Is Ethen Winter’s the chaddiest Resident Evil character?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:31 ID: o6zxbe

Is not a virgin, has a wife.

continues his bloodline by fucking his wife.

Doesn't simp for Lady Dimitrescu.

Doesn't hesitate to shoot his own wife.

Doesn't afraid of anything.

Will do anything for his wife and kid.

Sacrificies himself to a bomb, and doesn't run away from a countdown like the other bitch characters.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 15:43 ID: h2w9pl0

Con: has terrible luck with his hands and fingers.

ID: h2wcdn2

Even chaddier. Even losing a hand can’t stop this man from beating his wife

ID: h2waes4

And proceeds to not make a noise and shrugs it off, total chad

ID: h2wz8eh

I'm sick of bugs.

ID: h2x7mxo

Not only that, proceeds to slam his recently disfigured hand against walls in frustration

ID: h2x6gva

*proceeds to reattach hand

"Ahh.. much better. Now I can proceed."

Meanwhile I'm thinking... "Dude you just reattached your hand and you just shrug it off like it's nothing out of the ordinary."

ID: h2wets4

I don’t know, because at the same time he can lose a hand and be like:

“Hm what a slight inconvenience.”

ID: h2x1c7f

a little goop juice and that'll buff right out

ID: h2wlfsq

Con: Constantly gets himself or other people in trouble by talking too much.

ID: h2wz5wq

Con: has terrible luck. with his hands and fingers


3 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:23 ID: h2vz3xu

Love how "Doesn't hesitate to shoot his wife" made it to the pros list.

ID: h2w3y34

Doesn't afraid of anything is also pretty bad ass.

ID: h2wb01z

Doesn't afraid of anything is fucking amazing.

I STILL don't know the actual thing this references, I only know about it because of TBFP

ID: h2wiqfz

I think resident evil is a pretty cool guy

ID: h2wbxrg

I don’t know about” not afraid of anything”….. He does let out a little scream when he sees the baby again

ID: h2wb0q4

Followed by “will do anything for his wife and kid” is fun, too.

ID: h2wdjwx

He’s the lord of the anti-simp

ID: h2wp3ta

He’ll also prolong his time spent in the most dangerous places on earth just to hunt down every bobblehead/effigy that there is to collect

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:54 ID: h2w38si

*Being held over an abyss with scary machanical monsternoises coming from it*
"Last chance. You don't wanna find out what's in that hole"
"I'll take my chances"
*let's go of arm*

ID: h2w4ecy

And coaxing Dimitrescu with "do your worst." The balls on this guy.

ID: h2w9qyb

*Sees a giant eldritch monstrosity actively trying to eat him*

*Tells it to go fuck itself*

ID: h2w9m6j

That was the moment he really won me over. What a man.

ID: h2wcqvt

That's the only time Ethan's one-liners made him sound cool and not like a complete dork.

ID: h2wqtdz

I personally also like every line Ethan says after waking back up from the dead at the end of the game

He just seems so done with everyones shit and his responses to Mianda are so dry and aggressive, I love it

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:51 ID: h2w2s79

He's a man in a mission and gets laid so yeah Chad.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 15:28 ID: h2w7r3m

3 hot girls offered to suck him but he declined like a chad

ID: h2wkvz4

Yeah here maybe this cool breeze will calm those loins

ID: h2wlghp

3 hot girls

And their mom

ID: h2wzstn

Tbf, the mom didn't offer anything, she forcibly took what she wanted and then declared that he tasted like shit. Dude had no choice in the matter and got insulted in the meantime, it's a double humiliation.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:16 ID: h2vy9ge

Damn, this was a brave post

8 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:04 ID: h2wcjvo

Also, there’s no possible way he didn’t need a bathroom break the entire time in Village. He 100 percent took out heisenburg and Miranda with shit and piss in his pants and didn’t complain about it once

Edit: the real reason he couldn’t go to the chopper with Chris and face Mia

ID: h2wufim

He visited all these outhouses didn’t he? Plus there were loos in the castle

9 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:35 ID: h2wgurl

Is not a virgin, has a wife.

Barry : Am I a joke to you?

10 : Anonymous2021/06/24 15:16 ID: h2w629b

Does Ethan punch boulders? Not the chaddiest

ID: h2w8qm0

he shoots coochies tho

11 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:59 ID: h2wk6na

What I always like to remember is that Ethan loaded a gun with the bleeding stump of his hand to go battle his insane chainsaw-wielding wife BEFORE he got infected with the mold. That sequence was all his own pure resilience.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/24 19:04 ID: h2x16qk

“Fuck you you crazy bitch!!”

Part killed me

13 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:16 ID: h2we80r

He is Ethan Chad Winters after all

14 : Anonymous2021/06/24 15:47 ID: h2wa8je

If this isn’t a copypasta, I don’t know what a copypasta is.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:08 ID: h2wd45r

he's the only main character in any resident evil game to actually die

ID: h2wgwod

Gotta wait RE9 the mold shenanigans hard to predict.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:18 ID: h2wekq7

He 100% is RE’s Chad of the Year. He also canonically gets his ass kicked and mutilated the most and just keeps chugging along.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:52 ID: h2w2xuu

Chris kind of had to earn his keep with you-know-what. So for Ethan to earn his Chadness (though by plot default near the end) in his second game , I agree. >! I'm a mold man with NO HEART. Gonna take out this Shirley Manson looking chick and upstage Chris at the end.!< total Chad.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:02 ID: h2wc9tt

No, boulder punching asshole Chris is the biggest chad.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:23 ID: h2vz5cx

Now if only he wasn’t an idiot who stated the obvious a lot,he would be perfect.

ID: h2w3pt9

If I had a dollar for everytime a character in a game did that though... lol

"Hmmmm... a grappling hook. I bet I could use this to get to my destination which I see on the other side of me."

ID: h2x6htt

“Hmmm…. my bank card. I bet I could use this to transfer funds in exchange for goods and services”

ID: h2w0s1m

Nobody is perfect

ID: h2wpk6f

Chris Redfield is

ID: h2w5xfe

That's not being an idiot.

That's called thinking out loud. A lot of people think through re-stating obvious things or things they need to do.


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