This game really showed how little this all means.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:06 ID: pgn9c6
This game really showed how little this all means.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:29 ID: hbcirei

Let's be honest, how many people who know anything about video games cared about such awards to begin with?

ID: hbd16hd

let's be honest, how many gamers care about those awards?

game isn't even released - gamepro: 90/100!

all those sites and magazines are jokes

edit: yes guys i know they get review copies. however they barely play the game because they wanna be first to release a review, or don't see it as necessary or even worse rush through it on easy mode. either way only peeps you should listen to is any youtuber that you can trust to be fair and thorough with their review. angryjoeshow is one example

ID: hbd7h4n

This game really makes you FEEL like youre batman!

ID: hbdenxi

All the gamers are jokes too, because I still remember very well how everyone was sucking CDPR up and praising the game for **years** before release, and when **one** site (**ONE**) decided to actually not praise the game like it's god itself the gamers went after that site like savages.

Don't pretend now that "the gaming sites are jokes" as they weren't reflecting 99% of the gamers at the time.

ID: hbdfa7i

Too much water! - Gamespot 6.5/10

ID: hbd5w4h

Only one that matters to me is PC gamers review of tf2. Most fun you can have online... if you played before 2020

ID: hbdh7fc

8 million pre-orders, that paid the marketing and development budget even before the actual game was released. That's your answer

ID: hbcq41w

Like honestly I heard of the last of us because it won a lot of awards, and then I played it, and it's my favorite game I ever played

ID: hbd7okb

There's a difference between awards given before release, and those given after. Rewards given before release are usually just this like "best in show" which means they put up a good demo. The rewards won after release are based on the final product

ID: hbd4oo1

The last of us earned it though. These are really just ads, that's all they are. They aren't really reviews. The last of us was getting rave reviews left and right from just about every publication and youtube channel around at the time.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:56 ID: hbcmrud

What gets me is it got all of these BEFORE release. They didn’t let reviewers use their own footage and wouldn’t release any actual details. We ate that shit up and rolled with it. I hope everyone learns from now on, myself included.

ID: hbdbmd3

To be fair, all of these are quotes and awards from trade shows.

It's like saying "best preview" and then the movie turns out to be awful.

ID: hbddxxg

Getting some Suicide Squad feels from that comment.

ID: hbde8gn

We nothing. I learned this shit when Command and Conquer 3 was released, and haven't been burned since.

Now I wait a few weeks for basically every release (or months, for the sales).

ID: hbdjx2y

... I had a lot of fun with C&C3...

ID: hbdoesk

lol I was confused by your post until I read your username, you again!

We're a rare breed. Ultimately C&C3 was very popular with the casual audience, and that's really all that mattered financially. As far as competitive games go, reviews, awards, and popularity are all pretty useless metrics, and a lot of fantastic competitive games die premature deaths because it's just not what most players are looking for. :/

ID: hbdim91

As somebody who's witnessed this cycle for some decades now… no, we will not learn. Maybe individually, but not collectively.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:07 ID: hbcfhl3

Didn’t the story get a decent amount of praise, and couldn’t high end PCs run it well?

ID: hbcg9yq

I ran it fine on a mid-range PC.

ID: hbd0hdm

Ran fine on my series x as well and I enjoyed it enough that I'll do another play through with all the new patches etc.

ID: hbdmuvn

Reddit did a reverse-reverse-reverse on Cyberpunk so hard.

First, it was heralded as like.. the second coming of Jesus. "omg its the witcher meets cyberpunk future GASM"

Then came the devil's advocates, the people on reddit who will literally just comment on anything people like and argue why it is currently/is going to be shit. Even if there's no concrete information put forth so far.

Then came the hypebeasts. The people who build entire ideologies around the game and make massive assumptions about it. The people who see one trailer and post "omg did you see that car? I think they've implemented high function machine-learning AI that is literally going to evolve into a living being the longer we play" (people really made posts like this about No Man's Sky thinking it was some feat of technology that they'd created a true mini multiverse within a game). These people can quickly overrun subreddits/Twitte

and are probably the most harmful people. They recruit entire fanbases into their ideas and the hype grows far beyond what was ever shown in trailers or given by developers.

Then come the delays/issues coupled with the return of the devil's advocates/naysayers, who are now essentially the anti-hypebeasts, creating black holes of negativity by pointing to the standards set by hype and saying "SEE THEY'VE LIED TO US!" when they can't be met.

