AIDA64 6.50.5817 Beta fixes the L3 Cache Bandwidth Benchmark for AMD CPUs on Windows 11

1 : Anonymous2021/12/02 00:31 ID: r6txzo

Available here

2 : Anonymous2021/12/02 10:32 ID: hmx0jdy

I got downvoted in the ADL vs Zen 3 with fast DDR5 and DDR4 thread for suggesting that the L3 cache bandwidth reporting could be off due to a Windows 11 or AIDA64 issue.

ID: hmxdwqi

It seemed obvious since W11 is faster than W10 that it was a reading issue... this sub doesn't work on logic unfortunately. Come on, even when W11 was actually broken, there was no way the performance would be only 5% down with L3 performing as bad as Aida suggested, which was nearly DRAM level of bad (30ns, which would have destroyed Ryzen performance)

ID: hmxo7wk

Everyone seems to have forgotten how bad AIDA was at measuring Zen 1's bandwidth and latency until it was updated.

I don't know what AIDA does that makes their algorithm so brittle, but I don't see why it should be... but it could be that it's not using the Windows topology logic to determine cache size (literally the only thing it needs to know to accurately measure bandwidth and latency for each cache level).

ID: hmx7s9p

Same, when I said the exact same thing, because we've seen it before with Aida even on Win10

ID: hmy0i4t

of course it was win11 or aida (or both). its not like hardware changed.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/02 11:11 ID: hmx3eq8

Thanks mate !

4 : Anonymous2021/12/02 12:42 ID: hmxb7s5

nop, still random low for me with this new Beta

randomly it will register 1000Gb/s if I double click the L3 box 10+ times

ID: hmxft10

I tested it again just now and there is no way for me to go lower that 950-1000GB/s on my rig, independently from how many times I double click any of those fields. It's stable, I can post a video as proof.

The old random behaviour changed when I installed this new AIDA64 beta.

I have an Asus C8F with a 5900X, and I am using Windows 11 with VBS.

Can anyone else validate if the L3 bandwidth issue is now fixed ?

ID: hmxgp8g

honestly this sounds like 2days ago with old version, it was always registering 1000Gb/s for me

no changes to windows / bios and started again to register 200gb/s-600gb/s but never max value.

Windows 11 is crap like that especially with the latest build update from last week.

I might just backup my stuff and move to windows 10 over the weekend.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/02 21:24 ID: hmzf6ab

It didn't fix it for me--3900X. I'm not surprised as the readme for the beta said nothing about the L3 cache for AMD. I appreciate the effort--but no cigar. I thought it was a Microsoft bug, anyway. All the other cache readings are consistent apart from the L3 bug which shows ~27ns and up, when run.

In my case, I have found that immediately after I install a new build of Win11, the benchmark L3 reading is fine--run it multiple times--even start and stop AIDA 64 and the L3 reading is steady at ~10ns. However, reboot the system, and the bug returns. I'm on 22509.1000. Microsoft actually issued a fix in a cumulative update for the Win11 beta channel build 22000.282, in fact. So, it's anyone's guess.

ID: hmzr0u4

Thank you for your feedback.

I would be curious to know if there is anyone with a 5800X/5900X/5950X cpu on which the latest AIDA64 beta did not fix the cache bandwidth benchmark.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/02 14:46 ID: hmxq14c

There is nothing in the release notes about this being fixed.

ID: hmxvrys

I checked them too and no mention. This could be just the same random variance AIDA has been showing in Win11. I commented in a few threads that people worried about this variance should use other benchmarks before and after the L3 fix.

I used Sandra and runs are predictable in my system so I was able to compare both latency and bandwidth and both saw an increase after MS and AMD came out with the two fixes.

It also could be not a bug but what AIDA uses for its dataset for this tests. Like cached data, working data, random data, etc.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/02 16:11 ID: hmy2cfl

If anyome moves to windows 10 please use ltsc 2021

ID: hmyjp8r

why and how? I don't think it provides a noticeable improvement, and one of the versions is lacking features that can cause problems with missing software. Benchmarks have shown gaming is not faster, and is only useful for PCs low on RAM. Also, if you can't use normal keys available to the public, there is always the chance MS just disables your OS via anti-piracy measures.

ID: hmykubq

Because its a much cleaner windows. You can add those features in and have a much better experience that stock. No cortana, no auto updates that break things. Lower latency among others.


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