Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Deluxe Edition (Physical) has been rated)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:16 ID: quheo9
Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Deluxe Edition (Physical) has been rated)
2 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:25 ID: hkq0igc

This game is on my queue from Gamefly. It seems to be releasing on November 19th.

ID: hkq35dk


ID: hkq6532

In my list as well but on boomerang games. Heres hoping we are the lucky ones to get it first. Been looking forward to playing it.

ID: hkqxo0b

Holy crap GameFly is still a thing?

ID: hkq783c

That’s what a clerk from GameStop told me too

ID: hkqwunf

I just got a PS5 so I'm gonna get Gamefly since games are more expensive now. How does it work? I have a few games in my Queue, I don't see a ship button though. Does it automatically ship at the end of the day or something?

ID: hkr1x34

I haven't used it in many, many years so it may be different now but basically they have a set number of copies they bought. You enter a queue when you add it to yours and eventually you'll get it mailed to you and then mail it back after. Sometimes the queue is short sometimes its long.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/15 15:08 ID: hkq63s6

I wonder what a deluxe edition would include… I’ve purchased and really enjoyed the digital version of this game, but would be curious to see if this is worth picking up. (I generally prefer physical editions of games)

ID: hkqtqbc

In addition to the game it got digital soundtrack, the digital deluxe stuff (golden rot skin and skin for the stick), a physical sheet of stickers and rot's celebration hats, which I believe were a preorder bonus on the digital only, original edition.

ID: hkqo5w4

Art book and soundtrack most likely

ID: hkrhpws

Pretty much the same as the regular version, only happier shareholders.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:28 ID: hkqhih1

Platinumed this baby! What a game!

ID: hkrckv1

Difficult plat?

ID: hkrivmt

I would say it is difficult. Definitely the last boss. I missed on the window of that master difficulty glitch, so I had to beat the game for real. It has its moment of a massive frustration. However, I still enjoyed the experience! I really hope ember lab will continue with the story. There is seriously more that can be told here

5 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:51 ID: hkq3trk

This game seemed interesting when I saw the trailers. I haven't bought it yet though

ID: hkqeeyl

It's kind of like a Zelda throwback in a lot of ways, with surprisingly difficult combat (even "normal" difficulty kicked my ass at multiple points). It's quite good! But if you haven't had the need to check it out yet, it'd probably be worth it to wait til it's on sale

ID: hkqhq23

I was playing on hardest difficulty but in the last boss i had to lower the difficulty. It was so hard . I couldn't do anything.

ID: hkqj2sn

It's a for sure buy for me as soon as it's on sale.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/15 15:11 ID: hkq6l3m

I really liked it, its nothing new under the sun but it is a lot of fun. It looks and plays great, boss battles are awesome (although there are too few) and world is fun.

Only down side is lack of NG+

ID: hkqrhvl

You forgot the music... Which is wonderful!

ID: hkqunst

My girlfriend loved the music when I was playing

ID: hkqja9m

The game looks and runs great, but I am not feeling much connection with the characters or the game itself for some reason. I think its cause I am not a big fan of puzzle platformers. There is nothing wrong with this genre; just can't really get into it.

ID: hkqpk9k

I really enjoyed it, but it does feel somewhat empty. It’s a peaceful, lonely game, but I think it’s maybe lacking in character growth and development that would make me feel a stronger connection to Kena. The gameplay is fun, but storywise, while it’s a good first effort, I would hope to see a more fully-fleshed out narrative in any potential sequels.

ID: hkr6i9i

This is my issue. I was going through, having a decent time and loving how good everything looks, but I just felt literally nothing towards every character so far

ID: hkqv3ev

I liked it too, but I found the combat to be insanely difficult for me. I'm not much of a fighting game person, have only really played Ghost of Tsushima so I had to lower the difficulty down to Story Mode

I really liked the platforming near the end though, when you had to use a combo of the exploding balls and arrows to get around

7 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:48 ID: hkqkh3n

combat in this game was a lot of fun, very pretty too

8 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:05 ID: hkqe8wi

Feel like cancelling my pre-order and waiting till Black Friday or Christmas sales at this point :/

It's just so close, feels like it'd be on sale soon.

ID: hkqhumr

The game worth every penny.

