Daily Performance 5000 series vs 3000 series

1 : Anonymous2021/11/14 23:37 ID: qu2lzw

Hello, I'm considering upgrading my 3700x to a 5800x or 5600x. Is the faster single core performance palpable in daily tasks like opening applications and web browsing? I pretty much only game (at 1440p), browse the web and write code. Wondering if upgrading is worth it.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/14 23:50 ID: hknl20d

Not an answer to your question, but what motherboard do you have? If it's a B550/X570 you should be able to upgrade to a Zen 3D processor early next year.

ID: hkqyg2b

It's X570, thanks yeah I'll wait. We'll see if the MB works bc of DDR5

ID: hkr5as0

The refreshed CPUs with 3D Cache for early 2021 are not going to use DDR5. You'll have to wait for late 2022 for the new socket (AM5) for that.

ID: hkqrgwu

Is this true? I'm upgrading my haswell i5 4690k to a 5600x and I was a little worried because they will launch a refresh for the 5000 series, however I have waited long enough and I'll be buying the 5600x in the next few days. But, i could easily sell the 5600x later here.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/15 00:04 ID: hknmyar

For those daily tasks, no.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/15 01:47 ID: hko0f6m

Opening applications is mostly hard disk, and web browsing is mostly bandwidth and some ram. I would wait another year or two and wait till retailers are discounting them cause Zen 4 is out.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/15 08:22 ID: hkp5dgw

Are your current tasks unacceptably slow?

If they aren't, then don't look for excuses to fix something that isn't broken.

Now excuse me while I try really hard to listen to my own advice.

ID: hkqyc4p

tasks unacceptably slow?

If they aren't, then don't look for excuses to fix something that isn't broken.

Now excuse me while I try

Yeah it's totally fine right now lol

6 : Anonymous2021/11/15 06:15 ID: hkov334

If you can get it on a deal and sell the old one, why the hell not? Is it night and day, no. But it is faster. And it pops right in your system. Easy peasy.

If money is tight, then no. But if not, you may enjoy it.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/15 19:45 ID: hkrbe43

Nah, I wouldn't bother. Phoronix has some compiler benchmarks you could check; I did a while ago, I think there's like 10%-15% core-per-core advantage, not all that much.

I'm on a 3900X and waiting for the 3D cache chips, but I don't anticipate it making much of a difference in applications; games, yes, but all my games run like butter already.

Maybe they'll surprise us.

ID: hkrcjrt

I'm on a 3900x + 3080 and I am getting that itch to upgrade to a 5xxx chip. I know 3D cache is coming, and that's the only thing holding me back lol.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/14 23:49 ID: hknl0lc

In everyday tasks you might not notice much difference but while gaming you will feel the boost in FPS. Code compilation will also benifit !

ID: hkqyjyh

might not notice much difference but while gaming you will feel the boost in FPS. Code compilation will also benifit

I feel like in most games my GPU is the bottleneck so the CPU won't make a difference at 1440p. (3060ti)

9 : Anonymous2021/11/15 04:44 ID: hkom6th

I both have a 3700x and a 5600x and I can’t feel any difference. I only picked up a 5600x to support my 6700xt in 1080p. Keep your 3700x

10 : Anonymous2021/11/15 05:48 ID: hkosnef

Not worth. Especially now. Amd 5xxx procesors are overpriced. Wait a littlle to price correction. They have to lower prices becauce they seems week comparing to intel 12th gen, and those cpus are 1 yo, but prices are almost the same like on release day.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/15 03:48 ID: hkofvuv

You should probably wait for the new processors. I went from a 2700x to a 5600x and barely notice the difference.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/15 01:58 ID: hko1tes

Better single thread performance was the main reason I upgraded from a 3600X to the 5800X.

Is it a night and day difference worth immediately going out and buying a 5000 series and absolutely anyone would feel the difference between Zen2 and Zen3? No.

Is it noticeably snappier for someone who is accustomed with the reponsiveness of their Zen2 PC? Yes, you will feel it a bit.

ID: hko6amr

idk if my 3800x was shit but it was night and day when I popped in my 5600x (was paired with a 2060s and now 6900xt)
Everything felt snappier in windows, but it was immediately noticeable when I started gaming. I would get really bad stuttering/frame pacing on my 3800x, 5600x was smooth as butter. I play with high FPS on 240hz and am very sensitive to change in how my game feels. Honestly felt more of a difference jumping from 3800x to 5600x than 2060s to 6900xt -- but I also play older CPU limited games like Rocket League/CS

ID: hkp0l8j

There is no way you felt a difference in windows. 3800x has no lag in windows. You probably feel snappier because of a windows reinstall. Or new ssd

ID: hkob9ph

You cannot feel the difference in windows what

13 : Anonymous2021/11/15 00:04 ID: hknn2bp

20% gain is not worth an upgrade...total waste of money. It'll make your code compile faster but definetly won't load webpages faster.

Also in gaming it won't boost your fps most of the time. All AAA games are GPU bound and only esport titles like CSGO are CPU bound. But then can you notice the difference between 300 and 350 FPS?

