémon game since black and white.

ID: h1bgsyq

My last one was Pokemon Silver, I just have not been impressed with anything I've seen since then. I wasn't even a big fan of 2/3 of the starters in Silver.

Totodile and Feralligator for life though.

ID: h1btjeg

I've played them up through black/white 2, which I think is gen 5.

Imo the only one that comes close to gen 2 is Platinum.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/10 09:03 ID: h19coac

As soon as I bought Temtem on PC, I never looked back at crappy nintendo and their substandard systems.

Pokemon died for me when they went with DLCs, and were very late with cross game shared pokebank.

ID: h1afryv

I'd love a quick rundown of the ways Temtem beats out modern Pokemon in your opinion if you have the time? I'm curious about that game

ID: h1b70da

It doesnt. Picture a Pokemon game, but built like one of those cheap korean mmorpgs that pop up all the time. (Yes I know it's a Spanish developer, doesn't change the feel.)

The game doesn't really feel like it's doing its own thing. It feels like you asked for your mom for pokemon and your mom bought you store brand pokemon because it was cheaper.

ID: h1b61f5

Pros: - cross play with other platforms (PC, PS5 & XBOX/Switch on release). -Stamina system instead of PP, decisions matter in a fight. -Actually challenging story fights. -Global chat, very friendly and live community. -Player Housing (very limited atm). -Can just click on anyone's name around you and trade with them without sluggish UI prompts. -can Co-op story with a friend, or help someone out.

Cons: -Limited tems number atm. -Early tems feel very weird to a pokemon player. -Very limited endgame at the moment, and very grindy. (Gym rematch for money/Radars, 5 player raids, fishing and daily delivery quest) -Raids feel like a SAW movie instead of cooperative game, your fate hangs on the other 4 players decisions. -Breeding has limited fertility to avoid flooding the economy with perfects. -NPCs have annoyingly long dialog before battles (can be skipped now).

With that said, the game is actually more fun than pokemon due to the community, althought it also means the game can't be played offline.

Edit: sent from mobile, weird formatting.

ID: h19st2o

Nintendo has had a problem for almost all of its life producing consoles and games. They consider themselves above and beyond their fans. They have made games and hardware of such quality that people just put up with it. But competition today isn't just from other companies, it's from the fans themselves who produce stuff like AM2R. But instead of listening to fans they issue C&D orders.

ID: h1aq7nv

Temtem up !

4 : Anonymous2021/06/10 06:12 ID: h190xun

“I call it, Bold and Brash!”

hah hah

“More like belongs in the trash!”

ID: h1bm5lo

Yes. Those are the lines the post is referencing. Well done.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:42 ID: h1b03x8

I just want Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow on my switch. Lets Go Evee and Pikachu don't count, I want the exact game I played on my gameboy.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:44 ID: h1aa3qf

I haven't played a pokemon game since X & Y, but I would play these.

ID: h1aiycy

X and y were the probably the last great games of the entire franchise

ID: h1bmau7

No. X and Y were the most piss easy games ever. They are the start of pokemon game hand-holding.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/10 15:16 ID: h1aem6x

The one on the left reminds me of a Flemoid.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/10 20:25 ID: h1bne0a

I was crushed when DQM games stopped coming to NA.

ID: h1bx5gt

Sad thing too is that the DQM game rumored to be in development was shown and they said it shifted focus to a new game but there is one still in the works. we'll see.....

9 : Anonymous2021/06/10 20:30 ID: h1bo0wg

I love it

10 : Anonymous2021/06/10 21:50 ID: h1bytwr

Give me a remaster of Pokémon colosseum or a sequel and I'll start getting excited again.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/10 06:44 ID: h193bwk


12 : Anonymous2021/06/10 19:22 ID: h1bepmx

There's been no logical reason to make two near identical versions of one game for the past decade, other than somehow selling twice the amount from the same dumb consumer-base.

ID: h1bmj5o

Yeah. Red and blue did it to help sell the link cable. Absolutely no reason to continue doing this other than $$$

ID: h1btx28

I don't really see how it makes them more money though. Is anyone actually buying both versions of the game?

13 : Anonymous2021/06/10 07:43 ID: h197h9e

Only people who played pokemon Sapphire can purchase the Bold & Brash version

Ruby players get what they deserve

14 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:19 ID: h1a6lbd

Im stupid excited for Wolfenstein 3. Cannot wait to see what the stealth weapon is this time. Last time it was a fucking fire axe that ripped people apart and was throwable. So I assume this time it should be some form of flamethrowing chainsaw.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/10 20:13 ID: h1blnv4

Weren't those 2 games announced back in February?


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