New PlayStation Store Sale for Nov. 3 “Remasters & Retro”; Here Are the Games

1 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:36 ID: qlum1x
New PlayStation Store Sale for Nov. 3 "Remasters & Retro"; Here Are the Games
2 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:40 ID: hj5ac7o

I fucking still love Red Faction.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:47 ID: hj5b951

I never played the entire trilogy years ago. How does Jak 3 hold up these days?

EDIT: Well, I guess that settles it. Thanks, everyone!

ID: hj5fglc

Good, but if you have a PS3, get the digital collection their. Best way to play the trilogy ATM.

ID: hj5dmjt

I am totally biased, but I replay the trilogy every 1-2 years. Love them and still think they all hold up, except for Jak 2's difficulty curve and checkpoint system

ID: hj5in37

Back when I got Jak 2 I just thought I was that bad at the game once that difficulty curve came into play. That's the only Jak title I used my code breaker on to finish it. Not ashamed of it one bit lol.

ID: hj6j1a1

First one is a classic, still great. Didn't care for 2 so I never tried 3.

ID: hj6mxlu

They all hold up so well, Jak 3 is still amazing. I think it’s definitely the best in the series.

ID: hj5bh12

Jak 2 and 3 both hold up pretty well IMO

ID: hj5enys

Jak and Daxter is an amazing, near perfect generic platformer

ID: hj6huku

Jak 3 is really good. It is far better than Jak 2, which people seem to love the best for some reason. I hate Jak 2.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:22 ID: hj5yu8b

I just wish ratchet and clank trilogy was on ps4/5

ID: hj63e30

Yes! I hope they bring those over. Even Deadlocked…

ID: hj65smj

Especially Deadlocked, you mean.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:08 ID: hj5eac0

Ape Escape 2 is a great game. A great game that is fucked on PS5. Do not buy it if you only have a ps5.

ID: hj7k2ru

The Warriors run like crap on PS5 as well. BC on PS5 is awful

ID: hj5eu99

I liked it on ps4 what happened?

ID: hj635qy

The PS4 BC testing on PS5 didn't really cover the PS2 classics, so you're gonna get major glitches, depending on the game. Unlikely that Sony will fix it, since the PS2 Classic program was an afterthought from day 1 and dropped after 50-odd titles.

ID: hj5s0us

Lots of problems with the game like texture issues and stuff just not appearing. Sucks cause I love that game but it doesn't play very good on PS5

ID: hj5i61x

I assume it has problems running. Some games like The Warriors and Assassins Creed Syndicate have bad graphical issues that make the game pretty much unplayable on PS5

ID: hj5sya3

The picture is a garbled and glitched mess, text is unreadable and any 2d elements don't display properly.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:50 ID: hj5bpdl

Been interested in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Might snag it for 63% off

7 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:37 ID: hj5igws

Samurai Showdown looks cool. Shame Star Wars isn't the trilogy.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:49 ID: hj5kb3m

Is burnout paradise, okami, or Star Wars bounty hunter any good?

ID: hj5melm

Okami is just delightful. It's a really beautiful and unique game with the art style.

ID: hj5mpo1

I’ve heard it’s like Zelda, can you elaborate on that. Is it like botw with a big open world, or does it have combat like tloz, is there a lot of puzzles etc?

ID: hj5ku4v

Burnout Paradise is fun to just play around with. Good party game with friends too.

ID: hj65y2h

Burnout Paradise is a great game, and the remaster is magnificent. EA even went the extra mile to re-license the music, so the entire soundtrack is completely intact.

ID: hj5z36o

Burnout Paradise is straight up one of the best games ever made. Okami is also a delight.

ID: hj6lxqh

Paradise unironically one of my favourite games of all time. Genuinely spent hours just driving around doing random challenges on that and had a blast, finally set out to get the platinum on PS4 last year and loved every moment of it.

ID: hj6oigx

Burnout Paradise is maybe my favorite racing game ever made.

ID: hj6w0bs

From a strictly game design standpoint Burnout Paradise is maybe one of the best open world games ever made, no joke. Everything you do in the game uses and reinforces your knowledge and mastery of the open world.

That plus it's a really fun burnout game. So IMO it's a no brainer at $7.99

ID: hj6kf4o

Bounty Hunter was cool when I was a kid. Not sure how much is nostalgia at this point.

ID: hj72nl1

Its hard to control because it's basically a ps1 game.

ID: hj61e5j

Burnout is always a riot, Okami is one of the best Legend of Zelda games, and Star Wars Bounty Hunter is a really cool concept that’s probably a little clunky now.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:58 ID: hj5ll9g

Might snag burnout. I LOVED that game when I was younger.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:03 ID: hj6oc2i

Is bully still payable in 2021? Always wanted to try it, but not if it’s aged poorly

ID: hj6u8k6

its more playable than most modern open world games.

its a unique experience from start to finish and doesnt drag like ubisoft garbage.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:07 ID: hj6owe4

Why is neo:twewy there?

12 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:26 ID: hj71729

People, Dark Cloud 2!!!

Enjoy a heart warming tale, build up the weapons of TWO main characters, drive your ghetto water barrel mech into battle, transform into weird little creatures! Swords and magic? Got it. Hammers and guns? You bet! But it gets better. Play a sim city-lite community generator that affects the past and future! But only if you've kidnapped the right people to live on your train until you displace them at your own leisure. Is there an economy? Of course. Or you can take photos of a brick, a water fountain, and a vacuum, bring them to your idea board, and somehow invent a bazooka! There's fishing, there's golf, and you're going to stick around just for the soundtrack that plays after you beat a level of every single, dungeon space.

