Who is your favorite lord from Resident Evil 8? Mine is definitely Donna as she’s the darkest/scariest of the four and I love her whole aesthetic.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/24 20:42 ID: o79l6i
Who is your favorite lord from Resident Evil 8? Mine is definitely Donna as she’s the darkest/scariest of the four and I love her whole aesthetic.
2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 21:01 ID: h2xgbxs

Moreau, mostly because his one liners were absolutely hilarious and so are most of his cutscenes honestly. I really liked the interactions between Ethan and Moreau even if they were short-lived, kind of reminded me of Leon and Salazar's interaction throughout the castle in RE4. They were great and entertaining to watch compared to most cutscenes in Village.

He was a fun character even if he wasn't around for long. I just really enjoyed his one liners in his boss fight and during the whole water platforming section, Ethan's insults were pretty good too and gave me a good laugh at times.

Too bad the Reservoir ended up being my least favorite area in the game, it's pretty much just a boss fight with Moreau. Doesn't have a lot going on for it really.

ID: h2xgn8h

Yes, Moreau and Ethan had some rather entertaining interactions, especially their dialogue. Even though Moreau is probably my least favorite of the lords. I certainly don’t dislike him. I actually think he’s underrated and should have gotten more screen time. He’s a very fun character indeed.

ID: h2xgmqu

I really liked the atmosphere of the flooded village, and going across the platforms while he jumps out of the water at you repeatedly felt very tense the first time round.

ID: h2xhn94

Definitely agree on the atmosphere, just a missed opportunity to not make it explorable after you drain the dam itself. Could've been dope if there was another section we had to go through before facing Moreau. Maybe we stumble upon a hidden lab that gets exposed after draining the dam where those experiments took place that Moreau mentions throughout his journals in the Reservoir. Maybe have us fight some of Moreau's failed experiments. Could've been pretty tense, I think. Just a thought, as I think it was over rather quickly.

ID: h2xo5oo

Yes! More Moreau love! (Agree about the area as well.)

3 : Anonymous2021/06/24 20:57 ID: h2xft74

The castle was definitely my favourite area but Heisenberg was my favourite lord, he seemed more interesting than the others but maybe that's just because we got to learn more about him. I love how he appears calm and charismatic but he's clearly unhinged in a big way.

ID: h2xg5os

Yeah, I like Heisenberg as well and I agree that they delved into his background more than the other lords so we learned more about him which definitely added to his interesting dynamic and personality. Also, I loved the castle as well. Definitely my second favorite setting, first being House Beneviento.

ID: h2xgjhg

I think one of the best things about 8 is its variety. Each area kept changing things up and it always felt fresh. It blends a bunch of different gameplay styles and themes but somehow it all works. Like House Beneviento was a psychological horror nightmare that came out of nowhere but it was a brilliant change of pace after fighting your way through the castle.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 23:14 ID: h2xnwvp

I love them all! My favorite would be Nicola--I mean Heisenberg.

ID: h2xphc5

Nice, yeah I like all of the lords as they’re all unique and different in their own ways. Heisenberg makes a great villain, I think and I like how they explored his background a bit which made him more interesting. I wish they would have done that with the other lords to add more character development.

ID: h2xrrin

Oh I don't even think of him as a villain. As far as I know he didn't even experiment on people, it was all revived corpses. An undead metal army (which might be the most awesome thing in existence). He just wanted to destroy that bitchhhhhh Mirander. Understandable.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 23:14 ID: h2xntnx

Hamburger or whatever his name was

ID: h2xo8nu

His name is Nicolas Carlsberg. Get it right.

ID: h2xooeu

I thought it was Karl barginhurg

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 23:14 ID: h2xnw4x

I would say Donna as well. Definitely the scariest part for me. Also I love the contrast between Donna and Angie although I with we got more to her character other than that one line

ID: h2xp501

Agreed, I love Donna’s dark Victorian/Edwardian vibes and Angie’s corpse bride theme. It’s all very reminiscent of Tim Burton to me and I’m a big fan of his work. I’m also really into the psychological horror aspects of House Beneviento and how that part of the game mimics a haunting in a lot of ways due to Donna’s hallucinogenic abilities, not to mention the monstrous fetus which added to all of it beautifully. I do wish Donna had more lines though, like you said.


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