Then comes release.

The game was released in a pretty obviously rushed state tech wise, which is super unfortunate. That being said, I played through it the first time and only dealt with maybe 10 bugs that seriously threw me in the 60-70 hours I put in. There were PLENTY of minor bugs (which isn't good either), but they were really easy to ignore.

I still think story/design/mechanics wise it was easily in the top 3 games of the year and is a really fun time. I just started a new playthrough with the 1.3 update and still think it's a great game and in MUCH better shape now.

It's a shame the development was rushed and there was bugs that plagued so many people and tarnished launch, but reddit is at the point where anything that doesn't say "0/100, literally a steaming pile of dung" is paid shilling, when I believe the game has a huge number of objectively good qualities.

ID: hbd9bcp

I ran it Ultra on a1660ti laptop.

ID: hbdkw1t

The last time I upgraded a part on my PC was whenever the Titan card came out which was I think four or five years ago? Probably more. Nevermind I googled it and it was 2016 it seems, yikes lol

The game ran fine for me start to finish.

ID: hbci4mf

My pc is by no means high end and it was able to run it well on release, on lower settings of course. I only really experienced some minor bugs and apart from that the game is amazing.

ID: hbd7qi1

Totally agreed. I do not care about the hate that Cyberpunk got I loved this game. Played it on a mide range gaming pc. Ryzen 7 3700x, 32bg RAM and a 1660s before upgrading and ran like butter. Played it on launch and never had an issue aside from minor bugs like audio. Edit: spelling.

ID: hbdc5gq

Story was awesome in my opinion. Really really good. And I think the Game overall is also pretty good. But it did lag behind what was promised. I really liked the weapons, cyberware, leveling system, all of the RPG aspects in general, but the world was just.... Meh. The map was good, I liked that, but the world just lacked life. The NPCs were bad, the cars being top stupid to drive around you was bad, the lack of any sort of animal was bad, a few rats running around between the trash would have been nice. Just.... Something.

I still think it was a good game though, and I would buy it again just for the main story line.

ID: hbcz9rr

I enjoyed the hell out of it. But I can appreciate the hate, especially for console gamers. Bad bad situation.

ID: hbcgi3p

The story was fine, not great but fine, however calling the game "mind-blowing" or an RPG nevertheless "best video game ever made" is straight up wrong.

ID: hbcgpzm

Yeah don’t get me wrong, that “may be the best video game ever made” is pretty questionable

ID: hbd5p1m

What kind of bizarre definition of an RPG do you need to have in order to disqualify Cyberpunk from being an RPG?

ID: hbcjyr4

Why wouldnt you call it an RPG?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:53 ID: hbcvfui

Having not buyed into any hype-train bullshit, when I played this game rather recently I was very surprised how good the story and amazing the characters are. It's no GTA V in terms of gameplay, and I think the open world aspect hindered the game. But the people in this cyberpunk dystopia felt more real than people feel nowadays in reality. I liked it, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good story out of a game.

ID: hbd6kks

Same. I had avoided buying it at launch due to everybody talking bad about it... but finally said enough waiting and got it like ~5 months ago or so. I only saw one or two bugs... I think once some NPC's on the sidewalk both tried to stop and do idle animations/wall-leaning in the same exact spot and were clipping, but that's it. I'm not gonna freak out over something so trivial.

The rest of the game was gorgeous and immersive. I really loved the leg augments, being able to get up onto rooftops to freely explore places.

I don't think it's god's gift to gaming, but it's not nearly like the complainers make it out to be. At this point, I feel like they're just trying to keep the karma-farming circlejerk hate momentum going.

ID: hbdckuu

At this point, I feel like they're just trying to keep the karma-farming circlejerk hate momentum going.

This is pretty common with Reddit opinions in general though. Look at the amount of people who complain about the game then go on to say "although I've never played it". People think they've come up with their opinions on their own without even have played the game.

Rationality has never been the strong suit of social platforms on the internet.

ID: hbdf2qn

At this point, I feel like they're just trying to keep the karma-farming circlejerk hate momentum going.

I was gifted the game as a preorder (for which I chastised the purchaser) but had played the opening month. I was able to complete the game no problem, and though there were bugs nothing was so terrible a recent autosave couldn't fix it.

