Why do soldiers in RE want to use monster bioweapons when there are reasons otherwise

1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:13 ID: oovlpl

I'd say the concept of monster bioweapons is actually fun, better than the idea of bacteria and stuff, but using monsters like animals in battle is a fun concept to explore. But, the problem is that there is a reason why people don't have lions or bears to be trained regularly. Even dogs have their limits, so why are the bad guys wanting to use monsters as weapons?

2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:30 ID: h617i5r

Well, have you played a Resident Evil game? The weapon platform bioweapons designed in the series are traditionaly not lions, or anything like them; they're typically large, inhuman beasts with some levels of extreme resistance to bullets, fire, and other human weapons of war.

I mean, we see individuals succeed against these things, but that's expected in the vein of similar games and movies, and even then these tend to be exceptional people--that majority of the populations in any openly attacked places, be they military personnel or otherwise, tend to fall to even small scale outbreaks or attacks from individual monsters. In RE2, for instance, an old and outdated Tyrant model wipes out the entire Raccoon City PD, and in either version the Nemesis model sent after surviving STARS stragglers is relentlessly impossible to stop without measures over and above with 99% of the world could be expected to provide.

Even basic zombies are a struggle for trained soldiers to take on, with appropriate weapons, and the lickers they become are like walking suits of armor, except that they can function in nearly any environment and move like ninjas.

Outside of allowed deus ex machina moments, protagonist plot armor, and actual mechanical game changes made in favor of the heroes to let them make it through tough spots, their progress is still decidedly difficult, and that's in games where they are meant to succeed, storywise.

And there's also not really a "training" component. Either bioweapons are intelligently responsible for their own missions, or in the case of the purely monstrous and uncontrolled forces, attack everything around them when released and are simply terminated or recaptured by the deploying force who bought or made the BOW, and who would presumably have created the means to destroy or control them.

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Well, that's a different strain of virus, but it makes a similar point either way. They are much deadlier than normal zombies and come about under similar circumstances, turning a "zombie" outbreak into a nightmare of bio super soldiers.

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Zombies -> crimson heads


Zombies -> lickers


Zombies -> crimson heads -> lickers

3 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:33 ID: h617wgx

Bioweapons be made to do things that regular animals can't (or can't as easily). Umbrella wants a bunch of people dead? Make a bioweapon that's extremely aggressive and won't stop killing until its dead. Most wild animals only kill in self-defense or for food. And even if they were trained, that would take a lot of time and resources. Or if they want to spread a virus, making a virus of their own is probably easier for a lab of their size than finding one that spreads fast enough and is deadly enough. And of course, Umbrella has made bioweapons can can be easily controlled, unlike wild animals.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:00 ID: h61kak5

In the story, BOWs are a remnant of the Cold War.

In 1972 the US signed-up to the Bioweapons Convention, but suspected the Soviets would break it and entered secret dialogues with the Anglo-American pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Corporation, to develop a bioweapon on their behalf. Umbrella however had their own eugenics plans underway, so they worked on t-Virus as a bioweapon while research would secretly go to the Wesker Project.

Anyway, during most of the '70s the t-Virus typically kills people, which is obviously good as a bioweapon, but the virus kills people too fast so there's an increased chance people will die before they can infect others. Picture a Vietnam-type conflict with the US infecting enemy militias - Charlie ends up dying in the rainforest before they make it back to base, so only a few are actually killed.

As time goes on, Umbrella enters "Phase 2" of the project, modifying its existing prototype weapon to become "Beta strain". This virus near-guarantees the human victim will remain alive in a mutated and brain damaged state that will attack anyone nearby. Picture our Vietnam-type conflict once more -- this time, the Viet Cong are infected with t-Virus and become Zombies at their base, killing or infecting everyone else and causing so much disorder. The Marines then come in, kill the Zombies then burn the place down, without risk of taking enemy fire. Dozens of enemy deaths, and a low but still potential US casualty rate.

However, Spencer [who runs Umbrella] still wants more research for that eugenics project, so he decides Beta just isn't good enough. Statistically, 10% will fail to become Zombies, so he uses that as the excuse. To get around this, the Beta II strain is developed and we see greater focus on developing B.O.W.s. The original purpose of the B.O.W. is to be an intelligent attack animal that will kill any insurgents who were immune or otherwise escaped the initial outbreak. Imagine that Vietnam base again - this time a dedicated Marine B.O.W. trainer unit comes in with a Hunter, and has the Hunter kill the Zombies and any survivors. The Marine clean-up team now can safely burn down the base with 0 casualties.

Nonetheless, Spencer still wants more work doing. This time his excuse is that the Hunters are too stupid -- they're a little smarter than dogs, so can only learn so many commands. In 1988 they enter Phase 3 with the Tyrant Project, a supersoldier who will follow complex orders like any man would, but just dumb enough not to question. This is followed by Epsilon, the virus designed to make these Tyrants.

