Devastator, a different build, AoE Nuke

1 : Anonymous2021/12/14 17:14 ID: rgc7f3
Devastator, a different build, AoE Nuke
2 : Anonymous2021/12/14 17:23 ID: hoj85rg

I've been long unsatisfied with the meta Devastator builds and attempted to make something a little different. This build focuses on maximizing AoE Mod damage and really only uses two skills, Gravity Leap and Endless Mass combined with weapons with Moaning Winds + Radiation Splash and Shadow Comet + Claymore. I used the Seismic Commander set and all the mods to trigger bleed + increase damage with Gravity Leap and Endless Mass.

The skill rotation is simple, use Gravity Leap or Endless mass then burst damage with weapon mods. Using both skills on a group causes Moaning Winds to hit for over 3m and one-shots most Elites. The skill tree is purely focused on lowering cooldowns for your skills since all your damage is from the mods anyway:

It's been a really fun and different way to play Devastator, I hope someone else enjoys it!

Edit: Link to the build, Devastator AoE Nuke Build - Thanks Mr_Stach!

ID: hokfgjm

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I've been telling people about endless mass with aoe mods on a shotgun since the last update.

Just said it again yesterday

Glad to see it being used

3 : Anonymous2021/12/14 17:33 ID: hoj9l6t

That actually looks really fun & effective!

Crazy class tree.

Do you have a link to a complete loadout?

ID: hojhs8v

It's a bit tough to get it all in one image from Stadia, but I'll do my best to just type out the important mods here:

- Double Jump

- Bloody Crush

- Tainted Blood

- High Intensity

- Bleed Them All

- Despair

This is using Seismic Commander Helm, Chest, Legs. Then I use purple pieces for Gloves and Boots with Anomaly Power + Cooldown Reduction. The rest of the mods are junk for skills I don't even use so there is some room for improvement. Hope that helps!

ID: hojjx2o

I would suggest building it on it makes it real easy

ID: hojlrz6

I should be able to whip something together & give it a shot.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/14 18:00 ID: hojds2l

I would love to see the load out as well, looks really interesting. Does the damage scale to the number of enemies hit or will it work equally well on smaller groups?

ID: hoje9r4

Anecdotally, works equally well on large or small groups. Not sure if this still exists or not, but I use a shotgun with the Shadow Comet + Claymore and hip-fire it for more spread. It used to be that you could trigger multiple comets and claymores with multiple enemies being hit simultaneously... I can't really tell if that's still happening but everything dies so *shrug*

ID: hojlvtd

I’ve noticed that multi-target deal lately with storm whip, so…. Maybe.

ID: hokguai

What's happening is multiple procs.

Shadow Comet is meant to be one Comet but if hitting 3 enemies at once, there's 3 Comets. Each dealing thier own damage. So 3x total damage.

Same for Claymore Torrent and other aoe mods.

Only shotguns can proc mods this way.

ID: hokr7nz

I thought so, that's how it used to work with shotguns, but haven't played in so long I was wondering if they patched it out.


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