[HUB] Upgrading Your PC? How To Avoid Lower Gaming FPS (performance impact of not doing a fresh Windows install after moving to an AM4 system)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:59 ID: qs8rkd
[HUB] Upgrading Your PC? How To Avoid Lower Gaming FPS (performance impact of not doing a fresh Windows install after moving to an AM4 system)
2 : Anonymous2021/11/12 11:40 ID: hkbl8h0

Personally I had stutter issues, like the whole system would lock up for a second every minute or so, when I swapped my 4790k for a ryzen 1700x. I had no issues upgrading from the 1700x to my current 5800x using the same windows install.

ID: hkbts0o

Yeah similar situation here. Moved from a 4690K to a 2700X two years ago.

Has the jump from a 1700X to to a 5800X been worth it? I've been thinking about grabbing a 5600X if they drop in price or get a deep discount when Zen 3+ launches.

ID: hkbur8r

It was a very noticeable upgrade. I am a programmer and I do a bit of gaming, and occasionally model converting in blender, and all of these things were better on the 5800x. Oh and zip extraction. Very large assets getting tossed around 7zipped up is common for me, and that was also a massive improvement on the 5800x. This shows the performance is roughly double.

ID: hkd75t0

Pretty huge jump between Zen1-->Zen3.

Even at 1440p there is a decent jump and 1% lows are much much better.

This one doesn't have the 1700x but you can just use the R5 2600 to approximate even overestimate with the R7 2700x. You can pretty clearly see 1% low increases.

If Zen3+ launches for AM4, you may want to just get that since it will be the last and best drop in upgrade. It will probably hold you off on upgrading for +1 more generation cycle down the road since it will squeeze every last drop out if DDR4 and the mobo. The next upgrade after for you will require a full replacement of everything which will require a bigger budget.

ID: hkc3vo8

tbh anything zen1 and zen+ jump to zen 3 is huge.

ID: hkblykm


ID: hkbmlam

No. I reinstalled windows because of that. However, when I upgraded to my 5800x, I didn't have any issues. So it seems to only be an issue going from intel to amd, or amd to intel.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/12 12:00 ID: hkbmzt0

Benefits of being a boomer, where you had to reinstall Win98 every ~6 months to sustain performance.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/12 13:37 ID: hkbwynd

Anyone know if there’s a difference doing a fresh install from a USB vs a refresh/reset & wiping C?

5 : Anonymous2021/11/12 10:59 ID: hkbi28c
Timestamps: 00:00 - Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed 03:21 - Test System Specs 04:44 - Cinebench R23 05:11 - 7-Zip File Manager 05:29 - Adobe Software 05:46 - Gaming 06:53 - Final Thoughts
6 : Anonymous2021/11/12 20:17 ID: hkdhgw0

I've done many, many hardware upgrades, across platforms, without doing an OS re-install. If you do it right, you don't need to re-install at all. You just need to clean up the old drivers that are no longer needed, and install the correct new ones.

Doing a re-install is a very time-consuming process for people who use their computers as more than a glorified game launcher. It should not be done unless nothing else seems to be working.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/12 19:35 ID: hkdbllj

My personal anecdote is that I migrated from a 4790k to 5600x on a B550 motherboard with zero stuttering issues. I didn't uninstall my existing Intel drivers and I even swapped out my GPU.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/12 11:38 ID: hkbl32j

Can't believe people still watch this guy. He's a prick to anyone then deletes the comments before he gets canceled like nvidia did. Guess hed trying to avoid crying to the other content creators for help again.

ID: hkbms6u

On the surface what your comment really sounds like is you got called out for saying some nonsense and now you're salty about it, so if you've got some evidence to change that perception you probably want to post it.

ID: hkbm379

Proof? I've only heard of Jayz being a prick, at least only on Twitter.

ID: hkcid57

Why what did jayz do?

ID: hkc65n3

Sounds like someone got called out in the comment section....

ID: hkbl9vl

Lol having a bad day?

ID: hkblir4

Nope stating the obvious about that prick. How's your day are you ok? Typically people ask that because they have sad lives as well, its right next to the fun at parties comments and mom comments.

ID: hkbm2vd

I am a prick to pricks, so if you got offended turn it off and get a life.

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