Can’t imagine a better time waster during chemo than a Playstation 5. Get well, Mark.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/24 11:32 ID: o6z11x
Can't imagine a better time waster during chemo than a Playstation 5. Get well, Mark.
2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:07 ID: h2vq35h

I didn’t know he had cancer. That’s a real shame.

Best wishes. Get well soon!

ID: h2vwzz1

He just announced it yesterday... 🙁

ID: h2w0nob

You could tell something was up from the videos he has posted over the last few months. He just looked more frail after every video.

ID: h2wv3t7

Who is he ? I m sorry i dont know hin 🙁

ID: h2vxv4r

It is crazy how hard the lives of the Blink 182 guys have been

Travis in the plane crash, and losing his best friend

Now mark getting cancer

It just sucks, i know they were just a pop punk band but I feel like they really spoke to my generation

Hopefully mark gets better, cancer fucking sucks

Edit- many have pointed out Tom has also been treated for Skin cancer and suffered from addiction. Also, his ongoing struggle to prove aliens exist

ID: h2vy32o

Tom got abducted by aliens too. A truly cursed band

ID: h2vy6uy

To add to it, tom also struggled with drug addiction after getting hooked on pills after a back surgery and had skin cancer.

ID: h2w2nrs

Tom also had skin cancer back in the boxcar racer days

ID: h2w2nz1

I guess this is growing up

ID: h2w7wqd

The only good thing about famous people getting cancer is they have better access to the best treatment options. So that’s hopeful

ID: h2w7z1l


I wish my mom had had access to that kind of care.

ID: h2wit0b

It really matters with cancer too. My wealthy aunt has long beaten the life expectancy for her aggressive cancer. My other aunt who was poor as dirt died within a year of diagnosis. Obviously cancers aren't necessarily comparable, but there's no way I will ever believe the disparity in the quality of treatment the two received isn't at least partially responsible for the disparity in the outcomes.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:25 ID: h2vluvp

Mark Hoppus?! Shit.

ID: h2vopns

No shit i totally missed this. Hopes and prayers for my childhood man crush! Love Blink

ID: h2vu8cy

He posted this just recently with a long message about it. I dunno how open he was about it before but this is the first many people have been hearing of it.

ID: h2voke7

yeah unfortunately ):

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:43 ID: h2vnmoo

I was undergoing cancer treatment the day the PS5 was released. They were just about to connect me up and start my infusion while I was refreshing amazon over and over again. Just before they press start the Amazon page changed and I could add it to the basket, I screamed "PLEASE WAIT" a second nurse ran over to check on me.

I had to apologise for scaring the shit out of them just because the PS5 had came into stock!

ID: h2vrk04

Fuck dont let us hanging there, did you get one???

ID: h2vwtz2

I did get one! on release day as well.

ID: h2vsk01

I would also like to know

ID: h2vttuj

He got one and put it on ebay for more money 😉

ID: h2vu1bs

Hope you get better. And also hope you got one!

ID: h2vwyte

I did get one!

I also don't have cancer anymore, 6 months out of treatment and heading back to full fitness.

ID: h2vuk8l

did you GET IT??

ID: h2vrmn9

What a legend haha Edit: and of course get well soon!

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:00 ID: h2vpeb5

Blink 182 has been my favorite band since like 1999. I haven't kept up with their actual lives though. This is really shocking to find out about.

ID: h2vtaip

Wait till you find out what Tom has been up to

ID: h2vuhgn


ID: h2vv2pr

Oh and travis is dating a Kardashian

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:37 ID: h2vtibp

They have TVs so you can play video games during chemo? That’s pretty cool. Obviously just not having cancer would be preferred but I’m glad there’s something to make them feel better and speed it up.

ID: h2vwfd4

Depends on your hospital. I only had cable, no video games. And boy howdy did we watch a lot of shitty tv!

ID: h2w3wsd

there wasn't tv at my hospital in my ward here in Montreal, Canada, but that's where the switch came in handy! wowwwwwww did that thing really make chemo fly by! and even after surgeries (avascular necrosis from the steroids in chemo, both shoulders and both hips, 0/10 not recommended) I could still play because the joycon controllers could be split individually, it was a LIFE saver

ID: h2vwudk

I imagine being a celebrity he can afford something on the more expensive side so he might be in a fancier treatment center! Not sure if that's the norm.

ID: h2w4676

Yeah it’s probably a very fancy facility. I have to get infusions every 8 weeks, and all they have at the infusion center is a tiny tv playing HGTV. So I just bring my laptop and watch TV on that.

ID: h2vzi4r

I've logged into work via hospital WiFi while having chemo or other infusions..

(Not because of any management pressure, I hasten to add, but generally because maintaining normality and generally refusing to acknowledge that being ill has an impact is my way of coping. Generally tend to be off the day after, though)

7 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:41 ID: h2vtwux

Didn't read the caption and I'm like damn this guy looks EXACTLY Like mark hoppus.

He was one of my first bassist influences. Had one of his Fenders. Wish him the best

8 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:50 ID: h2vv0s3

It’s crazy that it’s 2021 and shooting radiated liquids into your body is still the best treatment for this trash disease. Hope he heals up soon

ID: h2w3gjw

Killing only part of yourself is complicated.

ID: h2w5jdg

I guess we’re only killing ourselves to live.

ID: h2w968l

It normally isnt radiated liquids. Chemo is normally a chemical treatment. Radiation is a different treatment. The specific chemo is selected based off the type of cancer. Whenever you see some article about some new treatment for cancer and it is them holding some vile of something, that is what is being put into that iv. Then there are also more general anti cancer drugs, like carboplatin and cisplatin. Both are platinum based, but there are other ones out there. Then for location specific tumors after chemo treatments they will do surgery and try to cut it out then do radiation therapy to make sure they kill of anything they couldn't cut out.

This is also a very simplified post. It gets more nuanced and technical than all of that.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/24 11:39 ID: h2vhs8t

Get well man, F U cancer. Beat that shit!

10 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:09 ID: h2vxdv2

anyone know what kind of cancer he has?

ID: h2vzag0

No he hasn’t said, or what stage it is or how far along.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:44 ID: h2vu9hz

I feel bad for asking but, who is he?

ID: h2vv17n

Mark Hoppus, lead singer and bassist for the band bkink 182. Theyre my personal favorite band, if ur into punk rock /pop rock theyre perfect.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:12 ID: h2vxq78

Dammit 🙁

13 : Anonymous2021/06/24 15:23 ID: h2w7154


14 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:14 ID: h2vxxvm

Hope it works for him, I really tried to play games during chemo, but didn't have the energy and the symptoms made me not want to touch the games I played during that time ever again.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:21 ID: h2vyxra

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and Get well, Mark.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:39 ID: h2w17j2

Mark has cancer??? Thats horrible to see and it feels like just every known person I can think of gets it.


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