The Riftbreaker Tech Q&A – AMD FSR Critical for 4K@60 on Consoles; No Plans for NVIDIA DLSS

1 : Anonymous2021/10/19 17:31 ID: qbggcm
The Riftbreaker Tech Q&A - AMD FSR Critical for 4K@60 on Consoles; No Plans for NVIDIA DLSS
2 : Anonymous2021/10/19 19:07 ID: hh9nt5r

This game doesn't even need DLSS, cause everything from 2060 would run it perfectly fine.... It hurts reading those comments

ID: hh9q1m6

It is funny because FSR is usable by Nvidia users. Why they are complaining I have no clue.

ID: hh9x3el

Well, DLSS is a far superior technology and would make the game look better.

FSR is much easier to implement, but also much less useful.

ID: hh9x8x8

Because FSR hurts their Year-Long build up elitism so much.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/19 21:55 ID: hhacqfh

The game actually implements TAA and it's a big question why they don't support TAAU if, as they say, "we would rather invest our time in other technologies that can be accessed by all of our players."

ID: hhadda0

Why would u need TAAU when u have FSR ?

ID: hhal327

Because TAAU adds detail to the image and FSR doesn't. When you upscale 1080p to 4K with TAAU the output can have between 1080p (worst case) and 4K (best case) detail depending on the success of the reconstruction, but if you upscale 1080p to 4K with FSR you still only have 1080p detail, just blown up to 4K in a way that preserves sharpness.

FSR is unwhelming in the grand scheme of things because it's worse than solutions that already existed before it was even announced - TAAU was added to Unreal Engine in mid-2018 for example. The only advantage to the solution AMD went with is that it's very easy to integrate, so you can enjoy mediocre upscaling in a wide selection of games.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/19 20:31 ID: hha0jga

Still there's something that people don't mention, power usage

DLSS can scale from 1080p to 4k easily, and on a capped fps, that's over 100w power saving

Every game I play on my 4k 60hz, DlSS on, there's 50w to 100W less usage with my 3090

ID: hha0v82

If you can afford a 3090 I don't think power consumption is a concern for you. Most GPUs nowadays are pretty efficient.

ID: hha8zso

It also matters in a laptops or small form factor builds, just because of the lower heat generation. This particular person has a monster card, but dlss works just as well on the lower tier rtx cards, including mobile variants.


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