sub is dead

1 : Anonymous2020/04/02 21:07 ID: ftul9p


just delete the subreddit already

2 : Anonymous2020/04/02 21:55 ID: fm99xt1

Eh... I'd say its more Tarkov is stalled. Wait until next wipe and this sub will be alive again. Tarkov is going to need "seasons" to keep people interested.

ID: fm9m93p

tarkov has A LOT of players rn, but i agree

ID: folkjhe

Lol. Jokes on this comment now that well only be able to list things found in raid after the next wipe lol

3 : Anonymous2020/04/03 01:20 ID: fm9uggs

Subs don’t just get thousands of members they need time

ID: fmafdj3

they also need content and attentive mods, this mod cant even fix the post title issue

ID: fmbjkvz


4 : Anonymous2020/04/03 15:53 ID: fmbmfeb

The sub could be one sticky thread that reads get max traders, do barter trades, and sell restocked trader items at a mark up every few hours.

5 : Anonymous2020/04/02 21:14 ID: fm95h33


6 : Anonymous2020/04/03 07:09 ID: fmaky38

Not really dead, I would say. Posts seem to come pretty often. It is active, but in other places as well.

ID: fmal0t9

Why not advertise this sub on the main tarkov sub? You would be surprised how many people might become active in the sub.

ID: fmc3myl

9 posts in 12 days and 3 of them are mine

that is not "often posting"


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