ID: hkqoire

Pre-ordered it digitally on ps5. It was worth it. The game and story was pretty interesting. The atmosphere really sold me though. The final fights felt amazing.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/15 17:09 ID: hkqns4l

Looking forward to this, loved the game and want to get a physical copy.

I also want the disc to be 1.00 version so I can do the trophy exploit, as even normal was a bit tough for me.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/15 17:44 ID: hkqt0x5

Just finished the game on PS5. It was both longer and harder than I expected. I also felt that the stories were a bit more mature than I was expecting. The first story especially was about dead children being helped with their spirits moving on.

It was as gorgeous as I was suspecting and I loved the game play. I really hope we see a AAA sequel in a few years

11 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:30 ID: hkq141t

Has it been patched? How's it playing these days? I saw some grumbling when it first came out

ID: hkq2uyx

Nah it was absolutely fine at launch, just Gamers (TM) throwing the usual hissy fit.

It's a great game, I'd really recommend it for the price, super charming, 12-15 hour expirience.

ID: hkq5bdx

Is it really 12-15 hours? I could have sworn most people earlier were saying it's between 8-10 and particularly short (not that it takes away for how great of a game it is).

Rift Apart is a rather short game and that was around 10-12 hours.

ID: hkq8jt4

It definitely had issues at launch particularly around the combat. The first real boss for example would basically teleport into you and cause huge damage. It also would change trajectory in midair when you dodged and would cause the dodge to fail. I stopped playing because of how unfun the combat was.

ID: hkqivii

It wasn't really absolutely fine, I played it at launch and I'd get the bugs where I was unable to open chests, enemies wouldn't spawn, clearing an area wouldn't open a door, two crashes. Just because you were lucky and didnt have a poor experience doesn't mean all complaints are just a "hissy fits". This was on the PS5 version, by the way.

ID: hkqbyiz

It's ran fine since Day 1, bit of jank to the animation movements, but that's expected from an indie studio's first game.

I never expected this game to have such an addictive, challenging, and engaging combat system.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:40 ID: hkqjaum

Pretty fun game. But disappointing you need to beat the game to unlock the hardest difficulty though. That’s always annoying.

Kinda short but I think this game was much much better than Ratchet Rift Apart.

ID: hkqtu7u

I couldn't imagine doing this on the hardest difficulty. I surprised myself in having to do two of the bosses on story mode. The difference between normal and story mode was actually pretty big

ID: hkrajno

I finished it on Master and my hands hurt for days.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/15 15:30 ID: hkq95i9

Hoping for $20 on BF

ID: hkqbjvg

I don't think there would be a steep sale on digital with physical being just being released for full price the same day black Friday sales start (the 19th).

ID: hkqbsvv

50% off a week after release? i doubt it.

ID: hkqbys7

It released digitally earlier in the year

14 : Anonymous2021/11/15 14:49 ID: hkq3m78

What is this game about, it looks interesting.

ID: hkqmolp

You're a spirit guide helping lost spirits to pass on, and cleanse the forest you live in from rot. Rot is a kind of mysterious magical evil corruption that's been spreading, and you have to stop it.

It clearly takes a lot of inspiration from Breath of the Wild, if you liked that game. It isn't quite as open, but the puzzles and combat and abilities all feel very Zelda-like. I'd definitely recommend it.

ID: hkqrwvx

I’ma give it a try in the future, I like Zelda games.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/15 18:46 ID: hkr2fur


ID: hkr4roh

It's a "Console" exclusive, meaning you can only get on Playstation and not on Xbox natively in the console world. Then you can only get it on PC

ID: hkr4w88


17 : Anonymous2021/11/15 19:16 ID: hkr7159

Grabbing it this Friday so excited

18 : Anonymous2021/11/15 22:45 ID: hks2puc

I should finally play this.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:02 ID: hkqdsku

I wish we could normalize video game rentals. Best Buy should get on that train. The PlayStation store could also do rentals with digital copies. I’d love to play it, but from what I’ve read it seems short. I don’t fancy spending $60 on a 15 hour game that I beat in a weekend.

Edit: downvoted for what, wanting to rent a game before I buy it? Some people on this sub are ridiculous.


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