The game got undeserved hate for not being mainstream despite that never being its demographic.

ID: hbdbwyy

I think the people who hated it the most were those who waited years and years for it.

I don't wait years and years for anything unless it's something elevating to the human existence, like "true love" or "spiritual apotheosis."

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:43 ID: hbctx7n

I just got it a few weeks ago, played it on a powerful pc and it was incredible. I never played it at launch but the performance was great, had a few bugs but not too bad.

The writing, atmosphere and gameplay was brilliant, hopefully once the next gen upgrade is released more people can experience it how it was meant to be.

There really is an amazing game in there it was just released too early

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:10 ID: hbcft0b

Most annoying for me are not the occasional bugs. But removed content and some quests. Still enjoying the game now playing on SX.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:55 ID: hbd4ukd

Unpopular opinion but I really liked the game (PC).

Had a ton of fun playing.

ID: hbdduvf

It’s a nice game. What made me dislike it is CDPR straight up lies and quite questionable behaviour.

gameplay footage of 40mns in 2018. There aren’t 30s where you don’t say “hey! That’s not in the game!” saying nothing about the abysmal performance on PS4/Xbone—> a respectable company shouldn’t say “you can’t review the game on Xbone and PS4 before launch nor show any footage”, and then say “oops, sorry, you can refund the game”

Why didn’t they allow those reviews? Because people would have simply straight up cancelled their preorder. And they know majority of people, after having spent 60 bucks on the game months before, don’t bother to ask for a refund.

TW3, even if it turned out to be great after years, suffered from the same lies: “look at how beautiful our game is”

Mega graphic downgrade: “yeah but it needed to be run on consoles too”

So then why did you hide it? And said nothing until the game released?

I don’t get how this company gets so many free passes… they definitely are in my grey list

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 19:32 ID: hbcs9pj

The game is awesome. I loved it. I’ll play it again when the next gen update comes out.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:22 ID: hbchna5

I played it on PC after initial release and really loved it. I don't know why everyone is so down on it never had anything frustrating happen in my experience.

I just think most people are riding the high of watching a fall from grace.

Shrug* I also wasn't a huge fan of the Witcher so what do I know.

ID: hbd6bza

It's a fine game. Some of the characters are actually very compelling, and I enjoy the fight mechanics. I've played though all three intros, both genders, and, I think, four of the endings.

On my PC, playing any resolution higher than 1920x1080 would crash every 8 minutes. Car traffic is terrible - not in an I-5 at rush hour sense, but in a matchbox car off the track sense. The pedestrian crowds are barely even furniture.

The real problem is over-promising. It was billed as revolutionary and deeply immersive, but it doesn't honestly create a world more "real" than RDR2, GTA5, or Far Cry. Even Skyrim.

Instead of what they promised, and what all of the gaming media described, it's really just another big map with some events scattered through it, very few of which have any connection to each other or the main plot. It's a worthy AAA title, but it's disappointing, if you were expecting a game that you might still be playing 10 years from now. Stack on the bugs that some people experienced, and the crashes that some people experienced, and terrible showing on consoles, and you have a recipe for persistent hate.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 22:39 ID: hbdie61

Ngl I adore this game, even with the bugs

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 22:54 ID: hbdkcfj

people are deadass mad about Cyberpunk without ever having played it. I play it and it is extremely beautiful and it's gameplay is great. just because your favorite youtuber gave it a bad review in the wave of trends doesn't mean it is factually bad. play the game for yourself (albeit, not on old consoles) and come up with your own opinion.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 23:31 ID: hbdp14d

Overpromise, underdeliver.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:56 ID: hbd513l

Ita sad because despite the minor bugs this game was and is honestly great.

Never had an issue running it on next gen consoles, even from day 1. But they really never should have released it on last gen consoles and I think that was truly their biggest downfall

ID: hbdjbyl

Ffs when will people realise that bugs aren’t the only issue with this game. Like it all you want, the game was not complete, it lacked so much content that was even shown in trailers… Even the multiple paths barely felt different from each other. The choices you made in discussions and such did not matter. Conclusion - this game was not what was advertised + had a lot of bugs

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 21:44 ID: hbdb6mw

Bruh idk the hate with this game. I legit play so many games and rarely ever finish any games. But this one I finished all the ending.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:12 ID: hbcyage

The game is amazing. Give it a try.


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