ID: hkorn9u

I'm getting dips down to 90 FPS in Apex with 3600 and an upgrade to 5600X would bring up the dips to around 115 FPS so it's a pretty huge upgrade. Going down to 90 FPS on a >144 Hz monitor feels bad.

ID: hkp06dd

Yep, you are correct - just replaced a 3600 that was running all core at 4.5Ghz with a 5800X and I'm on a 6700XT.

The min fps went up a lot in many games, and that is what is most perceivable when playing - the 1% lows, how smooth the gameplay is.

ID: hkpfvlm

True but with freesync you shouldn't be able to feel it a lot, even if you get 110-115 lows its a pretty steep price for a new cpu and a little perf boost. I watched a lot of 3600 to 12600k benchmarks and on average you get maybe 25-30% difference on a 6900xt and thats only on 1080p

ID: hkob4j7

To be fair it's more like 480 to 680 but yea completely overkill

ID: hkokyfz

I went from 3600 to 5900 for CSGO. Overkill yes. Totally worth getting 700+ fps? Hand down!

14 : Anonymous2021/11/15 00:01 ID: hknmjfc

Unless you have a fast GPU, you won't notice FPS boost in demanding games. You also need over 60hz display to bother with higher FPS as even 3700X can easily do more than 60 FPS in most games.

ID: hkqyu2s

I have a 165hz display but I mainly game at 1440p ultra at like 90fps with a 3060ti

ID: hkr87w6

I've 1080 TI with 1440p 144hz, it's a bit slower than 3060 TI according to tom's hardware ratings. I consider my system fairly balanced at 1440p (CPU vs. GPU), but I don't hesitate to reduce graphics intensive settings to get higher FPS (ultra is barely better visually than the step below).

If you gonna play with DLSS to further reduce GPU load, upgrade to 5000 series might be worth it. There will be Zen 3 with extra L3 cache though, should go into the same socket.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/15 00:00 ID: hknmht3

Don’t the increases do not justify the cost unless you have RX 6000 for gaming. 5000 series Ryzen with 6000 Radeon does have a performance boost. But with current state of the GPU market it is probably best to hold off.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/15 07:55 ID: hkp3b07

I have a 3300X ITX and 5900X desktop and feel absolutely no difference between them for general use. My sister has my own old 2600 and I can definitely feel it's a little slower than the 3300X.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/15 08:04 ID: hkp415p

I'd think of it in how much you can get resale (I was lucky and got a discounted 5800x during the shortage earlier this year) so I sold my 3700x for £20 less than I bought it for 6 months earlier, I believe the 3700x has a decent resale value, so factor that into the upgrade price

But no you won't really notice an upgrade, it's nice if the games you play are older and push higher framerates (even at 1440p) it's smoother in my experience

18 : Anonymous2021/11/15 10:35 ID: hkpekme

Nah, it's really not. Don't bother, the 5800x/5600x are awesome CPUs, but not if you have a 3700x.

I'd only recommend the upgrade if you desperately wanted more frames in games. In productivity, it's not worth the upgrade.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/15 12:28 ID: hkpnjsl

Only really worth it if you were wanting more cores anyway - eg 3800 to 5900, or 5950.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/15 15:03 ID: hkq5gar

I have had a 3900x a 5800x and a 5950x. Yes the 5950x is silly. I love it though. When I went from the 3900x to the 5800x I saw an immediate improvement in loading tabs and fastforwarding through youtube videos. With 4000 ddr4 ram and the infinity fabric set to 2000 I noticed a huge improvement in normal windows activities. Is it worth it? Probably not but I am an enthusiast and it made me very happy. So to answer your questions yes you will notice a huge improvement when it comes to memory intensive activities like watching videos online.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/15 16:41 ID: hkqjji4

The 5800X was the fastest in gaming up until recently, where it's about tied with 12th gen Intel now. So yea it's better than the 3700X. But unless you're high framerate gaming the difference is not noticible.

This 10 game average TechSpot did has both CPUs:

22 : Anonymous2021/11/15 21:04 ID: hkrnfm7

You're not gonna see any noticeable difference. Probably only on CPU bound games pumping hundreds of frames.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/15 22:07 ID: hkrx4wb

I dont think a jump from an 8 core Ryzen 3700X to a Ryzen 5000 series is worth the jump at all unless you need a 16core R5950 for cpu intensive tasks. Personally, I jumped from a R2600 to a R5700G, and the R2600 is still adequate for gaming, but now I am using that cpu for a 12HDD NAS system. I plan wait for my next upgrade to be on the new AM5 platform after its been out for a year or two. If you must because you have cash to spare, go for the 8 core 5800X or higher

24 : Anonymous2021/11/15 00:53 ID: hkntej3

No, if you want a faster browser loading then changing dns to a faster one helps much more. There should be no difference between these 3 in web browsing, instant anyway, not cpu dependent. Also for gaming at 1440p there should not really be any difference.
I would also not upgrade to 5800x because it's much hotter = louder, and 5600x is more of a sidegrade. Not really worth it.

ID: hkozt21

lmao - Thanks for a laugh dude - that's not how DNS works, you should take this to

and see how well that goes for you lol

Oh boi! Actually every single thing in your reply is wrong as well.

ID: hkp406s

Uh yes, that's how DNS works.


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