Back in 2019 this image about legends was leaked and these were the legends we thought would come in the game in the following seasons.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/12 12:22 ID: p2yqa0
Back in 2019 this image about legends was leaked and these were the legends we thought would come in the game in the following seasons.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:53 ID: h8nkykk

Oof, that Wattson has seen some better days.

ID: h8nmjd3

Never go full ape.

ID: h8no04m

I know a guy that went full ape. It didn’t end well

ID: h8o42a7

That’s just her exclusive Gorillaz Edition skin. Ultra rare.

ID: h8nx1wh

Og say that happy fence. Ooga booga.

ID: h8o45ty

Gorillaz Watson

ID: h8no3gw

mature Wattson

or bizarro Wattson

ID: h8nwad1

That’s the old Nea model from dead by daylight tbh

3 : Anonymous2021/08/12 14:13 ID: h8nnjhj

There are tons of articles from 2019

This mentions VERY early info on Crypto, Octane, Watson, Rampart, Rev, etc:

Rosie(again this is the name before Loba) VERY early mentioned of SEER, Rampart and some correct details on Rampart even, etc:

There are plenty of more online. Those two include images as well. Pay attention, as even those super early leaks from 2019 may prove to be informative on something still yet to come in Apex Legends.

ID: h8ooixd

Some of those are insanely op lol

ID: h8pa0yg

One of them had a passive of self reviving AND two other abilities that were both very good

ID: h8ot23f

I remember seeing these back in the day and being like

'Woah, this is insane. There's no way that they'll add more than one ability for tac, pass, ult!'

Two years later,,,

ID: h8p99ci

Jokes on you, old Seer was weaker.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:27 ID: h8nhkk6

"Ability: has a huge backpack?"

I cackled.

ID: h8nwzbz

Honestly looks like a terrible early concept of Fuse... but he could still be a unique legend that just carries more loot than regular...

I do like the idea that they had a concept for a surly Scotsman that carries extra bombs and that eventually evolved into a surly Aussie that carries extra bombs.

ID: h8o73jf

Wot makes me a good demoman?

ID: h8o7oj2

What about fuse is surly? He's like the happiest guy in the games

ID: h8oa9hv

I think datamined abilities for skunner were for barricades and floor traps that slow people walking through them.

Maybe the barricades turned into ramparts a-wall and everything else was scrapped?

5 : Anonymous2021/08/12 12:25 ID: h8nagjp

Wattson looks like a crackhead

ID: h8ncfx0

Crypto is the dealer.

ID: h8o3kkk

He's definitely crashed on a few couches in between jobs.

ID: h8nvid2


6 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:20 ID: h8ngo0s

I remember Jericho... You guys remember Jericho?

ID: h8nwhf6

I thought maybe Jericho turned into seer

ID: h8o05m6

This image is wrong. Names and concepts arts are mixed.

Seer codename's was Pariah (and probably Firebug before that).

ID: h8np1nl

Yeah he's on aew now.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/12 12:51 ID: h8nd8yy

Can I get the full image

ID: h8ngj3n

I will try to find one. But this is the only one i have atm.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:41 ID: h8njckx

Crypto looked like a savage with that cut

9 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:31 ID: h8ni35m

Ngl having a Polish legend would be great, listening them say phrases in your native language

ID: h8no0s4

would be saying chuj and kurwa like others use punctuation

ID: h8nw41d

You'll just be as disapointed as we swedes were when we got the "swedish" Torbjörn in Overwatch.

AKA an american putting on a very fake accent that doesn't even sound swedish to begin with

ID: h8nxzlw

Oof I’m imagining a fake Polish accent

ID: h8nk1it

Trust me, hearing Wattson's voice lines doesn't feel great.

ID: h8nra4i

I mean Wattson VA is American. She only had the accent

ID: h8nzepe

Hearing Bloodhound speaking old norse for the first time caught me off gaurd at first. As someone from Iceland it was great to hear an older version of my language being so ingrained into a major video game, but there where a few phrases that I found quite odd, as in they either were different words or just didn’t fit together.

I think as well that since they are part of a future society the language might change a bit.

Either way one of the many reasons why I main Bloodhound is to hear them talk. Fight, vinna, fight again

ID: h8o537g

I'm still jaded towards polish characters in english centric games since Ela and Zofia from Rainbow 6, they just google translated some stuff and called it a day.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/12 12:24 ID: h8nadun

4 out of 8 ain’t bad

ID: h8naxj8

5, actually. Rosie is Loba.

ID: h8no8tr

actually jericho is seer / pariah

ID: h8ne3po

Is skunner fuse?

11 : Anonymous2021/08/12 14:07 ID: h8nmsz9

I remember seeing these from some Instagram page. I always wished Crypt had the original concept as a skin because I thought it was really cool. Also that Jericho look is what people thought Seer was going to be just a few weeks ago which is hilarious to me

12 : Anonymous2021/08/12 14:30 ID: h8npywq

Yasss polish character

13 : Anonymous2021/08/12 13:58 ID: h8nll82

jericho looks like my uncle, who the hell thought he was israeli lol

ID: h8o8f6a

probably a guess based on his name, y'know with the walls of Jericho and all that

ID: h8o9lx9

Could have Ethiopian Jewish ancestry who immigrated if one were to guess.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/12 15:00 ID: h8nu6m5

I've picked up on some stuff from

like most of these names are wrong or mis-matched, although easily mistaken.

I'm not an expert in this, but this is what I've gathered

"Rampart" is actually Jericho, who did actually have a riot shield.

"Nomad" is actually the guy labeled Skunner, his kit was supposed to be crafting based, but was scrapped and turned into the Replicator mechanic. Also super unsure about this but Rev's OG name was Blackout.

"Jericho" is actually Skunner, it's believe this was an early as hell design of Seer, who at one point his kit was based around sniping.

"Rosie" is Loba. Nothing wrong just a name change.

Like I said this stuff gets confused one way or another all the time. If a leaked character thread is on that sub usually at least one comment will have a correction.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/12 16:16 ID: h8o54ir

ah yes, revenant. proud Moroccan

16 : Anonymous2021/08/12 15:32 ID: h8nyq4j

The "Possibly French" part killed me XD


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