Crunch doesn’t work.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/10 12:53 ID: nwmwcy
Crunch doesn't work.
2 : Anonymous2021/06/10 12:59 ID: h19wa77

Entitled gamers literally never force a company to release a buggy game, it's always higher ups who want chrismas bonuses.

Edit: Refreshed and wow a lot of people have opinions on this subject. But regardless of how you look at it, complaining about a minority of dickheads will do nothing. You shouldn't place blame on the consumer, especially when up against billion dollar companies who use hundreds of millions to advertise a game that clearly wasn't ready for launch.

ID: h1a2jnn

Managers whose best interests correspond to the next quarter and not the long term interests of the company is a problem not just limited to the video game industry these days

ID: h1am25a

Also mangers that really suck at managing (timing, assets, everything)

ID: h1a3585

And investors. If you don’t want gamers to pressure a release you just don’t announce it until you’re almost done, but then how would they raise capital through showy demos that have little to nothing to do with the actual product?

ID: h1ax3t1

Ah man you've reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves: Useless demos trailers.

Look at Fallout 76 or Anthem. It's all fucking forests and treetops. Who the hell cares, give the actual gameplay. I want to see how the game plays, not looks.

ID: h1atrjo

Gamers cant pressure a release anyway. It's all about metrics and user acquisition. A game's release is concurrent with the marketing push for that game, which is generally determined by the publisher in advance. In exchange for the publisher handling that side of things, developers agree to a timetable that can sometimes slip with renegotiation, but sometimes is extremely inflexible, and that generally has more to do with the publishers' performance goals than the developers'.

Gamers whining might be a following indicator that the market is "ripe" for a launch and the marketing push should be adjusted to coincide, but it's not a driving force itself. No one cares what some random gamer tweets.

ID: h1bc8pk

Don't forget calling your demo a "Beta" even though the game has already been written onto the printable media and you know damn well won't affect the final product at release.

ID: h1ab7e8

This is pretty much propaganda trying to blame people for the actions of corporations... like the whole recycling thing. They make it out like people are the source of the bad. when really its the corporations that should deal with their trash producing ways.

ID: h1aeon1

Yeah when someone around here says “entitled gamers” I assume they’re generally an asshole and tune out immediately. They’re usually just trying to scapegoat customers for clout.

ID: h1axcph

Yeah - how would that work? They read someone ranting on twitter and are change their schedule?

ID: h1baw3w

Yeah this is just some click bait shit. No gamer I know insists on a rushed release lol

ID: h19x1ti

Christmas bonuses or they ran out of funds and investors wont give them anymore without the product creating some revenue of its own.

ID: h1a8r05

Cant we sell the bug fixes as a dlc?

ID: h1artg8

Seriously. Angry internet posters don't control million dollar companies.

EDIT: ok, to clarify, SOMETIMES a company will make a decision to please fans. But companies don't follow fan opinions at random. They follow fan opinions based on what will make/lose them money. There's no reason they would expect to make more money by releasing an unfinished game to please impatient commenters. They may do it for other reasons. But not to please impatient people.

ID: h1aqmnu

Came here to literally post this exact thing. Get a clue OP.

ID: h1awpx3

I'm glad this is the top comment

3 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:42 ID: h1a1o5x

"Entitled gamers" have never forced a company to release early. Also people just want studios to set realistic release dates. No one is yelling at studios to release games early, rather just release them when they say they are going to.

ID: h1al13w

Also, maybe announcing the game 4 years before it went into pre-production, might not have been a great idea either.

ID: h1b2n9o

announcing the game 4 years before it went into pre-production

Looking at you Bethesda

ID: h1bl0vy

Seriously. If a game is announced with a release date of July 2023, it's not like I start raging that it isn't April 2023. It's when it gets delayed for the 4th time to August 2026 that people get upset.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/10 15:46 ID: h1aj1iq

Having worked on a number of games going back to the paleolithic era, it's usually never this simple. The suits asks the devs to make a game, and the devs say yes. The suits tell the fans the game is going to come out. The creatives ask for changes, which the devs agree to because everyone wants the game to be cooler and better than the competition. There's usually one big feature that is the riskiest to implement and is also the selling point. Then shit happens - the devs change the code base, the cool feature is in fact not possible to implement, or someone leaves the company and new guy is brought in that wants to change everything. The devs ask for more time (this is almost 100% the case, sometimes due to devs' poor estimation of their own abilities, or external issues. Usually both). The last trusted suit in the company gives a heartfelt All Hands speech about having to dig deep, and when we're done we'll all be proud. Because people love what they do, they believe. So crunch starts. At first it's bonding - all hands into the evening, the parking lot still filled with cars, dinners brought in (good food at first, but as crunch stretches, it become pizza), etc. But crunch is like the afterburner of a jet - you can use it only so long and it will only get you so far before it destroys the thing it's powering. Really stupid suits try to crunch the crunch - add more devs (which usually makes things worse), or sometimes, inexplicably, ask the lead dev to do the whole thing in super crunch overdrive. For some reason, a lot of lead devs take this on - perhaps (remember that I'm old) they've come up in crunch culture, where it's cool to code on the couch as the sun's coming up and your gf is asleep next to you. But games nowadays can't usually be rushed. Too many moving parts. So the suits begin panicking - swapping producers and creative directors out. The lead dev might be completely burned out, and is seen as obstinate because he no longer not wants to listen to the suits and sometimes not even the creatives, but he is unfirable because now only he knows how the thing works. Office doors start closing. People start "meeting for coffee" to figure out how to get around other people. The ship date comes and goes, so the suits spin it to the gamers as a feature instead of a bug - 'we're adding cool new blah blah blah or support for yaddayaddayadda". The game gets released buggy and incomplete, but sometimes the audience doesn't notice, in which case everyone is happy. Or it's a shitshow, in which case it gets written about in Kokatu.