Let's imagine the Vietnam example yet again --- this time they don't even infect Charlie at all. They just send the Tyrant in, possibly from the Marine base miles away, and the Tyrant will just kill everyone in that base and return ready for another deployment. Not only did you lose no Marines, but they weren't even on the field to begin with. B.O.W.s are just that revolutionary.

I should also bring up the reason we end up fighting all these monsters in the early games is because they're either failed prototypes that are too stupid to control (e.g. Neptune) or are intelligent prototypes that have turned feral due to starvation and don't have their trainers to tell them to back off (e.g. Hunter). The smarter ones wouldn't normally freak out like that.

TL;DR - Certain elements of the military think that bio-weapons or B.O.W.s can effectively replace whole platoons from the front lines. No money invested in training. You can cut down on the logistics of feeding, and transporting the sick. No bad PR from soldiers getting killed. And to top it off, there's the Cold War paranoia similar to the Missile Gap -- If we* can think of this idea and have the technology, then the Russians probably also have and we must assume they're working on it.*

5 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:33 ID: h617x5c

Virus is a worldwide attack and zombies are more localized.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:36 ID: h618azs

They are mostly insects and humans from what Ive seen.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 18:51 ID: h61ahd9

Lions and bears are one thing but heavy hitters in RE tend to not go down unless you hit them with anti tank weapons.

Lesser monsters like zombies or las plages you would send in people before they turned and they would get over ran before they realized there was a problem.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:35 ID: h61gnhz

Because BOW's don't require supply lines, recon, equipment or prepared sustenance. Just drag and drop them into a warzone and clear it out with no need for tactics or formations.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:05 ID: h61chor

Two things: 1) non-human animal based creatures are difficult to control. In the REmake, they experiment with dogs, snakes, sharks, and even human-reptile chimeras. All of these have a disadvantage of some sort, including behavior control. 2) Some of the monsters, like Birkin, Carla, and Lucas happened by accident. Premature outbreaks.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:22 ID: h61exhl

Well, there’s scientific and practical reasons to bioengineering weapons over the cost of utilizing wildlife.

I think one of the major factors comes from adaptability. The fact that the opposition may overcome any threat if given enough opportunities to experience them. This is made exponentially difficulty when BOWs are engineered as the characteristics of each organism can be altered significantly or to a lesser extent.

This means a harder approach to knowing what the hell you’re fighting. Hence more success in the field for the creatures.

Then there’s the Psychological advantage. A trained soldie

would probably hold their own against Lions, Bears and other conventional forms of Wildlife. Throw in Experimental BOWs (Hunter series, Lickers, Parasite based enemies etc) though…and the mental trauma of experiencing an encounter against these things skyrockets to all but the most Hardened Combatants.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/21 19:45 ID: h61i3zg

Have you seen how effective Nemesis was at following his order? All he cared about was killing STARS. Everyone else he’d either ignore or get them out the way. During his fight with Carlos in the original, he would actually run away from you, but not because he was scared. He wanted to kill Jill so badly that he’d disengage you just to go find her. He was THAT good at following orders. I think the only reason he failed was because he toys with her too much (in both versions). He was almost the perfect soldier.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:02 ID: h61kklu

Well every single time that villains used BOWs they failed! I feel like the concept of some hulking beast empowered by micro organisms and parasites is super cool and can be usefull in actual warfare but for some reason the bad guys always get it wrong! You want to kill STARS members just send in some hitman with a modified sniper rifle instead of this nemesis t type that does everything except the thing that it had to do, or for collecting G virus samples send some agent like ada instead of a tyrant with leather overcoat! This whole gimmick is there just for the plot and boss fights and if failes because we as gamers can not fail but in re4 re5 and re6 even in damnation animation we see the best usage for BOWs which is controling the people for your gains, creating chaos and of course protection of important key points! If you were some shadow organisation wanting to buy things from umbrella you wanted it to be a virus to use it on civillians and crush the human resources, las plagas to control your army or some tyrants to guard your castle instead of nemesis to go kill the minister of defence of your rival nation or sth like that. My whole point is the concept is good but them bad guys always get it wrong to make it easier for us to finish the game

13 : Anonymous2021/07/21 20:28 ID: h61o9k2

Because the game has to happen.

Besides, they end up using J"avo in 5/6 and even tactical J'avo (hinted at) in 8, not zombies, so you can kind of think of some monsters as being a pure destruction and chaos bomb, and other monsters as much much more capable in acting as an actual military force.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:08 ID: h62209l

A lot of the animals are either test subjects that escaped or infected after the fact by accident. In RE1 the animals were mostly "well let's see what happens".

15 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:09 ID: h629pmc

Probably because it's a lot more easier to prepare when you can just drop a tyrant into an area for clean up. No need to worry about equipping them like human soldiers, they're more durable. You don't need to give them supplies like food.

The downside was shown in Outbreak file 2 , when a controlled Tyrant breaks free from its programming & goes after the survivors.

Animals have been shown to be not that great as weapons. Mainly due to their low intelligence. Umbrella & other companies wanted an intelligent BOW that could obey orders like the Tyrant & Nemesis.

If future RE games expand on it, I think it would be interesting to see what they come up with.


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