ID: hj7cq98

I've been saying this for nearly 2 decades but I always thought the weapon crafting/upgrade system in DC2 was way ahead of its time. I was always excited to grind up more crystals to see what my weapon would turn into next.

But that golf man... I do not like the golf.

ID: hj7m00n

Haha always great to see another fan! Spheda was ruthless. You'd clear the level of enemies, spheda would be available, then it'd be like "Three Swings, Eight corners to turn. Also match the color." Lol

13 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:50 ID: hj5bn42

Might do max payne for 8.99... is it 1080p60? Wish they would add MP2 as well

ID: hj5jrup

It's just the ps2 version. You'll literally get a better version if you buy it for your phone lol

14 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:50 ID: hj63abx

One of the most underrated series ever is Dark Cloud imo. I am also probably going to get Twisted Metal: Black because nostalgia is a bitch and it's $5.

ID: hj6gcfe

I remember my mum saying she saw a game for a cheap price that I might like. I'm not sure why she saw the cover and thought I'd like it but she did. So we went and got it and I loved it. Definitely one of my favourite PS2 games and when it came to PS4 it was an instant buy for me. Thanks mum.

ID: hj6ox2j

Have you played dark cloud 2 or rogue galaxy? Definitely have a lot more systems ans mechanics than DC1 but both are amazing if you enjoyed the first game.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:14 ID: hj676b0

If you're in the mood for a slightly clunky but fun classic-style FPS, Hard Reset Redux for $3 is a steal.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:30 ID: hj7b684

Oh man, if you ever dug walking sims/ first person puzzle games, Ethan Carter is dope.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:44 ID: hj5awjj

Not much I could see worthwhile

18 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:06 ID: hj6ovfj

F1 2021 in there is odd (its neither a remaster nor retro), but it is an excellent game!

20 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:44 ID: hj5jh88

Why the heck Sly Cooper is not there ?

21 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:53 ID: hj63pcn

There are no native PS4 Sly games. You had the Sly HD Collection on PS3 and the fourth entry also on PS3 (and Vita). Sony never bothered to release the Sly trilogy as part of the PS2 Classic program.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:44 ID: hj6ld88

I'm still upset by this. I want to replay these games very badly but don't have easy access to the old consoles.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/03 15:12 ID: hj5nqfn

Isn't it only on ps3?

24 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:43 ID: hj5ap1r

Where is my Demon Souls..

25 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:57 ID: hj5co5n

Not a remaster

26 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:51 ID: hj5kjiv

To be fair they pretty fast and loose with these sales. The remake of Destroy All Humans is in there and it's in the same boat as Demon's Souls. And NEO: The World Ends With You is in there and it's a brand new sequel to an old game.

27 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:09 ID: hj6pavr

I mean. It's closer to a remaster than it is a remake.

The FF7 Remake is a remake. Same with the Resident Evil remakes.

Demons Souls, while technically being remade in a completely new engine, is still pretty much the exact same game.

28 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:55 ID: hj6wcwe

Ah yes, that explains why F1 2021 is part of the sale

29 : Anonymous2021/11/03 13:45 ID: hj5ayst

You can get a used copy for 40$ at gamefly probably 30$ on Facebook market

30 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:47 ID: hj5jxmd

Remaster and retro. Demon's souls is neither

31 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:43 ID: hj6234b

Neither is F1 2021 but here we are lmao

32 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:06 ID: hj6fcji

COD MW R is on sale. $14.99 plus the map pack. A lot of people still play this game and you can easily find a game instantly. Lots of unlocks in this game and including like having a rank of 1000. No issues on the PS5, works great but this game does not have HDR for some reason.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered

Call of Duty®: MWR Variety Map Pack

33 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:13 ID: hj6gi7o

It's so hilariously on-brand for them to still charge extra for the DLC maps in the remastered version of the game years later.

34 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:14 ID: hj6gnvb

I would recommend someone to just buy them considering they are on sale.

35 : Anonymous2021/11/03 14:40 ID: hj5iz5p

No Nier, no interest. Although Gravity Rush is great if it's new for you.

36 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:12 ID: hj5x42i

Anyone think GoT Directors cut will go on sale anytime soon?

37 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:00 ID: hj64vnu

Waiting for the black friday sale, I know it's a long shot buy I want the upgrade to directors cut to go on sale. Kinda hard to justify 30dls to upgrade to the PS5 directors cut.

38 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:57 ID: hj6e0wk

Probably for Black Friday sales. I'm waiting for Nioh collection, Returnal, R&C Rift Apart, & Death Stranding

39 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:02 ID: hj655ot

I am waiting for it, too. I think it will be on sale for Black Friday (end of the month).

40 : Anonymous2021/11/03 17:01 ID: hj652uz

Maybe, and it's a big maybe, on Black Friday.

41 : Anonymous2021/11/03 16:00 ID: hj5v7rp

Shikhondo on sale for the niche shmup fans.

42 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:10 ID: hj6fxn4

Might have to get shadow of the collossus just incase they ever release 4k60.

43 : Anonymous2021/11/03 18:58 ID: hj6nhhm

Really want to pick up CTR, is there news of any next gen version coming? Or a patch perhaps?

44 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:19 ID: hj704k3

Twisted metal black HERE WE GO

45 : Anonymous2021/11/03 19:44 ID: hj6uq7h

No Spiderman 🙁

46 : Anonymous2021/11/03 20:47 ID: hj74n61

I want a remaster of Impossible Game

47 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:07 ID: hj77qld

Was that the jumping triangle thing that i played on the 360 and totally jammed to when i was like 12.

48 : Anonymous2021/11/03 21:15 ID: hj78yry

That’s the one!!


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