Technology is incredible.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:41 ID: nwpao3
Technology is incredible.
2 : Anonymous2021/06/10 19:05 ID: h1bc6hp

What’s incredible is how those game designers were able to fit an entire game with over 100 plus Pokémon, NPCs, music, commands, etc in to mere KILOBYTES of storage space.

ID: h1bh17x

Big shoutouts to Satoru Iwata. He is responsible for making some of our favorite games possible. Single handedly compressed the Pokémon Gold and Silver content so small, he was able to fit the Kanto region too, OVER A WEEKEND.

ID: h1bmmrf

One of my favorite moments when I beat Crystal and realized you could go to Kanto. My mind was blown.

Still waiting on more games to have a shadow drop on certain maps or accessible areas. RDR2 into RDR1 remastered would have been a perfect opportunity.

ID: h1bw9ue

Satoru Iwata

I miss that man so much....not just for his coding abilities that made Nintendo games what they are today, but for his cute as fuck charismatic-style of presenting the Nintendo directs...the best of us are taken way too soon

ID: h1c09vm

Gold blew my mind as a kid, it felt absolutely massive at the time. Tbh when it came to playing the GBA games I just felt disappointed that they didn't include Kanto and Johto too. Gold and Silver really spoilt us, huh

ID: h1brgbv

Now they have tens of gigabytes and put out a half assed game

ID: h1bw7z7

Sword and shield were 1/4 assed games.

ID: h1bx3wd

This is genuinely one of the bad things about technology progressing as it has. Many of the best games in history were made knowing the hardware capabilities were extremely limited, and memory was scarce. This forced people to be creative and find innovative solutions to problems. Nowadays, Activision thinks nothing of making a FPS that takes up 200+ GIGABYTES of memory, because these days everything is installed straight onto the hard disk and even the entry level Playstation and XBox are rocking 500GB. You can't pull that shit on a disk or cartridge system, where you're hard capped on memory.

ID: h1bu2hm

If you are fascinated by this then check out the channel Coding Secrets.

He helped designed a lot of games in the 16 bit era and gives a lot of insight into how they were able to cram so much into so little space with clever techniques.

ID: h1btxuo

Frame of reference for everyone: I just downloaded the google homepage. It's 137 kb.

The Google homepage is about the same size as Pokemon Red & Blue.

ID: h1bx52l

In fairness, Google homepage uses high definition assets, whereas Pokémon red and blue can be run on Minecraft command blocks

ID: h1bu2uy

Right? Once I found out how small game files were back then it blew my mind how much content they were able to fit in to them.

ID: h1bphye

Developers before really put in the work to make the game sizes small. Nowadays, developers just don't care. They know massive storage is available now so they barely put in the effort to lessen their games' file sizes

ID: h1btbyc

Tbh a lot of it is uncompressed 4k textures to get the best visuals. 4k files are huge

ID: h1bvrgx

Call of duty warzone! Fuckin gigawhore

3 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:54 ID: h1abix4

"Technology is incredible, you can totally f*ck robots now. See ya later!"

ID: h1b6rlf

Literally the first thing I thought of

ID: h1af94f

That’s how you get a virus

ID: h1ag49y

Remember [T H E Y O U T H] always remember to wear an antivirus. You can visit your local IT for a singular free antivirus and maybe some alternatives.

This message brought to you by, the local pastry. And viewers like you. Thank you.

ID: h1b4mtm


ID: h1aye13

That's a fucking throwback. The modern era really makes a few years feel like a lifetime.

ID: h1atqah

Nice reference.

ID: h1bjchk

Ah, Game Grumps. Watching their Link's Awakening playthrough right now.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:17 ID: h1anog0

He says before he wipes his ass.

ID: h1b9i15

If he were enjoying the best technology, he'd use a bidet. And heated toilet seats. Damn, Japan.

ID: h1bupuf

Or just use the three seashells

ID: h1aoti5

I wouldnt have noticed if it werent for you. Thanks bud.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:05 ID: h1auo8e

Fun fact: that guy is present in all Pokémon games 🙂

ID: h1bfl65

He's not in mystery dungeon

ID: h1bfsq2

Or Pokémon GO

ID: h1btkgx

Damn bro you got rekt on this one

6 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:59 ID: h1atvyk

I remember being in high school (1997) and thinking "if we could ever play something like the Playstation on the go then we've peaked with gaming tech". How short sighted I was lol. I still think about that from time to time and I look at my Switch and it just makes me so happy to this day.

I love gaming.

ID: h1basgs

I remember when my mom brought home the original PlayStation. The first game my brother and I played was Tekken. We could NOT get over the fact that the graphics were so lifelike. There was no possible way we could make games look more realistic than that. Here is what Tekken 1 looked like for those who aren’t familiar.

ID: h1bk71o

Still life like, don’t know what you are talking about

ID: h1bm374

Fuck that PS1 startup sound is like bottled nostalgia. A rush of kid memories flooding my brain....

ID: h1bm0dl

We could NOT get over the fact that the graphics were so lifelike. There was no possible way we could make games look more realistic than that.

I felt that when playing Myst back in the 1990s.

ID: h1bewf6

I'm still impressed by what GBA and PSP achieved. They're still so much fun to play. Switch is obviously an amazing successor to Nintendo's previous handhelds, but those 2 will have a special place in my heart.

ID: h1bssih

GBA might still be my favorite console.

Something about sprite graphics... good sprites are handmade with love, it's really tricky to compress characters and ideas down to 16-30 pixel boxes. Don't get me wrong, 3D animation is impressive too, but it's impressive in a different way.

Old video games are like a vintage car, WWII airplanes, or the Apollo program. There's something inspiring about reaching beyond expectations, punching above your weight class.

Old sprite games are impressive because they actually got them to work. Computers with bare minimum ram. No prefix. RAMs. Every ounce of storage and processing was put to work. So many clever tricks to shave off a little more overhead, or squeeze a few more colors onto the screen.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:01 ID: h1al7sz

It is! And when the Gameboy COLOR came out, it was like the best thing ever! Sega had the gamegear, but it was clunky, expensive, the games weren't as good, and you would need a sizable battery budget to keep it running.

ID: h1bjgv9

I had just got a GB Pocket when the Color came out, so I could never convince my mom to get me one.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:48 ID: h1aamv5

Technology is incredible

ID: h1aqmbl

Technology is incredible.

ID: h1b3l69

Technology is incredible

9 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:35 ID: h1az5fg

Defying gravity is incredible. How is this balanced?!

10 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:43 ID: h1b0bss

Does anybody remember when Nintendo created eReader cards for the Gameboy Advance? They really missed an opportunity to have a Trading Card Game GBA game (yes, I know there were two GBC games). It could have been it's own separate thing, or a mini-game tournament in some city, where you play your cards vs the NPCs.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:44 ID: h1aromx

Game Gear and a Switch side by side would be interesting to see. man that thing sucked battery like crazy, but as a kid being able to play someone else's was really cool back then.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:33 ID: h1apyu0

What game is this? I didn’t realise the switch had a classic style Pokémon game.

ID: h1azwnw

Let's go Pikach

13 : Anonymous2021/06/10 18:47 ID: h1b9jjf

The sad part is Pokémon could be even more developed, and better executed, than it is currently. Game freak is a very lazy developer and with what the switch can do, I found sword and shield to be incredibly underwhelming. Won’t be buying anymore Pokémon games that continue to follow their 20 year antiquated formula.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/10 16:49 ID: h1asedf

Wait until you see a smart phone!


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