The point being, like a great game, a shitty game is usually a group effort.

That being said, maybe it was me, and all other game productions ran smoothly.

One more irony: most great creations come from the tension between the business folks, the creatives, and the implementers. Research any beloved movie, album, game, etc. and there's usually a story of conflict, clashing egos and backstabbing. The only place I know of that claims to have eliminated this dynamic is Pixar.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:46 ID: h1a29gp

What a brilliantly terrible take. Always the customers fault!

ID: h1abl6b

Hey guys I want fix the issues before release but someone posted mean comments about us on social media so let’s just release it now … said no developer ever

ID: h1alg09

“That’ll show em”

“Show em what? To hate us more?”

ID: h1a5cxz

It’s YOUR fault for your food being undercooked because your hunger rushed the chef!

ID: h1abjwf

it's YOUR fault that the there is so much plastic waste! you don't Recycle the tons of plastic we produce that isn't even recyclable in the first place!

ID: h1aydqp

How dare customers be excited for the game! They deserve what they get!

ID: h1a6ipf

Customers always wants things early that's true and they shouldn't.

But I don't think companies gives a crap of what you want or when you want. They care about how much. How much they sell, for how much they sell.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:50 ID: h1a2p0x

What a ridiculous sentiment. How the hell am I or any other gamer forcing any developer to do anything? Its entirely in the hands of their production companies and their own executives setting dates and managing development

Get this blame bullshit out of here.

This logic is the same kind of shit that puts the responsibility of the environment at the feet of consumers rather than the companies manufacturing the shit out of cheap nondegradable plastics.

ID: h1a5lqf


ID: h1aexsu

Also, secondary point: is waiting 8 years for a game's development enough time to not release a buggy ass mess? Are we really 'entitled' for thinking almost a decade is enough development time?

But yeah, we don't force anyone to do anything. They're the greedy ones for releasing a full priced game that barely works.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:24 ID: h1axl7o

Can we stop pretending that gamers somehow have the power to force companies to release games early?

8 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:22 ID: h19z5ov

I miss the "It will launch when it's ready".

ID: h1art8v

Well, we still have Star Citizen, so.......

ID: h1a6m7x

As with everything, this gets abused.

And when it doesn't we get Duke Nukem Forever sometimes.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:37 ID: h1a9138

"I pre-ordered an orange and I'm here to pick it up."

"Here's your orange seed."

"Sir, this is unacceptable, I was promised orange!"

"Entitled piece of shit!"

10 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:44 ID: h1aa2f8

How do i force a company to release an unfinished game? Seriously id like to know i want to play team fortress 3

ID: h1b19up

I just want TF2 updated.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:51 ID: h1ab0u1

Damn jimmy, I sure don't remember "entitled gamers" forcing project managers to change their deliverable's timelines to push some hot trash out quicker. Weird.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:46 ID: h1ary58

Obvious Cyberpunk defense meme is obvious.

You're deluded if you think regular consumers have any leverage at all over when a video game gets released.

It's all entirely the fault of greedy executives more concerned with short-term profits than long-term stability.

This isn't even anything that is exclusive to video game companies. That's why so many companies needed bailouts around this time last year when the pandemic caused a lot of markets to shut down: because they have no long-term contingencies, and even a brief interruption jeopardizes their operation.

ID: h1azpt4

And if you look at the laundry list of promised features missing from the released game you realize that it wasn't because the game was buggy that it literally got pulled from the PS store and tanked CDPR's stock, it was because they lied to everyone.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:35 ID: h1aq9pg

You think the gamers are why games release early and broke ? Lmao

14 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:48 ID: h1aaoap

Wow OP! You have just made a dumbest statement ever! Are you secretly working for company that release buggy and unfinish game?

15 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:59 ID: h1ac5ee

I really hope it was a dumb kid and not an adult who made this meme.

Multi-billion dollar corporations have never and will never cave in to the demands of some shitty Wisconsin teenager on Reddit.

a.) Companies don't give a fuck if the game is buggy.

b.) You're stupid if you think they aren't intentionally selling unfinished games and even stupider if you think they feel bad about it.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:32 ID: h1a8fph

Yeah, sure.

The people who expect a half decent game for full price are the entitled ones, that also magically decide to force games to be rushed

Get real. The entitled ones are the AAA publishers that push this shit.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:26 ID: h1axr5y

Oh yes please tell me how Gamers can force a game to release in any way?!??!

It's money. All money. Stop feeling bad for Devs, they are pushing garbage for $ and nothing else. Fuck em.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:15 ID: h1a60ly

You must be an American to blame this on the consumer instead of the corporation.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:03 ID: h19wsyp

“Is the final product going to be ready by launch date?” “We’ll have it done” Launch date. “This isn’t done” “WeLL dOnT bLaMe uS wE jUsT mAkE iT gAwl”

20 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:05 ID: h19wywy

This needs another line of text: "Release the game now, before it's polished because we ran out of funding and investors won't give us anymore without making some revenue"

Games aren't magical, it costs money to make them lol.

21 : Anonymous2021/06/10 13:04 ID: h19wvli

Oh yeah entitled gamers, as if they put their money for the game that isn't even developed yet


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